Dear reader, if you follow my blog, you will know that I always write in English, however allow me to skip that rule this time and use my mother tongue, basically for a simple reason, to go with the right time, because As I did last year especially, but also in other years, to be able to access the Wimbledon Championship venue around 12.00am, you need to be around 4.30am in the famous “Queue” , unless you have accreditation or a ticket , as I had the opportunity to have today, not yesterday or any other day, better something than nothing, although in my case as I will explain a little later, surreal, at least it seems strange to me. 

Regarding what I have been able to observe in these first two days, where it is practically impossible to be everywhere, and you have to choose, about guys say that, yesterday, neither Andreas Seppi nor my good friend Guillermo Garcia Lopez played a good game, it was sopolitical , It was more to the demerit of Guilermo Garcia Lopez , than the contribution of Seppi, however in these games, the cleverest unconsciously with the emotions, usually takes the cat to the water, as we would say in Spain. Guillermo Garcia Lopez , the number of times the “let’s go” will have been repeatedbetween point and point, difficult to follow the account (in another article I will explain why the Vamos are absolutely not useful topics), it was also accelerated, between serve and serve, lack of pause, for me something very important, breathe and observe, and surely many other reasons, where only he and within him, he knows, and to speak of more would be a lack of respect, Seppi , simply kept calm, some determination and let himself be carried away by the inertia that occurred, without too much effort.

Another proper name for yesterday, and we will see if not the tournament, coming from the qualification, but that is generating a lot of excitement, and tomorrow, Wednesday, Roger Federer will have to do with him, I am talking about Marcus Willis, two things can happen, or That the good Roger Federer really passes over without more, because a situation never experienced is too great, or that Federer must be careful not to get a scare, of someone who deserves to go far, living one of the most unforgettable and happy moments of his life, without a doubt.

Marcus Willis , a player I know from a national tournament, with whom I was able to say hello and talk a little, a few months ago, a good boy who makes me very happy for everything that is happening, because he has earned it, because life returns What you deliver, you always do, regularity is another story, Willis that I have also seen in qualifying, I would say that he is the player “touches balls”, why? Because of his uncomfortable game, touch, drop, setbacks cut and constant changes of rhythm that submits you, but above all, “have fun”, play quietly, with a certain calm, without being a great sinner, so either you have a lot of patience, and you know how to deal with it, or you end up despairing and entering their game, that they tell Ricardas Berankis yesterday ,  or RublevIn qualifying, apart from having every British fan who goes around Wimbledon  crazy with him, as if he were Andy Murray himself , incredible, how he has won the public, tomorrow it will be nice to see the game and at what real level it is, And what he is capable of doing against Roger Federer , apart from Federer encountering an environment on center court, I think he is not very aware of what Willis is doing and how he has the public with him. So, for now, it is already a proper name of this 2016 Wimbledon Championship .

Continuing with the guys, also yesterday, I saw Gael Monfils against Jeremy Chardy , I really don’t understand Monfils’ unprofessional attitude , not wanting to run almost any ball, on opponent’s serves, sometimes he leaves before the ball reaches him , without commitment, or dedication, or self-love, or faith, or desire, or determination, why occupy a position that I can occupy another player? Why keep playing tennis so ?, not just d understand, about Chardy , hitting and hitting the ball without fear, I miss you more patience, and better emotional handling certain situations. 

Today I saw a while,  Albert Ramos vs Vasek Pospisil,  about Ramos because he continues the regularity that he has been marking in recent months, I think that he has grown, constant, more solid, although emotionally he can be much more secure, his game will notice him more yet. Pospisil after a year or so where they did him a disservice, now he has to get out of that pothole in which they got him and let himself get in, he is made a flan, but he has a lot of tennis , apart from good human value, to do things of levels much higher, and there is still time to continue climbing steps, hopefully it goes up, the changes are ahead of you, will you see them? Time is wise. 

Also today, dear reader, I saw Roberto Bautista Agut against Jordan Thompson , sacrificing 80% of Andy Murray’s game in the center, to be able to see and support “Robertito” , as in Queen’s , I still see a Roberto very tense, too, that stiffens, takes away your visibility, enjoyment and higher level, because he has tennis to give and take, because he is very complete, the tension is very noticeable in the back of his neck, his forearms, his gestures, I I would like to see him with all this better channeled, more relaxed and I am sure that he can still be a more dangerous player, but above all that he sees that he is capable of more. Today in front he had Jordan Thompson, a 22-year-old player, who since training has already been traveling at 1000 revolutions per minute, and that is never good, you increase the percentage that anything bad happens, as it did, as we would say in Spain “that Costalada got stuck” , Trust me if it is curious that Roberto also “fired” but much more gently, in that the difference of emotions also come into play. 

Allow me, dear reader, with this last one to give you an example that happened exactly today, when I was leaving the AELTC , going up the hill towards Wimbledon VillageIf you know London you know what area I’m talking about, up at the crossroads, I see a woman and her daughter, also another man and his wife, accelerated, it seemed that the world was ending, or you turned away and let them pass or They stepped on you, the man and the woman crossed the sidewalk, badly and they made the bus stop, well, up to here ordinary things of the day to day, but when I ran into the woman and daughter, and I saw how disconnected they were, accelerated, also With sandals in the middle of London, it is not cold, but it is humid, this does not end well, a few meters later, the woman hit a good firewood against the ground, she was in a fright, but she could perfectly break her hip.

You know, look at another case, a few meters ahead,  Jack Sock , just up in Wimbledon Village I ran into him, they were going towards the Dog & Fox , trying to cross, I noticed the energy and the way he was walking and they were going, exactly just like what it shows on the track, that is to say with certain acceleration, without looking at the thousands of details that always happen around, well not all of them will be of the same importance, but I promise that they enrich all; As you see in all this, here there is no white, black or yellow life, but the life that you want to see and offer, one of the many questions to ask would be,  do you communicate properly with the world?

Going back to today, to what was written at the beginning and before I started talking about the girls’ games, I had the gift of life of having a ticket for the Center Court, for today, like a scale, if one of those where you weigh yourself to See if being fat or skinny, gave me the beginning of a conversation, and meeting a certain influential person in tennis, and from there to Wimbledon, grateful for having a certain affection for me. Normally these tickets include three games, but boy, I miss 80% of Murray’s game to support “Robertito” as I have said before, and life gave me a fourth game and what a fourth game, gentlemen “THE FEMALE TENNIS IS LONGER THAN EVER “ , now I’ll talk later, simply about Andy Murray’s party, really little to add, it was fast, uncomplicated, and continues with his annoying shorts, where I do not think his partner with Lendl , much less work.

Getting into the girls’ matches, yesterday, Monday, I first saw the one of Maria Sakkari vs Sasai Zheng , I think that some Spaniards already know Sakkari , because I understand that she lives in Barcelona , the truth is to see this girl, it is a pleasure, warrior, fighter, self-love, dedication, explosive, she needs to emotionally manage many situations, because I have the feeling that they have worked a lot on her physically, and essentially they have forgotten a bit, hopefully I will improve and above all enjoy tennis, for now it’s nice see her and others who come from behind with that professionalism, fight and desire to improve. 

Also yesterday, I witnessed the last set of Lara Arruabarena vs Olga Govortsova , there were moments when it seemed that she lost her nerves, she became angry in a very bad way, but then she released all that, she knew how to suffer and play, the anecdote of the match, when close of me, a certain Conchita Martinez put on, Lara’s team was on the same side, so Conchita says to her, “come on, come on Lara, pulling pulling, pull your first”, said advice, for me 100% it did not work, difficult to explain it in writing, although if to open perspective, where 2-3 games later, if he released more, in fact the game ended with a winner, because a winner is also an emotional change where you put, determination, intention, courage and desire, If you add constancy to this, the prizes will be higher. 

Yesterday in girls, dear reader, I ended up seeing good Carla Suarez Navarro vs Shuai Zhang , of this match I saw the last set and through the reflection in the window of one of the television booths, because entering court 12 was mission impossible , so I saw it in reverse. Well yesterday it was a tough game, against a Chinese woman who did not wrinkle at any time, where it seemed that Carla was  already losing the game, but yesterday she was a fighter, fierce, if she lost it would be standing up, but really fighting like that, you get in in the weak emotional part of the other, overwhelming her and causing her mistakes, yesterday (Monday) I liked what I saw, I am sure that she can get much more, because when someone has such a capacity for suffering, they are capable of more and more, I I want Carlaessence, not robotics, when it is essence, the best Carla is seen , although now the media want to cover or equalize her to the detriment of Garbiñe Muguruza , moving people to one point or another, I think that Carla like the rest they deserve respect, for what they give to tennis, regardless of national color.

As I said a little above, I was able to be in the center, where in the end I saw not two girls games but three; Starting with Serena Williams vs Amra Sadikovic , I still see a Serena like in the last year or so, agonizing, like a lot more stress and overwhelm than normal, giving the feeling that it seems that one day the ambulance will have to enter inside from the court to help her, I don’t like that for tennis, why deny it, if you want to repeat Wimbledon, I don’t know if that will suffice. In front of Sadikovic 27 years old, I saw her in qualifying, I saw her today, I have the feeling that she has a lot of tennis, however, I lack faith, determination, really believe, because she can, when she starts to play, it’s nice to see her Hopefully he continues to improve because he can, he really can.

The second game of girls I saw, Caroline Wozniacki vs Stvelana Kuznetsova , low level, Wozniacki very tight, super contracted, without hitting clean and clear, with many comings and goings, without rhythm, or intention, lacking that “punch”, Kuznetsova , much better planted, with more desire, decision and determination, also not 100% balanced, with better clarity, predisposition, only at the end with 1-5 and it almost cost him 5-5, he rushed a lot, because everything was more mistakes of them without being forced, than any kind of constant push from Wozniacki . The truth Caroline She has a lot of tennis, but emotionally, the sensation is of being as in another place, as blocked, she lacks that emotional independence, because she can and must grow.

The match that closed the first two days of the 2016 Wimbledon Championship , moved to the center court by rain, Coco Vandeweghe vs Kateryna Bondarenko . The truly spectacular match, how Coco and Kateryna hit the balls , that rallies, authentic exchanges, made the public vibrate and lift everyone from their seats, dismissing both with a great applause. It was a very beautiful tennis, one of the real ones, where there was no fear of hitting the ball, you win, fight, fight, strength, claw, … etc. Where was the final difference ?. Good cocoApart from everything mentioned, she put intention, a lot of intention in what she did, in the punch, in the way of behaving, gestures, bouncing the ball, etc …, but with a lack of constancy and cleaner communication with herself On the other hand, Kateryna lacked intention, determination, I mean wanting, really wanting the point, in that connection between throwing-listening to yourself … because only throwing will end up creating doubts. 

In short, women’s tennis is not that far from men’s, and it will never be the same, because the physical is different, but really if you want you can have fun watching also very good women’s tennis, because there are and come from behind people with many emotional capacities and Tennis, like a lot of tennis inside, only as they develop their emotional capacity, will it allow them or not to show all their true tennis. (You know, dear reader, I hate to use the word talent, because we are people with abilities, each with his own, and always improvable and surmountable).

I already say goodbye for today, but to remind you, like the examples, that I have previously given you about emotional situations, the ostias are not given to you by life, life is wonderful, we are privileged for everything we have around us, we stick the ostias ourselves, it is only up to you to put LOVE or HATE, RENCOR or FORGIVENESS, ANGER or EMPATHY, ….. etc …, and another detail the players look like stickers, like some coaches go from failure to failure, or at least not to expected progress and then they have another chrome. Let’s continue enjoying the upcoming tennis days and the thousands of details and emotions that await us.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .