Dear reader,

Already on the penultimate day with very few games within the All England Club, unless you have tickets, access one or both main courts, court one and center court, or small surprises like the one I received at the last minute, although it was little time and game , I will detail it at the end of the article. Outside of these tracks there were still some juniors and Wheelchair-Quad games, I would have liked to see some quad, but in the end today I was able to witness two semifinals of junior men’s doubles, one for exhibition and those that followed on the giant screen .



Day 12 of the tournament, day 9 for me these are the games I saw:

Liam Draxl / Govind Nanda vs Arthur Fery / Toby Samuel (End of the first set and second complete set)

Jonas Forestek / Jiri Lehecka vs Martin Damm / Toby Kodat (Full)

Simona Halep vs Serena Williams (Last games of the match on screen)

Nicolas Mahut / Eduard Roger Vasellín vs Juan Sebastian Cabal / Robert Farah (First two sets on the screen, and fifth set on the center court itself)


APPRECIATIONS, Remember to be grass, doubles, there is less time, the integral analysis is more complex:

Liam Draxl, although he was the one I paid the least attention to, perhaps because of the four he was the cleanest, the footwork of movement, placement, should improve them a lot, and in the serve to keep the trunk more and the left arm not falling.

Govind Nanda,  his ironic attitude, a linesman had to go to the chair umpire to tell him something, I did not like certain burlesque gestures, as for tennis, his knees shake, and the volleys the gesture is not clean or effective obviously.

Arthur Fery , something that happens to him in all strokes, perhaps in the backhand it is more noticeable, detach it a little more from the body, catch the ball before not waiting for it, leg movements to improve.

Toby Samuel, on the serve, not pulling so much from the hips, keeping the trunk more, not lowering the left arm prematurely, we already have Andy Murray’s situation to technically fall into similar errors; the right lift the ball a little higher.

Jonas Forejtek, the feeling of being a player more for singles than for doubles, has beautiful technical gestures, serve with that kind of hawk, although he must look at the tempos, reducing them, and in the groundstrokes, not get hooked down, accompany the string-ball racket with the body.

Jiri Lehecka,  especially his serve, the base of support is bad, the duck-shaped ankles made me sad to see it, in the long term I do not consider it to be good, after having the ankles in that position it ends up opening the knees somewhat, in the groundstrokes, has good leg movement-activation, at the time of the windshield wiper take the arm a little more out of the body.

Martin Damm , in the previous articles I have already talked a lot about him, the backhand lifts the ball much more, it tends to lean well and almost always give it the initiative of the point, the right to clear the ball by accompanying it for a longer time balancing the power, and volley accompany the blow not to dry the ball.

Toby Kodat, when volleying is almost always too front, difficult to get the ball from there, kick right foot a little shaky, bottom take out the blows, jump for the ball.



Simona Halep vs Serena Williams , I just saw a couple of games on the screen, the other day I saw Halep train, I could notice the dynamism, the energy that surrounds him, the total union and clarity of ideas, today many of those details were reflected As soon as I saw a couple of points, it was a matter of looking for a move to Serena, that’s how the game ended, movement, bad positioning, and ball to the net.


Nicolas Mahut / Eduard Roger Vasellín vs Juan Sebastian Cabal / Robert Farah , from the beginning it was already noticeable a very intense match, where the French in the network were much more comfortable, but deep down they suffered more, the opposite of the Colombian couple In the end they had their comfort, at least for today’s game or as the rival demanded; Due to lack of intelligence and raising the head, human and emotional apsects where to manage them in a different way moved along these paths.

The third and fourth sets, I went first for a snack of strawberries with a vegan brownie, then I took a walk around the venue until I sat on track 16 for almost an hour, myself and the security, in a state of reflection At the same time as praying, showing thoughts of thanks and regrets, because apologizing or asking for forgiveness is very commendable, and no credit is lost for it. I felt during that reflection and I feel it during this year, that it is time to materialize solid, powerful projects from which to build a prolonged project, helping me to continue improving, growing and preparing for the pending restaurant and other tennis courses, away from all those people who They go through different places, without leaving a lasting mark, at the time after and arriving the sea takes it away.

To this, I return to the hill to see the last set, just 5 minutes later we are told that the center court has been opened to the public, I don’t know how I did it, that even to where it ends up sitting so low, almost on top of the track , right where the players enter and exit, it was a unique experience, being inside the considered temple of tennis, wonderful, what you feel in the stomach is indescribable, it was too brief, just 4 games, I could not taste it in all its juice . As you can see, the center court also needs treatments.


“Entering the center court of Wimbledon, in the temple par excellence of tennis, is something unique, what you feel is inside, who loves and respects this sport, words are not worth it, you have to feel it, I hope that in the future, I will continue By working for it, I can get into it in a way that is very different from the current one, with a great human and social work ahead “


 Let’s go for the last day wanting to enjoy it in the present with all the surprises that correspond.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .