In the first part of the article, dear reader, we have talked about the meaning of PSYCHOLOGY , its educational, psychological and affective influences, as well as religious variants, along with the strong influence of the media and the “unpredictable” surprises that we We are later led by the lack of foresight due to the non-existent emotional reading, in this article I will address the psychological CHAOS , all its influence and the intrahistory that has led us to it.

Psychology. Part ii

If I close my eyes, I just start to feel, to breathe, flow and then my mind names the word PSYCHOLOGY , the first thing that comes to mind is, “What world’s exciting , ” Is it not dear reader ?, no There is a more exciting journey than entering your own interior, navigating through all that sea of ​​emotions, deep-rooted feelings from the most distant past, sorcery for all that, reaching the place where internal bleeding is taking root, full of a lot of burden, pain and consequences However, from that same place we can start a journey of self – knowledge in levels we never believed could exist, to get there the main thing is to want to get there, that requires courage.

A couple of years ago I learned the following:

“All the human beings that inhabit this planet earth, deep inside we are not so different, the only thing that differentiates us is the armor that we put on outside, due to wounded feelings or emotions without any work”

Through my experiences, my knowledge, of many years out of curiosity and internal need, among other things due to an internal and permanent phobia for life, where I do not stop investigating and observing, it pushes me to feel a certain rage, towards happiness. career or profession, called PSYCHOLOGY and those who manage it from the trunk or spine, because I am aware of the weapons and the power that it has as a coherent base, in helping and improving the well-being of people , the main objective for which it is constituted this branch, regardless of its labor labels, and that now in the XXI century with all the pieces of the puzzle on the table, we are starting the house with the roof with its consequences when skipping all the basic and intermediate steps prior to the icing on the cake, causing a Chaos or funnel with a difficult but not impossible solution.


The CHAOS in Psychology.

In my personal opinion, this CHAOS in PSYCHOLOGY can be divided into several sections:

A) The concept of Psychology, how and to what extent it can cover.

It is a drawer, that is, common sense , that every profession, before being taught through teaching others , must be very clear about the concept of the word that defines their chosen career or profession, the objectives that encompasses and the ways to bring it to fruition. However, in PSYCHOLOGY still after a decade, with the unconscious importance that it has been taking, in all areas of living beings (humans and other species of our planet) , this seriously does not happen, it is more that we basically navigate in waves without glare of calm.

Two debates-confusion that have crossed the PSYCHOLOGY community itself , reaching the voices of any civilian person, trainers, businessmen, doctors, … etc. are:

a) The first, starting with the basis of whether PSYCHOLOGY can really be considered as SCIENCE or rather a PSEUDOSCIENCE given its influential origin, through ASTROLOGY and the different RELIGIONS, together with the difficulty of generating universal laws.

Starting from the null clarity of considering it SCIENCE or not , it invites us to two ways to define the word PSYCHOLOGY and start the game of clarifying the objectives to be covered:

  1. If we come together and consider it SCIENCE , apart from carrying out research, which can later be signed and certified, the first step is not to reject the BEING , our own inner self, to give substance, loyalty and credibility to every possible advance.
  2. If we unite and consider it SCIENCE , but reject our BEING , our own inner self, all initial research will already begin limping, lacking the most important area, the load bearing of every habitable LIVING BEING on Earth.

There could be a third way in PSYCHOLOGY , which is to consider it PSEUDOSCIENCE , which I do not share, because I am against everything that is taken to mystical, revelational, magical extremes, … etc …, I believe in balance, with risks to both sides, because going only to the extremes only leads to charlatans, manipulators, with knowledge to one side but rejection to the other side , that is always the same dangerous sectarianism , leaving human persons or other living beings , without autonomy , attached to a fictitious dependence , comfort, something also very frequent if we decide to go the way of the second option exposed.

Not being clear about the beginning, everything that comes or comes behind as content , is or will be a quantity of content , of course useful, but full of contradictions one after another, because the initial line of work is not marked or defined with the Sufficient clarity, to go from there, each branch with their own experience and creativity, providing a good job and professionalism not only to their profession, but also to living beings, people or not, directly or indirectly require some kind of help or advice.

b) The second if PSYCHOLOGY can or should be considered as HEALTH Science , MEDICAL SCIENCE instead of SOCIAL SCIENCE. That PSYCHOLOGY collaterally has a great influence on people’s health , both in the prevention, the way to address the disease or injury that occurred, the reinforcement for a more effective treatment, as well as the ability to generate and manage, the changes of Habits necessary or not, but beneficial, once you return to the routine.

Another detail, already explained in the first article, which should be clear, that MEDICINE is a physical science, while PSYCHOLOGY is an intrinsic science, not a physical one. Demanding several very important guidelines:

  1. The psychologist cannot physically enter the body-mind-brain of the patient and put a chip on him, ordering him as if he were a robot, transmitting hand-to-distance, what he must do, because the patient’s injury (person or living being ) is not visible, it is abstract, intrinsic.
  2. Being PSYCHOLOGY , a science based on the cognitive and behavioral , the professional needs a skill, which is not learned with books, or in the university, although they can act as reinforcement, being the most powerful and essential basic pillar, EMPATHIZATION , quality or ability that is not easy to achieve in its maximum extension, necessitating a long process of own work through the experiences or experiences of life, together with how you allow or allow said situations to teach you and integrate into your self more internal , to in turn not only achieve EMPATHY, but also acquire a capacity of the Observable , through the Ear, from where to start a more accurate evaluation.
  3. Although PSYCHOLOGY could apparently have some kinship with MEDICINE , especially with the fields of NEUROLOGY or PSYCHIATRY, a psychologist is not a doctor, nor can he / she prescribe drugs, in addition all study or research, is more based on the Observable, the behaviors, behaviors and reactions of the person in question, while in MEDICINE , they are medical investigations, more physical in the laboratory, with excessive focus on application and execution, in the way of fitting all the technological advances in favor of the health of the patient, very little in the prevention or understanding or origin of the disease.


” The engine of the human being is THE internal BEING, within each one of us, the external sheet, it is unimportant, it is not what will give you security to walk the marked journey, if the personal part does not work, the rest it will not matter, because based on trust threads, it is a matter of time, to stay sold before life, something like preparing a car for a trip, the bump or scratch is the least of it, and even some areas of the interior as well, but the engine, its internal condition and the axle of the wheels, its good walking is essential to enjoy the trip with the maximum possible freedom ”

B) Infinity of studies. The setting of criteria in a flexible way.

Currently, speaking of PSYCHOLOGY , there is a great source of studies, research around us, however, with the feeling of distorting, the concepts, the starting point of progress, starting as I mentioned before, by the definition of PSYCHOLOGY , following with others such as motivation, anger, sadness, depression, Self-control, Control, Emotional Intelligence, empathy, mental strength, ….. etc .. among many others, but in recent times they are those that are heard the most, in turn with a lot of personal self-deception , among those who give lessons about it, and those who believe it, end up buying it, integrating them into their thoughts, self-convincing, with the consequences in the end foreseeable with the passage of time.

In my opinion it comes from two points:

  1. The claim of PSYCHOLOGY to cover medical ranges when it is not, through research, scientific line studies or that can be considered scientific, but with its nuances, basically due to the process and way in which in PSYCHOLOGY they can be materialized , being observable-empathic-communicative with the person or living being in question, taking great importance the interpretation of what was experienced, not falling into subjectivity, something too frequent.
  2. The absence of basic criteria , everything is a jungle of information, without knowing where to throw it, there is no ORDER , nor unified criteria, that allow the human ethical-moral respect marked by base by people living together in a society and respect for the code deontologist of said profession.


“Our nature has more strength, more power, than all humanity put together, no matter how unbeatable teachers we think we are”

“We blur the beauty of nature ourselves when we do things where we should not and by the way we transmit and interpret them”


C) Cooperation and mutual support between professionals in the branch. Commitment and respect towards people.

I recently heard through a video, a Psychologist (Sports) in response to the question What future holds for Sports Psychology in Spain and internationally? (transferable to the entire field of PSYCHOLOGY, and to many other professions), said he felt the following:

“I hope that we continue the future that physical trainers have followed 30 years ago, which cost them to get into the teams, I hope the same thing happens to us, now that depends on us, there whether we are accepted, we need a outreach work, we need to support each other, that I do not have that impression, I do not think we have that corporatism in supporting each other, helping each other, sharing the work, the other way around, I see PSYCHOLOGY , as this is mine, I do not teach it, I do not show it, and I am making my way here alone (narrow space), so until we have group conscience, that we can help each other, share, I believe that we will not advance ”

To the response of the psychologist, little more to add, very transferable to any area of ​​life, evidently with more emphasis on educational, cultural and sports branches, because they are the ones that have the most influence and emotional weight on living beings (human or not) at the individual level as a group, except for two points to highlight which are:

A) THE INTERNAL COMMITMENT , to achieve that group conscience , to share with others, working as a united team and integrated by the same objective, all growing in parallel, without leaving anyone behind, many factors would intervene here, long to explain. Many of the situations or things that each one of us can experience individually, is not thanks only to the work carried out at the time by a single person (the one who started the idea) but because of the integral cooperation of a group of people added to the same project disinterestedly with subsequent collateral benefit.

B) STOP SCIENTIFIC ABUSE. It is very normal in MEDICINE professionals , people with a lot of vocation , a profession based on medical research, without 100% absolute security and unpredictable before the different metabolic reactions of each body, acting with the utmost rigor, prudence, without abusing in saying “everything is scientifically proven”, making their minds more flexible and opening themselves much more to possible unknown or unforeseen situations in some points, without breaking any type of moral and ethical code.

On the other hand, in “professionals” of PSYCHOLOGY, it is quite the opposite, something based on much more “lights” research, abstract, observable, subjective , as soon as you confuse them, they pull off on a tangent, without rigor or respect for people or their own patients (people), abusing in an inordinate way, justifying everything with “everything is scientifically signed”, accompanied in a notorious way, by body and facial gestures along with the change in toneeither in person, in consultation or through television or other news media, in addition, if it is in writing such as social networks, it stands out in capital letters and as many times as they deem necessary, going out through the “hills of Úbeda”, since In the majority of “professionals in PSYCHOLOGY ” there is a lack of enormous empathy with the one who asks or seeks help , also causing that there is no active listening by the “professional”, leaving the person (patient or future patient) with a face from, “very good, thank you, you were very useful to me” (irony).

At first glance, it seems an almost impossible utopia, to bring to fruition both points mentioned, Commitment and Stop scientific basis, not only in PSYCHOLOGY , but in any other labor field, especially educational ones, without identity breaks, to achieve a united, group, integrative work, with strong cohesion, among everyone, from top to bottom, limiting hierarchies, but that everyone feels equally important; However, I think that everything is possible, it is a matter of wanting to do it, leaving the fears, the ego, mine, yours, the search for your own reputation ….. etc .. of stupid justifications for insecurities and self- assurance covert that lead us to hide, to pretend that we are well, through a good sale and exposure, but inside I throw a shit, afterwards, everyone hands to the head !!! , already explained in the first part of the article, alaaaaa But what happened ?, How has this happened? …. bullshit and flattery without coming to mind, ….. later ….. (that each one use your own imagination).


“The satisfaction is not in the individual achievement, that is mere clay dust, but in the hueya that I leave at each stop of the trip, how it influences the people who lived it and those who continue to accompany me on this trip, in need always of human persons that indicates the next point of reference, because we are always lost travelers with much to discover from ourselves and from outside ”

D) The eradication of abusive propaganda without respecting the Deontological Code of the profession or especially the Code of moral ethics, established by the coexistence of the Company.

It is without a doubt, although I name it the last, the section that has the greatest importance, is our engine , the generator of the habit that will mark one path or another (labels) , if during the journey we are able to see that the course is not the appropriate one, considering the option of redirecting the direction, will require courage and self-esteem that is healthy and transparent enough, to take the rest and dare to take the step for the change of course ; However, the easy thing is to stay in the praise and the applause , through that desire for leadership, when living from the threads of trust, so thin that they break easily, constantly generating situations in which you are completely sold out to life. (concepts, self-esteem and threads of trust, which I will deal with a little later in this article).

It is evident that in recent years, social networks and YouTube channels have taken on a dark weight over this field of propaganda-marketing , as easily manipulated as it is a liar , not being something that did not happen before, however, previously, it was light, feeling as easily came LEAVING , I will not enter deeply into the reasons for the repect that are many and varied, because I lengthen much, however, at present, propaganda , it is grabbing And swelling like a bubble, without end, said abuse of propagandait squeaks a lot, at least in the two fields that currently compete for me, that is, in PSYCHOLOGY and TENNIS .

As a human being, this hurts me a lot, it is very difficult to look the other way, when I consider that apart from the professions of the educational-cultural branch , TENNIS , like any other sport, and especially PSYCHOLOGY for all Words that today are in the mouth of any person or group and because of all the smoke that is moving around, has a social responsibility to take care of and respect due to the evolutionary influence that it can generate in the person or group of people. Lying, confusing or manipulating with it , seems to me the most miserable and despicable, in this case by “professionals” , from PSYCHOLOGY AND TENNIS, leading to a terrain of manipulation, self-deception, sustained by flattery and applause, necessitated by an absent or weak self-esteem , which seeks a desire for leadership, as a way to cover all kinds of deficiencies that include a solid self-esteem (not to be confused with trusted threads ) .

At this point, it is here where the uncontrolled weight of social networks and YouTube channels comes into play , used as an “escape route” , to satisfy that egocentricity-desire for leadership, something unthinkable in the last century, before of the digital explosion, with only one way to satisfy it, to be successful at work, giving a blind desire for power, on the other hand, currently, digital-social tools have given multiple variables, being more present “false appearances or thanks without constructive content” , through the likes, subscribers, and the comments that people leave below the link, sometimes all this is used by brands to advertise themselvesunscrupulous, in many cases benefited by those who should give social responsibility for being public figures.


Example of self-deception,

“You are at the house of an acquaintance, celebrating a party of about 30 people, all scattered, each one in a corner, leaning on whatever is needed, with a drink in hand, without much rhythm, nor being the joy of the garden , then at a certain moment, a person decides to gather us all in the room, huddle together, show the cubata, smile, and say pa-ta-ta, for the purpose of a camera, immediately afterwards, the photo is uploaded to a social network, and a statement is written about it, “The fun turned into a party, … etc ..”, when it has really been the opposite. The seemingly hidden evil begins …. ……

……. ……. The serious thing is that we are so breaded, when we walk, or in this case we navigate through life, we see the superficiality, the supposedly apparent, we do not pause to do an analysis- natural of the entire photo, observing all the information that is contained within it, be accurate in our interpretation, be able to help if necessary and if they allow you, avoid watering internal wounds of the injured or injured, and in this way not take the hands to the head with the passage of time, in the form of unexpected or anticipated surprise, HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE NOT OBSERVED THIS !!! ”

That same example, in social networks or YouTube channels , both in TENNIS and in PSYCHOLOGY , it is super frequent, even of names that we would not think , that they want to focus said propaganda to take advantage of the fans and make a profit at their expense, It is up to you, but they are not the ones who will move the corresponding profession; that one wants to give oneself flowers, lying down, receiving flowers, that helps them to achieve a certain social position, through the observation of the packaging , very playful and entertaining, but little or no emotional reading, at the cost of the life of someone who seeks his help to improve and even suppose a great positive impact for the rest of his life , but who ends up leaving worse than when he arrived, and social networks or YouTube channels , apparently “hide that “It is very hard.

However, it is even more mean, “taking advantage” of misfortunes or lack of human resources , through acts of solidarity, where many start with very good intentions, but soon after, a matter of poor self – esteem , the direction begins to be certainly contradictory , especially surprising to let you drop by a place to help, and once you are back in your routine area, do not change the ways of acting or the decisions about it, no internal influence of your own, trying at the same time, to sell us that same motorcycle, of the one that gives zero example, and there are even brands that add their products to that car to promote themselves at any price, without morality or perhaps simple ignorance .


” A public figure, when supporting a social act, should pay attention not only to the box or packaging, which are always attractive, but also to the content, and to the congruence between both parties, basically, in that way, it will be doing a much more honest and transparent act of solidarity, apart from generating help for the protagonist of said solidarity work, who also often screams for it “.

“Listening, reading or accepting only the compliments, the pat on the back, are a very dangerous enemy, if life gives you the opportunity to cross yourself, with a criticism (let’s not forget that all positive or negative opinions are critical), know interpret that it does not come from a disrespectful or ill-intentioned hatter, but from someone, who performs them with politeness, with a respectful tone and with a desire to argue, whether he is wrong or not, they are the people we should listen to the most, the most solid they will make our self-esteem, our spine ”

“As living beings, the need to share our wisdom is intense, confusing it with the desire to take center stage, it is a sign of a lot of personal work to be done, non-existent emotional reading, generating contamination instead of helping no matter how good intentions you have”

” People without resources, their way of thanking someone for help, is through the opening of their arms, their soul and their heart, allowing them to receive this, soak you and rebuild pieces within you, it requires a lot of effort and sacrifice from the person who does it. receive, it is not enough with just days, it is a long and exciting process, but it will be your me, me, me, me, and me and more me above all, lacking in your internal conscience the respect for human beings, who selflessly They have opened up to you, and they don’t know how you manage said reception, depending on you, once, you return to your own human jungle ”


The fact that we are living a current situation, where the emotional inultimately pretends by some to be erased by the digital , without feelings, emotions, or sensitivity , … and an endless number of components that every habitable living being on this planet has, each one expressing it in their own way, with human beings , with the ability also to communicate, transmit, … is to travel against nature, generating our own trap, psychological chaos , with explosions, which, like an inflated balloon, once released You do not know what direction or force or aggressiveness it can take; the issue is much more serious thanuse digital as justification that it takes us away from our interior, our hidden self , but that we are afraid to see it, face its marked wounds, and live from our authentic self .

Let’s review why we have reached that point, look in the last ten years, more specifically from 2005 – 2006 , some habits were generated that we are already dragging, without remedy, with many intermediate patches, but without being brave when it comes to make decisions that evolve, not that put more people in a vicious circle with no door to advance. Years before those dates, it was strange and infrequent, to hear or read any type of word related to PSYCHOLOGY, in any type of daily conversation, on the street, with friends, acquaintances, family, sports or work, … etc. And if something came out, the answer-question was always the same, in a less funny tone,But what is that eeeeessss ?, consequence of having been educated without any kind of emotional development , or cheap populism taking advantage of it , without forgetting other details or nuances, to read in my article on PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE .

Those habits that we carry until today come from the sports-cultural branch , because the social influence, and the capacity for movement that they have, at a musical level, through songs and interpretations, sad, vindictive, politicized and commercial, to television / cinema level , without specifying anything in particular, other than the burden of removing the shit from the past over and over again, you must never deny it, however, if you do not have to generate in people, a past in the present and near future , making its existence become a via-crucis, and at a sporting level, without a doubt, one of those that has generated the greatest influence, apart from being the one thatPSYCHOLOGICAL , has placed on the fore, all the main terms of PSYCHOLOGY , familiarizing these terms in the mouth of the people, rather the word and its definition, but not all the depth and knowledge and experience that each of them need .

In reference to sports , I feel that both in Spain and internationally, in those first years of this current decade, first Fernando Alonso , and especially then Rafa Nadal , his influence more permanent over time, caused a boom with respect to PSYCHOLOGICAL terminologies around their figures, with much more weight in Nadal , where the beginning of the habit, the prejudice that enchants you and then getting out of it is very difficult, having the feeling that it caught Nadal when he was still a child, as to understand everything he covered and all the PSYCHOLOGICAL terminology that he moved and still continues to move.

In those early days, all the burden of responsibility fell on the coaching staff who carried it, their teachers, their mentors, to take advantage of that goodness that was sold at the cost of advertising contracts and greater economic demand in the contracts, it is legal, but to have It had delicacy and restraint, due to the social consequences and even its own, that said Boom could have , as it has happened, it would not have been wrong. If I have the feeling, from the last interviews that I have had the opportunity to read or hear from Rafa Nadal , his conscience, at the limit of that false morality, in which he knows that he has been able to move, the discomfort that this can suppose and the attempt to give the greatest normality to his current figure, that honors him a lot. (When I talk about the sports approach in PSYCHOLOGY part III, I will explain what in my opinion Rafa Nadal covers sports and humanly).

Years later, joining the intensity of the Boom that Nadal was psychologically generating , came in 2011 , the Boom of Diego Pablo Simeone , at Atlético de Madrid , with a linguistic arsenal , very powerful as to disconcert you in depth, I do not know if even to the “cholo” himself , but obviously if for the rest of such a huge social mass, in a sport like football he is capable of moving. They are PSYCHOLOGICAL terminologies, which are not learned overnight,They need work, patience, sacrifice, experience, suffering, communication … etc ….. among many other values , to be able to understand and execute said linguistic messages, which the “cholo ” launched, in which they are taken advantage of by the club in the form of aggressive “merchandising” shirts, mugs, … etc., but which were lost and then lost along the way, due to the abuse of control , a situation that is never in our hands.

Being public figures, which entails a social responsibility , in many cases I sense that it is exhausting, at least within a limit, even more so, if there is a lot of use of psychologically very technical terminologies , renamed as we did previously (previous times) , and sent to a great social mass, of all colors, through sports such as football or tennis they move, even for their own colleagues, without being very conscious, you invite people to a loop very dangerous mental , due to the emotional weightand the previous work process that these terms require to do, and few have the solid base to advance them. Obviously, as we have been able to verify, this has resulted in a distortion and disorder towards many of the concepts, patent and very alarming, situation and concepts that I will explain in the third part of this article on PSYCHOLOGY.

The serious, very dangerous within the INTRAHISTORY

The current situation of PSYCHOLOGY, for me is very serious, and there are three points to take into account through these social impacts transmitted by different athletes:

A) Companies and entrepreneurs ,
The use sometimes allowed, other times without their consent of the figure or face, of Rafa Nadal or other athletes, sets examples as a motivating weapon for workers. Self-deception, false motivation, reluctance, abandonment and withdrawal from private self-knowledge, along with its fatal consequences, is a plant sold very cold.

B) Psychologists and the profession of PSYCHOLOGY itself ,

The incompetence and uselessness of said “professionals” , together with the mental cocoa , and the disorder in the spine of PSYCHOLOGY, which are incapable of clarifying, cleaning up garbage and unifying criteria , tend to use the figure of Rafa Nadal , Simeone , or any other athlete, through a video or simply an image, to justify or define a concept, completely distorting the reality of said concept, and chaotically limiting both future professionals in that branch and current professionals. The disaster and ignorance is patent, when you have to lean on something external, to explain something of which you have no idea, patients, their environment and society, pay a very expensive dish, distancing them from their identity, their authenticity.

C) Manipulation of civil society ,
Human beings , who make up society, who buy such propaganda , today plagued with demagoguery, both digitally through social networks and YouTube channels , and physically in the form of books , with certain authors with a fanatic role (psychological, spiritual or scientific , the emotional weight is the same), it is enough to go around any bookstore and see how the shelving of these sections has increased, the enormous number of courses on the matter (deceptive business), documentaries or talks, starting with the house on the roofIt is terrifying to see the number of steps of stairs that are skipped, to read or attend to situations, that are not learned with a click, that takes an evolutionary process , long time, through which we all must go and through which we are all capable to learn a lot from it, if we allow it.

The value that unites these three points outlined, which terrifies a lot, due to its absence in the three aforementioned fields, is the lack of AUTHENTICITY , the connection with the essence of our environment in which we live, our nature, and its path in parallel . However, that fear of facing who we really are, what we hide inside, cleaning the deepest wounds, … etc … so that they do not show themselves again in a present or future moment, makes us pull for ” the easy way ” , of Power, pride, Ego, the desire to take center stage, the applause, the likes, the subscribers, ….. etc ….. , leaving aside our true identity, our loyal COMMITMENT , our authentic being, our desire for honest improvement for ourselves and for others, for the benefit of sharing with them our most intense, hidden and profound wisdom, with the objective of joint advancement.


“If we do not listen, we do not give an opportunity to natural fluidity, without forcing, giving rise to that spontaneity, naturalness, connected with the force of nature as uncontrollable as pure in teaching, we will be limiting the potential of the person or people that we have to our position, plunging them into a sea of ​​disappointment and anxiety ”

“The Psychologist / Psychologist, or any human being, three basic phases, receive the information, analysis of the information and the rest of the context and share the acquired wisdom, expressing, releasing everything that one carries inside, leaving nothing inside”

Once at this point, missing that courage on the part of the pertinent institutions, professional associations of PSYCHOLOGY, federations of American and European Psychology, Universities, … etc … , with the approval of the media. , the athletes and together with a more than remarkable ignorance regarding the depth of the concepts , together with the distortion and confusion that reign in each of them, I will go on to define and clarify these concepts .

In the article PSYCHOLOGY part III , which I invite you to continue reading, dear reader, where I will try to clarify some concepts , from my point of view, such as motivation , sadness, fear, anger, self-control, control, self-esteem , the threads of trust, attachments, empathy and assertiveness, ability , emotional intelligence, mental strength, mental agility and the appearances of the Coaching Branch , variants in this regard (Meditation, … etc .. .), and the sporting approach both at a psychological and tennis level , their mutual relationship. ………. …………. ………….. ————- —->

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .