All an inspiration write about them, the Women are part of the human beings as necessary as vital to our existence, our development, our growth. Really have a valor, a depth worthy of repect and knowledge mandatory for the man. Why?.

Because The beauty of the Woman is inside, in that part of body that you couldn’t see neither touch however you can feel through of a depth breathing, in total connection with you to transport to that magic that they hidden and that only if you are choosen and privileged can reach to discover and feel, due to don’t be all visible and neither under control.

A real woman is a huge and spectacular fountain of wisdom and wealth inner, the real value of the life, the part most important of the human beings, that soul which is like a blue sky where the ray of sun shine seep through till our soul (men), like a light iluminating which are part necessary of whatever big inner shift (the women). A woman have a vision, a radar really amazing to detect every small detail, is details that change the development of a company, a person, a group or even a family.

In this point, as would happen with the men, we should do a border line between healthy people and unhealthy people, those who carry a toxicity since the infance stage, full of anger and resentment. All those kind of people will never have nothing positive for you, and will be useless, like a stone inside of a shoe. How can you detect it?. Easy through of a emotional job. For all that no only a woman can be you worst enemy if no a man as well, so the best decision is get away of those kind of people without giving cause for all behaviour unnecessary.

All woman must be in a optimal status, becasue they are a our better and unique diamond, our real gold, our tresaure, it treasure that have to care and value in the measurement the women deserve, they are essencial in our society and it is for that the capacities of a woman in an optimal status are indispensable to our growth and development with looking forward.

Some differences between Men and Women (Emotionally Worked):

1. A woman and a Man well worked innerly can reach a point of vision similar, but the women always have that other point of view more far away, so the man in whatever field of the life, must listen to them instead of place to them in a corner where her voice, her ideas lost value, bad for the men, bad for a company and bad for the society to let it.

2. A man always have more Ego than a woman, in this case both have a good manage about it, really the man have to do more effort to avoid dirty tricks, the woman in it is simple. That situation do that the man always want to feel over the woman, lost a wonderful and powerful knowledge. are really the men as idiots?.

3. While the women is able to place outside her emotions, usually the men prefer keep on silence, and it isn’t good for any human being, becaouse for our brain is important talk all of it which you feel worry, and throw away, to let a inner relaxation so can seek and find a connection with our essence, thing (emotion) that have more value that all the money of the world.

4. The capacity of listening that have a woman is different than a man could have, however the capacities come in occasions inside of a game with the reason, where they keep her status in front of a man, it is logic when reallly after the man instead of learn it, prefer use that in his own benefit, leaving to the woman in a corner without free movement in detriment of his pride instead of using a point of balance and agreement.

5. The thinking, the women down my point of view, think too much, have an inclination to worry about insignificant things, so put to them close of a somatization’s stage; to the contrary the men think less however of course have very frequently reach a somatization’s stage. In conclusion is no good for both to think, and have the mind in the past or even the future, should be just in the present moment, calm and without any kind of bullshit.

……. ……. …….. …….. ……. ETC..Here I have named some differences with posible influence in the tennis world as well.

Already talking about the female tennis, honestly, dear reader, for me there is a thing specially insulting is the treatment by medias’ side till the female tennis, regarding the two countries that know a little bit, here in UK for example SKYPORTS TV don’t rerun any female matchs, nothing of WTA, however they cover all ATP WORLD TOUR, it is really an insult and a lack of respect to the sport. In Spain for example there was years where TVE if respected to the tennis, however since that appeared the figure of RAFAEL NADAL, the different TVs fighting dirtily in a first image to buy the license for some that other tournament like the MUTUA MADRID OPEN, however really only want to rerun the NADAL’S matchs, sometimes rerun something else in other tournaments, but very few occasions.

However, dear reader, think that just EUROSPORT TV and CANAL+ are who can escape a little bit of the wreckage. Apart of course that in many tournaments don’t respect for equal the female tennis matchs where they display a scorn the WTA, in others words till all the related with tennis female for part of the 98% of the press as well. Evidently like all the system is a big chain, the influence in the thoughts of people is enormous. Expressions like: “The female tennis is so boring” “The female tennis is rubbish” “Hate the female tennis”…etc… really you don’t love tennis, only figures, Idols of press (sadly after the 90% finish destroyed).

The worst that I don’t know if there is a solution, because come new people and follow a line very similiar to the medium and old journalists, even worst, where the social pressure is biggest than 10 years ago, so new athletes, even actors or whatever well-known person, like human beings that they are, make it very tricky to support all of it, every time have more and more difficult to resist a stupidity pressure begining for something similiar to the journalism.

Other thing, dear reader, never never, nobody must compare physically a man with a woman, in tennis is already enough, because both tennis on ATP or on WTA, there are so good tennis, different obviusly to the physical differences between a man and a woman, although in fact also there is a mixed tennis, maybe could exist other competition where males and females compete for equal, could be, however in males (ATP) and females (WTA) there are tennis and on both very good and amazing matchs tennis, although is true should have more pattient, play more and less “PIM” “PAM” “PUM”, that change will start when do an inner instropection in ourselves, looking for calm, with a have fun in the smallest and undetectable details existing around of us.

Although haven’t talked about it, if we the men and the women as well theirselves get to repect to them, in all their as a whole, in their different society group, let that they have voice, that their ideas complement those of the men and to the inverse to reach limits unknown, they (the women) would be worth of a salary to their level, equal or even sometimes higher than the man.

The tennis is wonderful, but the female tennis has it heart deepest that make it differentiate about the rest of tennis categories, if you love tennis, love all the tennis group (Male, Female, Doubles Male and female, Mixed Doubles, Wheelchair Tennis and Disabled Standing Tennis).

Love tennis and no make differences!!!.
Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.