We are in a unique and wonderful time to change things,

  1. IT’S NOW TIME TO  get up and bang on the table , 
  2. IT IS NOW TIME TO  look at the horizon with infinite unknown beauty ,
  3. IT IS NOW TIME TO  open your chest and shout from the rooftops here I am,
  4. IT IS NOW TIME TO  look fear head-on,
  5. IT IS NOW TIME TO   embrace fear as the loyal friend that it is,
  6. IT IS NOW TIME TO  redirect course while still staring firmly at the target,
  7. IT’S NOW TIME TO  do general cleaning without hand shaking,
  8. IT’S NOW TIME TO  put all the pieces on the table without traps or cardboard ,
  9. IT IS NOW TIME TO  change the educational / training system (at least federatively it is feasible being an example of examples),
  10. IT IS NOW TIME TO eliminate Absolutism and subjectivism, allies of the immovable, 
  11. IT IS NOW TIME TO  differentiate the traits between authority and power,
  12. IT IS NOW TIME TO  have a single leader, not two in excess and conditioned in the “non-visual” part
  13. IT IS NOW TIME TO  surround ourselves with authentic leaders.
  14. IT’S NOW TIME TO  help create healthy leaders with an all-road approach .
  15. IT IS NOW TIME TO  work from the root, our unique essence of each one. (Encourage her not put her aside)
  16. IT IS NOW TIME TO  empower yourself in self-criticism,
  17. IT IS NOW TIME TO  listen / activate with the five senses at their highest level,
  18. IT IS NOW TIME TO stop the manipulation of the “weak” (children / adults FOR MONEY OR POWER OR AMBITION), in other words internal emptiness full of fears in high intensity that provokes in the flight to face human beings outside their poor range internal. 
  19. IT IS NOW TIME TO   stop AABB systems, that as soon as you change a place token, the fragility is evident,
  20. IT IS NOW TIME TO  discontinue in influence and voice those with empty walking, insufficient content and creator of silent confusions. (to invite them to leave),
  21. IT IS NOW TIME TO  get out of the self-delusions or placebos effects, which human beings generate with methods / articles as flat as they are empty.
  22. IT IS NOW TIME TO  demand serious and real content before entering the door, easy access without obligation or effort to show solidity in this regard, due to ignorance or despair of others kills the collective through open contamination without restraint,
  23. IT IS NOW TIME TO   show human maturity, stopping behaving like children in a schoolyard, manipulated by one or two, whoever comes up to open with the designated one, all on top, harassing them with the same question, Why have you talked to him / her?
  24. IT IS NOW TIME TO analyze and get to know each human being or situation for oneself, outside of skepticism or manipulation with expressions like they have told me, they tell me, they tell me, … etc. 
  25. IT IS NOW TIME TO   give and offer a voice to human beings with content,
  26. IT IS NOW TIME TO  know your own personality, offer it and share it without fear,
  27. IT’S NOW TIME TO  create your own sensible vision. (It takes work, courage and time),
  28. IT IS NOW TIME TO  EXCHANGE visions,
  29. IT’S NOW TIME TO  Breaking Comfort Dynamics ,
  30. IT IS NOW TIME TO  generate strong institutions without decisions patched by the EGO, defense of human internal voids by those who compose it,
  31. IT IS NOW TIME TO  stop the rise to fashion of what happens with escape mode, MONEY, still carrying a total ignorance.
  32. IT IS NOW TIME TO  feed on the sensation of ridiculousness,
  33. IT IS NOW TIME TO not hide behind the shortcut of manipulation and deception, spitting out your own fears, making him / her believe that they are his / her.
  34. IT IS NOW TIME TO stop running like weasels in the face of uncomfortable troubles due to your own emptiness that the difference generates within you,
  35. IT IS NOW TIME TO  be brave to welcome the different with open arms,
  36. IT IS NOW TIME TO  move into the unknown to confront fear without feeling fear,
  37. It is NOW TIME TO   resort to how frightening and limiting classificatory labels are, a way of expressing or defending yourself against your own fear or fears.
  38. IT IS NOW TIME TO  stop playing with people’s MENTAL HEALTH by unscrupulous miserable greed in the face of self-emptiness.
  39. IT IS NOW TIME TO  stop the dirty and distorted populism of the different concepts, being the mother star, MENTAL STRENGTH, the result of unreal idolization, good marketing, ignorance of others or despair in the face of the growing demand for the unknown , which includes the calculation of the personal area, one of the two parts of that individual and exclusive area of ​​each individual. consequences,…
  40. IT IS NOW TIME TO   face your vulnerabilities and have the courage to recognize them, to know that it does not make you less human (man / woman).
  41. IT IS NOW TIME TO  have the gallantry to admit that you have been manipulated, used by ambition and power at any cost by empty human beings, visible in insecurity with themselves and with their own content.
  42. IT IS NOW TIME TO find the courage to learn from everything else, take the neutral lesson that you have or had prepared for you in that precise and unique moment, 
  43. IT IS NOW TIME TO   treat each other as human beings, we are all the same, I do not see differences other than those who want to make your own fears protected through the mud or the Ego, depending on whether you have confidence or self-confidence (that goes up and low not self-esteem),
  44. IT IS NOW TIME TO    seek HONESTY in your whole being, without fear, it is your first good gift to give yourself.
  45. IT IS NOW TIME TO    explore our capacity for REASONING from absolute freedom, with your own criteria, including even if you are already within a priori “blind” manipulation. (It is taking care of your own health without lies or placebo shipments). (Not to be confused with the POWER OF REASON, pure ego)
  46. IT IS NOW TIME FOR  the opening of direct channels of COMMUNICATION, managed by a human leadership, flexible, enriching but especially in full CONSCIOUSNESS of those who are in front of you (human, psychologically, emotionally speaking) and what silent habits the situation is offering.
  47. IT IS NOW TIME TO   not justify oneself with TRAVEL, as a visualization or reality of the whole, but to enter directly to LIVE in, that is, absolute CONSCIOUSNESS of the surface and of what is hidden under the surface regardless of the direction that is found, there below is learning and external speech will walk with coherence for the help or benefit of all. (some hint to the pro circuit and its surpefluous final speeches for “the right thing to do”),
  48.  IT IS NOW TIME TO   sail on the ship of COHERENCE, it is the only way to an authentic leadership that carries weapons of evolution, transformation, without falling into the changes of dominoes, as ineffective as the amount of fear that they have hidden underneath,
  49. IT IS NOW TIME TO  enter into all the complexity of the evolutionary process of personal development, a process of long years.
  50. IT IS NOW TIME TO   find and have IDENTITY. A powerful identity both at the individual level first, do you pollute or help ?, and at the collective / institutional level later.
  51. IT IS NOW TIME TO  be your own ACTOR in your film, be the character you have to be, do not become what you are not or tie yourself to it as a lifeline, there is not your music, your interior, there you will be a puppet of the Their own unscrupulous puppeteers, neither moral nor ethical, they don’t care about everything, they only see the symbol of money, power and ambition.



It is time to put things in their place, if we really love life, we embrace it and in turn we show that same love for our profession, vocation or daily task, showing the consideration, and the importance that each tool or event should have Without going far from the relativization of the facts themselves, we will get closer to what we want without verbalizing manipulations, where the fish dies through the mouth.

Be brave + Be honest + be consistent + work + experimental space = AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP WITHOUT JUMPING THE DETAILS THAT CHANGE A DIRECTION, anticipation, prevention or clean and natural recovery.

Here I am to help, not be an enemy of anyone, more prepared than ever, more free than ever … “Give, give without expecting any change”

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .