Sit in front of the computer, like a simple and humble observer, without any need to lift a finger or waste a single drop of energy because they already do it by themselves, a full-blown self-immolation, a scroll of nudity so long that it is impossible to see its final page.

Some luminaries come up with a childish, immature and psychologically limiting game, while the adduced mass follows the line of the game without the ability to question anything, revealing a very serious situation, not only because of how society we like to continue LABELING OURSELVES as search for an empty brand, the truth, honestly, I could take it with humor, laughter, and others, through the expression “do not forget the child in you”, As long as said ambition was well directed, however, what is happening in view of the whole world is something very, very serious, ladies and gentlemen, that should not invite jokes or be overlooked.


  1. Disgusting game of labels, where each other is listed, a very serious DETAIL happens , in each of the mentioned lists of “super influencers”, not a single human being mentions not a single psychologist / except one and why it is his sister, or at least the search for beings with a formative solidity (content and experimentation out of comfort) in this regard that provide essence free of control.

Some will justify themselves with this or that, let’s be honest there is no justification, basically due to the absolute lack of arguments in this regard; remembering that all this is with the ignorant complicity of the current and emeritus members of a public entity such as the RFET .

Because it is very serious and not a laughing game?

Two reasons,

1. Because those who are participating in that game of TAGS , limiting, childish, immature and dark because of everything it silently represents, including veterans whom I believed to be more intelligent, in one way or another many of them have influence in the formation of a public entity such as the RFET, what this ladies and gentlemen in conjunction with the aforementioned absence of serious reinforcements in psychology, to the “results” of abducted masses, this is a DETAIL but very serious, given the great ignorance that is being shown to the respect.

2. Basically also, dear reader, because in a sport such as Tennis, where since 2003 or so, a populist term called “MENTAL FORCE” began to become popular through the mind-brain , later enhanced through the constant “caricature” towards the figure of NADAL, immediately becoming a habit that is very embedded as distorted in the exponential and solid concepts, generating un-wiring of unstable and inconsistent peaks, reaching that term to jump to other Sports (Athletes ) or other areas as if it were a domino piece.

This popularization as dangerous on a human level as it is attractive on a commercial level, should have managed us with human resources full of content and experimentation in this regard, a training would be with something so delicate that it should never be played with, and in turn, to general computation of all the components of a face-to-face and neat rectitude at each of the levels. This brings me to the next detail …


With exactly the same start as the previous one, you just have to sit and observe through deep and automatic psychonalysis, without lifting a finger or expending energy, social networks and the internet do their work by themselves, emotional situations are self-discovered of each one, like a clumsy thief with his letters, unconsciousness and good intentions do the rest, either indirectly, that is, by friends from social networks (actually some in person as well) or directly on the walls themselves or stories of each one, the entire emotional field that surrounds the person is shown (the work although it is also within the individual area of ​​the individual is a differentiating field).

Obviously, the physical change over the years through the photos or even the possible or not human maturity (not psychological, emotional or spiritual, since they require a different commitment) over the years, through of the writings, especially if there has been a work on the matter, some feelings of resentment, anger or other sensations towards poorly healed wounds, not healed or the sums of those wounds with the current ones that occur in the current state in which we we find and those that the day’s own journey may or may not open to us. Because,


“The worst mistake is to fall and remain in blind subjectivism due to a friendly relationship or as a couple, or simply the sharing of an interest or the proper use of the same misdirected ambition, inviting that human being whom you appreciate for love is in friendship or partner, or selfish affection, abducted or not by everything that may be at work, in small steps to an inner suicide that will leave any work development in a second plane, rubbing it or leaving it at half gas, that is to say without deepening, by many hands in which its edition rolls, due to the same level of energy in which it is wrapped. ”  Shouldn’t a good friend or partner, especially if they are a psychologist or with knowledge capacities in this regard, be fully aware of this, and probably not tell them, but if they propose a panoramic map that makes them reflect to see the light between the emotional darkness you’re in?


“Walking with open wounds or in full uncontrolled bleeding, for very good intentions in attitude and predisposed aptitude in showing oneself, does not take more than walking along a path where although you think you help, you only pollute, creating a padded and cyclical Ferris wheel, without ever obtaining a clear sharpness of all the information that is happening in front of yourself. “


Although at the same time it is a gift, in the form of projecting out, absolutely naked, for whoever wants to see it, or is willing to see it, because I do not want to believe that the SPANISH society , specifically that of tennis, is an IDIOTE mass ( please do not take for granted), perhaps IGNORANT , it sadly gives the feeling that, seeing as a harmless, childish and immature game, it brings to the light of the whole world, in harmonic tune, the deep gravity of the matter, the sport for excellence of the BELOVED MENTAL FORCE , so distorted, results in their “super influencers” lists, they absolutely lack solidity in this regard, I insist this is serious but very serious, whoever does not know how to see it, should make him look at it and start his EGO from the roots, because although the reconstruction is very complex, not impossible, there is always time for it if it is wants.

Dear reader, I am not a human being to generalize, however here allow me an exception, because in tennis it is the general trend, since at a Psychological level, the personal insecurity with the entire ocean that it drags is tremendously great, as is being demonstrated time and again, in face-to-face conferences, training courses, … etc, especially very reflected during the last quarantine of the month of March to through social networks, without going into depth, only in the first line of impact, first impressions and the background of what it hides, for example you listen to an economist with a lawyer, a lawyer with a journalist, a singer with some writer, … etc … you have a thousand files on the networks to continue checking it, you see the listening between two coaches, it is simply shocking, the lack of rectitude, neatness, personal safety, … obviously it will happen in all professions, but in the world of tennis this is excessively exaggerated and also with formative weight.

Explaining it in a text ….. it is difficult …. it will lead to misinterpretations that I care very little because it is exactly the whole set of what I mean, the last drop, for now this little TAG game shows it, but Surely this weekend with the RFET SIMPOSIUM , and in the face of the mixture of what I call the Pyramid of Trainers, at its different levels, (I will make an explanatory video about it, or A live show, I must start with them) This serious lack of general computation that there is a psychological level, apparently “hidden” between the labor dominance, that many of them at the tennis level have no discussion whatsoever, but evidently the deficiencies or absence in Personal Development is going to be much more exposed. it has an enormous influence on the performance of that labor dominance as well as on the management of one’s own life.


THE FINAL TRAP of Tennis as the hen with the GOLDEN eggs, which summarizes the entire text in two very clear abuses:


1. THE MENTAL FORCE ..  The fraudulent use and ignorant abuse in this regard, already explained throughout the text, which reveals many decisions and actions, entering and leaving at the same point without progress, condemning, sinking others. 

2. BIOMECHANICS and other digital reinforcements . Lacking psychology, our strongest point of support, it must be something external and convincing for ourselves and for others, even if it involves a wrong use, being our sustenance or support, rather than our reinforcement. We forget, of course, the two characteristics that separate us from the rest of living beings, the ability to reason through our five maximized senses and the ability to communicate, verbally and above all bodily, to know with more certainty what information we have in front of us. , without leading us or leading him / her to any conviction, with the possibility of chronifications.


Allow me dear reader to end with an example that graphically represents the entire text,

THE POOL or THE SEA, if you stay on the curb, on the rocks or in the sand, you only contemplate a surface, that you do not even understand, if you submerge the water, it is moved, both on the surface and in the depths you will not It will give to see nothing, now if you stop, you create a concentration mesh and at the same time a layer of attention, suddenly what you are seeing changes, you begin to observe details that were always there, both above the surface and below in the depths, you see the details clearly, even at some point you will be able to change the lenses of a peephole, for that of primastics or even that of a telescope, seeing the details further away and hidden, as if you had them in front of you, that is a part of the personality and inner freedom.

“Let the sea have its rhythm, but mark your influence”

Thank you,


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .