STUDENT OF PSYCHOLOGY’S DEGREE (Estudiante de Grado en PSICOLOGÍA). The sectarianism of the tennis will lost all their excuses in.

A brief article to explain the process in which will be soaking the next 4 – 5 years, although that is not about one begin it, if not that is as will be finishing it on, but also in a very transparent way which are my pragmatic intentions that want to share through of the thrilling process that already that week started on, means first contact with the education system on.


  • Why am I studying that now? ¿ Porque estoy ya estudiando esta carrera?

Well, really and why wouldn´t have to do it?, although I am not on favour about a system that is limited and moreover it makes rankings between a humans while forgets a wide formation from the base, so on that point, I don’t have any choice, in some way always will have details – tools that can be added on our inner, although is going to be in the UNIR (Universidad International de la Rioja) so means that is not Harvard or Oxford University…etc.. but in some way I will able to grab it in other level of context on, however is not less basic to remind that point which means a difference in all kind of evolution (Recognition, work, development and implementation) will come in about your own level of inner exposition out (The experience would be a permanent base of ego, that with the years would go being more thick on), thin detail that in aspects as psychals as psychologics is much more intense which bring stuck a great influence in that kind of professional areas.

About my person, said it in other words, my own identity, if you have known me on person as even if are a very respectul follower from my website and social networks, the next four words that I am going to write below won’t be new for you, but need remind that here:

  1. Tennis was and is my whole life, means a lot on my inner, it saved my life on many situations but also so far away from the classic topics on.
  2. Sports – Athletics humans without the lost the eyes about other high standards areas of the business, were and are still on my person a fountain of influence through of my phobia where observed and still gazing on each one of very narrow details about all the misses ones. (That point would need a long explanation, because is not in relation to the topics that your dear reader could think on).
  3. Psychology. I didn’t have any choice, my super high demand that my inner received in a permanent way but about all the own needs to understand and get deeper and deeper in relation to actions-reactions from the people that surrounded my person made on me that an automatic application of my senses was on, a question of survival on, which pushed me to reach a level of exposition that through of other varieties situations hasn’t done other thing to go up without any kind of break on. A great feeling of greatful and of course of total inner freedom.
  4. The photography.  A hobby with professional studies (AVCE – BTEC…. in Spain it is named as un grado superior ), that felt a lot on my inner, it was a way to express my intentions, means a clear attempt to attrack the attention, obviously when I was a kid, but also remind that was and still is, a very clear shortcut where pay attention to a whole great psychology information (hidden) without need to make that faster, so we don’t need to be on rush because it is stuck that for ever. I have to be honest that the best photography that we can grab on wisdom will always be in our mind, so makes me that be a little bit criticism in relation what type of photography, because the photography have a lot the fields but in the same time a tremendous level of noise between that, for example in the emotions as the sad or the own nostalgia that will stop whatever kind of flexibility to the evolution in and on.

Also in somehow, nobody must to look to other side when in front us are happening situations that should never are live on, cases as the war between Russia and Ukraine, that it places us in the actuality about where are in relation to the psyhologics terms, because all the conflicts as its begins as its endings are the same point of departuring in. Well If we talk about the sports, for example the other day a tennis coach, made an interesting point about as could get over about seeing humans that grab their racket on to break it as that emotional have left all their inner out, however is the consequence, so like explained in a recently post about the IMPACT, is that the eye is able to detect faster, but to check that issues´ advance on, really we don’t have much better choice that go more far away about a position that is behind of us, there are the infinite answers before that the consequences are coming out.

That last paragraph means that although have sold a great marketing about a player or others, or even that is being much worst as that own players or better said out their ignorance through of their bubble in hold on through of their team works that are moving on the same direction while the pure feelings are hidden through of the own as dark and scared feelings, where right now in all kind of professional areas the level of demand have drastically changed but don’t means just about the digital impulse if not that is about the brutal psychologic contrast that is already on, an emotional noise that is the whole time moving around to speeds that have never been watched on, so that request has two things that on my point of view there are not time to take doubt on:

  1. The power of decisions makings have to have a firm company in the process of action – reading.
  2. The tower of babel shouldn’t be holdings up anymore through of that weak humans that are not aware at all that are being used from a long time ago as pieces of manipulation massive to that towers. The actual demand needs of authentics masters, new and fresh faces mix with honest veterans that are ready to face up with it, so all of that on the independence about rythm that everyone have inside without that are never stopping to throw out ourselves to a new risk although the uncertain could surf on the air.

About that last thing, with a little humble feeling would want to be an example, that never any kind of pressure about the infinities topics that the society place on, must be any kind of excuse to keep in the way that one wish in, while breaking with everything, a great level of detachment to face up to a new life where never is too late to follow our own rhythm of evolution, because that is the real life ” INNER EVOLUTION “. 

” A success for many times that you lift a material issue will never be a real success if behind of one there are not any rhythm of permanent evolution that give us the enough tools to know as self – manage in whatever field of life, in and off the any kind of court ”   (That will be the nice sport coach – manager – Director…etc..). 


  • The intentions – the goals – the points of the skyline.

Before to name my intentions, let me to tell you that are going to motivate me to do that, because there are a few issues that sincerely through of a whole and solid process that keep on with its development for life so makes me feel annoying and moreover with facts behind of other one in sucession that honestly are not creating any benefits on anyone:

  1. The expressions as: “ You have to be the best version of you” , the “Here and now” , “Love and peace”……etc..
  2. Slippery Facts. Doesn’t matter in that context, Sports, psychologics, business,..etc… that are going over through of the different kind of reasonings (Manipulations).
  3. The Scape as a magic solution for everything that was on. Being for example the sport or mindfulness techniques as one of that subjects that are simply using as scape games in a general rule.
  4. The figure of the Rafael Nadal. Explained already on my article “The competitive mind of Rafael Nadal, the keys and its warnings in and on “.  Repeat one more time there is nothing against the own person, it is just against the marketing that has around on, because is something that are observing day by day while at least from my own analysis is noticiable the chaos mental (disorder) that have created on very huge porcentage of the society that don’t know to place everything on balance and the physical disaster is the visible price that are paying, while the mind’s state of them is shooting out to levels of peaks have never seen before at all. (Everyone have their piece of cake on responsability).

About my intentions, through of the dark dystopian that are being sucked a society as stupid as manipulable through of grabbing everything without getting in the exciting world of the own seeking of answers that in the same time bring a wide emotional field to the own individuo and after throught of the rebound effect catching up the own group or collectivity, so my intentions or plans the action are:

  1. The sharper about the psychology concepts. Although someone think that is already on the books, the facts through of its utilities in different kind of contexts are showing out the opposite results with a variety of movements sincerely as dangerous as robotics. About that first point here on my own website as my social networks already started to trasmit that clarity about it.
  2. My little grain of helping to others. The misery is different concept to the poverty, because in the misery the ego is the shield that is on everywhere, however on the poverty are surrounding about truth feelings of grateful, coherence and hapinness with the strictely needs on.
  3. The analysis as the matches as about the trainings in Tennis, but also to whatever other kind of sports discipline. Means that about that stadisticts that always are stuck as resolutives can add in depth a context about the how is grabbing to bring the human to other natural level of performance on and off the court while is respected their essence…and a long etc, very opposite that is happening in nowadays that usually are eating as two pieces of bread that give a context of sandwich with a ingrediente that should never be over there. (Some player from the Queen’s Club that wasn’t professional but that won to professionals players to grab a process with results as consequences, in that shy period that I was on that moment where already tested it..).
  4. Colaborate with sports coaches, players and others parts of the own team to development a natural method of job in line to natural essence of human being, witihout interference about the outcomes, so that is something to every type of level, where the base and the professional should be each other an example for the rest, because if have the things clear plus a good emotional integration will reduce the very dangerous external issues that are mere justifications with chronics injuries on the skyline.
  5. I want to be a further cog inside of any kind of investigation in relation to many aspect as psychologics as physicists, indepedently that is holding up as in a high performance sport center as own laboratories or even other types of stages.
  6. Implementation and development. As when studied English lessons here at London, where in the same instant one brought the tools studied on to the reality, an authomatic execution about the concepts that you learned in, so It means in that context two clear process: 
  • Blending the degree with the courses of the LTA (Tennis Brittish Federation) that are being a struggle in the relation to get to be well inform about that its demands on, even also to validate the subjects made with the RFET (Spanish Tennis Federation) and about all get a coach to create a very high preparation in according of small points to improve as about the preparation of same course. After, maybe that I can finish some details about the courses that have made as well at the ASC (Academy Sanchez Casal) as with the RPT (Registro Professional of tennis, don’t make confuse with the PTR).
  • Blending the degree to the unison with labours’s projects that immediately apart of keeping the chance to feed on also place about the table all the process of its own implementations on then like that I can grab a development as conceptual as integral about all the knowledge added on and that will offer a wide range to a context that already is on my inner from a long time ago that bring on my person a level of tools to share through of my small grain over the own arena in a total and naked position on.



  • Conclusion.

From the moment that took the choice to exchange all the process tha have begun in through of photography while rejected doors that could have been interestsing by diving on the mix up between the worlds psychologics as Athletics where the tennis is my passion, a root of a thick tree that understand about locking the brain up as also in the extension cognitive that could bring on through of the coherence to other fields as bases as transparents as honests in their process of development, means that step our foots back on the lands while go by walking for a path as simple as super informative that have in front of us, an ocean full of answer without being absent-minded ( ” a por uvas ” ) because create motion thourgh of the fears or interests about that want to listen out, is to be selling a snake oil ( ” Vender Humo ” ), in fact practically there are not week, days, minutes, seconds that don’t have any new news about injuries as phsyhics as psychologics that grab to the human being to the deepest area of sea, even that is most worst with up and downs while that make all the journey an authentic hell or sometimes a self-deception way to that obviously is narrow and week cord have to break on, details super predectible if we stop to read the issues.

I have grown up with a clear conviction as have been able to feel it on my own skins once time behind other, is that in the life, have two kind of academies, one would be the academic always that was teaching from a neutral position but with movements to both sides, and the other one is the own university of the street in itself that involve to left far away whatever type of numeric contability, means ego is left out, let ourselves that experience doesn’t be a hindrance to create a high level of exposition on, that is the issue that will mark a basic reference in our inner so will get a serious influence in our way to development our abilites acquiried in both ways, that obviously will have a great impact on the neigbour as is very often to find them without any kind of tools so the manipulation unconscious through of the “silence warning” is delicious hot disher to serve on.

As you can see on the picture that have placed on (my bed in the last two years) as through of all context that have written on around of there as through of that website or the rest of my social networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in the next on Twitch) and about all if you know me on person, that I am a human being very untypical that the easy reaction is go to the door and then running away as faster as you can, the way of self-protection to our owns fears to something that believe a level of uncertainty about an level of exploration that don’t feel ourselves ready for that as even have never imagine that still someone like that could be live on, but it is just the funny point of that circunstance to take advantage about everything between each other, however it is doesn’t depend of me, is up to you, but that I must do is so clear on my brain, as sharper and brilliant as a small drop of water.

In conclusion, although it is not being holding up in a super glamour university, is equally a degree, so I will have ahead about 4 – 6 years really tough but wonderful in the same time, although live day by day without plans on, because the unexpected spontaneity is basic on my way to walk on the life, through of combine it with everything (job, LTA courses and the last point that repeat again just below…..)…  although the high porcentage of the challenge won’t be in that aspects, if not that it will being to place in about getting savings on to keep the payment of the degree, because is something that I want to get on through of my own whole effort and sacrifice, so all of that will happen on while we are living a period of life as complex as uncoherence in many aspects and that in the same time must face everything up against my own loneliness (a power weapon of self-development), self-confidence and beliefs on myself when everybody is against my person, because nobody believe on me than justly I do.

Anyway, that is the challenge as well, it is coming from a ear but is going for the one, as have been commetting above, the best process that could go to develop it through of an instantaneous execution (projects with a food plate on the table) as think that is necessary to bring nature impacts asap where sign out new process of development full of consciouness about many hidden details that is where we have our most healthy help to the neighbour while keep a respect abour his/her essence through of recovering from there his/her potential from a channel that always must have been over there without any kind of obstruction or self-deception, a level of temporary air fresh ( ” alivio” ) that limit so much as the level perceptive as sensorial of the living being that we have in front of us, in other words his/her thoughts.


“ The process of the degree is not as is going to begin if not that is just as I will be finishing it and about thal the level of evolutive development that will be going to integrate on my person and in the living beings where are able to leave my sign in.”

” The Mental force and the mental resilience must be facts that have influence on everything, instead of being mere influences of a kind of dominancy that is temporary on execution but the standing on execution and integration in must be the goal to grab on in infinite durability, a benefit in all the set in and on” .


Thank you very much.








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