Dear reader, I am not a person who could be defined to take some cases and then individualized it as if it was something diferent to the rest or in other words to push it up as a way that bring to the spectators to take a perspective that revitalize something that should be in all of us, as in the same way obviously haven´t watched the documentary about him (“Los Golpes…).. basically because every time that is gone away feeling myself more and more conscious, a level of observation as easy as frenetic as even in the same time that could give a full of fear to all of them who are not ready to see that in according as you can integrate all of that in your brain; something that was a great alley in all of that is when studied photography and camera tv, and as in relation to our emotional state could take frame to frame and built all of that in a way absolutely subjective to sell that out in the way that you want through of intentions that probably in a short way there are not any relation at all with a reality that is much more human and natural, so the opposite of all that is pushing, pushing and pushing a lot of noises in small pieces of fields to that all a group (familiar, job, social…) unite step by step from the area more blind of our brain all an arsenal of pieces to built a weapon as noisy as dangerous in their expansion without measures, where to play the game of scape could look like justly the unique way to get the right exit’s door (But that is your imagination through of your comfort).

After of that small introduction, let me to talk a little bit about Roberto Bautista, of course without stopping to insist that if I haven’t known something or even someone will never see me talking about it, because have learnt on my life that the coherence, common sense is not coming from if is right or wrong, good or bad, white or black,…etc.. justly comes from a journey that is truth and honest while at the same time you are able to respect the truth of others, where from the middle could go to open a field of extension to both sides, at least that have always been my way to do the things without forgeting to defence there that know really well by exposuring.

In a moment of my life where I was proving myself in a permanently way without any kind of hopes (expectativas) although was really uncomfortable to my person, but knew that for the future would be really something that would give thanks in a permanent way because my inner wouldn’t be the same and my power of intention would walk in way as clear as hard in resilence without breaking back anymore, a kind of hard that will never leave you alone; so with all of that one that proves was my period at the Queen’s Club (Nov2014 – Jan2017).

At the Queen’s Club,  the first year was something a little bit big to my person, but the Davis Cup changed everything on my focus, from there the rest of the first year and the second year were really a wonderful period where the life brought me a few great surprises, between cross in the way of Roberto Bautista, there he was, so on my retine keep great reminds that will never forget, that is not possible, let me to enumerate few stories with him in the middle:

1. The bananas and other fruits.  Obviusly the players demand things that must be served so fast, could be so selfish because, there are not a great level of empathy, and on my case I was a simple gentleman assistant dressing room, on that period go downstairs to the kitchen to remove humans and things to find the fruits, believe me is not the best moment at all, because the mood of people who work on the kitchen usually is awful (the last 7 months of that 2021 can bet it with faith), so obviously you want to come back upstairs with that was resquested for, finally if you move although suffered disagreable things you got it.

2. The call to a famous restaurant.  He asked me to call a well-known spanish restaurant to book a table, must recognised that in the begining was stuck, although it is not a great responsability to be honest I am not familiar about that the people trust on me to do things that have a kind of responsability in although that case it was something minor. Many times demands things from our selfish way without pattience and about all we don’t travel inside as that person could feel to that task. Well, I observed the reaction of Robert after was stuck, quickly responded to Robert, have to recognise that was a little bit rude or simply very direct, Robert calm, you asked me to do that and I am going to do it right now, because if you ask me to something, believe me I am a person that always keep my word.

3. The Vicente’s Brothers. Human being that with a reduced noise they make a lot to others, really change your day just with their presence and mood, although Fernando was with Granollers the year before, the story was that appart that Fernando was so nice with my person, on the next year, the whole scene will always be on my mind, because thought that was Fernando who was with Robert, but it was Pepe, where during a few instants was so funny the situation even he didn’t know it, but felt so bad, because remembered me the story between Jamie and Andy Murray, where the people could don’t take consideration with the process the other human, must recognise that it made noise on my mind. The treated was so nice to the point, that onde day they invite my person to be inside of the court, remember keep during all the training session sit down on one corner of the grass place on a few inches of the lines. Sometimes thought if I deserved that treated like that when for example a day resquested me to help him in relation to share time with a friends of them and I wasn’t to the level of that, mistakes that onself always must admit without fears at all. The character and the relativization of that good human beings in something have also had some kind of influence on Robert for sure because everything count.

4. His Parents, Girlfriend and Tomás Carbonell. Thanks to a member from the Queen’s club who had relation with Tomas Carbonell at Wimblendon before the match between Bernard Tomic vs Robert, insisted me to sit down close to them, meant that on my left during all match was Tomás Carbonell so could listen all guidelines, detaill that always liked at all on every tournament that go, national, ATP, WTA or whatever, is place on closest of the coaching´s boxes to keep learning while listening or even unlearning details that would be a headache for the player, some friend said you like to be on camera, but that is not truth but as sit down next to there, it is easy to take me inside of the frame, but always explain him or them the same intention than few words said above, live whatever experience close to the boxes, you get more nervous but if you love that sport, the feeling of development is totally opposite if you place in a neutral place, obviously when is in a way of permanent development.

About his parents, the feeling of goodness, humanity, realism and proud that felt for their son was something that one will never be able to forget at all, before and after of that match could exchange some words and nice gestures, although always a step behind because I didn´t felt that was no-one more than a simple human being, in that moment there are more things to learn and that talk loud out. They created on me a feeling that made my person to travel to my small hamlet, with more intensity with from the member have received sad news that never want to listen in, never from that kind of person that so good impact leave on you. That situations as say made to travel me on the time, because on my hamlet when was a child that still live with a untypical phobia in humans but very common on animals dogs specially, so made me spend many times on my loneliness, or in that case with grandparents or even neighbours instead of being a group of friends, here with my neigbours, Maria and Angel, el Angel as called him to whom appreciate him, on peace rip recently, remembered perfectly on very short ages spend time in his truck, his garage (cocheras), even with his sheeps, one of that values about that you give others without waiting that they ask you for it, because maybe with the time will be whom need that help, well also with some others neibourghs from hamlet learnt much more things (values), but with him was whom had a relation much closest and as he and my grandfather (almost 100 years in couple of months) relating between them was a example for me, in the same way his wife Maria, still learning about it, a nice race tha we can do it if we want, the parents of Robert represented on my inner all of that, there where they are right now will always have a space for my grateful to human treated recevied on. 

5. Fernando Verdasco vs Roberto Bautista, Pablo Andújar vs Guillermo Garcia Lopez, here must be honest and recognise that can´t remember perfectly in which one of the match happened that situation, but in high porcentage was in the Robert´s match, when whole spanish amour were to sit down on the sofa around of the tv while were watching the match, remembered perfected that when saw it is happening, straight away decided to take a step back, to place my backstone on the wood´s pillar to keep it right and then observe with happiness all that wonderful situation, even learnt somethings about tennis as also place my out about their own psychologicals thoughts means, the perspective that take to look at the things, like you can image dear reader, in a situation that was longer on the time, basically that all a match could take on, there was many details some were unexpected because don´t everything can be the same colour, but is also a great area of authentic gladiator, take details in a individual way and after it works as team the time that will keep in the way. 

6. Stan Wawrinka. In the Queen´s Club observed many details, but the relation with Stan, where of course the image that the medias will transmit is far away from that you are able to see on the reality, it is not just because he understands and speak a great spanish, is as the simple things between two people can do that just the things happen on if not even make between them much more strong, my feeling from outside and maybe made a mistake here when said that (Robert hope can apologise if I am wrong), is that Stan have been a of that players, at the end human being who have done him more strong and get to challenge to other level, even viceverse of course.


The concept about that is to be a GLADIATOR that all human being could have in their head through of infinites topics, is about a living being that place on in a square while goes destroying one after one whatever oponent that is placed on there, however our way of being a GLADIATOR is going to be about as built our inner structure, means as our inner muscles are connected between them, said it in other words the communication that all of that go to be received in a flexible structural exposuring on permanent movement, so never brings stuck any kind of victorious or defeated, whereas the armour of the Gladiator won´t be more than a small and light support it was necessary.

Robert think represents or just trasmits many things out of great value, that on my point of view to make me more clear my owns concepts in relation to integration of the all kind of issues, that the way of curves is necessary, that the awards or praises are an authentic self-deception that pushing to live on the lie as in the same way never should follow that praises of the crowded, that for many success you are able to lift up will not represent yourself an example of GLADIATOR if you are not honest with yourself, but specially if you are not able to practice the detachment as in the same way a GLADIATOR put on the same level fineness and vigour to oneself as with the context on, is just that will define oneself what kind of GLADIATOR one is, where you can feel that more is on the type of communication, means is not just about the words that oneself can use, is more about the nonverbal communication but about all his connection with the media, the sense with the context bring to other level of communication, ROBERT of course must be included as a authentic GLADIATOR without doubts, after one choose in which leve of the pyramid, but he will understand me, that couldn’t finish that article that although I don’t know yet, from outside represent a GLADIATOR really full, obviously I am talking about RICKY RUBIO which have a tea with him would an powerful exchange of wisdom, but let me to Insist with ROBERT that would be other kind of weath as valid and harmonious as the Ricky Rubio’s come from so have a tea with him to bring yourself a human challenge on presence as back, but simply are different levels of the GLADIATORS, different sphere but need.

” Remind that everything is going to be in the equation on the building of the GLADIATOR’S CHARACTER, even the hidden details that in the beginning can be ordinary but in a long journey made the difference ”

” Stiff or don’t stiff, could be constructive or even so destroyed but will depend as is the value of context on “

* I hope that Robert understand my article, is as a small tribute for him, and sure that sakes of hands at the Mutua Open couple years ago haven’t been the last between us. It is done with affection and inner consideration.




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