My recommendation is that read until the end (funny) and that the picture which is attached to the post don’t cheat you. Leave it on your own ability of perception, simply every a short time is good to refresh own self-concepts as in way to gain momentum again ( “ nuevo impulso ” ).

From April 2013 keep so firm to some aspects that considere so essential through of a clear pyramid or scale of priorities that step by step don’t stop to make it more and more powerful, about that date have referred above, will save on private as it is a long way to explain that, as in the same way my three main priorities plus a extra that will say below, couldn’t go so deepest neither, but let me to comment few details from each one. LET’S DO IT!.

1.MY INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. About my own case, must talk about my hypersensitivity (professional before was called phobia) but don’t mix it up about being a sensible person, as it mustn’t relation with, as are two different issues. Anyway, the knowledge that it gave me, means that I can’t understand the concept or feeling or way of freedom without getting to dive inside of the curve the vulnerability as the amazing world that is the consciousness and its counts inner aspects that it has stuck with (Flexibility, memory, observation, ability of analysis, spacial situation…..etc….).

* All professional of psychology or education, must have it so clear as with oneself as about the human being who have in front of us, because is the base that will give us the most solid line of job.

2. MY PERSONAL PEACE. Sincerely, the first detail is as clear as a drop of water, can’t have the personal peace if haven’t grabbed our individual freedom, so at least from my case can’t conceive an authentic human without such compatibility and then after add concepts as the pardon or self – pardon, the self-responsibility (that give us a lot of fear, right?), or the thrilling job about beliefs, thoughts, attributions, habits,….etc….that inherit in a very silence way through of other concept as the feeling of belonging on (the personal peace is pull out).…… other concepts would be the communication and kind of the expression that offer or interpret as valuable on……. Other point so important for me, is not classifying to the humans (Ego) if not that let myself who they are, so can grab the spontaneous human moments and of course don’t pay the bills of others ( “ Rendir cuenta a nadie “ )is a fact that don’t admit argue at all.

3. THE HUMAN INTERACTION. When have been more than 27 years closed between 4 walls, Interact is practically a beauty “ obligation “. However right now the world looks like to walk in an inverse way, humans exchange for machines (UsOpen look at), close groups / communities that in some cases is better to be far away of that, as want to suppose vulnerability and develop a fake process of empowerment, or in other case, as in the tennis, where uncommon profiles can be seen as some dark where protect an imaginary unreality, so in others words, passion, enthusiasm, zero fatigue, perseverance, happiness, stable cheerful mood….. is transformed in the tag of the fanaticism, so it is very important that have so clear that to keep solid in that we are really.

Sincerely to my actual person, the interact is basic, Who would though it!! and be able to do that about the field that I love so much is centuplicate my sense of interaction with the medio, maybe I am doing a effort so place on myself about a permanent proof while for you, could be some basic, so on that kind of details don’t realise during the interactions between us; so sometimes feel that it can be avoid for others or don’t placed on value, it is something that make me painful, because interaction is to feel LIFE, MOVEMENT…. But about all from my human side I see that as a way to help each other, to give light to others humans and could be able to make the journey easiest possible on.


About that last point, I have very clear two things on the deepest area of my inner, learned through of life, that don’t mind what kind of label the neighbour bring stuck on his mind, because there is a thing that we have on common, all we are human and have the same value – service, simply there will be a labour of the adaptability about the language and then see as can get in on special in cases where ” the label ” is high on (don’t change that is human as well) ; and the other points is that when I see someone frustrated or about serious difficult issues, there where I am on that moment, I can’t look for other side, so take an instantaneous action on, but obviously if it is happening on TENNIS, with my knowledge and wisdom, but where first are human as on as off the court, where can see clear the issues, adjust, injuries, facts previous to get injury….etc… make me feel a feeling of anger or impotence on.

That feeling of impotence or anger, is not coming up about tennis players, coaches or whatever other, not it isn’t, it comes because they are human before and after on, as have said above, think that read the individual freedom of each is the starting point where the root as always presence on, then after could go to place our gazing up step by step, but as we are watching the mental struggle are being too frequently as permanently in the way on; also many times a servant have opposite feelings to leave everything and can go to the nature and Interact with a peaceful medio and the humble that an animal is always offering us, even take the challenge to have a couple of dogs adopted from a refuge and train them while live surround of pure nature full of calm, and you get down to the town when you want (that is a good other dream!), but in the same time there won’t be too many humans who love the tennis and see it in the process that look at the tennis on, so I can’t give up neither.

A last thing about the human interaction if is with others humans or even with whatever other being there is surroundigs of us, the case is that in a high porcentage is not belong to our hands, then it can be called Karma, control outside of ego, lesson of knowledge or whatever name close your own identity, but if there is something on common is the need to pay attention about that are doing on, because to punish our fears (unsecurities) with the first detail that is crossing above us outside of our profile, is as usual as the very fact that is will come back us, to give some kind of lesson that before maybe didn’t want to take it, even after of that, maybe neither, but at least will force a little bit more to grab it, details recently observed with humor as the best respond to show on, so sometimes to apologise is good advice to our inner, it doesn’t make us less humans or men if we are men, although sometimes the ego or the change of habit are our own and unique worst enemies.

” Don’t condemn as loosely, let ourselves that situation or the living being have the space to teach us far away of a perception that initially use to be influenced on if haven’t worked the enough resources in “



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