Dear reader, thank you very much to be here once again, on that occasion will follow with the routine from the last article, between small details that forget to mention on as from multiple others that could watch along of that second week.

So on that moment, honestly won’t stop to insist on all the times that it is going to be necessary, as consider it a strategic base to grab out whatever kind of develop, but of course always that is being placed out from a soft way but without breaking on as in the same way mustn’t seek to have reason about anything however when there is a strong knowledge that is coming up by itself, so from last year if we include the pre-season till now, in nowadays through of a good level of information that could easily find around us, however we are warnings located far away from the famous ” Click “. (At the end of article, I don’t have any choice that finish it with a clear reflection that can help to clarify concepts that wouldn’t be mixed up nor encouraged to bring it up).

” A congruent human being with or without emotional information at the end of the road will be able to offer out much more details from those who keep a gregarious behaviour as for ignorance as maybe for fears that keep them soffacted with a rope on their neck so even don’t have any intention to take it off “

Andrei Rublev.  About his match against Cameron, while was cleaning the offices on my job, could see barely a couples points from different games, included the interruption by raining on.  On that cases from a week to other or from a day to other, is not going to change big things on, so his details was explain on my previous article, mean that keeps the same line, an emotional situation that is being a great suprise on me, must keep on that line, because on that way his strokes will get more feeling and hazards to his opponents, as said his forehand from few metres behind of the base lane make him got troubles that could avoid or reduce it on, insiste little soft details but that with some players have a several punishment for sure.

Cameron Norrie. Well, here would said you, dear reader that read my previous article as well where have already describe some details, however let me to add some small thing more that have seen in his match against Rublev, but let me first to tell a small story, the other day when was cleaning the canteen of my job, a good man, father of a kid who is competing a small tournament, stopped to watch few points of the game, commented me a small chat that he had with some coach (I don’t know if that coach knew or have some coach close to Cameron), so tried to explain some details from his technique that as was something from long time ago, it would make quite impossible to get any change right now. As it was super fast, barely could give him a properly answer, so prefered listen and learn on, it reminded me when was doing the courses on the RFET where repeated once behind other a thought that go sticking about the gregarious coaches as if was a OUR FATHER  recited without getting to analyse every piece of the context on, when really if were able to open our mind as on emotional terms as in relation to performance on, always could create small gestures that will make an evolution, but must know where and how do it.  Once said that, the other aspect that I want to mention so appreciated in that case on his match against Rublev, is the fear that reduced him in position and action about the court, so must investigate if it is come from some kind of self-esteem or just for any brench of confidence or even a mix up from both of them, detail interesting to be aware where the rest of the faces of his game will grab a great benefit, starting for that backhand that too much struggle is giving him, so work and calm, but have a thrilling long journey to get on for sure, although the people is not placing him on the value that has made on court.

Rafael Nadal.  I am not going to enter on personal or external issues on, everyone manage everything on his own way, even also as the journalist lying all the time to place the gregarious people in a corner or other, although from outside we are observing details that could be too incongruous as well, about if are psychologist (on Sport or don’t be there) or have the knowledge on relation of that, there are situations that musn’t be normalized as it was usual nor even mustn’t be a gregarious person to everything as shouldn’t be copied at all, and about that have a lot of cases that are getting to dive on serious troubles on. In his match against Frances was stuck without getting any motion on, as also can feel that weak points to change mind patterns that can find outside of our own control, something like to learn swiming in oceans where our own energy won’t be enough, so must adapt and trust on the medio that we find on, then from there use our creativity to find solutions that don’t hide our real happiness, it means that our super ego or powerful feeling of proud will be left about a side on, maybe sometimes make it so complicate and some details are in front of us.

” All pyshical action or kind of injury hide emotional warnings to focus on, so if don’t make it will be consequences for the future, so grab to a community that hold up our liers is going to swim in a ocean of self – deception that till really tough situations of the life our skills to manage it will be null between other things in ” .  (That reflection is not about RAFA in 100%, is for other kind of people on tennis that at the end put out too much holes to the comprehensive develop as in the human process as about the own training on the tennis world).

Victoria Azarenka. Recognise that to watch her play tennis is equal to feel a real love for that called tennis, her insistence on every area of that sport, as she have development her come back to the WTA tour, after have been mum as about all for other serious personal issues that she had to face it up, sincerely is a wonderful feeling, becasue in some way she represents many of the values that must have on that wonderful sport called tennis and in fact she is able to finish it with a good level of generousity, I won’t be ever able to forget the couple of days she was on the Queen’s club working on court her game with Sam Sumyk, the behaviour of her, attitude, predisposition and intensity is still on my retina.

About her match with Karolina, she had an excess of energy, so it placed herself the wholetime over the own situation on, it means that will reduce as perception of taking choices on as the feeling of the strikes on, so in some way keep herself stuck back, close the arm and then couldn’t never go to be agressive with the arm on, then it left her in a vulnerable position that would depend in high porcentage about kind of mercy that had the opponent on, so make that against Karolina was a punishment that forced herself to have to go above a trailer the whole time, on that case opening the focus and move the way to take choices on is basic, even to don’t lost the manage of the own body, as some technical aspects has a great influence from that, Victoria paid the price of that lack of reading as inner as external on while lost the sense of the movements, there are a lot of gestures with her body and face so clear to explain it on.

Karolina Pliskova. Honestly, here dear reader must read my articles from Cincinati and Canada, I think on both of them, I informed about her so said that would be a great reference for that US OPEN, but nobody had her in their minds. I was already observing small details as psychologics as technical that was coming back step by step with a good base of development, sincerely, she is playing with a great intelligence on, also in a very calm emotional state while execute a nice dynamic rhythm of the times, even creating clever movings where is able to save energy in, but also is using a variability tactic that made her some unpredictable, so or the opponent is able to keep a great focus on while get add some of vision, or sincerely will be running behind of her, and for finishings her brilliant task is able to manage the perfomance times in way that let to keep as solid till whatever score that she has already on that moment on. Simply wonderful as her press conferences was before and after sign out the same way, but must be able to look  the balances that it is moving around of!!!.

Well, it means to pay a sharpen attention to that is happening between all the context of the situation to avoid future issues as happened on her next match, because there are many ways to win or lost, but must be grab for the doubts and let too many things to an kind of inertia that doesn’t relation at all with a detaill called flow that so beautfil is grabbed for marketing too cheating on.  During her match against Aryna, as in gestures as about the inner toning as about the own color skin, is soft but really obvious on, so about the point of impact on techinical level to push to exceed the pace and make you that create a kind of consistency that till now was firm on. Details have mark on.

Matteo Berretini vs Casper Rudd. I couldnt’ watch it, but have already warned on previous article about the Matteo’s issues, it was happening on his last matches on in every of the aspects, physical, psychologic, technical and tactic, honestly apart about all details already commented, appreciated two small details, one that has some small excess of weight, that is not the only consequence of that lack of rhtym shown during the tourament and already explained, but even there other detail that reminded me to a serious issues from Juan Martin Del Potro, as he was so tighten up, closing so faster his forehand, felt that must talk about it as reduce many skills to place on and have several consequences on. (About Casper Below of article)..

Coco Gauff.  A word could define all her match against Caroline, it would be grieving ” Afligida “, in fact from her box there were tremendous gestures as if she wasn’t doing something that was told before that match ” pressed on “, however a player (human being) must be connected with himself / herself, but grab to orders that limit all sponatenous skills where be able to find solutions permanently on. Technically her legs was in so high revolutions and so tighten up against the ground on, so limit times of reaction and after when hit the ball was being done as a couples of times, so the damage to the opponent was limit on, go late on

Caroline Garcia. On that case the feelings or context were choking between itself, as leaving in a corner the big physical change that have developed on as reflects her actual muscles tone, but about all where I want you to pay your attention on is in the aspects as tecnhnical as psychological, which were mixed up in a way that the visual impact was so clear on, so it is as get to involve inside of a bubble and couldn’t see anything more on.  Honestly, must recognise that was so brutal to see that kind of aggressiveness on line with a level of determination so high that draw out a sort of confidence that could look like unbreakable bond, but it is justly an illusion ” espejismo “, that in some way it reduces brutally the spacial situation that were thinking that have around of ourselves, so about that case on court, will avoid that find any solutions or simply can grab the option to test different situations and look properly its consequences on as on benefit or also its countable abilities of interference about our way on, when that is drainig and get to explode, it leave to the main actor fixed as if there was just an unique lens with an unique focal on, our length is lost. (On Both matches that could watch, see it clearly on, obviously on differenrt ranges, but is the same!.).

Aryna Sabalenka.   I just watched the match against Karolina, but also a highlight of her Iga’s match, my perception even through of the difficulty that sometimes can grab some humans as manage it very depth of them, but at the end everything go out. Through of her level of game, where made a waste of energy extremedly high between power and move the ball on routine, so brain was push to support a level of pressure that in accumulation was saving that inside, so it usually leave our person without ideas, repeating them or even develop a kind of confidence that is absolutely unreal but assimilate is as own and let that it flows where paid that excess of confidence, it usually happen when for the way have jumped some frame of the process that have wanted to bring out, probably on tha case, after to listen her interviews and watch the matches, the level of acceptation to different details wasn’t being to draw over there.

Ons Jabeur. As have always said, I like to observe (analyse) everything from a player, as that is happening outside as the rests of issues once are on court, so on that case, till that last days haven’t watched anything at all, the first thing that saw a video on Instagram about her spontaneous meet with Andy Roddick, so it also is information to have on mind where after that on court could see it as well. My big feeling that she needs to believe on herself so grab a long consistency without drawing curves of doubt that made her to keep in down profile, so must focused more on herself, think that too much attention as the other is reacting or that could do next, so must be herself simply playing from herself. About technical aspect, want to show a thing, that I have the feeling that will have in her final with Iga (It happened on), is that many times after of her first moment as on the service as after of the first strike on the rest, then grab a split that put her too much down on the floor, lost a little balance and even time to reaction (Ball moves over without enough power on or just crash it against the net) – That gave the defenitive match point to Iga that after did effective, even of course that psyologically have that create a tough-impact in, so is soft but so clear to see on.

Iga Swiatek. I couldn’t watch the first set of the final, but when began to watch on the second one, from the begining was happening an issue that mustn’t leave on the side, as she was in total panic attack where a situation like that comes up with many hidden issues in that won’t explain now, between all them also an level of nervous absolutely out of control from herself, so it is so dangerous, as means that there are issues that are beint to leave open on the way, so in some or other moment will have its own price on. Technically when she hit the ball, doesn’t matter which stroke she hit on, that the racket is a very clear natural extension from the body, it is so fantastic to contemplate that, true that about the forehand there are small details to improve on that would do her still to be most close to the perfection, but as said, the inner area is most important to fix that details that probably will have a high price to pay on about the next stages.

Jannik Sinner.  I coudn’t watch the match, just a small highlights, but there is a huge difference with Alcaraz that in fact on the future could create serious problems, his legs’ wide on every movement with or without executing the slipt on, it was too brutal, lost coordination, also placed too much tense on the abductors and obviously on technically level you can give to the ball the power and consistency that wish to do with it. Other point his emotional level, his field of action was so narrow, is reminded me as player from whatever other sport throw a penalty that is always placing against the doll on (Goalkeeper), while the goal is doing on itself so big because a lack of emotional resources that let him move on different ways in.

Karen Kachanov.  I could watch just the last set, well he was overthinking or just to walk with the mind in front of him, emotionally that creates a noise where the field of concentration is unbalance and the focus out of control, practically seek some external detail to support to stand up, that did that for example many of the strokes the point of impact were down so send the ball far from the baseline, or in others the acompany of the movement are not clean, didn’t challenge himself to move the things on.

Casper Ruud. Against Karen, he was stuck, means that there were two issues, one he was firm on each one of his strokes, keep his agressive point as on speed as intention but didn’t take some kind of intitiative, so it keeps on himself as a profile down, means is waiting for the movements make its own inertias, so are weapon with double sharpen on, specially as he recognised at the end of the match through of his speech “unconscious”, but that it was notifiable in different aspects, but we know to hold that up is also a great lesson to bring out to don’t get close on the bourderline on and be able to show everything he is on. Right now, in his match against my namesake, Carlos, the line was very similar, when need to be leadership doesn’t have the mind tools to place in front of that (I don’t refer about the outcomes, just about the human side – personality’s development), that let to react thousandth late or just give too chances to Carlos; technically on the backhand turn a little the body so make himself to lost too much the feeling with the ball, so need to cover it with the forehand, so the stroke inside of court have a good archor, but on the baseline or a little behind of it don’t grab the same level of consistency, suffer a little to take out the ball without needs to add more power about it, but play about the own base line, his footwork is electric and faster on, however on the external areas of the courts is as that left the mind stop on to move on the same rhythm on, think that is his weak area to work on.

Frances Tiafoe.  Super interesting case, as he warned firmly on the previous days befor the match against Rafa, even although he had lost on, he was developing perfectly everything he said on. I feel super lucky to have had him with me during my period in the Queen’s Club being a tennager that was recently arriving to the ATP tour, he was 19 years old, i think, polite, so grateful with anyone even a nice level of extraversion, meant that his level of answeresness was a detail to be on mind, so through of the time step by step are doing a way where is placing a seed that at the end is a great benefit to set of the tennis as well.  On the Rafa’s match, wanted to kept the leadership as he made on, watering a lake as if was on the top of a waterfall, however if want to wrap the way up, must be most clever on that moment to take choices, also take a speed of the movement that let him to save third or forth ball, so avoid some unnecesary risks on.

About his match against Carlos, he was eating for the nervous, where the arm wasn’t loosing on the arch of the movements, also specially with the backhand don’t take a good turn around so practically all time needs to throw the ball ourt from him without hitting it properly. On the serve had a serious problem with the left arm as it make a movement on arch back so lost all kind of balance, lost a of the consistency, and in relation to his forehand, have a arch so big that when hit lost the point of impact, ball sent far away or lost of placing and speed on. Psychologically, as he said, the nervous was being too much decisives, as knows to work or at least keep a good inertia of suffering was a good key that was helping on.

* To be honest or Frances makes a serious changes on as about the service as on his backhand or then he can start to forget to get any chance to go over his own level to grab or be closed to face up for a Grand Slam title on.

Carlos Alcaraz. From the warm up, could observe he was so electric, would say that mentally was with a excessive speed in, that in some way to go to affect to the concentration while draw points of attention without any kind of draining on, means that lost an ability of reflection that avoid close on a space where his field of awaresness is walking according with the moment of the action instead of taking it thounsandth after so make him to make too extra effort on. About his techniques, second service goes with the same force that with the first one, about the rest his position could be more pro-active and natural without losing time on, the body position on the backhand is too reduced so made him that can’t bring out all the extension so make it so short, lost consistency and force, the forehand don’t pin with the hip to don’t bring points easily or the fact have to do a extra of energy after on, in general more natural inertia to ahead on.

Small details about his match against Casper, obviously keep a line of actiion on parallel that have comented in the previous paragraph, however, there is something quite interesting to show you, let to explain with a example, if you are a singer you had to go with the tone of the melody, maybe can be spontaneous and then jump some aspects, however you must be on connection with that, well if we look to my namesake, he is moving as in two or third parts, hit tough, but feel that the ball is in a position, the head in other, and the body also over other on, so by dynamism and strong physical he got to move that, however he lost all the level of intelligence that could place on court, even the reflection ability till movements in speed that let a wide variety of choices on so think that makes a mind and physical wear that is avoidable in.



Every player is different, every human being have their own circunstances, but that week have seen as about players that have mentioned here, as others that were development on the previous article called, First Week of the USOPEN 2022, so recomend you to read it, that the moorings are not being executed or even frequently missing out from a good job as physical, technical as obviously psychological, about it in terms of mental health, is could be one of the mistakes most dangerous that are doing on; as it is a key that is walking far away from winners or losers, ups and downs, it mark a way that will be able to manage everything on.

I don’t want to get the reason as innerly as about that is happening on court, but facts that have been observing even before than the US OPEN, after was finding theirs spaces on, so the pshychology reading are never lying on, as neither is something magic, simply is some instantenous that one can observe really from the own way I come from.

As I don’t want to extend too much on that point that can understand about the moorings (Anclajes), a simple example, guess that you go to GOOGLE MAPS or take a classic map, then you want to check your next journey, so have to mark on your point of departuring and also your point of arriving on, already have two clear moorings, those that place about us a great impact, however during the travel will have to fix much more points, as must be totally aware that will have to stop with the objective to keep building a solid firm way, that other points always are basics as well, however usually we don’t want to give them the weight that deserve on or even are not able to see that they could means on, on both cases will have to face up with different kind of situations that will demand new roles on every instant during a short or even long period of time, that are the MOORINGS!!!, so if we or you open a way to others and are never paying any sort of attention to that small things, will be developming a serious problem about ourselves or even to others, where through of time it can convert in a draining out without control, which it is a game between the conscious and the unconscious, where the subconsnciousness will be left totally naked till whatever situation is coming up on.

Dear reader, if you are now on that point, let me to give you a big thank you, well when have gone writting that along the week but without losing on my gazing the situations from the first week of the USOPEN, and after on that second week that through of the own circumstances make it bigger with external visual impacts so much clear, even without the need to place myself to have a good reading focus on, then made me that I didn’t have any other chance that name the matter about the psyhological moorings (Anclajes emocionales), where on casual way or maybe doesn’t, some people told about it on the social networks but also on some medias as well, but honestly that are blending it with the different systems of supports (there are several in and out) ” Refuerzos” in favour to grab on us the success or that understand about that is the success is some really irresponsible in terms of psychology on.

The moorings, are thick points that push you to other kind of stages without any chance to look back ever more on, are the points that define a final and a begin on, also they are not cyclical as are variables in the process of development, and need from us that have a clear intention of exhibition ( ” exposicion ” ) in place, moments and states outside of our own field of action, it has a lot of risk but the rewards don’t have mark or influences, it comes from own conscious positions that are going to place on, through of every point of that stages to catch the moourning ups in the moment that were able to understand that new map that are on that moment.

The Supports, can be useful areas inside of the process of the moorings, but would never have any value most that the small instant, if it start to convert on identity while broke spaces on every step of the road, then will grab a level of presence that a several previous time will breaking the bases to grab after the moorning that was being development on that moment, sincerely, the supports are from my point of view a very dangerous tools that place us far away of our process of identity, where very often are development patterns that push us to rely of thems for every situation that lives on, so in the same time avoid us our critical point through of a self-concept that is not real about who are or could grab to be on, so throw ouselves (or students) to several states of self-deception, means a kind of inner that will never be free in.

* Honestly will develop a subject as the moorings and the supports, would be so extense as write a own half book, so please don’t mix up that concepts as also don’t grab us the success from others to try to sell out our limited professional baggage. 

*A human can be guide on the way but must never be teaching ” instruido ” to develop a task by the infliction through of drawing a emotional cheating on that push the living being to be far away from its own identity in “



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