Dear reader, during that USOPEN qualifycation’s week, could watch some matches or just some moments from some of them, so honestly that you are going to read after that, it is not a highlight of that matches or moments that I have grabbed on, if not that have developement different circunstances of the every player have bee able to watched on, think that will be so useful for every one of the actors, but also to who want to be coach or own coaches in global, Remind you that there are never an absolute truth, I just to share with you my observations from my knowledge and wisdom developed during years and still improving on every second on. Enjoy with that!.

CHRISTINA MCNALLY.  She was right so keep herself on balance, on my view think that abused to use the slice to  force to Burrage to bring up the ball, after played really in relation to cut the rythms while saw the opponent too stuck on the floor, because otherwise if it was through of the winners, barely appreciated some of them, that is a consequence the emotional wall that was too heavy in.

JUDIE BURRAGE. Few days ago when reached the final in a challenger, said that have left all her tank on, even could previously some moments from other rounds, so realised that it was something more deep. Today saw on her that her emotional area took too much weight about her own legs, when about that base have her great natural and genetic power, as also at Surbiton already saw details that still are there, point of impact in opening way through of take the ball too down, basically because is too over it, so have to hide the real forehand of her, too frequently can see it. Think that need to focus in mental agility so nothing have to be with the mental force nor with have a strong legs, here was the problem, the legs were so pin on the floor as if had nails on each one, I am sure that is something unconscious more through of habits of position that for whatever other reason so when go to ahead I miss ” the blind pause ” some basic when the net is gonna to make bigger on; about the service the ball once is toss up when go for it was hit down a little bit (the mistakes goes up) and the last thing I don´t like the position on the rest, lost time and good base of the reaction, maybe is a fixation of mine, but must be in relation to the genetic of every one, so will let a faster and natural reaction on.

GEORGINA GARCIA PEREZ.  From the begining, could see her faster while looked everything with a high level of intention on. Sincerely on the baseline had a serious problem is that when is making the split, many times probably without needs it at all, her base of supports lost completely the positon while take a kind of aperture that is going over her genetic and make on her lost balance and go late for the next balls, obivously other resources help to stay on game, but it create a point of weakness in moment that want to grown your own level against oponents that will never give any space on.

YURIKO LILY MIYAZAKI. Here was curious, because during a period the time can see three kind of emotional state, once grabbed for the tension without mobility, after other with the gazing outside of the space and third that was took my length of the time, an acceleration that place her in a state really vulnerable. Technically her forehand took it late, so it is as took an envelop and throw it after that, so with a player like Georgina with a forehand well grabbed ahead when took support is practically lost whatever power of dominancy and be pushing to go behind of that. Other details, is that everything aspect is too mechanic, so steals a lot of space of the reaction, lost of time and consciuusness, so there is a work in relation a mobility and emotinal sates to bring on.

PAUL JUBB. First thing, must talk with his band’s clothes because was permanent the war that had with his t-shirt on, I don´t know why, but anyway leaving the jokes in a side, let’s go to talk on the mainly, honestly that sometimes that external factors, unconsciousnly can create a lost of concentration that could damage the ability to make a great skill of atention on. Other issues that have gonw watching in his matches, for example the position on the rest, too mechanical plus have a stuck down in an aperture that make him to lost force and transference, so on many times must recover the dominancy of the point, also detail in relation with the brain, his choices, seeking of a clever mental position,..etc., comes from a mind a little stop in transmission to the rest of the body. Forehand usually the body is keeping behind, about the balls inside of the court, lost the position so twist all the body while the weigh is not creating any mobility on, so the balls take a direction unconsistent, it lost of dominance make so complex the way to close games or sets on. Think that save inside a high emotional weigh that tight the set of the mass, that create an extense irreal physical fatigue.

ANTONIE BELLIER. I couldn’t watch too much, but in great part of the match, service and volley, that in fact to all set too late with the ball over him; about psychology, he hooked an mental acceleration that pushing him out all time,  probablly a scape from his own lack of confidence, practically didn´t want to play too much from the baseline.

PEDRO SOUSA. I couldn´t watch too much, however when took a great position his forehand was really tough, although with a psychological position where looked like that have a super load on his back, so made that didn´t believe on anything, and on the backhand, tried always go with the slice backhand. That guy are those guys who can create a great confusion to the oponent because when play in that point bewetten the weigh and the flow, is the unconsistency that create in the opponent a draw that place out.

GIJTS BROWER. Honestly for his heigh the mobility is not the best, really is in a very stuck position while play on the same line where is always seeking his backhand so hit an opening forehand, too much in oppostie way, so the brain is moving in a very slow way so it is get through to temps of acceleration that can grab a level of precipitation that have to provide some consequences on.

HEATHER WATSON. Sincerely, she has played a brutal game, clean strokes with forces and changes on even came with a lot of intention and dynamism, however there is two details one is less, her forehand lost some of consistency as it is grabbed some later on or even could say that with a mobility over it, but where was really the difference, was that in each most pressure moments lost  totally the mind, the brain was on stuck with a very tighten body gesture on, while lost space and presence on court, some fears was flying up, but is a detail so personal that only can know herself, but level of play think that is great way on, but have the challenge most difficult but in the same time the most beauty understand more to herself and go out to show much more potential on.

SARA BEJLEK. She is 16 years old, but sincerely her characte is brutal, a kind of spirit very interesting to gaze on, well, about other aspect on psychologicals apart from that character, have a great ability to keep up and down without doubts on, so hope can be powerful on the future plus her intelligence. In relation about technical aspects, on the service have to hold more the hip and go for it, on the backhand probably her best stroke as hold the shoulders is nice but still can extend the transferece more, where if must improve a lot, because it is very unconsistent is her forehand, specially doesn´t wait the ball and go more for it, so must leave better with her dominant leg and doesn´t keep too stand up against the net.

* Although couldn’t watch any matches of him, the good job that have done by Nico Jarry and all his team with a good friend ahead where go burnt different stages that were signed out, in a slow process, step by step where right now is coming the area most difficult and in the same time the most beauty, or at least should be like that, when I am saying that is difficult is because in terms of analysis – management will have some skills that will demand some maps that must be different to the usual to get a maintance from the inner without losing on the way, independently about that one want to considere about the concept of success.

*Anyway is a couage woman with a great presence on court, is nice to see something like that on court, like Maja Chawanlinska, Linda Fruhvirtova and someone else….. sincerely if want to be coach on that details should spend time to observe on..

That week on my job have had a ITF 25K W & M, I had liked to have been able to watch all the matches or plenty of them, but between hours of job and the effort to keep a much more hide behaviour although put on sacrificie that I love and that a lot years have been working for, however that right now is the right and my time will come on. However for confidentiality, I keep it with me as have always done, but anyway, have been a lot details from players as spaniards  as british ones that obviously is where more focus of attention put out, although also about players from other countries, even pro – trainings where the mistakes keep being the same, so dear reader it is a fresh bread of injuries before or after on, but as have said on the beginning of the article, that is not an absolute truth, just to share with you my knowledges and wisdom developed during years, but that just have an unique way to improve it, means to make a mutual job.

*An untypical guy that is not looking for anything nor go out from a down profile (humble), just to help to others human being when they need in, however I understand as help the fact that the will of the growth is diving in a mutal way where the point of begining is the human root which is a detail unnegotiable for me.




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