Dear Reader,

There is once upon time, few weeks ago, a lonely warrior were going through of a silent path sourrounded of a tennis club in a side, fields of feeds in other areas, the sound of a manantial went down through of the river, the love of the trees with these leaves flowing through of air till got touch the flow covering the way in a infinite line of colours without end, it paradox of the weather with its breeze was changing the mood of people that it warrior went to find on his pace, it just was the begining about the surprises that the magic place combine with the life were waiting to him.

While the warrior keep going on his calm pace, without any clock where lost his gaze, simply his attention was in the small things, just feeling every moment like a different situation, then in middle on the way, he looked on his right side, where finded first gift, there are a flock of sheeps care for a rancher family (mon, dad, son and the dogs), the warrior doesn’t lost any detail, he was aware that between the silent there were a lot of valuable information, the ilussion and worried of the son about the dogs and the sheeeps, the control that the father try to have, and the mood and super confidence that the mum had in every action or situation that were happening on.

Really the warrior fix the gaze in as every away second, more and more people who were walking around of him, started to stop in the same point, contemplated specially the ability and development of the mum through of her vision, was choosing one by one, whom would need a nails’ cleaning, even as she was doing that nature task, and as the sheeps keep calm and pattient for the next movement. She was doing a job that the warrior have seen and even have been part of situations like that in his past when he spent long periods of time in his hamlet.

The blooding of the sheeps in the moment that they were being cut their nails, and the quickly reaction of the mom, farmer, to use a special spray to care the injury to keept it away from any infection, did to the warrior doesn’t justly refresh some images in his mind, if not also created a paradox about the life, a reflection while he continued with his magic way of that afternoon, he said himself:

“The blooding is not a pain, is a short feeling that is not keeping there so much time, just the time that you decide that you mind must be thinking on that, exactly where you want to focus your light of your brain, because after is waiting for your another diferent actions, and everyone of them really are wonderful situations with a light of wisdom to bring to you, if you catch it up or don’t will depend of how you work your mind.”

Like that when the warrior was finishing to create his paradox of life, that same life brought him other gift to the end of that first part of the way, arriving to a cute humlet, which reminded him a lot to his own hamlet, a place full of pace, and where on his right there was a small farm, with goats, chickens, ducks and some cows, with a narrow river that separte the road from the farm, speciallly he could gaze the insistence of a goat to get throw of a wheell, plastics and piece of woods, she was so clever and pattience, the same way that the convivence that made between all of them in the same wide space. Other paradox was injecting inisde of the heart of the warrior, he said to himself:

“Well, if there are different kind of animals are living in the same place, without rules, obstacules creates or maybe don’t create for themselves, and they are really able to keep own space and share the tools to go another level to offer their wiisdom of the life to others can enjoy with that, why aren’t the human being able to stop their blind fears that travellers through of the Ego’s coverture to make a better world between them without the dark energy to use or abuse from others (more vulnerables) to help themselves to sell their own ego out ?.

Once more time, the warrior continued their wonderful way between nature, when the reflection was close to finish, other situation come to the light of the warrior, in their way of return for the opposite side of the river from where he was going, then other ranch in this case with beauty horses and poneys, remind that feeling of liberty when he rode a horse few years ago, a new world for him, that however left him complety atonished of how a nature tool good applied could be as inmensely free from inside let that the sounds of our nature make the rest of an experience that would repeat every day many times for day. Other paradox was coming heart up of the warrior, he said to himself:

“Blimey!, if I could jump the fence and get ride on the horse and trot far away completely on freedom, it is a real dream, how and when could I do it? he said, but Why the human beings treat to themselves with a huge feeling of attachment for the fear/s that there is hidden behind of ego? or even, Why do the human beings need to make others (speciallly the most vulnerable, the mass) participate selfislhly of their own ego?, or also Why do human beings forgot to work about their liberty in a individual way firstly?… that and other questions the warrior was doing to himself….”

The warrior continue his path of that afternoon, he kept walking up and down for different ways, some stretch open fields, full of light, feeds to recollect in the moment that fruit say, please is already you can eat me, fields without any building, just nature and space, once through that wonderful areas with courious slopes, the warrior again was bringing closer to the river, then saw a rich situation that call him powerfuly the attention, then he decided to go down, cross the bridge to another side, jumped between the weed and then his eyes received a light and a honest smile shine all his face that went down for all body a magic sensation, he was contemplating a nice and generous action, between a mom and her kid in a side of the river, the daddy in the other side of the river, and just on the water a handmade trunks of wood little boat that was sailing downstream river.

The face of the kid, the gestures of his body, were really wonderful because in addition the parents were added to the party like two kids more, a gift of life and values for his kid, even for the every people, just a little whom were step by step included inside of the scene, moving downstream river; didn’t matter whatever were the obstacules that the little boat went to find around of the river, little waterfall, blanch, rocks, always there was a way where find a solution and get that kid not just more excited if not he could see that with insistence and different resources always the little boat come back to sail time to time again.

The warrior, of course couldn’t sit and not do nothing, always was there to help the team’s family, the warrior was the only one who was with them from the begin to the end of the all journey, seeing like some families on bike and other few humans, stopped, smiling and even during a short trip also included in the team’s rescue for the little boat, other travellers keep their way without any observation or value of the situation that had on their hands, didn’t matter to the warrior, he was enjoable in a journey full of fun, love and generosity and specially of wisdom, the parents gave the thanks to the warrior with diferent tones of voices and gestures several times, the warrior blushed said them that it was a pleasure, gave the thanks to them as well, but that it wasn’t necessary to give thanks him, that he was doing whatever thing that a real human being would do.

Then after, the Warrior keep going on his return way, obviously other reflection come on his worked mind, he said hilmself:

Why aren’t the human beings taking care about the small details? why aren’t let body to feel its nature energy? Why do the human beings remind like they bornt on this world? even how were they when they were just children?, the warrior couldn’t understand the reason so simply situations didn’t bring any push of change to the human beings, still asks himself, where are the smile of the human beings? why does human beings’ mood be too unbalanced? why are human beings so cowards to hidde every time behind of ego?

After that reflection, the warrior continued his journey through of return way to the end of path, then left the river on the right side, to go straight to take a short view of some empty tennis courts, thinking in that strong weapon that is the lonely, then decided to finish his journey running to the closest hill since where in his top area, could be able to leave bring himslf for a wonderfuls views not just of all tennis club close to them, or the rest of the sport centre, if not especially for the wonderful landscape on the skyline between the beauty of the mountains thorugh of a spectacular sunset, till that sun were hidding behind of the mountains, the warrior thought that there wasn’t better finish line to close a journey full of honest and feeling’s cleaning, being the sunset the best example to reconnect with the star of his esence, like his grandman said to the warriior during the sunsets of his hamlet, please pause a couple of minutes, breath in/out and look the beauty that you have up there, feel that sound, let it flow up without any interrupting, absolutely freedom, and bring it as engine of his life.

The Warrior rode his horse way to the huge freedom, our freedom and was saying himself without stopping to gaze to the sunset:

The beauty is in our inner, through of a long process, that is just our process, to stop to prejudce and look others from our umbilicus like it fears that our mirror reflect to talk which is our actual emotional state, it is time to grab that process if we haven’t done yet, with the unique goal to open our own individual conscience to create one together, that period is a wonderful invitation to reborn again our kid that were once in our life, that is the real spirit of the christmas time to let your fears go so far away of you, for that only there is a unique way, work our own mind-brain, recognise our unconsciours situation through of a real honesty with ourselfs, liket that will arrive an instant where the coherence will be our engine in our walking, that will do that our observations, decisions, and implementations come out from MAKING EVERY MOVE ABOUT THE MOVE.

In that moment is when The Ego have lost all its power. why do the human beings be so stupid? Why do the human beings repeat all time the same story? why don’t the human beings to take the shift? why do the human being HIDDEN themselves in a coward way behind of their comfort zone prejudice and trying to submerge to others thorugh of theirs fears? why do the human beings forget to manage the all sense in a high level?…. why…..why….why…..

Thank you very much Dear Reader, Please you don’t have fear and looking inside you to convert yourself in a REAL WARRIOR.



Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.