I wish I had seen match by match, take out every minute detail that always exists in every human and emotional situation that exists between human beings and between human beings and living beings. Tennis is no less …. In a post by a well-known sports photographer, I left a subtle hint, regarding Rafa , for example , I was obviously not wrong; Who wants to confuse personal security (many years of personal work and a phobia attached to the body) with arrogance, honestly I don’t even give them a second, I know what I am able to observe, another thing is the resource in taking time to manage it, depending on various factors That may be distracting, but in the end I take it out.

Why have I noticed the speeches? I’m going to be very sincere, I would like to make videos and videos, explaining details of the matches, although in 2 minutes of summary, they are more than enough to get succulent information through the many existing details, but by not following a clear line, and too sharp, it would not make me ethical and moral at all; And the other reason is because now my mind is on getting resources, that is, finding a project where to get income, so as not to see myself on the street, something already tried in London , so I know the subject very well, fear none, as I already explained in other videos, fear I fear nothing, only the consideration of my phobia.

“I never ask anyone for anything, they taught me to get things on my own and as the person who laid the first stone of what I am today told me, over there near the UAX, without being able to finish the sentence, you have a capacity for suffering in there …… what you are able to endure …, because the respect for their profession, psychology, is enormous, and the difference between what is a first impression, and what a person can hiding underneath, the exception is seldom as immense as it is misleading at the same time. “

Clarified these points because I have not gone into other details …

Let’s go to the Speeches , I made a couple of previous details very clear,

“Those above need those below, and those below need those above”

“It is valid for all levels and classes”

“Of each tournament, level, competition or not there are millions of micro-information from which to get a more than juicy analysis, another thing is the predisposition of listening of the protagonist”

“Speeches, too many politically correct, are very good times to skip some protocols for the benefit of the club workers and the club management directions, indirectly to get some colors, because the players DO NOT LIVE, TRAVEL IN, which only It gives them time to see the surfaces, with a small approach as long as they decide to have some spontaneous communication, that is, the curiosity of why things are. “

Women’s Final,

Jennifer Brady , before speaking, blurred, as each part is heavy and annoying, it shows when she needs to lean on the microphone, hold and control a situation where there is and will not be control, then look and body bent, hidden, look without point fixed, decentralization, as well as easy gestures lower jaw with a brutal tension, then with the holding of the trophy, locked position of the wrists, as well as the bite of the tongue.

Naomi Osaka , Apart from the external gesture known to all, about how he should address his opponent, internally he hides two things, one is education, that knowing how to be aware, and the other is hospitality (necessary to recover in society, RFET you should have it You also take into account !!!), there is another one of much more weight, with which I am going to stay with an initial gesture thousands of thousands before going on stage, disappeared, I mean a gesture very close to active listening , which I do through your hearing ability, which allows you to get closer to consciousnessWithout that, the following gesture that has already been made around the world through social networks, would have been impossible to carry out; as well as two others of equal importance, mental agility (a concept very mixed in tennis with others ..) how he took advantage of the seconds that the stands gave him between applause to reflect on the next thing he was going to say, and finally, the search of the fixed gaze who is being addressed, without losing sight of it as long as the message is for that person, as well as the capacity for gratitude towards what does not depend on it.

Male Final,

Daniil Medvedev, prior to going up on stage, left hand holding tightly to the right wrist with backward body posture, low gaze, all a way of supporting himself, the interesting thing comes thousands before the start and in its first two sentences, it does not guide the his moment, he needs to ask, push, and the first two sentences are a self-destruction towards himself (do not confuse SELF-ESTEEM with SELF-CONFIDENCE OR CONFIDENCE),It is not necessary to repeat them, they are very clear, as well as other parts of the content, in which he lowers his person, a very interesting point to enter into the player and work on certain things …, that if he also shows great depth which is always a great starting point to further extract any potential; Other gestures his crooked position, spatial imbalance with the trophy.

Novak Djokovic,  your internal work is more than evident in infinity of details, in which I am sure that we would enrich each other, however when you take too much from the outside in and not the other way around, it gives rise to short-circuits as unpredictable as dangerous, a very interesting mini detail, the fight with the trophy with certain sudden movements up and down, that shows a certain psychological noise (I already talked about it) as impatience, the rest shows his handling of himself, his awareness with himself and with the place, the words that Medvedev commented about him, is exactly the same thing that I experienced when I had him with me at the Queen’s clubI remember the anecdote with a Catalan partner, my friend, Novak super close, friendly, but all pim pam pum …. the phrase he said to Medvedev makes one thing clear to everyone, “If you don’t mind to wait a couple of years … “  if anyone had any doubts, this human being has confirmed that he is going to go for the record of the player with the most Grand Slam of all time … I leave each one if he has a certain sense, as a motivational objective in the background yup … but …. that’s where I leave the reflection …

*** I do not enter into the WHY of each of the four, because without the necessary information that only they are, making a judgment about it would be a lack of ethical and moral consideration, that never goes with me. I am here to clarify and help, not to criticize the essence of a human being, which are two very different things.

The dark detail that cannot go unnoticed, sadly so I feel, tennis has ceased to be that elegant sport, that it did not matter who won, that all the fans only wanted to see tennis, without entering into any fanatic materialism or to a lesser degree fan, I remember my first visits to Wimbledon , or the good atmosphere at Queen’s , and even the first years of the Mutua Madrid Open when they were held at the Casa Campo Arena , you just wanted to see tennis , now it is taking on a very dangerous dynamic , very dirty, I would say that it is certainly dangerous, being very harmful to everyone, the responsibility is everyone’sHere you have an anecdote about the Queen’s Club between a couple of TOP Players (I will not say names) and some ATP workers , with the final phrase, it worried me a lot then and now it worries me much more, not only because of what limited at the mental level, but because of everything that is behind …. “Have we given a good show, right?” ….   if this is the beginning of the game, gentlemen we are really bad …, the injuries ( Physical and mental) say it all and more !!!!

The questions,

1. What level of relationship does each gesture, detail that we make consciously and unconsciously from our subconscious conscious or unconscious, which we transmit outwards, on many occasions copied by others, with injuries (mental and physiological)? or rather,   2. The increase probabiliades injuries (mental and physiological) and the constant condependencia to external restraints? .. .  I have very clear answers

The extra question to bad milk,

Those trainers in training who are giving lessons, taking advantage of altruistic generosities, and above all not less cruel, making sectarian classifications between human beings, teaching exactly their own mental limitation, for fear of facing it, who now think between a thug and a breading , or between generalization of stages, without going to point out anyone, there are no players in between with characters that have surely been “breaded”, but now they are where they know they could go?

Remembering a detail, a thug and a breaded one are going to demand the same very high level of emotional demand, as long as we want to start from scratch with the thug, of course the easy thing, the common thing, is create sub-layers for the hooligan, limiting our work, and leaving the hooligan in the future in a complex situation when the placebo effect stops working; as well as in the / the breaded / to throw our own mirror to him / her, making believe that it is his, but it is ours, a cowardly way of getting “a very demanding brown” off us. (then in the networks we sell the false part, which interests us) …

Do not forget another detail, if you have been humiliated or are being humiliated, or worse still manipulated, do not hide in your ego, giving it the vulnerability that just those human beings want to be able to stand up, really, if you want to be a very good player , a very good coach , … stay away from them, and do not look for a role or justify yourself in the trip, look for a good teacher, in the street is reality, in living the essence, however in the trip the surface , in the walls the indoctrination of thoughts, if they do not listen to what their comfort wants you are nobody, even less how you catch them in explosive emotional situations due to accumulated personal situations without management, also vanishing from something they feel like EL ACHIEVEMENT, even by publishing it in networks that 5% of 100% of that day, of which watering his ego at the expense of whoever it is, (as I said in other articles that a human being becomes worse than he has gone there has consequences of the that we are not and we still are not aware at all because they are less noisy).

We need to leave sectarianism, create a competent team, and be two things SINCERE WITH OURSELVES AND VERY COURAGEOUS BRAVE !.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .