Yes, finally Novak Djokovic has transformed in the musketeer of the love, why did i tell you that? What has really happened at Paris yesterday?. The love is no only exist at a relationship if no in everywhere that you can’t even imagine. Let me, dear reader explain you that happened yesterday.

Novak Djokovic as has already showed that in other occasions during last years, and yesterday he made again. He make different breathings, takes a breaks, congratulate to the opponent when he receives a nice point, is grateful, funny and friendly with people met during the tournament (Ball Boys, staff, spectators….), in definitive give love, it is love as well. Of couse, dear reader, all that provide to him a chanelling and introspection of his emotions in higher levels of vision.

Apart from yesterday, for example at Rome when Nadal and Djokovic met in the corridor between the stadium and the dressings rooms, or when in Dubai when the match finished both players went close to the net to give the hands, and Djokovic put his fist on Nadal’s heart, in both cases Nadal doesn’t realise about the deep and the real information of that actions, like Murray yesterday. If both of them work more about the emotions and was able to see that really can learn from Djokovic, would be surprised how it improves their Tennis but about all their people.

Andy Murray was with complaints all time, acelerared, looking more through of the crowd than looking himself, take on take out the hat over the heas, move for a side now to other side, on the bench or even between points. All is a total disconnection about himself, need vision and channelling of the emotions through of his inner, it start to calm and breathe.

Novak Djokovic, is true he lost the first set, because there was a couple of games on the middle that was with a little nervous like at the end of the match, where did some short and fast breathing, however when remind to make an introspection with a deep breathing, the matter changed on his favour.

At the moment, i think is the only guy knows very well that his body need, make a good listening about that but principally knows how manage the emotiones, it field with hidden details, for that is an authentic Warrior of the Love and a authentic Musketeer!.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.