ar reader, simply this short article is to expose an anecdote that in turn takes me on a trip to the past, stopping in a recent one in Franco-Swiss land and another somewhat more distant, but present due to its weight, occurred in London (UK ) with continuation by Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) .

If we think of a wall, we see it as that obstacle where you have to hit your head until you bleed, something like until you break your neck, which we say for my land, and never better, it would not be a bad remedy either, right? , especially to expose ourselves to the most powerful limit of our capacity to suffer, and I would say without limits, because if you open yourself up on all sides, we will never know how far we can take our capacity to suffer, our adaptability to any situation, without labeling ourselves or Let him put labels on us, always representative of the individual who tries to put one on your hump, also not once, but with several attempts until he manages to have you tamed, or at least that is his intention, taking away your essence,If you allow it through their own fearful deficiencies that they do not want to see or in painting so as not to face them, since they act like spikes that do not cease in their internal pressure, leaving no space to breathe which removes the individual from any different focus than his own energy wounded in his honor.

But what do we mean by honor, dear reader? I leave that answer to you so that you can answer it, and if that in some direct we will answer it together, while I am still talking about the anecdotes.

Throughout these days, with the tennis clubs here in Villa-la-Grand  (France) closed, both glued to each other, although I have not signed up yet, in the face of work self-pressure to get out of the wonderful emobolate in which I am to open projects where I can expand what I can offer, despite blockages from different tennis groups (that gives for another article or video), I am going to practice outside both clubs, where it turns out, as you can see in the cover photo, that there is a wall to practice on both sides, a fourth part of the middle of a tennis court, we have a very reduced space compared to a tennis court, however these remain closed, and in said space on each side 3-4 or 5 people can gather on each side, with a single entrance, a narrow space to pass from one side of the wall to the other, and its reduced playing space,if it stays open for use, world upside down.


In one of those days, both sides were busy, when I went outside to see if it was occupied or not, in that other space, there was only one human being, a French-Russian woman, the rest of the physical details are not relevant, Almost without a word, she told me to share a wall, I said “I don’t mind up to you, don’t want to bother you”, we accepted and I entered, at first each one in their half wall, since I wanted first respect the spaces and clearly observe what information was in front of me, but I never stopped looking askance, and not dear reader, because I was looking at his physical, badly thought, I make this impas of judgment, because there is always personal development in each interpretationWe go to the dark side, to the side that supports our deficiencies without exposing them, and we forget about the other side, the side of light, the good things or the hidden things to discover; Now going back to the anecdote, I looked at each part of her shot, for me each shot has more than 20 points to take into account, then I saw how at one point the girl was picking up her things, here comes the exposition of a necessary value In constant application, TO UNDERSTAND (Notice will be my next Video) to know what is happening inside that person, read it like a newspaper with its two pages wide open, to know how and when to tackle the matter.

So I did, I reacted when she played naturally, I told her to practice together, she verbally destroyed herself, seeing what my tennis level was, taking it to an unnecessary comparison, that human need to reflect on the one in front, and not focus on our area of ​​influence (how good it would be for many top to work this from within and not with the advertising absurdity of the MENTAL COACH !!!!!), I told her to forget, that everything was fine, to have fun, so we did; I continued observing every detail, every movement, then finding the reciprocal possibility open, I acted again, I commented on it if I wanted him to correct it, he accepted, it was a case of those who say for my land the dismounted ones who throw the ball to the M30, Those where you see the true professional, so obviously I center 2 points of which many points that for me have a blow, in this case I focus on the basic piece of each blow, fundamentally leaving with the foot at once, to achieve correct support, in turn healthiness in the rest of the movements, and in the rotation, with a small change in her grip, three simple changes without overwhelming her with more information. What happened next?

In just 5min, she was already playing tennis, without losing her smile, having fun, thanking me, and most importantly of all for me, she had regained something essential, after getting frustrated, THE MOTIVATION to keep improving and practicing tennis , with very little, with psychological and pedagogical gifts, you do wham, it is true after 10 or 15 strokes he could return to his own, stop and correct again, little by little what you want to achieve overcomes his vices, integrates it in a way natural, for me the most important thing, respecting its essence, not changing anything of the most important detail.


“Everything is transformable, no matter the age or the physical, it is a matter of attitude and aptitude of the interested party, but especially of the mental openness of the trainer, that is, his integral human development, which has attached information that is only achievable by that single route, the human. ” (Carlos Azuara)


We finished 3 hours later when we ran out of power, he thanked me again, always without losing the smile and the desire to return again, that MOTIVATION that he did not have when I entered, and he asks me if I am a coach, I am honest, the I say not yet, I am missing two subjects, but that I did two monitor courses, for the RPT if I am only but in the absence of practices, but that I simply feel absolutely TRAINER , I do not need paper to justify what I know, so Nothing ever thanked me again, I gave it one of my bracelets from my website with my contacts and I saw what I am and I try to take it to port, that’s how we stay, until life finds us or not at the same training point , being a small municipality it is always possible.


This anecdote leads me to two other anecdotes, to a recent one that I lived before this last lockdown in particular in Geneva, although I am living on the French border, but if I do something a lot, whenever I can it is to walk without rest, without looking at the km , without a watch, looking only at the positions of the clouds, the sun and the moon, enjoy the path that surrounds me, increase awareness with the terrain, enriching the subconscious, perhaps this would be interesting for a coach from Palma de Mallorca. conversation..hehehe …., total in one of those points, I see a boy of Asian origin, specifically Indonesian, we speak in English, after I observe him for long minutes, which is enough time to make a good sketch (without having to excuse myself with a camera to see what I will never even see if I don’t work my interior, hint to the RFET ), then once I see the moment, I talk to him.

That’s how we started talking, we exchanged our YouTube channels, here comes the anecdotal impact, because of the forcefulness, and because almost nobody has ever asked me that way, nor had they bothered to see it from that point, I ask myself directly and openly, WHY HIDDEN? A grateful light bulb lit up for me, for being able to explain myself, when I started to break it down, he wanted much more, keep going because your point is different from what is out there, I wish I had more time, but they were already waiting for him to play To the Squash, that’s how it turned out, until he wrote us again on the channels, he apologized again for not being able to listen to me for more time, and if we could see each other around, because what I have is really interesting, I returned the thanks.

Those last expressions of yours led me directly to remember several anecdotes lived in my time at the Tennis Queen’s Club , to remind you that I entered that club, without expecting it, after being rejected the first time, for the same criticisms that the RFET made about my person, with the difference that they did take the opportunity to risk, to know the great difference between my first impression and what is underneath, something of which I am fully aware that happens with my being, because of my dark physique and my voice unique and special, the truth was that it didn’t take me 5 days to have the affection of everyone, including the first partners, because knowing everyone took me longer, logically. Returning to that expression “Carlos what you have in your hands is very interesting, it is very good”,  of all the anecdotes impossible to put into a text, allow me to enter the same one repeated with differences but with the same background through 5 partners, and summarized in this sentence,

Phrase of the partners, although each in his own way “Carlos, what you have in your hands is very good, you really have something different, special, very useful, it is very interesting ……. believe me out there I have seen everything in the USA , even in your country, out there, many speak but do nothing they make you dizzy, ……. they forget that we are human beings, ….. what you tell, what you have on your website , it’s very interesting, have you introduced him to Chris Kermode (Former ATP CHAIRMAN ? ….. “

My answer: Thank you very much, I do not consider that it is so much, thank you for showing interest in listening to me, … the truthI have not said anything to him, and that I get along very well with him and he has a lot of esteem for me, I did try to teach him to Ross Hutchins and Simon Hudgson, but is that really, how do I introduce myself? How do I sell myself? , or a long breakfast, with total time, calm for a predisposition to listen, they come and go very quickly, I don’t think they pay much attention to who they have in front of them as a human being, I am like a statue, I don’t know what to do? How can I do it? Because I don’t like to use people out of interest or for them to think that, the human side is always first. ( EThis is very after this anecdote, a British player, who I know appreciates me a lot, gives me the feeling that through his wife, I get to interpret this like this (unfair interest), I do not blame him, my way of saying things and my direct hoarse voice does not help to facilitate broader interpretations, I am always sure that one day we will have that Tea that we both owe each other to talk beyond tennis, about life).


Quick and concise, life is not like or not like, white or black, red or yellow, blue or green, bad or good, full or empty, … etc … it is according to the way we look at it, or better said how very willing we are to look at it in a different way from the one we have been taught, to have the illusion, the joy and above all the inner peaceto see it through the light of the heart, without wounds or hemorrhages that obstruct the beautiful journey of life, if we stop to live in it, even if there are seasons that scare us, worry us more than necessary or believe that they are not For us, just remember that these stations are part of us, because they are our real life trainings, embrace them to generate deprogrammed capacities outside the subconscious, that way you are the one who plays with them both, with the conscious and with the subconscious, laughing with them, thanking them, forgiving them and generating a power of integral stability within our reach but without ever knowing where the final peak may be, because we are always or should be in constant personal development .


“The tolls that are paid on the way, do not change them, do not pay them, without them you will not get to where you never know where you can go, because it is always an unknown infinite point, but full of freedom”.  (Carlos Azuara)

“The wall is to cross it through its central body, not to bolde it or avoid it, face it, allow yourself to fill yourself with blood, by means of a meticulous study of it, observing its operation and knowing fully the hidden details of its operation, what you it will lead to an irrelevant exposure to any conditioning medium that stands in your way. ” (Carlos Azuara)


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .