Dear reader, we are slowly coming to an end in this Wimbledon 2019, there are already a few games left, especially more without tickets for the center or court 1, outside in the surroundings you can still witness some juniors, wheelchairs, and some of invitation.

Day 11 of the tournament, day 8 for me these are the games I saw:

Shintaro Mochizuki vs Martin Damm (Final of the second set and third complete set)

Carlos Gimeno Valero vs Harold Mayot (Full)

Martin Damm / Toby Alex Kodat vs Jacob Fearnley / Connor Thomson (Full)

Novak Djokovic vs Roberto Bautista Agut (Last set on giant screen)

Rafa Nadal vs Roger Federer (First set on giant screen)

Diede De Groot / Aniek Van Koot vs Yui Kamiji / Jordanne Whiley (Wheelchair, Complete)



Regarding the matches of Novak Djokovic vs Roberto Bautista Agut and Rafa Nadal vs Roger Federer,  obviously I will not speak at all because I barely saw something and on the screen, however I do want to add the match of Rafa and Roger, two notes, one that Rafa with very few sensations with the backhand, arriving late, not hitting the ball clean, turning his body too much, not doing what he usually does, in fact the game ended with a long backhand from Rafa, A closing point always says a lot about the game, and the other important point is that yesterday (Thursday), I saw Roger’s training a little from afar, I watched a talk with directions and some tests later, preparing for today’s game, I saw that precisely that, today I was applying this system and form of play, with rigor and determination, with forcefulness no matter what happens, whether I lose it or not, it seems to me that it is worth evaluating. (Dying with your ideas and making variations on the fly, I consider it very important).

Shintaro Mochizuki, is a short player, very agile, fast, tenacious, he is a classy gamer, great emotional capacity, he does not show an iota of extra stress, he measures the times very well, patient which means that at no time he leaves of the party, always with the right and necessary claw. On his tennis, the serve weak point, little power, basically because the throwing hand and the racket hand do not go at the same tempo, then the throwing hand lowers it too quickly. In the reverse for my taste too much arched, something that for the parallel entails certain problems, you must use the shoulders more. Right leaves too many in three quarters at the mercy of the rival, not letting it enter so much and throwing himself more on top of it. Volley more firmly, execute gesture, up.

Martin Damm , yesterday I already said it all, this name as soon as the forehand improves, keep it in mind, but that forehand must improve a lot, it is inconsistent, it eats up time, space, it does not catch it well and it lengthens too much, closing too late , entering too much below, sending too many lengths or to the network to go up and down and lick it alone. On the serve, improving the throwing of the ball, for its height when it is thrown a little further forward, is a brutality, it does very little, and condemns it to too many seconds to serve, ah! and work on mental consistency, integration and communication, ample track options, open.

Carlos Gimeno Valero,Although previous days I already mentioned some details, it has gone from less to more, I am missing a bite, and especially when it goes online, self-hooking with determination and definition, but honestly that feeling of a cold chest (in that aspect it reminds Feli), with very relativized pauses and rhythms, it is something that has its super positive but also counter-powerful part; on groundstrokes, with the forehand on props, sometimes it eats it, drops it too much, carries it much looser, high rights, pulls more of the arm upwards, however the right in running is immense the whip because, arrives, stands and takes the tip great in conjunction with its balance with the right force that directs and runs horribly for the rival. Reves consider that it is where it gives him more option to take initiative of the point, then shifting to the right.

Harold Mayot,So far the most complete player that I have seen in this junior, when I say complete is the technique of each of his strokes, they are a beauty, each one of them. The problem he has had today (Friday) has been his temperamental attitude, a lot of weight in there, and some technical adjustments to his shots. Right, in the race he does not go with conviction and does not take the tip well, in support on many occasions he stayed completely in front, or you turn your shoulders or do the hip turn in Nadal style, raising your arm, otherwise you do not get the ball off you, leaving some caramelitos like my namesake, it was pure dynamite. Reves spectacular the support and launching of the arms, he ran a lot, he gave everything, and the beautiful volley, super effective, very well executed; and the serve, there is a small gesture, very similar to that of Alcaraz Garfia, in less pressure,


Martin Damm / Toby Alex Kodat and Jacob Fearnley / Connor Thomson, here I admit that I was not with the right attitude, I was kind of relaxed with my arms resting between the two seats collateral to mine, I did not pay good attention, what I did notice is that Matías took the lead, everything is already said a little higher and in previous articles, his partner, in the serve the elbow of the racket, perhaps a clean arch and jump, in the other blows, it is not that he called me Attention, I let the ball pass too much, go down and not go for it, in that accompaniment, as for the British, more balance in the supports and go for the ball, not the expectation that it comes, as I say is difficult for me. express much more because I did not have all my mind where it should.

Diede De Groot / Aniek Van Koot vs Yui Kamiji / Jordanne Whiley , wheelchair, in doubles, and without my position in this specific discipline, where I had a higher level of wisdom to make a much more complete analysis, even so I can balance it very well with my personal development and use of common sense.

I did not understand why it gave the sensation of following an excessively closed pattern, without feasibility of options, at the time so much variation of the blows, the movement with the chair, displacement and place. Diede is the one with the best arm start with the racket, personality, leadership and composure up. Aniek,  looking for a better position with the saddle, having more confidence, because when he had sensations, he was able to go deep with the right. Yui,a lot of touch, subtle play with the wrist, but I create a certain problem when it comes to moving the chair to achieve better positioning. Jordanne, a certain sense of inmediateness, permanent internal anger, forgetting, letting go and pulling. In the serves more in the Dutch pair, the subject of throwing the ball, if to do it a little more ahead, looking for an increase of percentage of the same.


This was all of today, I hope it is useful, to take advantage of the last two days, to continue with Tennis a Full from my solitary gear, which makes it more special.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .