Dear reader, on that chapter I am shreding every small details that have been able to watch in spite of the circumstances found on the way, where obvious have watched the matches that could on, so must recognise that some of them was through of highlights, others just a couple of games or others kept myself to early hours in the morning to watch completely the whole match on. Once more time try to develop concetps as psychologicals as technicals as even tactically, simply to place my seed from a position absolutely humble where it is opening to add details that make it more stronger on.

Let’s do it to get involve on the main area of the road:

Harriet Dart. Well, if I have to be sincere, think that from the actual british players is who much better to grab the head of the racket out on every of her strokes on, so it must give her much more resources and even confidence on. However feel that she placed about her shoulds a lot of self – pressure, where develop a kind of apprehension that comes in with high levels of a negative acceptation (Resignation) as that is what it is, where limits her own inner limits. About her technique, although have already done a mix with the emotional area, on the backhand thinks that close early, maybe grabs it a little bit late about on the crosscourt strokes, lost a domiancy that with the forehand have a better management.

Daria Kasatkina.  About her, in realtion to the psychology saw her mentally fatigued on, so pushes to the body to hold in a possible fake feelings on, of course that sometimes can have an physical accumulation but in a great porcentage our brain have a lot to say in, once said that, she didn’t have speed legs nor inner energy so made her to be so stuck, but after was able to make great movements through of a clever changes of the rythm to the opponent however it didn’t have a tracking of development on and about technical terms, on her forehand there are details that would be so well on her to avoid a waste energy and that the elbow and shouder was loosing on..

Simona Halep. Someone could say, it is right, she won the canadian open, from my way to watch the things, I must totally sincere, she represents right now an opposite way about everything that I have been defending during the last years even about my way to work on, means that the outcomes could be ok, one day, maybe two or three, but that really matter is how you are as on as off the court, said in other words as are drawing our path in day to day to get a point of awareness that let us to grab the warnings or advices or own lessons that moment have given us, or by contrast then take an inmobile analysis that will place us in some point outside from our own management.  About technical aspects must emphasize about her forehand, where I think she keep struggle with it from long time ago, so sometimes makes her feel unsecure, she didn’t grab it clean on as her position about the ball is too mounted it so oblige herself to make extra efforts on.

Daria Snigur. I have just watched her against Simona, nothing about the rest of her matches, it is true that received a lot of criticism for her poor orthodox kind of strokes on, specially with her forehand, but obviously must explain few things. Forehand, the grip is look like a detail from the old school, however moves so well the head of the racket that even come in company of soft turn of the body so let to move the ball with consistency and even some unpredictabe, but is clear that doesn’t make spin, also in relation to her backhand although the movement is too close to the body always is holding up a space with the ball that let her to take a clear point of impact, probably is no the best biomechanical, however is efficient and even is not too agressive for the body.  Psychologically, well although was super attacked for her own nerves, sincerely her level of clever is very high so that let to cheat her own body even the own opponent doesn’t take any reading on., different gestures of her gave a clear information about it so make that her body was loosing, means free, and got that space of freedom to hit the ball is as should be played the tennis. Anyway, is clear that play to tennis with a technique that could be limited, well honestly it is, sincerely to keep in high peaks or get an sharp evolution about it or must gain much massal force to balance all the system and got to be on tough chances at the end.

Stefano Tsitsipas.  On that case, we could travel back to my period on the Queens’ club when I had him being a teenager, where clearly could appreciate about him two kind of energies, at the end is being eaten for one of them, what is is creating on him?, that is simply, that his strokes is not going in a way, means that is moving in a setback, ” movimiento en seco “, so the strokes lost the balance and don’t finish it neither, so needs to move everything a lot as a way to seek a frenzied solution on, anyway at the end must find his identity and place sense of action on. About technical aspects details that are really forced for his mental aspect, on the forehand hit late and without making the turn of the hip, too lost the force and management, after with the backhand the body is kept behind so lost the balance of the movement and about the volley could soften the hit while keeps a little bit more the turn of motion on. He must find his own brain to find his own answers in and express his inner without anger!!!.

Daniel Elahi Galan. I have to recognise that didn’t know him till now, so the other day was the first itme that have watched him on. About psychological terms, I can appreciate his stiffness information that even leave his body on the same way, so it can work sometimes but at the end is going once that the event was taking on. About technical aspects, is really curious as he has a super legs speeds but that are on excess the lenght on, for example on the backhand he is going to ride ball too much so can’t place the head of the racket out ever while the body keep in a down and hide position.

Emma Raducanu. Sincerely, have the videos from the previous US OPEN (2021), even plenty about the rest of the year, so include that US OPEN (2022), is a great shower of information as to realise where and how get to evolution on the circumstances. So being honest, about psychologist terms I could saw her too fatigue with a lack of feeling of freedom, as if she was caught in her own inner trap, look I will always remind an unexpected situation lived few weeks ago, it was late, the place practically empty, when I was cleaning the court 1 indoor court, then heard that two humans beings were in the other side of the courtains development a vibe that was magic, a human connection that grab out the best from each other, the only thing that could do will be was to be on silence and let that my inner got wet with it, grab that lesson for the life, like I did, then after heard as each of them were to their respectives dressing rooms, they were Emma and an coach, that a little bit after could exchange a small chat with him, because love to introduce to everyone, he was a really nice guy with a clear mind. why are telling you that?, because during her match of the other day, when the physiotherapist coming down to attend her, could appreciate that Emma, think that she is the authentic girl that must keep out, as our identity mustn’t be touched and just whom know as make that it blosoom out must keep next you, because the rest will be an accumulation of noise without breaking on, where I am completely sure that there won’t be anyone that look after about it or even can be worst that don’t realise nor are listening the pure reality on, that in long terms is a tough punishment on.

Right now if we talking about her own aspects from the match, so are a variety in relation that have commented above, she was overthinking a lot on, without getting to be clever on, and even probably follow a patterns driven from outside but without resources from herself, it was a replay to attack all time the backhand of the opponent and develop angles but without logic or any kind of intention on, so made on her to be so static, don’t let herself to play with movement as psychal as on mind.  About technical aspects, she said so humble that maybe the volley must work about it, so must learn to classify the information and seek her own perception, said that, think that her diagonal movements to get space inside of court are not being clean, the steps don’t be walking loose, observe the videos from a year to other, is subtle but so clear, so after want to arrive on the base service to make volley after of a previous stroke is getting without base, let that ball go down and cut the movement on, that even create an mind accelation that leave out the power of blind pause ‘” En español es llamada pausa ciega o mini pausa, forma de conectar con el espacio y el movimiento de pista “.    

* Apologise that is being the player where more words have written on or even can be look like that have been tough on words, that is not the intention who know me is aware that kind of human I am in, the magic story told must move to our field of growth totally opposite about that your ego could be thinkng on that right moment on. 

Alize Cornet. I couldn’t watch the other matches of her but the details that left in her match against Emma was clears about as would go her traveling on the tournament. Well her supports have two clear physical contra-indication, first are super agressive and too stuck on the floor, and the second one in an opening over her own size of genetic on, so it can provoke in her body an extreme straing that in some way have to find the balance by itself; obviously that first area that I am commented on is coming from a super mind – brain influence, as she is placing the information, here on that context could appreciate that had two clear Alize on court, in fact was something so radical, one most calm with strong character that is full up of determination, however here there is a wear and tear of an emotional energy that left the body without timing of reaction, in fact, at the end of the match, during the interview she recognised with inistence that was tired, where her origin is clear, and the other Alize was someone who drive in a burst of speed on, and it always reduce spaces, perception, and about all push the body to tight up a lot. About tactics aspects sincerely managed it making a great variety practically with each stroke, high, length, cut of rhythms…etc… At then end I can guess that she was eating for some of that emotional – psychal aspects…

Cristina Bucsa.  Sincerely is a player that is never going to dissapoint on, so if we talk about tennis aspects honestly is interesting to divide aspects with others ones more top in the level.  Well details to improve, tactic positional on court, also need to play with much more order but about all grab an accurate reading on, the second service too globe, the backhand let me that the ball fall down too much and then when is going to make the gesture with that point of impact is imposible to place the ball over the net.  That doesn’t lost her smile, is nice to see someone with that enthusiasm on court!.

Danielle Collins. It is spectacular that spirit of fighting that is showing on but must manage it to channel all the efforts to the point that wish to get as on as in the inner area, because it can play against herself.  In technical aspects, on the service there is details in the supports as in transference as after on the impulse to go up, but about want to pay attention on the forehand, so repeats a gesture of placing the racket head up, which is ok, however as doesn’t make practically a turn around of the weight of the body, lost a lot consistency and the ball arrive to the opponent lobbed without weight so make lost the dominance of the point on.

Andy Murray. Sincerely, I appreciated an Andy that was so agile, seriously had a great and stable legs’ movements, however there are two details from my view that are need to face it iup, one specailly with the forehand have to grab it a litle early and full of conviction, and the other that is where I am sure that there will be a key to the before and afte of it, so I am refering to the emotional unloading, the service is one the issues that paid it clearly, but if in addition has a metal placed in the body as some professional motorbikes as well, that emotional unloading is a need full of benefits from all sides that can offer out.

Matteo Berretini. I was a little bit suprised as saw him, maybe the injuried that got recently or just other circumstances that have had to manage on, but saw him with a lack of rythm, so in psychologic terms is as was waiting for something “expectante in spanish”.  Technically on special on his forehand hit it a little bit late and with a much less power than usually made on; think that position that keeps tighten up is walking against his own will on and off, anyway must see where that doubts are going on, although I have a clear idea, can’t relation in a 100%.

*I am aware as was Berretini (explain just above) that Alejandro Davidovich could bite the teeth to him, he did it!!!, but didn’t kill the situation at the end, but I have so clear that would push out the circunstances obvserved in the previous match, right now will see as he manage that on the next rounds. About Alejando although I coudln’t watch the match, step by step is finding his way, that match after to watch the highlights must place on a clear emotional situation to a long time.

Liudmila Samsonova. On that case she was closed on herself, so it can get a double-edged sword, as for a side was complete focused on yourself but for other can miss a great angle of choices to take on, anyway she managed everything so well, held every instant up. About her technique is so beauty to see it, as has a length and cleanliness on extension, however sometimes lost the grip, but about on the rest has a lot of problems as stands down in a crouched position, so makes the fluently of the backhand is not going to be the same, it looks like as if was executing that in two temps instead of making it just on one, means to hit it fluently.

Alekxandra Krunic. I reminded a lot that player as during a qualification of Wimbledon, in that time where it was free, barely found spectators, and so you could eat on the same table that coaches and players, she was sit down next to me. Her character remind me a lot to other british player where both have similar patterns.  Right now, is quite nice to contemplate her with a good emotional management on, however was moving as if the brake was placed on, even played as for chapters ( ” Intervalos ” ), sincerely is subject more far away from the own confidence, means a question is close to the self – esteem. About her technique, her backhand was so pinning on, means that her body didn’t take any exit ahead, excessively forced on; I would say her second service (here is where there is a bigger influence of the mind on many of players on, but I want to say in context far away of the esssential on perception..).

Pablo Carreño Busta. Wow!!!, he was punching the ball so hard but with a great ability of intentions on, so created a good manage between the power and position to place the ball on, so honestly although think that is missing to believe in a wide space about himself was able to grab on the court and then counteract well the brutal roughness of the opponent. Tecnically the point that want to mention is about his forehand on motions, because lost many of the points there so makes that his matches or moments of it is going to be most difficult on, well that is happening on that forehand is that try to correct just with the racket however doesn’t make any rotation up although it was minimum, so finished it about a postion to in front of net, I don’t know if i am explain well, because is a detail that is not watching easily, but is some really functional on.

*About his match against khachanov, on the first set there was a small detail that the situation could turn around, as always said, the times of break, have so a lot information that is predictable that could happen on the next moments, the psychology is not usually going to lie us, you know, maybe the funny is when read or listen to the people said, the mind made click on…., you are watching the impact but it was warning long time ago!!!.  A match as he was playing against Alex to know as recover it on emotional terms would be the challenge to bring on much more that the own physical aspect that the body can do by itself without there are not interferences on.

Alex de Miñaur. Psychologically was down, leaving all the option to that all the external factors could work on, so kept him a down position that pushing himself to point of personal comunication completely hidden from our potential that could show on. Then with that panoramic are out of foucs and crashing out of whatever nice point of view, decided to punch the ball as if a salvage animal was on the field, could be a thrilling show, however that it was playing on his favour at the end of the way looks like an authentic reckless on. Tecnically can reflect in a fact so clear and on replay once behind other, his forehand was punched too far from the point of impact, means that the movement of the body were always so far to grab the ball with the agility and about all the toughness that he wanted to push on it later on, so sincerely is a pity as he has a brutal legs’ agility (detail that remind me to a british player that usually watch her trains out of the corner of her eyes on my job).

Cameron Norrie. Sincerely, I saw him with some doubts through of a feeling of distress ( ” agobio ” ) so the mind was going much faster than own movements on that invite him to finish everything as soon as possible, that in the same time the light of view is kept on own structure, so it takes risk that a long way are not playing as in the favour that wanted on. About his technique, probably is one the players who less value is receiving from everyone and where even the hypocresy between are in front of him or be on back is quite difference on, about my opinion, although can have some habits from long time ago that couldn’t be in theory so benefit on, sincerely on terms about a tennis as fountain of health, there is details that like, as the space of extension as he find the strikes on although can be truth that lost force and management on, as with his backhand as on his forehand where here coud seek a later shutting down in benefit of a stroke that make more damage.

Huger Rune. My feeling about him has multiple contrast, because gave the real sensation that could create a really tough match to the opponent but in the same time was as if was loading about himself a lot tonnes in, obviously is not easy to know the cause – effect from the same without talking with the main actor, it has a relation more far away from the own espectations that himself or probably his own surrounding made about him, keep on that woud just be to look at the points of visual impact instead of getting to move around of the whole set.  About his technique, because was so brutal and on replay without saving solutions, as tried to hit on loose way but always the sweet point was grabbing down, so is other point where need to know he is doing to know self – correct and look his own variety that make difference on him.

Andrei Rublev. Emotionally was much more calm than the last time have watched him, so managed the rythms while was finding his space, although sometimes is as that looks like that blocks by himself, think that still can find a much better clever way on court.  About the technique, on the service hold up a little bit more to grab much more consistency and power, also in his forehand must push it before, because is not going to create the same pain that his backhand, where it looks like a gum that streching ahead more and more that never break on independently that the oponent insist to push the backhand, it is a great weapon on him, so open more the focus in a natural way and go on.

Dennis Shapovalov. My feeling is that he wants to see many things on the same time but then he didn’t watch anything at all, should be stopped and look really that need in every instant in relation to the demand of the context. Technically, in that case have an several influence on the position to hold up to the moment to hit the stroke, as make him lost the balance or the movement is not going to complete, so create an excess of unforced mistakes, even still less space to know as find the instant solution on.

Dans Evans. In psychology terms, I had the feeling that he was desorientated, several gestures was so clear and that in some way can create unconfortable inner feelings, but in the few moments that found his turning points, means that reduced that balloom of inner emotions, is when the strikes was clean, dangerous and give a plus of dominancy, however if the diagram had too much curves is a warn that can still find a much better potential in, all that where is seen with clearity is the first point on the rest. Need to breath!. About his technique, on the service, goes too down with his body, the back has to suffer a lot on that position, losing a lot of force on, after his forehand takes the ball late, practically don’t take the speed that it should or coud go on.

Marin Cilic. Honestly, he was so firm as about up as down moments on, so make himself to feel really confortable while left the doubts far away, just in few moments got a little bit of rush that was coming back against himself. Tecnically, on my opinion his split is one of tour that don’t like at all, is excessively mechanic and practically when do it lost many of the points because is so hugh the count of seconds that lost on that once that try to reaction the positon to hit is unbalanced on, after with his forehand usually stands up too much and grab the ball down, so the point of the impact lost a great area of frequency on, and about the service his wrist is blocked so lost consistency during the game very often on. Anyway was playing so well!.


On the way I am leaving a lot of players without getting involve about them on the descriptions where have been able to watch, listen or to take any reading about them, but honestly barely watched anything on live, so decided don’t get in although there situations that usually are on replay, means a same circle, same story on.

About the retirements that have been happening on that USOPEN, the cases as are Andrea Petkovic, a good active for the WTA to watch her, or Bruno Soares,… or of course Serena Williams, so deserves the all the credit from the all career, simply that I am not very friends of the shows sometimes are developed around of some cases that at the end are not reflecting a mental reality that is far away about that call us our attention on.

Think that is not only on sports (That idols that people looking as own references), that is happening on whatever kind of business, when the human being ( the other living beings as well), are diving to a period of huge changes, after have spent a long time to live in a kind of comfort was permanently hold on from all the corners with a rope, where the own being develop a image of super independent but at the end is swimming in a interdependent concept, so at then probably that idols are worst situation than us, but couldn’t see that, the marketing and the own job of self-deception from the main actor have done a work as dangerous for all and each sides on.

The last point that want to mention on, is where is our illusion for the life? our  where is our real passion? or even the most important, I like or doesn’t like that are doing on that instant, where is our enthusiastic behaviour on?.  About that I am not only place the focus on tennis, but also about whatever other aspect or role on.  Honestly, in nowadays the plenty of the humans need to take a wheelbarrow, a sholve, a rake and a pick, then place our own body and mind so far away from any kind of stimulus, then will see that is work hard in absolutle freedom as did the other day about a clay courts, but remind me when was a kid or even a teenager or my first years of adult working with my father, grandparent or my aunts on the gardens, the body is able to adapt to whatever thing if we let that do it, but the easy way is the complain and place out an external solution that will a plaster at the end of the way.

Where by the way, in relation on that last paragraph, there are always many moments where want to jump on court, for example other day when was on the clays, was so close to mention some detail when was watching in the same time the practices of someone, guess that came from some serious injury on, where was able to see so clear the tense points that go diving up to conflict point, but also because as have observed in other many occasions, and so also is on relation to the retirements, the mental mislead could be so dangerous as cross line to a chronic issue that think is always avoidable on.

” Everything is on the details, don’t pay attention to that is falling down to the oblivion however the body – brain won’t do it “.



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