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Before to get involve about the subject in relation to the Vergeture, think that will be useful to explain small psychologics aspects that grab a several influence in our relations or maybe even about the fact to avoid to have relations with.

Well, when are getting involve in a relation with someone but pay attention on the first points of impact, even there is possibilites that through of passing of time can happen as well for the own enemies that a human being could have in, THE HABITS, probably you dear reader would think that would be the Super Ego or Ego that doesn’t have any kind of  activation on, but the facts of our race are really clear, THE HABITS, are our own weapon of internal destruction, anyway is the not subject that I want to treat right now, that I meant, is our behaviour, gestures, actions or the multiples choices grab in to others human beings or the own context that is happening or are living on, have a great influence where is usually super adulterated a long time ago than the own situation comes up, why is it happening on? where is it coming from? …

Questions that mustn’t have to do, as the most emotional aspect of human maturity would be able to seek answers that are totally outside of our own point of view, so well once have said that, the level of influences are variables as in the texture as in color, from genetic aspects, social insistences, development of beliefs, thoughts, and a long etc….. as till even between other issues also the personal characteristics that could have stuck for difference reasonings on, as can be kind, the physical aspects (could be included in the genetic area mentioned a little bit above), the kind of clothes that we wear on (form and colours), our corporal positions (Very few times have a real connection with the true story of the personal reality) details that are worked many times for protocol assistant or personal assistant, so the inner area is left in aside, and of course one of the most important, so hold up a brutal influence about as will be our predisposition to our relations that have on, so I can say completely sure that is the aspect that most speed of intensity grab in the neighbour, as if is someone who meet for first time or even if there have already been a process of time between each other, I am referring to THE VOICE. (TONE, SOUND, VIBRATION AND ACCENT MARK ON).

About THE VOICE is that subject so I wanted to talk you for obvious personal reasons that are involved in my own personal aspects. Well THE VOICE together with the all aspects that has included about her own range of action, is usually a weapon that barely is noticed out, means that practically didn’t pay any attention on, I would said that absolutely the focus is missing out, when sincerely is a tool that is going to give us a shower of personal information about the emotional state from the people who have in front of us; apart of that, mustn’t forget that on many occasions when are in action will lost the awareness and the own control of that, a previous job will be useful to know correct it practically on the own instant, but is weird that are being aware about it although could find some exceptions on the way about some journalist, singers,…or other people in relation with that area of the music or even some humans with small faults as those are deaf..etc, who develop on deep the senses on, but on global terms is crossing totally unseen on.

“ A faster world don’t have time to pay attention in that can change a simple journey, even with the time probably till a life, however the marketing or the own sense of belong to a group, is deleting a mental reality that in the lonely of the rest of journey will be so dangerous to great part of the people as the lie can’t be hidden on that times, and if there are not resources development simply are delaying the explosion that is inside of us but that have been hold to the lack of a individual demand or even to let an easy access to some kind of levels that are not ready for that”.



Right now, is time that I told you a little bit about me in relation THE VOICE, as you can see on the picture, as on that have attached above as also on the own cover, honestly is quite difficult to find a photo about my chronic injury, well each of them are all kinds of vergeture injury that you can make on your voice, well as have signed on the picture, the last one is mine own injury that is exactly the worst of all the list that have in front of you. Obviously doesn’t have any operation, as the risk to lost the voice would from a 99%, so it is unnecessary to do that as sincerely is not a details that make me any trouble on, because as the human that have in front of me is going to reaction is not on my mind and I don’t care, even worked a lot about it, so made a great training with speech therapist in the year and half that spent on Spain.

On that point, a real personal story as is my injury and ego is absolutely disgusting on professional levels, when started to prove myself during my period working at the Tennis Queen’s Club, as during the tournament periods but also during the ordinary time with the members of the club, if could be useful for the tennis world, means if could help in a mutual way as to coaches as the own players without looking at the categories or levels on, as the tennis is a chain that have a great influence from bottom to up and to the inverse as well, then as was saying, once that was proving me and while was development a grateful feelings to many of the members between them one veteran man called Marcus, felt that must give the voice awareness as well as had already worked to to other aspects that involve all the wonderful complex that is the own human being, so with that thought take action straight away.

First thing, I was going to a several times to the NHS, first to know that could have inside of there, and after to find a very nice speech therapist that wanted to work with my case, but on the NHS apart of making the tests to know which was my injury, they didn’t make anything else, I was visiting few of them to find a real professional but was useless, so started to find on private, in some of them got that was received to a small chat or in some case for a first session as test, even in someone took two or three sessions, but in all of them, it was during the chat or over that first session or after few of them, said me that brutal thought, “ I can’t take your case or I can’t continue with you because your case is quite impossible and have always had a good success with my customers and I don’t want to lost that percentage, I am afraid but must seek other one ” (2015 – 2016). Like that, on that period I lived at Wimbledon, so found other one at Watford, so had to move from a corner to other corner of the city, but the sessions didn’t work as she wasn’t on focus because had small children so need to look after for them, so coudn’t developed a fluent job on.

After of that, my last months working on The Tennis Queen’s Club, supporting in the own chats and advices from member of the club that mentioned above, decided to gain consciousness by myself, it was that I did. When finished my job there and came back to Spain to work hardly with my tennis coach who knew me from I was a kid, but focused totally right now in learning everything to be the best coach of the world, at least don’t be one more, just to be the best, all that in union with the psychological job that I was doing with an authentic professional that I love her so much from was 19 years old but through of different kind of stages that pushing each other to a mutual growth that did everything to that could catch up the level that I can have right now, so the whole job made a pack made me a very complete human to goal that I still have on mind, but needed some more, THE VOICE, because some of the km on court must come after by itself.

When I was making the two promotions of the level 1 by RFET, that in fact, it was developed over a kind of facilities that are surround from pure metal, so the impact of the ball was so noisy, detail that created on me a distortion on my hypersensitivity, on special the fist impacts till that development everything needed to adapt on, but there was something that through of obligated methodology, so I won’t never develop, obligated to the student to place the tone the voice from other side of the court, remind about a metal facilities, so must place it much highest if you wanted that who were doing of student could listen, honestly it made a great damage on my voice, every day on my way back to go home had to bite half of ginger as minimum to recover a little bit it but about get that my thought felt soft, obviously all that grabbed me a lot of distractions over the field of action.

” Don’t put me to sing like Andrea Bocelli or Bon Jovi, because my voice is not going to move on that tone, probably is better if you placed me as a Barbra Streisand or a Bruce Springteen, so for sure will get a great outcome on “. Thank you. LOLOLOL… 😉

On that point, decided again to find some possible solution, so I was to my doctors in a private company who for coincidences was the same who give support to the RFET, even the doctor must be a good known some of other that are involved on tennis, then made again all the test, received the same opinion that already known, then started to find a new therapist, on that case after to seek on google, trust from the first instant in someone who gave me a nice vibe, when came back to the doctor to see the evolution that had on, and then said him who I was working, he said you are in a very good hands!, she is one of the best!, honestly it was like that, the job was really well, working brilliantly, gain in tricks and confidence, she had a great exhibition with journalist, singers,…etc.., and had a centre of job where worked really well, even in fact from there keep a great contact, where sometimes the help is on the inverse.

Ok, have to come back to the tennis, in the point about the RFET, my methodology would never be like that, as need to be closed to the human being, feel that have in front of me but about all the chance to get in the emotional needs that the human being are requesting you, on many occasions without opening the mouth or other times, it wouldn’t never better said through of the voice that is using, as even I won’t ever accept to have a lot people on court, the job has to be personal, private, and focused about the context that there is on that moment or that also could be bring from outside to the court, but are able to understand it must have the focus stuck on the neighbour but would never be about us and to be honest keep in the other side or scream anything from the other side of the island is to be losing a lot of information because will be too focus about us instead of placing us emotionally over emotional motion on. (I refer about corrections that evolution millions of details in a click).

I will finish that article saying you, that I am human so calm, quite, in other words a peaceful man, that will never use the screams or whatever high tone of the voice or even will never see me to get involve about any argue, I DON’T BELIEVE ON THAT, as neither I DON’T BELIEVE ON THE EMOTIONAL EXTORTION to demand anything as commitment, so I am so sorry about it, but that is my way to act on, as there are not much beauty moments in a journey that will be to get nice chats – dialogue through of developing a great active listening on, it is a brutal gift for the living beings who are involves on that, so think, like that must be development all kind of relationships, independently if they are humans, personal, social, professional or even between others livings beings on special with the dogs and cats.

Sometimes, as I am not perfect but will never stop to find the way to be the best about every small detail on, that include THE VOICE as well, sometimes made mistakes as one that I did few days ago, so a bad position of that plus a soft gesture, could give rise to a situation that maybe could be funny for a servant, even know as must correct it, but for other person could be a disagreeable situation on, independently of several reasonings that were looking to explain our feeling about the issue that damaged us, however practically never stop to interpret the things with a wide field of emotional issues that could have happened on, as in that case could be THE VOICE, as its characteristics is always traveling on silence, so our attention go straight away to get lost about that have created in us an impact that usually is influenced for some kind of previous experiences or contexts that have lived in way or other, but that rarely will have taken action of cleanliness in, but of course a mistake is a mistake to be able to apologise is not going ever to make us less human on.

Two clear points to finish it:

1. About everything that have been able to read here, behind there is almost 39 years of life, other more stories, but of couse I can get an idea about as could my chronic injury happen on my VOICE, but it is right now a IDENTITY that make me so difference to the rest, even for example in Spain have a very famous tennis coach even some others from branches more than full of doubts, that I am sure that have some kind injury so similar, but as the our human predisposition is so influenced for our external factors that want to give as priority of escape on, to liste that give us comfort but never a real jump to pure well-being state.

2. As some physioterapist that work with all kind of performance people, or doctors or personal trainers or even veteran ordinary people from Amazonia places, Carlos you are able to see everything, but about all have very clear that kind of impact can create every movement in relation to the technical influence of your sport (transferible to whatever other sport or business), that you have in your mind is so difficult to get in and it would get to make us so easy our job, they must be able to see who have in front of them, please don’t stop and dont let that it can miss out. So like that through of that words, that permantently are listening from more and more people, there is other details that pay many attention, THE VOICE, the movement of the lips, tones, pronunciation, attenuation or even the gestures that are accompanying it, almost as a living being with some small fault (deaf, blind,…) would be doing to keep developed all his senses on the maximum level on.

3. Our brain has a lot of plasticity, so is able to adapt about whatever situation if we are aware about the interference that are interrupting its own process of development on, the power that can be able to catch up, can be unbelievable.


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