Dear Álvaro Dominguez , dear readers, in recent days I have been able to read in the Spanish media the announcement of today’s former soccer player, both from Atlético de Madrid and Borussia Mönchengladbach , of his retirement from professional football. At this point, the video, both in the forms, bodily situation, and in the words used, is where my total empathy with him begins; I think that what I am going to start telling below can be extended to many people, not only with these injuries but any other different problems.

Dear reader and dear Álvaro , the words that you used in your video, as well as your apparent emotional situation (you feel tired, overwhelmed, ….. etc …), were exactly the same that I used and showed with my Parents, when I told you that I was breaking with everything, at the end of 2012 with my recent 30th birthday. One year before 2011-2012, it was a really very hard year for me, I had already been personally touched, reaching the bottom of the well, coupled with physical problems that I did not understand what was happening, loss of strength, I was unable to hold a mobile with the hand, from holding the steering wheel of the car, the legs were loaded, I could not sleep because of the pain …… etc ..

Allow me to tell you a graphic anecdote of where my situation got, look at this happened to me with the car to go to my town in the Sierra Segoviana , a journey that from my city Madrid to my town is no more than 1h30mins, I in that year I did it in about 3 hours, why? . Basically I could not stand it, I had to stop a couple of times, to stretch my body, to eat and drink something, and even sometimes, I would lie in the back of the car to take a little nap and then eat new, because I just don’t I could, and not only endangered myself but other drivers … this among other anecdotes because I could tell more …

So, I started going to the doctors, they ignored me, they laughed at me, which were my obsessions, that I took muscle relaxants (Of course I did not take anything !!), that I went to a psychologist, …. etc …, curiously I was already going through other issues and I was trying in different phases-years, that is to say that I have always been the one who has been setting the rhythms and times, it is something that the patient repeats a lot in my blog -the student is the one who should never set the pace by the psychologist or the teacher, so that the growth process reaches a good visual field. In the end, after much insisting to the doctors and I got them to do X-rays and resonances, I resulted in four hernias, two cervical and two lumbar, apart from having a very old back for my age, the doctor’s words! . 

A couple of months before knowing the results of my medical tests (in December they told me so), because in October, I started to make important decisions, I completely broke with everything, with the job I had at that time, with personal relationships and relationships. unhealthy friendship, with negative or tired voices that do not deserve a single minute of time, …… aside from that I started swimming every day, even Pilates (I left that, because for me it was and it is important to find someone trustworthy who knows what to do, became too fashionable, and I think that many with not very good vision), I continued with my psychological-emotional development , so important, it does not come from one day to the next, as I also I put in the hands of chiropractor and a physical therapist, with which I continue from time to time doing maintenance.

I no longer wanted to wait for December, I did not care what I could have, I had already started to make real and important decisions, in fact I just needed myself, and with almost three whole months swimming, with the liberation of getting you off my back that bag of stones of cancerous relationships or surrounding situations giving them too much importance, it was a feeling of relief, of peace, as if I were every day, hours and seconds on that lonely beach  , with a space of freedom, with a clear vision of the horizon and in the background the sound of the sea, that should not be stolen by anyone, listen well NAADIEEE! . Do not see how my back, my body and my mind appreciated it !!!

Dear Alvaro , obviously here neither to you nor to other possible readers, I am going to tell my whole life, it is something that belongs only to me, it is something that you have to know how to save, I will only say before launching some tips, what if I can allow me the luxury of launching them, because the street university , nobody steals it from me, it is mine, whoever wants to be humble, to have a coffee and talk about everything possible for hours, he and I could learn from him, which I consider It is the sole and main goal that every human being should have at the highest peak of his pyramid of priorities. 

The only thing I will say about my private life and something hidden is that it has accompanied me since almost newborn and will accompany me all my life, simply unique phobia with widespread sensitivity , where I still do not know anyone who has it (if there is someone I would love to share experiences) where evidently it did not help me in all my previous stages or facilitate me to reduce body tension to the necessary state of peace, harmony, tranquility, balance, physical-emotional-mental for the total reduction of resentment in my back and in my life .

I imagine dear reader, in this case, Alvaro, for whom this message is addressed, you will ask yourselves, Do you have pain? Do you have limitations? How do they affect you? Do you play tennis?

1. I do not have pain , however, in “theory” if the percentage of creation of contractures rises more easily than a person with a healthier back, however here the MIND comes into play , if you don’t think about it, short of the head all the shit or garbage, which makes the pain greater than it is, you do different stretching exercises, swimming pool, if you can steam room and sauna a little too, but above all I repeat a suitable emotional-mental work together with breaths, you will see how that possible contracture, pain begins to fade incredibly or does not appear.

That is why Alvaro , I repeat calm, not generating unnecessary levels of tension-stress, and a very good learning of emotional management, absolutely reduces any pain, diseases or pimples that appear on the face, when you forget about it, relax and look a joint balance, suddenly the next day, is when suddenly, you say but where is it ?. 

It is clear Alvaro that in your case, neither the football club to which you belong, and I imagine that neither the agents-representatives and other people around you transmitted and contaminated the best possible energy to achieve a healthy recovery, as complete as possible, I do not know If you only have a protrusion, a hernia, or how many, but of course if in the end all the brutal pressure to which they put you, where they only saw in you a product to make money, caring little about the person, led you to have to have surgery, which is usually the last option of all possible …

2 . No limitations , I became very ill, I could not run, drive badly, sleep as I could, … now I do not have any, I feel in the best personal state of all my life, without pain, with the ability to do any activity, Except of course, more than anything caution and common sense, as it happens to you Alvaro, not doing any contact sports (soccer, boxing, handball, ….. etc), not suitable for all the machines that exist in gyms and in my case also as I have explained a little above, my phobia.

3.  If I play tennis, I go swimming and I want to get back into the habit of running,  if I can do it without problems, you will say , but the back strain that this sport has and so on? Well, it is not a contact sport, it is more about emotional management, I play without pain, without absolute pain, to enter a track for me, it is to forget about the world, from day to day, everything, it is my passion, it is what I love in this world, it is what gave me light as a child and as an adult, to so many things in the past, ah of course before and after playing, I do all kinds of stretching and other details to give the body the necessary emotional balance, really very important.

When I broke with everything, one of the things that I proposed, apart from recovering healthily, was to return to my passion, to return to lead an evolution not a revolution, to bring what I know, those who want it, bring my experience, my desire , the contributions that this sport has for daily life and also what I consider Real mental strength and not THE FALSE Marketing of mental strength  that we know too much, and at the same time it generates so much damage in famous and non-famous people. 

If I confess  Alvaro  a small detail, I wish I had access to the means that you have at your fingertips, being able to have the possibility of working with a good personal trainer, not a kid from public places (some of you forgive me, but I’m not I’m going to put it in the hands of anyone), to strengthen much more the entire area of ​​the clavicle, neck, lumbar, … etc .. added to my work in the pool, with the chiropractor, my physiotherapist and with the final icing of my emotional level, I would get much more out of the reinforcement work that I have already done.

I can conclude by saying especially to you, Alvaro , to take advantage of all those means that you have and combine it with a good emotional work, to seek the best possible environmental and emotional climate, so that the improvements are noticed little by little; I consider it important not to think, to enjoy the little details, to surround yourself with an emotionally free, healthy work-social environment that contaminates positivity, that is, within the stress of one’s work, not to add another drop to that stress, that is from a work of predisposition and attitude in the way of looking at things, that is, emotional management. 

Give lots of encouragement to you Álvaro, wish you a speedy recovery, and the best for your new stage in your life.  If you also allow me to send encouragement to the whole society, because almost everyone has some kind of problem, the mentality with which it is faced, the sincerity with oneself, knowing how to listen to your body at every moment that it warns you, the communication that you give it, the energy that you transmit, … all that influences your recovery, your quality of life is positive, without pain, without limitations, beyond the non-practice of any activity more out of precaution than for pain, I repeat once again if you transform yourself emotionally you change your life.

Thank you very much Alvaro Dominguez for having given us your job and nights as a footballer, for me one of the most complete defenders, and from whom I never understood your departure from Atlético. Wishing you all the best once again and having made you see your injury from a different perspective than the current one, with that I am already satisfied, because my empathy in this regard is quite obvious.

(To the rest of the readers too)

With respect and affection

A greeting.

Carlos Azuara.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .