Dear Reader, family, friends, enimgos or detractors, and society of the court or outside the court, on a night like that of December 24, Christmas Eve , the day before the day of the Christmas , in which some estaréis together with your ou familares Others have looked for a different Christmas or even for others it is one more day like any other, in all cases Christmas invites us to union, to a cohesion, to something deep that is found in our inner strength , the child that we were in his day and should now be in balance with our ultimate adult.

Union , coordination among all is necessary more than ever , not only in tennis (after all, a simple sport, that if with an important social impact) but in any field of life. We must be aware of all the existing realities on our planet, the current fashion of creating FOUNDATIONS  with a very good intention is of little use to me , without in the day to day we are doing totally the opposite, we must first start with ourselves, through of honesty, simplicity, and personal self-criticism.

In an increasingly globalized world, wanting to wage war on our own, based on closing ourselves egocentrically , superbly , for the sole use that our reason is the only possible one, of taking our sectarian idiology to where it is necessary in our chosen field, even to open wounds already closed, to live from a past that no longer has change and the worst to live from the past in the present, for wounds that have not yet been healed, where without realizing it we add quardeno coverings, as if the injured contents were going to disappear, but as soon as you open the lid, there is the wound much more open.

However, in any profession, the greatest danger not only for that profession, but for all those around it, society in general, is living from the Name of the Past in the Present , by the way something increasingly fashionable and widespread. in the world of tennis , of course, with hardly any satisfactory results neither for the profession, nor for the corresponding player / player, and much less in any impact of positive value for society. In another sport as widespread as soccer, you can also see the glue to a position for years, as soon as they leave if they leave, the legacy on the road is null and non-existent.

Since we are on a date as important as Christmas , where we were taught and are taught to follow the path of a shining star that shines at night, which guides us to the manger of that child who is going to be born called  “Jesus “ , to that simple, pure, humble child, in short, to look for ourselves that child that is within our being, that is the true ” star “ , so allow me to emphasize that some human beings who are dedicated to playing or training in tennis professionally, as just two days ago we have seen among themselves already putting the label of  “stars” above the label of “human beings”, not only in tennis but in any other profession in the world, it should really make us reflect on what is being contributed and how one is walking through life among other things.

We must not live in fear , nor in somatization , nor in negativity , nor in personal or collective self-deception , not only in my country Spain , but in any developed country, and because also to the extent that can, contribute a little in those most marginalized and dangerous countries, but above all in our day to day to put Heart, honesty, simplicity, humility through transgression , to improve ourselves day by day, I do not mean only work , something that almost all of us do better or worse, but on a personal level , where very few, few cases give that emotional transformation so necessary beyond simply correct.

The last thing I want to mention, which we have seen in the last decade as the progression has been simply brutal, and is unstoppable, towards a totally unknown world, I would even say that the bulk of society, not to say the that really move the world and carry the weight of the world, they are not at all prepared to give them the use that these advances are already bringing us and more facilities that they will bring us, I am talking about technology .

Simply in tennis for example, from what was observed and from what was commented with some coach of those who call themselves “top” , how everything is being robotized so much, I draw  the conclusion that without a good emotional field , the analyzes carried out still with Technological help are simply basic and even lost due to the lack of not knowing how to take advantage of so much power that we already have on the table, not only in tennis, in companies, in schools, universities, … etc.

That is why something that I have already repeated from time to time, whatever the profession and even in the family environment, starting from the neutral point , without extremes, that is, the use of common sense and coherence  in sum with a good field emotional, will always be synonymous with success. This for me is key, more with what we already have on the table and what lies ahead, because it is incredible with all the technological facilities that we have, we are walking backwards and forwards, simply and simply by closing in on ourselves , in our egos, in closed systems, ultimately in a dead end loop, and without taking advantage of the technological and even scientific gift developed by brilliant minds, contradictory but real. 

A date as special as Christmas and even Holy Week , should help us to reconvert the course of a society in need of assimilating all the social, health, scientific, and technological blow , which is having so much impact on human beings in their appearance. most important in the Educational , both human, work-studies and emotional.

For this, I firmly believe that the first step must be to recover  the lost improvisation , to learn to listen to our body-mind  honestly, to let ourselves be carried away by our heart , and for this it is necessary that linear systems closed in the form of a comfort scheme -I communicate-I listen to what I want to communicate-listen to disappear, in short that our dirty Egos are not the engine that moves our path of life towards a lie, where when we regret it is too late, in prejudice of the common good, in any profession and area of ​​our society.

I say goodbye wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY ENTRY AND ENTRY OF THE YEAR . For a more humane and emotionally free society.  


A strong hug.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .