Dear reader, continuing with my analysis of what happened in Wimbledon , really the third, fourth and fifth days, have been much more humid, and passed through water, with many delays or cancellations. So it was time to be patient, follow the central games on the screen, or purchase tickets for the central (which was not my case in these last three days to date). 

On the day of Wednesday, the “outside” tracks as we would say in English, hardly any match could be played, I could only witness one, between Ana Konjuh against Karin Knapp , the truth is that the very young 18-year-old Croatian Konjuh , like many other young women What I saw in the previous one, without imagining what must happen in the junior qualification, with a bitter feeling for not having gone one day, but I cannot be everywhere, throughout the next week to several of the classified I will see them at Wimbledon , and observe every deep detail that every game always gives, regardless of the category it is. 

Going back to Konjuh’s game , he really has nerve, claw, illusion, the logical thing at that age, right? to enjoy, not to suffer, … etc … and that which beat the veteran Knapp , she herself drowned herself, was stressed, … etc, really unnecessary so much drama that is seen not only in them but in many, bad tennis was not seen, nor bad rallies, but the feeling that both have more tennis, a general topic.

On the day of yesterday Thursday, I will start with Lara Arruabarrena’s game , which I saw the warm-up, and almost the entire first set, before the start of Carla Suarez Navarro’s game , on the parallel track, Lara  who lost with another of the interesting girls Daria Kasatkina , 19 years old, Lara having lived what I saw in her previous match, I have the feeling, with all due respect, the lack of emotional independence when you are there alone, because the coach (I suppose it would be her coach), It is evident that he does not speak, nor does he give as many directives as Xavi Budó does constantly , or as the other day Conchita Martinezdid with Lara herself , Conchita arrived and began to shoot much more. He has tennis, surely step by step, he will go more, it has merit to be where he is, although some do not sound familiar, or want to assess, I only mention the details observed in both days and the difference, I always try to be from the constructive side, and from a more open point of view, from my own judgment, which can be agreed or not, obviously.

The match Carla Suarez Navarro , the Today (Friday did not see), but previous two if simply quarrelsome, steady, consistent, self, improvement, etc … many more than ever threw to exit gracefully with proposed goal, with a Xavi Budó and a Carla always looking for him, a guide and a perfect pair, Xavi always giving just what Carla needed more or less , although I put it on my facebook, with all due respect, I consider that in some you can look deeper still.

Allow me dear reader, an anecdote that I lived yesterday during Carla’s game , between Carla Suarez Navarro herself and Xavi Budó Martinez , during a game right on the side where Carla was Xavi and where I was also, several times Carla was looking for Xavi with his eyes, looking for opinion, push, support, … but curiously Xavi did not realize because he was talking with what I imagine would be Carla’s physio , by the way interesting comments that Xavi transmitted to them, and curiously Carlalost that game, but not always discussed by many people of whether or not dependence Carla with Xavi , with whom at this Wimbledon , honestly I take my hat off to them, rather he lost by not being focused where she should, and introspect what she herself already knows, and that they both work and have worked. I simply mark this anecdote, which I lived as a witness, without intending to highlight anything, just one more understanding between the relationship of both.

After dear reader Victor Troicki vs Albert Ramos , the truth is I only saw the last set, in which I ended up with a lot of controversy, and also in this case with good reason, but not in the ways of Victor Troicki . Honestly, between two players with very even energies, I am not talking only about tennis, the smallest details decline or not a scale, perhaps that better temper of nerves and step forward that Ramos has taken, reflected later in confidence, confidence are several factors of deep analysis, which are now irrelevant, all that was what made him take the cat to the water. Now the controversy was with 5-3 for Albert , 30-30 and the referee sings a good serve from Albert, which was not, it should have been a second serve, but it was not a match point for Albert , and Troicki’s lack of emotional maturity did the rest. of everything. (Subject that I will touch on in another article after Wimbledon is over ).

Also dear reader, immediately afterwards, the match between Elena Vesnina vs Andrea Petkovic, more frustrated than playing, especially the second with more intensity in that game of frustrations, and that had its “prize” at the end of the first set, an important fall , and a possible corner of a lesser degree, she kept playing, and playing well, until again, something incredible happened, after a great point from Petkovic with her right, she thinks that she had won the game and that she took the other, until after 20 seconds or so, already laughing, he realizes that no, that it is 40-40 and that he has to keep getting that “mistake”, for me the analysis of that “mistake” would be much more profound “, but I’m not going to do it here, but from that point on, he left the game entirely. Both veterans, both with tennis,

Then, dear reader, I went to the doubles, between Max Mirnyi / Treat Huey against Pablo Carreño Busta / Guillermo Garcia Lopez, that is, some doubles specialists against singles, at first they lacked situation, calm and observation, they were like a roller , and well the second if they put more batteries, they fought well, for me they lack in general coordination, knowing each other much more, that connection between colleagues in which it seems that there is only one playing, not being exclusive of doubles, with which also means for the emotional focus, they made Mirnyi / Huey suffer a lot in the last set.

Next doubles match, Jamie Murray / Bruno Soares vs Jonathan Erlich / Colin Fleming , I saw the last 4 games, the truth was I didn’t see any more, I can’t give my opinion too much, although they won the Australian Open , then the regularity has not been the same, maybe what I see they have to come together more, coordinated, that it seems that they are one, reading each other instantly, playing at home maybe Jamie , he looks more pressured, I hope they go far, good guys always deserve it. 

Another of the couples, who comes from the qualification although they are already veterans, and I do not know how long they have been playing together, yesterday I saw them a little against Marcelo Arevalo / Roberto Maytin , I mean the couple formed by Konstantin Kravchuk / Denys Molchanov , they seem one Alone, they are very powerful, forceful, they are authentic roller, in energy at times they remind me of the Bryans , saving distances, perhaps they have met now, better late than never, but at least for this Wimbledon, I would not lose sight of them. 

Continuing with couples, to end Thursday, Andrea Hlavackova / Lucie Hradecka against Chen Liang / Yafan Wang , what a match that both couples are marking, I say marking because it has not finished yet, today it could not finish apparently, so talk about what to expect tomorrow, with the last set 6-6, however I mainly stay with Andrea and Yafan , aged 29 and 22, they have tennis to give and take, and sometimes I wonder why they are not in singles 100% with everything they have tennis ?. I also leave the answer for you, dear reader, I also have mine. 

By the way, dear reader, I will not finish talking about the day of Thursday, but before mentioning my opinion about what happened to Garbiñe Muguruza in his defeat against Jana Cepelova , I already warned in my article about the analysis of the qualification for Wimbledon, that in Girls came young with a lot of power, without fear, and with desire, and what surprises would fall, there is already a renowned one, although on a smaller scale there are also them, and in other categories as well. I did not see the game, so I am not going to comment much, but if I have read his statements, where he says “I was somewhat ill” , which I understand with the “rule”, which I imagine, it must not be easy to play like that, even less with these changes in temperature, humidity, so abrupt that we are having in recent days, although it should not serve as excuses, although a woman knows much better than me , the level at which that can get to bother. I probably need as she mentioned, to work well with the breaks, not only off-track but also on track, and I also consider not somatizing things, so that a minimum thing is not bigger than it should not. 

On the day of today Friday, the truth has not been able to go, nor have I seen anything, so analyzing or talking about something that I have not seen, it would be daring and unfair. Day marked by water, with many games suspended or canceled. It is worth mentioning the momentary defeat of Novak Djokovic against Sam Querrey, 5-7 1-6, .. which forced him to win the other three following, Querrey, he has already been demonstrating this grass tour, incredible sensations, and if not they tell Roberto Bautista Agut and his team, what they experienced at Queen’s, apart from the training sessions also seen at Queen’s, as tennis is not surprising, as a priori name for being Djokovic it can, but not to me, seeing Djokovic in recent months, with less vision than usual. 

Other names to highlight, Juan Martin del Potro , fantastic that little by little he returns, seeing what he experienced at the Queen’s , he has to believe it, somatically forget the injury, … etc … let go even more than he probably did. today, and going up in every way. More names Kyrgios first game that I think he plays in 5 sets, and also wins it, something is clear, if he wants to know how to suffer and endure, I do not know more details because I have not seen him, you will have to see how to recover, especially emotionally. 

For me the name with CAPITAL LETTERS of the day is Feliciano Lopez , winning the match against Fabio Fognini in 5 sets, after losing 2 sets to 0 below and winning the other three sets, coming from Feliciano, It is not usually common, seeing what he experienced at the Queen’s where “a certain personal problem” survived him, he really blew up his attitude on the track, it’s like letting go of all the shit, and staying at peace with yourself, apart from being one of the players, in my personal opinion, more mistreated and disrespected by the press, without a doubt, in an unfair and cruel way, regardless of the mistakes they may have made. At least, it seems that he must have come, with a different dose, I hope to see him in the next round, otherwise he coincides with different parties, supporting as a compatriot that he is and seeing details that he teaches and teaches me. 

About Carla, I have already said it above, simply sensational, as I said in a post on Facebook, a nice lesson and a wide and different perspective took me the other day, listening to Xavi Budó with Carla. In short, we can all learn from everyone and everything if you want, from there a better, deeper light will come out, with much sharper details and above all with an interior full of purity, peace and love, where it will allow you to remove stress very far and seeing things with clarity, only leads to one thing, the unexpected advance. 

With that reflection, I finish the analysis of days 3, 4 and 5 of the 2016 Wimbledon Championship. 


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .