Dear reader, Wimbledon 2019 has come to an end, time to analyze and reflect, without detours or pauses through the experience of this humble servant; I want to make it very clear, that if you are here to read me, I am not going to deceive you or anyone, much less myself, you are not here to read “the politically correct” or written in levels of “basic thoughts” , those empty, short and that “satisfy” usfor reading what we want to read, simply because our current personal level does not give more of itself, even if you stretch the gum, personally after the work I have done, the suffering I have had, and with which I will continue in a coexistence as friendly as possible (my phobia), obviously I have to go to death with my ideas, I cannot marry anything or anyone in whom I do not believe, as it is not my style to be a coward because the sea is infinite and if you take care it is transparent, honest and full of riches, it does not fool anyone, there is what is reflected, like looking at myself in front of a clean mirror, is seeing myself, reminding me when it is necessary that that is me, without more simplicity than that, without traps or cardboard, pure truth, and that is the way I always work, my essence pure and clean, without anyone cutting my wings.


The passage of time has taught me that it is not up to me to give lessons to anyone but they have asked me, each one look at his own mirror, accept what he sees, love who he is, be honest with himself and work on what he needs to work for. enhance its essence, “the difficult thing is not to work it is to get to transmit it but first you have to accept it to be able to work it like this then to be able to transmit it”.

Introducing myself fully into what Wimbledon 2019 has meant for me, I must go back to the week before the Mutua Madrid Open , due to family circumstances I went down to Madrid , days before the start of the tournament, flying a couple of days after returning to London , where I currently live, the situation occurred as unexpected in the airport itself, feeling that I was not fine but that I did not do anything wrong, it already put me on the mental horizon Queen’s and Wimbledon 2019 , being just around the corner, I felt that I could live both events somehow from a different perspective point than usual, however it seems thatpeople’s memories are fragile, limited, interested and I would even say because not absorbed by the control of other people , fortunately I am a person who has taught me and I have learned, to always maintain the same enthusiastic, pleasant, noble energy, whatever the day gray or sunny, to always carry love, not hatred or any other type of resentment, but as a human being full of feelings and with a very special sensitivity, root (own quality) coming from my phobia, with which I have to live daily, the A feeling is of helplessness because it is something that is not in my control nor will it be, but above all anger, a lot of anger, because I like people who come from the front, and not those who act with a cowardly attitude,not offering the action of dialogue, if you have doubts ask, because I have always understood “that communicating people understand, for this you have to talk about things.”

Undoubtedly, that cowardice, that failure to speak things, holding the gaze of the person in front of you, looking into each other’s eyes, without lifting the chin or turning the chin sideways on the part of anyone, is the most serious problem in society, in relationships as a couple, social, family and even work, and TENNIS is no less. It takes brave, daring people to get out of those traditional train tracks, to know how to handle the train through a more rugged terrain but more complete inside, full of riches, and I consider that we are giving a microphone in hand to human beings, who dominate a piece of the puzzle, but the rest of the pieces do not know them, or give them interest and motivation to learn them, fears and cowardice, pieces that go hand in hand with the one that, if you put a different motivation, do not generate long-term projects and are jumping from one place to another based on marketing, today very supported by social networks, this in a profession dealing with human beings, is irresponsible and mental instability, towards who is the recipient, very serious.


1. Is that why Djokovic, who skips certain lines, has a harder time reaching the social group in general? It is always said of Djokovic that he does not transmit .

2. Does Kyrgios generate a certain debate, in which perhaps the lower-middle class is well liked and the upper classes are like a pin inside a cushion, being uncomfortable to sit there? . It is no less true that the press as well as the ATP give it a certain rope, making a small seed bigger.

3 …. so I could continue naming more cases ….. empathy for me has three sources, the simple fact of being human, the similar experiences lived and personal development, in that order, if we add to the others the third, we will have empathy with the greatest strength and completeness possible. (It is an article that I am in the development phase), but to get to the first step of empathy, there are certain working bases of being willing to develop. 

Regarding  Djokovic , I have also lived my own war (I have to live with it all my life), I was in my own cave (my room) in the dark for years, with my helmets on top and under the bed for hours and hours, especially in summer and December, among many other things … etc. (Now instead I always look for sunlight !!! little things of life) , they have always transmitted me and lately with a certain cruelty, which I do not transmit, they execute my person without giving me the option to open up, I feel that like him, since I was a child, for different reasons, including my phobia,I have always had and have to do four times more than the rest, in effort, sacrifice and suffering to achieve any goal or simply face any situation, due to the particular and personal qualities of my phobia, but also an internal force like few.

As for the history of Kyrgios because I have the feeling that from my childhood until today, having lived situations very similar to those experienced by each one, which in the end makes us much stronger, powerful and we need to get out of a line that is not our identity, defending our ideas to the end, the truth is that there are so many ways of doing things, being on the limit, in a frontier struggle to stay with the power of reason, exhausts, consumes unnecessary energy, in addition to being a useless struggle, but being the essential thing that the message reached the receiver through a constructive channel for joint evolution of the medium that in this case feeds it.

As a result of all these situations, for me this grass season, from a couple of weeks before Queen’s, through qualification in Roehampton , and Wimbledon , my feeling has been very bittersweet, let me explain:

Why AGRIO ?:

1. PEOPLE: Because I believe in people, in human relationships between people, with human vision never as a product or interest to take advantage of. It’s not worth shit to me, any job, economic or whatever collateral benefit, but there is the human, I tell you that you can be 1000% sure that I would reject it, I do not have those teachings or those values ​​integrated within me, in my little one Segovian village, with my grandparents, my family, I learned to give without expecting anything in return, to give your hands to the help of others before they ask you, doors open, heart and stick up, although sometimes the subconscious wants to make you to think that you should get some consideration or something similar in return (Extra absurd energy expenditure).

2. THE ILLUSION: That illusion of sitting at a table, on a bench or simply on the curb of a sidewalk in the Merton district (Wimbledon), contemplating sunsets or sunrises, with that player, coach, simply in a harmony of sincere hugs, peace, relaxed, enjoying the small details, not only talking about tennis, but also about life, or simply the power of silence, having had that little time, where we can soak up each other’s wisdom, Loving hugs full of esteem, with no other objective than that, to enjoy that present moment in a special way, because our personal growth must never stop.

3. THE LONELINESS. Be careful not to confuse what loneliness is and why loneliness has made me sour this year’s experience. Remember that ” l to loneliness is our most powerful weapon, is the only way, via or channel to reach our full potential, not stop surprising what we can do and how well we can do, we must learn to love absolutely, take not a single medication, or fall into stress or anxiety or subsequent mental problems. ”   Loneliness, which I refer to with a certain anger, a feeling of despondency, and even several times the desire to throw in the towel, give up,It is the one in which you are emptying yourself, surrendering, measuring a lot the words to say or not say, how to say it, because you are not in the other’s head, and then always receive as a response a void, an indeference, or even a blockage, In short, an underestimated execution , whatever of the three, leads to the same point, to look 360 degrees around, to see the emptiness of loneliness, with all my value inside, at least even if they want to, it is indestructible, I am an iron heart, a persistent rock, no one knows me better than myself, the tools I have and what I feel I can contribute, so I cannot give up so easily even receiving loneliness for an answer.


“Open doors are things of the past, before they were always open, you could enter without asking, they welcomed you with a lot of love, always offering you welcome, a cup and a cupcake or a piece of bread with chocolate, today the doors are closed, yes something is out of our usual perspective, we feel insecure, full of fear, threatening a foundation, probably made of straw, and we quickly close the door, without creating hospitality and all that this could entail “(not to be confused with current goodism) (Carlos Azuara ).


4. LOVE. It is that love that I feel for life, that love of dedication for each step wherever I am, find who I meet, I get the job (service) to perform in that period, that also great love that I feel for myself and that I feel for this sport called tennisSince I was a child, it was on the slopes of the Madrid mountain range (Navalagamella), or on the fronton of my small village (Valvieja, Segovia), or on the failed slopes of the Virgin of the Port (today Madrid Rio), passing to the country house, tennis was the only thing that took me out of the cave in which I lived for more than 25 years, then there has been a process of many stages to get to where I am today, what I am today, the personal potential reached, always from my desire, curiosity, flexibility, interest and struggle to grow, to understand what we are inside, I still continue, because my phobia is not going to leave me.

So 5 years ago, from London , unpretentious, I began to test myself to see how I could help, if I was capable and how valuable and useful it could be, that is how the Queen’s experience began , from then until time. I saw clearly, I have not stopped in my endeavor. That is why it also gives me anger and a certain feeling of despondency, the fact that my dedication, love, dedication, respect, professionalism, physiological understanding, and needless to say mental, at the same time I think says a lot about me as a human being, it has not been taken into account to be received and be able to deliver it, not to value it, because only the person himself can value it himself without needing a pat on the back.

5. THE MUSIC BOX: If I’m honest, this year I didn’t want to open it, because I know how wonderfully the melody hides, I was afraid to open it and know that this is my world, never to close it again. Never is never. Although I managed to leave it closed for a while, in the end it was impossible not to get close, and look inside with a small opening movement without actually opening it. When the airport thing happened, it generated a crossroads for me , my music box told me you have to open up, don’t take that plane, go to the Mutua Open Madrid, talk to one or the other, but take that plane and already at the Queen’s or Wimbledon, move, if that opens it there, let it ring, let it dance, or better leave it closed, do not bother anymore, do not transmit, they do not value you, maybe you are not worth this, you still have time to polish details.

At that reflective crossroads, another one joined me, being absolutely responsible for it, for being an excessively generous person, thinking more about others than myself, because in life if you do not have something, it is never control, so, in my Current job at the hotel, where we are four bellboys, three during the day and one at night, the two of the day shift left work just at the end of June, the beginning of July, I was left alone as a day porter, so My conscience, my love for life, my love in every detail that I do and the consideration for the rest, these are leaving, and am I going to take vacations at the same time that they leave, to be able to go to the Queen’s, Qualification, Wimbledon Or a previous tournament every day possible? It was impossible for me to act with that selfishness, consideration for the team and the company that pays me, I spent days thinking about what I should do.

Finally, this year I did not go to the Queen’s , some chords that I thought were incorporated did not sound, but if I got to go two days to the Wimbledon qualification , taking advantage of two days off that I had in the work rotation, it was just those days, where my music box opened once more ,With no possible return, just at that moment, together with the fact that more or less the coverage at work would work, I decided to add to the days off, vacation days, leaving the decision until the last moment, I had to fight them, but still I had the hunch (I left a trousers and a shirt at the locker, I always take them home on days off to wash everything, this time I didn’t take them with me), because night wear is less reliable than an uphill tractor, like That’s how he played it for me, having to sacrifice five days, perhaps the most powerful at Wimbledon ; the feeling that my music box  was jerking, without being able to play with the desired chords,with a different melody, peculiar but full of cleanliness, without being able to generate an increase in the probability of situations, where taking it out, cleaning the crossroads, and leaving it open forever, was going to be a fact.

Simply, that was the matter, that when I opened my music box, I was aware of the emotions, feelings, sensations, vibrations, internal that were going to sprout, it is like planting a seed in a garden, its photosynthetic development, root, stem, branch, bud, the final bud, water it every day with the necessary water, it keeps it alive and colorful, because this was the same, once my music box was opened , with a melody that is my world, my life, where there is no clock where to look at the hours, only the gaze towards the sun, the solar time from when it leaves the west, until it leaves, from dawn to dusk,you get up and go to bed with a supplementation of happiness, which must be felt, lived, my chords also remind me that the basis of happiness is first in me, in being with me later then all supplementation will be possible and eternally brutal, knowing that It is a quality melody, how am I going to be able to close it later? If not, I want to close it, what I want is to share it note by note, to be allowed to share it according to chord, tempo and measure through a diverse, cultural and colorful staff, where I cannot stop improving it by adding chords and new lyrics.



“Qualification of Wimbledon, my program was always a priority Spanish players, as long as they did not coincide they were watching their complete matches, once without Spanish participation, I was letting go, one of those occasions I finished a track, witnessing a match of one player I had never seen before, the mutual presence slipped between them, it was not necessary to open the mouth, or articulate any gesture, only the soul, the aura and the cleanliness of a few glances in connection, we do not know why he did the rest, feeling of understanding and understanding, that’s how I was seeing it, whenever the Spanish participation allowed, watching their matches, including the disputed one in the final table to which they qualified, one does not know why week later, surprise without having data on anything, I I had a follow of said player on a social network,I suppose he must have recognized me from the profile photo, obviously I returned the follow in that same social network, a curiosity that has no explanation, a priori it is nothing to write home about, just feel grateful, blessed … ”   It is not a question of miraculous magic, it is Fluidity, Faith in the uncontrollable, letting go, not planning, moving from the inside out and not the other way around, where we falsify our potential tools, ….. etc …

I feel that I do not deserve the measuring bars so beasts that I receive , and if all the best that is yet to come , I deserve all the good , he had never told me until now but it was about time, because yes because I deserve it, because I will always have to do triple the effort than others, my phobiaIt places me in very extreme situations, every time I walk in cities, places, corners that I do not know, and where I can not look or control the possibility of it happening or not happening, it takes me to a corner of uncontrollable tension, nowadays with a high level of management, but at the same time it has given me a knowledge, potential, about the mind and the brain, from what I have lived, literally the ground of the street, but I know that for all this, because of how difficult it is to empathize with this (very soon, as I mentioned before I will remove the article on empathies ), which leads to the brutal noise in the head, the enormous effort that I must make, always in silence, because until now I have not used to tell about it, sincerely and because of my great love for this sport, what it has given me and what I can give back, splashed to many fields, why not tell myself even though it sounds egocentric, THAT I DESERVE ALL THE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES THAT COME !!!.


Once my feelings have been unburdened, expressed without mincing the tongue , with the naked soul, for me I consider something very difficult to do in words, as I mentioned a little above, nothing would make me more happy than to be able to do it out loud, face to face. face sitting at a table, on a bench or simply on the curb of a sidewalk, with hugs, warmth and love, in Spanish or English, I do not care, much more is read with an open mind to an interpretation that extends beyond our programmed or integrated coding as a single system, but as I said I still believe in people, in the human being, and obviously in myself, in this special and valuable iron heart , hard, very hard ( my phobiaIt has to do with the contribution, but without my personal work challenge it would not have been possible either), but at the same time cute as a teddy bear.


Now we are going to talk about the sporting part that happened , although to a certain extent explained in my previous articles, if you have been following them, I will leave a summary of the details that it leaves us.

This Wimbledon 2019 we are going to break it down into several parts:


I remember the words, for that 2016, that Chris Kermode transmitted to me , (on a human level excellently well, feeling how brave I was) regarding the nextgen , a term that by the way for me is a huge mistake in using it, about the appreciation that in two years they would appear, they really have, but I’m sure a little below the level that could be in your mind at that moment, at least in the biggest tournaments, and where at the same time there is also more power of distraction. Honestly, I do not consider that it is because of tennis, if because of the work of the coaches with them , the amount of interested people who join them for one reason or another and of course the level of pressure(human, emotional and spiritual preparation, in this order is basic to manage it) and the way people look at them, the purr around each time one of them goes out on the track, because we have become accustomed to an interpretation of the tennis, with a very strong root in the form of a habit, that to get out of there requires desire and predisposition, “If you change the ways of looking at things the things you look at change” ,  in this the press has a lot to blame, but even more the society with their lack of personality, objectivity, and their own identity, because they want to fit into any group at any rate. “I always choose solitude to fit in or stay in a group out of interest.”

In this Wimbledon we have also seen in classic players, move in the same nória tournament after tournament, if the table comes out level, small details of the tracks come together, perhaps you will reach one or another round more than expected, or face the matches by the coaching staff and by the player , in a completely different way, without being at the same mental , emotional and spiritual rhythm, that starts with motivation and interest, passion for your job, position where you place the power of money … etc … and as in any profession after the new period, you have to create something else to stay there with a joyful energy , enthusiastic, always ready to add tools, needless to say in a profession a priori “Wonderful” because you travel the world, but without a “stable place”, it is not the routine of 8h and for home, it is much more, whether ITF, challenger , ATP , transition tour, or whatever other botched experiment you do.



I’ve been hearing for a long time that women’s tennis sucks, that the level is very low, that they never watch women’s tennis because it’s not worth it, that it is boring even in the soup, seeing what comes from behind in juniors it still doesn’t seem like those impressions are going to change. Honestly, I don’t consider it to be like that either, always taking things to extremes, they don’t make you see things properly, with a dose of reality closer to reality, or seeing details that seemed not to be there but are there.

Two things are true, not even the players themselves, they usually watch women’s matches, watching the men’s matches much more, and the other if while in boys 90% of the matches are attractive to watch, in girls it is 50% they are worthy of See, but if we do not give that 50% the value they deserve, and the other 50% do not enhance the lacking details, not only from a more decent journalistic treatment, but also institutional, with greater equality and human consideration, another rooster would sing , because there are very good matches at all levels, because tennis is not summarized in the top 10 of each ranking, there is much more.

Recognize that I do not like the treatment given to women’s tennis, not only in Wimbledon , in Queen’s itself when I was, in general I think that in the UK, of course in Spain we are not short either, I consider that if the ones involved themselves push more united, the sharks in suits, institutions, sponsors give a different treatment, change their gaze , because that is the problem, the way we look at things and in its capacity for prolonged maintenance once the initial focus passes, more resources and value would have women’s tennis.

CORI GAUFF case , I simply do not like a hair what is happening, it is as if it were a “hen with the golden eggs” , there are a few heartless, unscrupulous, who want to get a slice at all costs, they care more about money , a fucking material good, that a person’s life, exploit it and squeeze it tennisically, personally (human, emotional, spiritual) to the most heartbreaking limit without any kind of regard, or value or human empathy, at the expense of parents full of illusions, blind by the success of their daughter, and without full consciousness, not respecting the development processes that in the long term can cost dearly. Honestly if it is true that you belong to Federer’s representation company ,or where he has weight actions or whatever, I would certainly be disappointed that he is allowing such an aberration, in the next Us Open, at most by ranking, to play the Qualy, like all the other players who work for the same.

I would love to know what you think about the female wardrobe of all this, that this issue has been talked about there, because some human beings with pasta, put it to play in the center, before others who have been winning it on the court , year after year, just like that, just for money and to hate and manipulate an empty public in personality, who also don’t care about the possibility of destroying another human being, at the cost of idolizing someone, if in the end they sport and religion are not so different !!!! with an audience despising every opponent it comes up against. I cannot understand neither the ITF nor the WTA, nor anyone who has not stopped this situation, with all my respects to her, who will have filled her with illusions from the ignorance of her age and solid life experiences.


“The girls are a treasure inside, with a more powerful value than men allow ourselves to see, if instead of seeing pieces of meat, or taking the screams during matches to sexual processes, or seeing models in tennis suits, If we saw human beings full of sensitivity, a content of feelings and a high visual panorama, the qualities of man would be strongly reinforced, in a very grateful personal and group benefit with the passage of time. ”   (Carlos Azuara)



Honestly, it tires me and has me up to the cap, it is absurd and egocentric, I honestly put my hand on the fire that is more on the part of the press, the empty fans in their internal life, the environment of the players than really for them themselves, where perhaps the closest pressure pushes them. Really, especially journalism, if it can be considered like that, and the fan phenomenon, in an individual sport, where you don’t personally know any of the three or four or five or six, everyone you want to mention there as “big top “just for pure marketingof work sold by journalists, each in their interest, and the particular good work done by the press team of each player, where each one has been assigned a character, with their name, title and wonderful values ​​that accompany them behind, forgetting the human being behind. Do you interact with them day by day? Do you have daily listening conversations with them? …. Why waste energy if not we know them in a global background, although several details appear if we know how to read beyond our human blindness, in many cases the fanatic also joining in ?. (As I mentioned in one of my initial articles on this blog, if you are Spanish or understand Spanish, or if you don’t understand it, I would recommend seeing the chapter, not once but several times, EL ÍDOLO de Verano Azul, It is tv, but it is very eloquent about the character and the person behind)

I believe that all this is getting out of hand, making a sport a source of health and integrity, in a lie, the human being is the only living being , capable of doing the same stupid things over and over again, contaminating generation after generation, for not knowing how to see or not wanting to see or not having interest in seeing what truly negatively affects successive generations, and even in seeing the positive and simple natural root of teaching this sport, with many areas that can be transported to any other field from its coherence and corresponding level, always being aware of the unique origin of our human strength; just for the fact of cramming, stuffing his ego, covering fears and complexes, even if it is living a life of lies until we can no longer, because wanting more and more, of everything that we came without it and leave without it, does not contribute any It helps (raw) generations to be built, usually what they do is copy or imitate that of predecessor generations but quadruple their final action for better or for worse, especially in stages in the search for identity.

“I do not believe in better or worse terms, or in talent or not talent, they are terminologies that their use punishes the human being a lot, but I do believe in the development of the qualities or abilities, physical and internal of each one, very particular and specific in each human being, which makes that planet enrich. “


It is a constant and increasingly chaotic, that a great bulk of professionals, because not all deserve to be put in the same bag, although very few are saved, that so many psychologists, sports coaches, … etc …, take advantage above all in events with more weight, any declaration of top players in a press conference or situations that occurred during the championship, exclusively to show chest about a recurring theme, almost all of it led to mental strength , as popularized as it was distorted, skipping so many previous steps from that ladder of life until reaching the rung that corresponds to the mental strength token using their image, their statements, trying to carry out some kind of explanation without a very clear concept development.

Actually, we are also talking about sport, not life, psychology is for life, the human being inside and outside must be the same, and honestly, if we were able to take the psychology of life towards sport. and not vice versa, we would realize the true potential, high level of performance that any human being can achieve , instead of inflating any corner of a room, parts of a shirt, areas of a wall, with infinite super positive messages, motivational, full of strength, songs that in the end weigh less than a banana, … etc … We would be on a path of greater search for mental health from life in society, then life, among the most subtle, would not be listening constantly“Let’s go for one more day” … etc and leisure time or sport would be leisure or sport not exhaust, the contribution towards the human being would be much more complete.


“If the human being had in his environment that close, patient and endearing figure, full of a different maturity and emotional race, out of interests and comfort, available to always dedicate a space of his time without excuses, even if it is 2 seconds well dedicated , loaded with a capacity to listen, and empathic and assertive communication just at the right time, and communicating what we do not want to hear, challenging our own person to climb the level, little by little, the figure of the psychologist or coach it would not exist, in most cases, with a scarce street experience (experience), null or in the form of an escape without the personal dedication required for something so delicate and philosophical “.


THE FINALS AND THE REST, all deserve their courage.

I really can’t go on talking about the small details of the finalists, without going through the rest first, they deserve consideration, I am like that and I value a tennis center as a work office for them. On which I was able to witness, for example, the capacity for endurance, support, strength and race of Bautista Agut after what I lived, if I have something in common with him, apart from knowing him, that we tend to be a bit rigid, the need to loosen up muscularly much more, something that I try to strengthen, but I know that my phobia will never make it easy, Steven Darcis’s effort to play with pneumonia or something similar with a cough of milk endured most of the game, the Polona Hercog’s thrust , overcomingPaula Badosa , the test of Andy perhaps past anxiety, the dedication of Yanina Wickmayer , the capacity for suffering of Marcel Granollers , the persistence and endurance of Pablo Andújar, the will of Guillermo Garcia Lopez, the honor of Rafa Nadal , the risk of decisions of Jamie Murray, ….. etc … So I could continue naming and assigning qualifiers, one by one, to all and all the players that I have been able to observe live, surely many with discomfort or pain in silent, physical and emotional, with much more manageable emotional stress than they do.

Women’s Doubles, Barbora Strycova / Su wei Hasieh vs. Gabriela Dabrowski / Xu Yifan , and Mixed Doubles, Jelena Ostapenko / Robert Lindstedt vs. Ivan Dodig / Latisha chan   Men’s Doubles, Nicolas Mahut / Edouard Roger Vasselin vs. Juan Sebastian Cabal / Robert Farah,  Finals I could see the male on the screen, then in the center (4 games), but not in the whole set that would make it more effective, some of them I saw in previous rounds, and I could even name some pairs that I saw as well. We believe that from the doubles nothing can be taken to the individual, more than the sensations on the track and technical touch, there are simply many internal capacities that are very much used for the individual,“the brotherhood between the two, as if they were just one player” “communication and clear connection without interference ….”, .. “visual speed” “the width of the court” “the one standing on the court” “understanding between fun and leadership “,” intelligence and decision-making capacity beyond the expected logic “….. etc … and I could go on naming more …. without specifying in any of those energies was so eloquent, you can foresee the journey that they can travel, if they maintain and raise the level of those factors shown, from the naturalness and simplicity, without seeking it as a forced priority.

Serena Williams,  the final could be foreseeable that it would happen, seeing the game she played with Carla Suarez (that quarter-final game I saw a couple of points out of the corner of my eye) in mobility she had quite a few problems, due to an agility issue, to increase her performance, the regulating her entire body mass would help herself in the game; You should also play more relaxed, with much less pressure, although the poise of your experience is very noticeable, that can sometimes lead to “relaxation” points, which is undoubted, is that despite everything, the criticisms that you can make people with his weight, his mere presence already imposes a lot, and his arm and wrist keep a formidable technical quality, the ease with which he lets go without the need for a different figure.

Simona Halep, I  did not witness any of his matches, except for a couple of points during the final, eloquent by the way, but in previous rounds I did observe the training sessions, many non-verbal details unnoticed by the rest, when everyone’s tuning (team, environment) it is put at the same level, the work is simpler and more natural, it can fail, fall, disconnect, however by doing things well, it is rare not to exceed yourself, executing actions and decisions with more intelligence and level, it was seen that it had great clarity In every aspect that he had to develop at every moment, little more to add, the difficulty and challenge is always to maintain that level of improvement, at least close to it regardless of the results.

Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic, I don’t like to judge or talk too much, in itself it has been difficult for me to express myself about Serena or Halep, people see the outside, the entrance, the clothes, the hair, blah blah blah, in the game the pim pam pum, blah blah blah, instead I focus on one and go further, then I focus on the other and go further, many supposedly hidden readings. The good thing about Wimbledon , which allows you to see a very long entrance towards the track, the information is infinite, the gestures with the hands, feet, hair, neck, with the bag, with the people, glances, other gestures, reactions, introducing yourself with all due respect “a little inside of them”Some are much more intense and decisive than others, they inform you of the foreseeable direction of the party as they handle that information through its evolution.

Let’s not forget that what one knows about them is the marketing of what they sell us, (I have been two years at Queen’s , having them in person gives me at least the opportunity to get something different information, without so much stain of marketing), Roger my feeling was that I am going to go out there, have what happens, letting myself be carried away by the flow, with his confidence greatly enhanced in all the stability of excessive external factors, I have always had the feeling that if it were filled with more internal factors , we would still see a Rogermore complete, stratospheric, because his technique is as clean as it is subtle, those moments of maximum height, both off and on the track, adding more internal ingredients, would facilitate the management and the desired result, but above all an enjoyment of the trip with more Sailing to starboard, for me those small but subtle details was what deprived the game of even making the defeat something more cruel.

Novak , already on the walk to the track, saw the great internal power, how he carried it and the total conviction with what he was facing, the courage to take that socially misunderstood risk , much more because of the closest environment, sometimes with the own shorts that this process entails, the demands and understandings on the part of oneself, for getting there, it is summarized in the way of leading the game at all times, facing those moments as the hardness that made them, enduring to a hobby against him undeterred, and where in the end all this was shown the most was in the final celebration, because I do not consider that it was an act of defiance or it was not done by the public, but I am sure that it went beyond the limit close to a sense of internal personal securitybrutal in a very fine line of confusion of arrogance or acidity that leads you to be and want to face those internal processes , without accommodating yourself in the external ones, this is me, I have been able to get here, with all that that means and achieve it , simply brutal because it is difficult to understand and understand for most.


“Having a great team or competent environment behind is not the value of advancement, especially in extreme situations, if one does not have the courage to face a demanding life project as rich in all its aspects, always misunderstood by people, by the emotional confrontation that entails, but if the team or environment knows how to see it and be patient, I could express your performance in less time, greater process and quality than was taken for granted or for logical reason “(Carlos Azuara)

JUNIORS boys and girls.

In Junior he made it clear to us several details in which we have time to anticipate before it is too late, the process being more complex but not impossible afterwards:

1. Although I do not like to compare, from when I was three years ago to now, my feeling is that the general competitive level in all areas will be higher or at least much more intense and attractive towards the viewer than this year, except for one pair of players, why ?, invites reflection, although I would not like to enter into debate, lower level or not, playing very closed in tactics, without natural spontaneity, without essence, wanting to control too much, …. etc … each person is a different world and each one will have their personal opinion.

2. The American school , something that is already known, I do not say anything new, has been going very strong both in boys and girls, names like Emma Navarro , or Alexa Noel among others or in boys like Martin Damm , William Grant among others, I’m sure that I left many without having seen, with strength and leadership at least externally, I saw some more technical aspects to improve in others, on an emotional level, it may be age or not, to justify everything would not be healthy .. etc. A detail that surprised me, I was only able to see in the Americans, it shows the structure it has, there was always a number of coaches or trainers following the players, including a figure ,With his folder, some pages with drawn tennis courts, he always pointed out details, there was always an American in the running, I would have loved to pitch in, learn and share, add more knowledge to my current level, enrich myself more.

3. Eastern, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech schools … etc .. continue to draw people or at least people who play representing their countries of origin, as well as Asian ones, to what extent of consciousness, quality and human happiness are said players, also the feeling that many of those players ending up having a lot of American or even Spanish (Mediterranean) influence, undoubtedly that they are there will be with the Americans and brushstrokes of the dominating Asians in terms of results from next years of tennis, with exceptions.

4. Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean schools … if they take out the odd  player, with enough American influence it gives the impression, but I can’t talk much because I have no idea, the feeling from what I saw, if it is It is true that the name of Shintaro Mochizuki, is to take it into account, because the challenge is not to lift the piece of tin, but the trip made, the way in which he has played the games that I could see him, in the whole set, technician, Tactical and mental, all those gestures outside the seemingly visual, are very noble, give rise to someone who marks himself unthinkable achievements. Both he and his coach, although it is cinema, remind me a lot of the karate kid saga ,(Miyaki and Daniel shan), gestures, interaction, how little they need to be inside with each other clearly. It is interesting, we will see how Mochizuki evolves, as I always say, the care of the person, and the meaning of life of why playing tennis. Because if Asians have had something, it is always a capacity for brutal suffering, although later lacking in visual breadth , in what I call personal planted , risk, in the elite we can see cases like this, in terms of attitude and aptitude, nothing that object, because I would pay to see them.

5. The federations,  feeling that they have little weight for not saying anything in the generations that are coming out, the majority of players, whether they are from France, Italy or Spain , even the ¿American? It is because economically they cannot compete with all those academies with grand slam facilities, with values ​​on all four sides, I don’t know to what extent honest, or simply the structure, the little predisposition and the dislocation in which they walk, seen what I have seen in the juniors, I have no feeling or maybe I I am mistaken that there is no federation involved as the main mooring support. So, I wonder what is the ultimate function of a federation?

6. Spain,  in girls the problem is more serious, the level seems very low in every way, in boys in both my namesakes who are the ones I could see, Garfia like Gimeno, there are many details to improve, in some they are Very serious to improve, not only because of tennis, but also because of the physiological quality of life, certain gestures that in the long term can be harmful, mainly in Garfía , on the other hand, in Gimeno at first his attitude dislocates, then as if nothing takes everything away from you It is a very strong point, but then in terms of mobility it is detrimental, as soon as you know how to find the balance of that, it will be much more dangerous player, I already comment more details of both in my previous articles. Path and time to evolve.

7. Human work – Communication … In adults we are reflections of what has been done in previous stages, in juniors what I have also noticed in a generalized way, is that the players live with an illusion, motivation, desire, dedication, simply huge, on the other hand in the areas of the benches , the feeling that is transmitted is that one does not live with the same enthusiasm, nor motivation, nor desire, nor strength, … etc … that the player himself lives it in track, the melody goes out of time, without a beat … that is very serious for the person behind the character, the player, his personal identity, his mental health, his human, emotional and spiritual development, I consider that it is not known get inside the person, of that player, that is something that is not solved overnight, nor 1-day courses, nor chemistry or no chemistry, it is a process of patience, time, desire, silence when playing, active listening and a lot of tolerance capacity.


It is a tennis that has always attracted me a lot, really spectacular, very long points, many movements, of every 8 strokes, practically 6 are given with a single boat and that they can give two boats, the force they have to do with the upper body , not only with the technical movements but to move the chair as well. Although I understand the rules and everything, I am not very clear about the difference between Quad Wheelchairs and Wheelchairs, but I sense from my common sense in relation to more or less severe types of injuries. Also in Wimbledon the frames are so short, and every time I have gone, I have always seen the same couples, I do not know how the issue of ranking and access to tournaments and Grand Slams goes. 

What is clear to me, because of tennis if I have knowledge, the subject of coordinating movements with the chairs, the arm to hit maybe looking for longer shots and placement expanding the court more, or sometimes even simply looking for touch, I feel like you could use more resources and even more intelligence on the track, through all that I could observe. I also enjoy this tennis very much, but as I said once, they have had to suffer a lot, either due to an accident or something chronic, such as taking the path of this sport in an excessively tense way that I do not consider that it benefits them physiologically., in a certain way it can become incongruous, but they are also a source of life, because they tend to have a more authentic smile than many classic tennis players, that having it so close, I don’t know if they are able to get a minimum of time like to reflect, to see who they are, how lucky they are, the need for humility so as not to lose their origins, knowing how to internally enhance everything possible from what tennis can deliver them if they do not allow other interested parties or their own worthless interests to interfere On it.



Wimbledon has several points to improve from what I have appreciated from the outside, another thing is to be able to observe it from the inside, surely it would bring me surprises and disappointments. What I saw from the outside was the following:

1. The new giant screen of court 1, being so embedded, the visual perspectives from depending on the angle, is very bad, I consider that it generates more visual fatigue, there is no clarity and optimal adjustment with the whole environment, the architect and There are designers for me to fail regarding the design and perspective towards the hill.

2. The food, excavates healthy food for vegetarians and vegans, there was something but very little, in the Mexican stand, the rice with black beans and vegetables, it was really not very good, and then in the restaurants on the sides of the two Main pists, an avocado with a kind of couscous that was delicious and lasted very little, either because they did not make too much or for any other reason, it is true that I understand that the food that they should carry out, for an event with so many people, the one that generate less work in the kitchen, to get as much as possible in the shortest time possible, because people demand a lot without putting themselves in the worker’s place, charging well but in exchange for long hours of work.

3. Tickets. I don’t know very well how they do it, but practically every day of the tournament, everything is destined for the rich, too much separation between social classes, even bordering on humiliation. The deal between the female and male final is abysmal, in one there is not so much access limit, in the male one they cut it at 10:00, which I doubt very much that the general public would have more than 1000 people and it would not even arrive, you see that you could go through any corner, I do not consider that it was for security reasons, seeing until the number of people entered the previous days, the worst thing is that no one knew how to give you explanations about it.

4. The behavior of the crowd, in a sport as individual as tennis, should respect both rivals much more, and enjoy the sport itself, not leading two human beings to opposite extremes, whatever the extremes, both are dangerous and very harmful in the long term. It gives the feeling of appearing to be a flock of sheep as puppets of the one who silently directs and manipulates the show.



Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .