Dear reader, if you are someone who loves tennis, the mind (Brain-Body) and life itself, you will know that this weekend the first national online tennis congress of the RFET is being held, where of course I have also signed up , because the Ego is for other duties and must be directed towards other internal paths of healthy ambitions.

Continuing with the matter, after reading the program, without entering the transparency portal, where there is all the information in PDF of the pinch that is invested in teaching and research , regardless of whether or not the speakers are charged, for me that’s It is what worries me the least, in addition to being a subject that I lack dominance, however on the subject of MENTAL HEALTH , if it worries me and it is really worrying what is going to happen this very weekend, within a public entity, no let’s forget this detail.

I explain myself through a brief outline with the three categories of speakers:

1. Those top or not top , with experimentation, coherence, common sense, always this up to where it gives its current emotional limit, but really worth listening to, really wanting to listen to them from human good sense, without getting lost in blind paths that numb all possible information (hidden) as will happen to many listeners with some of them.

2. The stagnant , those who say one thing by mouth, then say another, their body transmits a different state than the one they really intend to transmit, wanting to hide a reality that is impossible to hide, it requires a lot of work from the subconscious area, because All information that they usually transmit through their mouths is a reflection of their own current situation, wanting to reflect on someone or others from outside. Labor dominance of these speakers and there a few, is indisputable, also seeing the title of their program, we return to the same cyclical wheel with no way out.

3. The smart ones, if those with a cheeky attitude, capable of taking advantage of the weakness of anyone, or especially of a weak institution with weak components, who have no idea what they are talking about, with completely empty glasses, but with marketing A, B, C, which is working for them through a highly manipulable mass, which will lead a large part of that manipulable mass, to a states of circulatory Chaos, through a placebo “satisfaction”, and so on.

Here in this third point is where I come in, DO NOT PLAY WITH MENTAL HEALTH , neither with deceptions, nor with a mixture of concepts that are usually the last of a pyramid as long in its development process as due to its complexity for the integration of each concept at each base of the pyramid, prior to moving to the next level said pyramid, with a final objective that is internal freedom, the door to the development of all emotional intelligence, the icing on the cake, always open to tweaks and improvements.

A PUBLIC ENTITY SHOULD NOT PLAY WITH THIS , it should not be ignorant no matter how good intentions it may want to have, this is very serious, it is more than 3 days ago, a coach (I will not say the name for human consideration) but of these reputable formative, on his facebook wall, he shared a post with the statistics on the psychological damage that this situation of PLAN-DEMIA was generating in the population, the increase in depression, … etc, and if my memory serves me well 30 % of Suicides, ….. I’m not very into statistics because surely they fall short, it should be added,

How many are not taking anxiolytics, anti-depressants, muscle relaxants, paracetamol … etc. and they are not counted in the statistics? (Surely there are speakers like this …)

How many / as have not increased their addiction or codependency towards certain substances or products with a large dose of caffeine (both drugs) … etc?

How many are not using any other external means to lean on to flee and not face their internal situation?


At a private level, that one plays with whoever is out of his mind, but at a public level, a public entity, from his ignorance with a field as beautiful in turn as complex as human psychology, all the brain-body computation, of the that I could be talking for hours and hours, with a great knowledge of cause and its obvious subsequent development at a very high level, where by the way, soon I will talk about what is known as Sensory Integration of sounds, or hypersensitivity or what I always had called MY PHOBIA; you should never afford to play with MENTAL HEALTH, with the complicity especially of the professionals of this branch, some speakers, who should dignify a profession much more, where at this time it is more used than ever so that things are done with MORAL AND HUMAN DIGNITY.



1. THE EXPERIMENTATION at the foot of the canyon, at the foot of the street, breaking your face against the wall, as many times as necessary, deepening day by day in an interior, which will give you a very solid content, being able to adapt your mind and body, without any external resource to any situation, knowing each concept, its uses and its capabilities, above and below the surface.


2. THE STRUCTURE OF THE CAREER , the development of the corresponding career, but adding a but very important, is the ability to experiment in depth to know them to the fullest extent possible, each of the concepts and teachings that the career itself offers, for apart from the robotic dynamics of a marked structure, for your being able to create your own content with a wide solidity, in development and execution.

What end goal do both paths have? BE ABLE TO DETECT (ANTICIPATE) all those psychological situations that are apparently undetectable, everything that is in the cognitive part, I assure you that it can, the complication is the acceptance of human beings to enter their subconscious where they keep a lot of harmful information , which they do not want to face, creating a very entrenched habit, almost always represented by their way of interpreting any situation, making their final act through what they release through their mouth, which is nothing more than the reflection of one / a ourselves and not of being or human beings we usually disqualify, here we had to enter to assess other factors with some other relevance.


That ignorance is very daring, science is the end result of an entire investigation, but all investigation is accompanied by a wide set of human, emotional, and spiritual components, that is, psychological factors that encompass a large part of the journey of this process, Even if it passes through many hands at the same time, they tend to be of the same type of energy, although there are small differences between the components, the overall result will not be affected, without having material factors that may intervene, all this will have a serious repercussion at the level. social, to the detriment of development, advance for collective well-being.


“Focusing on the influence that the particle has on itself will provide all the necessary resources to tackle its different states of virulence, rather than limit itself only to behavior with different media, losing ourselves in areas outside the relevant area of ​​influence” (This requires much psychological level, excuse me the self-centered clarity for many)


RFET, the previous and current components, do not play with PEOPLE’S MENTAL HEALTH, because that is a very serious fact against the public health of society in general, in this case the world of tennis, coaches, players , managers, parents, ….. etc ….  RESPONSIBILITY, ETHICS, HONESTY WITH YOURSELF AND HUMAN DIGNITY.


“Tennis, like psychology, and a trail of professional branches, have remained during this pandemic, in an evident collective blockade, of imperative conceptual reconstructions, tennis being a minefield of very empty human beings inside, with a branch of insecurity without limits, clinging to the structure of labor dominance, marked and governed by entrenched habits from the beginning of the human projects of each individual. ”  (THIS IS THE GOLDEN EGG TRAP FOR MANY IN TENNIS, from where to stretch at any cost)


Thank you very much with all my heart,

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .