Dear human being,

It is a brief text to inform you that after soft reflections and following the same line that I already started last year by stripping myself of all smartphones, with its consequent elimination of access to any type of apps, including WhatsApp, now I take without return, a decision with great benefit towards my person as a human being, therefore later towards the rest, but placing myself right now in the first position, abandoning each and every one of the social networks except LINKEDIN, for work, until achieve a good or good work projects, then over time it will surely go away too.

Detailed in a clarifying and firm way with effect to execution next Monday, April 5, 2021:

1. FACEBOOK, ACCOUNT AND PAGE. Carlos Azuara Aguado and Hiddentennis respectively will be eliminated forever.

2. TWITTER. Carlosazuarahit, will be completely eliminated.

3. INSTAGRAM. Carlosazuarahit, will be completely eliminated.

* In summary, these three accounts will be closed forever.

THROUGH these other platforms you can follow me or contact me :

4. LINKEDIN. Carlos Azuara Aguado, will continue to be active for the moment, but exclusively for work use.

5. YOUTUBE AND TWITCH …, same name Hiddentennis Emotions. Perhaps in some other possible video or streaming platform that I am pushed to access .. Here God willing, when I have minimal conditions, I will upload videos again, but above all I will give cane to the live shows on both platforms, focused on analysis of tennis matches of every possible category, recovering the sense of why I developed my website, without neglecting to continue treating topics and concepts regarding psychology (for example the pyramid of psychological development that there are phases without finishing … ), as well as getting involved in conducting interviews or chatting quietly about tennis, psychology or any other topic of life itself.

6. MY WEB PAGE. HIDDENTENNIS.COM Here I will continue to publish my own articles, updating photographs in my gallery section (I have higher studies in photography), as well as uploading videos, as soon as I have point five engaged, I will also say that I need to give it an update and make a server transfer by cutting since the end of last year (2020) labor relations with the previous computer scientist who helped me in this regard, but being a lonely boy (Yeah !!!) and without even knowing where I am going to stop in the Next path, I manage it as far as I know how to do it (if logos continue to appear on social networks, ignore it, I don’t know how to remove them ..) * This same Sunday you will already have an analysis there about what little I saw about the MIAMI tournament.

“Do not stay in the first impressions of anyone, but you want to know the person, to the later layers it seems perfect, free decision, but then please, much more obliged if he is BOSS, let’s not use the verb BE, to escape from your own fears, whether of the day or anchored by accumulations and wanting to deposit them in a human being, the neighbor, with roots you want for yourself. “

“Impotence is a feeling of giving yourself in soul and body, but only receiving ingratitude, indifference and contempt, from one and another human beings who pass the ball, without identity or personality, but scared and cowardly among all.”

” We are not at all aware of the inner power that we can achieve in an absolutely natural way.”

* Remember that I will never stop defending at all costs and to the end, everything related to MENTAL HEALTH, even more so if one appreciates abuses or bad practices against the supposed “weakest”,

In short, it has been a pleasure, serving all of you in these 6 years that I am trying to make a small gap in the world of tennis & mind, without stopping in the daily limitations of each other, in deserving or not deserving, you simply receive what you sowing, my being perhaps still with good seed, did not find good soft and humid soil to make all that is worth flourish, and can offer, in a world with very little spatial vision, little use of intelligence and a codependent emotional narrowness of that external factors work as they wish, but without explanations to roll off the fixed wheel, as predictable as it is repetitive.

I do not want to say goodbye without two values ​​that always walk by my side, to thank all those human beings who in some part of their time spent time reading me, wanting to learn something by my side, and asking for forgiveness, those who in one way or another They could feel offended or simply closed in an unconscious contamination coming from opposite paths, that they do not see a path full of fruits but of spikes and whether or not someone owes me a public forgiveness, it is a matter of the interior of each human being through the Consciousness, a tool that fluently feeds life to the body, helping it to build a strength psychologically and physiologically speaking, even unknown.

* Remind you that to give thanks and use forgiveness, without critical self-recognition they become unfeasible to access it.

“I go internally free , a situation that very few people can come to boast loudly, that is, to really know what it means from their feet on the ground, the process of reaching that top, awareness that no one will be able to take away from me or interrupt their progress. always on the rise, because once there, there is never going back, it is the emotional transformation desired by all and watered by the only and true emotional Intelligence, the lever towards the constant state and in constancy of HAPPINESS, Regardless of whether a few months from now he sees me living on the street between cartons, I will be able to continue saying openly, that I am a FREE BEING INTERNALLY, even after death, that already belongs to me forever, it is the reward sought by every human being. “

* I remember the day I reached my inner freedom , that 2013 curiosities or not, next to Holy Week, I received the following words, Carlos, if you are already a very peculiar boy, in extinction, now with that freedom under your arm , you are going to have to deal with a situation, of which you must be very careful, because no one will believe you, you will generate envy and they will run away from your side, but it is something that is up to you to value those escapes and your guidelines.

“I will only miss one thing, that you would not have let me learn from you in the same way that I have tried to make you learn with me, but that is the REAL work of every human being, GIVING HIMSELF WITHOUT EXPECTING ANY CHANGE, WITHOUT RECEIVING, JUST DELIVERING EVERY DAY in every minute and second WHAT IS INSIDE. I ALWAYS GIVE MYSELF, it is the only way in which I was educated (parents, grandparents and nuns), I was taught to do things and along the way I have been giving every detail my identity. “

I want to ask you all for something, as a Human Being , I have that right, apart from what is mentioned a little above, that I will not stop fighting from my beautiful and faithful friend loneliness, with everything related to mental health and her unconsciousness to Regarding, also in relation to tennis, sports and in general with life, we see it tournament after tournament, sobs after sobs, physical injuries are warned of a high degree of psychological components, repetition only puts the needle to the cake, the have the task of not getting dizzy to the players, human beings above all, at the cost of circling a circular path with no value other than giving us an EGO stimulation, as destructive as a hot cholocate, complicating the door of simple, human solutions and simple that are always in our noses.

“A house is built Brick, Cement, Brick, Cement,… .. everything is thrown away with one kick… and all over again…“ Julio Aro is a fighter for the Falklands.

“Let’s build bridges, not obstacles to cling to imaginary fears, more than ever we need bridges, no justifications, or pats on the back in the form of words or awards, only actions from benevolence, permanently building constructive bridges.”

So I will continue to be Free and Solitary, but FREE !!!!

* Remember I do not have a smartphone, that is, whatsapp or access to any APP, on my laptop (Mac) I have Telegram, but through my website (hiddentennis.com) you have the contact form, whoever wants since I published the latter article, I will give about 48 hours of margin where you can contact me privately, I kindly give you my email and my phone number (although surely the number will change as soon as I locate somewhere).

Thank you so much everyone!!!

Wishing you all the best on your way!

A strong hug !.

Carlos Azuara Aguado.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .