Dear reader,

Excuse me, the first thing to do again in Spanish, now yes, I have to comment that on “Middle Sunday”, there were no tickets for the “Queue”, those that put on Saturday afternoon in half an hour were all sold, it which was very difficult for me to be able to access the venue, so I could not see anything of what happened today and I will not be able to comment on it, and in my case as is obvious, I consider it surreal not to be able to access, even more because of the details experienced around of the AELTC before the entry attempt.

However, on day 6 I can say that after 6h 30mins of waiting in the “Queue” I managed to access the venue, just at the moment when Roberto Bautista Agut and Bernard Tomic were in the warm-up , the truth is that life wanted I sat in a seat of Tomás Carbonell and Conchita Martinez , sadly Roberto Bautista Agut lost the game, a little below I will give my explanation, honestly being seated next to two people with so much wisdom in tennis aspects was a pleasure to listen to their guidelines, the observe their emotional behaviors and common sense. 

I will keep most of the details to myself, it happened that in front of us, and standing on the side, we had some drunken Australians, honestly they did not stop bothering and making noise, … in the middle of the game, with the tension already started, then good old Tomás Carbonell says “Please, they are working”, when I listened, two memories came to mind, one the conversation I had with Guillermo García López at the Queen’s Club , and the other when I was listening to Tomás Carbonellon television, in which one of the things I used to repeat was this, and it is true, that is their office, they are working, it is the way they make a living (although some outside of it, stain what they do inside , making money out of the dirtiest way for accepting certain contracts and brands), something that people forget, and some fans cross the line, apart from drunks, who beyond Djokovic or Federer do not know beyond tennis.

Another situation that was generated with the drunks, and that made me understand, the stable mentality of Bautista, and his growth, even convinced that he can go to more, some friends and Bautista’s girlfriend, one of them hooked up with the other in unpleasant words, then the girlfriend with a lot of temper and common sense said, “please, let us give an example” , then she turned on my bonbilla a little more, although it may seem everyday or absurd, it really gives me information, with someone like that next door, he can only grow, without forgetting his parents either, with his father if I could talk a little, he is that person with all your heart, that you always want to know and exist, at least the impression that I took with me, which makes me understand perfectly a little more, the good condition of Roberto Bautista Agut, in which if you read my articles on “the Ages” you can understand a little better because in those ages, maturity, if done well, approaches a clearer vision of things.

Speaking now, dear reader, a little about Roberto’s game against Tomic , for me there were like two games, the first until 2-1 for Roberto and interruption due to rain and the second after the interruption. At the beginning I can observe a Roberto with determination, aggressiveness and courage, apparently less tense, and even Tomic , simply passing the ball, spectating, without wanting to tire himself too much, then the break came. A tense Roberto , looking for Tomás , who asked me if he was still there, in his seat, which a little before he had already gotten into the changing room, that did not give me a good chance for later.

When I came back, I don’t know what happened in the dressing room of both players, but while one came out super determined, with clear ideas, letting go, and with the ambition not to wrinkle in each mistake, the other came out excessively tense, overwhelmed, worried, too confined in himself, without letting go of everything he can give, and with each adverse situation he increased, although his professionalism, ability to fight and dedication, was indisputable, but he felt overwhelmed, without reaction, or brake to breathe, perspire and return to connect with who he is and with what he was doing in those first three games of the match, in the end all that, he played a trick, but he should feel proud and treat both situations from a point of wisdom, which allows him to feel pure and continue going forward.

The next and last game I saw was that of Albert Ramos Vinolas against Richard Gasquet , until the stoppage due to lack of light, the truth was that Albert’s change was brutal, from the first set, played with soul, heart, without fear, brave, without thoughts, letting himself be carried away, moving the ball where he wanted, with a Gasquet , without reaction, and knowing how to manage well everything that is unexpectedly happening; Later in the second set, a Gasquet was seen managing the times much better, some calmer internal points, which allowed him to loosen up on the blows, and better counteract all the good game that Albert was still doing., but with some glimpses of things not going well, in the tie-break, a forehand failure broke him and an ace from Gasquet to close the set, he finished it off, in the next set, he was already completely out of his mind. , sunk, emotionally out of the game, without encouragement, bewildered with himself, with errors not forced without necessity, and already in the last games of the set, with complaints about the light, I could not see the ending today, I don’t know how it happened the final situation of his defeat, but it is more a defeat with himself, in which he must know how to listen more, introspect, relax and that a first obstacle should never affect him so much, because this situation, I consider that it is not the first time that it is repeated , a lot of encouragement and forward.

Later, dear reader, I did not see any more games, as I said above until 3.00pm, I did not manage to access, however, let me tell you a little about the rival that yesterday, Saturday, defeated Novak Djokovic , Sam Querrey , because, like Steve Jhonson , who has won Nottingham, and is doing a great role at Wimbledon, I had them at the Queen’s Club during the tournament, so the details, emotions and the consequent information that I was able to get from what I experienced did not leave me wrong. place. Well Sam Querrey , Roberto Bautista Agut suffered it , who managed to defeat the American by a double 7-6, in a really tough game, as tough and convincing, they were also the training sessions ofQuerrey , your good attitude there, and also in the locker room, it all adds up, because the good energy that you can work on and have outside, you will show in your performance, in fact, things in life, one day before the start of the game. tournament, I came across Sam Querrey and his coach, walking to Wimbledon , to train, and there is no better way to get to your workplace, eager and happy, I was obviously shocked by the unexpected, but then memories of the year also came to me last, I say in the end he will fish his reward, hopefully without Spaniards, due to the defeat of Feliciano today with Kyrgios , Querrey will go as far as possible.

To enjoy the second and last week of Wimbledon , with the juniors, observe how many of there will stay there and how many will go up, with those in wheelchairs, an example of the desire for life, the doubles in all their categories, and the individual categories, where the male has opened the picture, capable of having more “surprises”, and the female, to see how far our survivor and fighter Carla is capable of reaching and the fight of all against Serena, never better said, although be careful, that certain claws do not occur in quarter finals, even in both paintings.

Let’s enjoy tennis in its entirety, …..

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .