Who won that battle between the anxiety and the nervous?. Well, dear reader, as I commented on a post on my social network of facebook, about the situation emotional of every player moments before of match was off.

So, down of my point of view Serena seemed more connected, some more quite and relaxed, while in the another side Garbiñe was super nervous and restless. However before the match began there was two smalls details what shouldn’t go unseen. One when they had to go on the court together with a ball boy, usually your hold the hand of the boy, but  Garbiñe did that and Serena didn’t, just showed a small smile, consequences of her actual emotional stage.

Well, dear reader, the second one during the warm up, Serena was contained while  Garbiñe was agitated, both emotional situations don’t like to see in any people because with the time won’t have benefits at all. However between a person with anxiety and another one with nervous what of both are the worst?

Basically, dear reader, the anxiety is the worst because create on you a very high tension on combination with a feeling of overhelm that leave your person blocked, exactly like Serena was yesterday and during the last year, a case similar to Rafa Nadal, something is happing  frequently.

In the begining seem calm but when the score is no favourable for her interests, although it i just a point inside of game, the anxiety appear start to up of level more and more in every point, in every game, repeat always the score is no good for you. Is no stupid to get that emotional attitude?. Yes, it is, dear reader.

Yesterday, in the first three games when  Serena was close to put it 2-1 and service for her, all seemed like I told above, one calm and the another one with too much nervous, however after that Serena lost that opportunity and 2-2 on the score with service for Serena, and then the score was 15-30 she was behind on the score suddently all that apparently calm dissappear all in one instant, and like that was all the match, some usual in her last matches, something painful that if no work about that, difficult to see her again to lift any trophy of the a Gram Slam.

In the other side, Garbiñe Muguruza, where that nervous created in her some high tension in her body, about all with more intensity in the beginning of the match, made of her was hurried, also must guess, was looking foward to make a good job on the court and the ambition to win. After she covered very well her nervous with courage, determination, agressiveness and determination, in other words the power of the intention united with the heart, the best language of the human being.

So, dear reader, the anxiety always is much worse than the nervous, principally the nervous are instants of life while the anxiety is long period and even can keep with you years and even forever, the reactions in front of that situation can be since shouts, agressions, break rackets…etc…something that sadly are watching frequently and the worst, like normal and funny, and let me to tell it isn’t.

Congratulations to Garbiñe Muguruza for her job done, her competitiveness, her force of superation, her team, but still emotionally must improve a lot.  Anyway Congratulations for the Roland Garros 2016!. I am sorry for the French people, again some Spaniard won there.!!.

As well, wanted to be pleased with Serena for the way to accept her lost, example of many things for children and adult, but like well I have said before emotionally have to improve a lot.

Anyway, BIG GARBIÑE!!.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.