Yesterday, Andy Murray did that, supported on his technique but combine with his blind Faith in himself and in that, he couldn’t manage. That Support without Faith had been useless, believe me, dear reader.

The match yesterday, down my point of view have the next reading, by the way think would be very useful to academies, clubs, schools, universities,…..etc. below will understand why. Well like I was saying, dear reader, the match in the two first sets, you had a player (Gasquet) playing with love, with soul, with inspiration, like you want to call that, while in the other side, you have another (Murray) playing with complains, and talking, talking, talking, and talikng with himself too much, where some moments it was fucking annoying. what happened then?

Well, dear reader, when you want to transform you in a person that you haven’t never been, can win some matches, but it is as tired that when you meet with someone that ask you for your real essence, if you aren’t able to show that, he comes and bite you. Exactly it has happen with Richard Gasquet yesterday night against Andy Murray.

During 1 set and half, Gasquet was playing like an angel while Murray defenced supported in his technique, in his blind faith and in his competititveness. There was a moment with 5-2 o 5-3 I can remember properly when, that Gasquet after of an point close to the net, he threw on the floor face up with the arms streching, saying I am exhausted, gritting one’s teeth, with it and with the arguments of Murray with himself produced that match scores till to fight the set on the tie-break, but in my case with the knowledge that in the middle on the set Gasquet showed already points of weaks, so it was question of time made an explosion.

The rest of the match was history, dear reader, because when happen it, you phisically aren’t feeling tired if no the mind, then you repeat it one time after other, many times, where create the feeling of tired, putting the mind colapsed, exhauted, without any king of cleanliness, reaching even injuries that really is less dangerous than you think, but everyhing you do biggest than the reality is.

For it a transformation couldn’t be for a tournament, or a match or a moment, if no for the life, to the day to day, for every second of life, think that in tennis after watched that match and others more, there is a a herarchy excessive, a mental block and a lot of confusion about the mind, that is something much more that for the sport. This match was other example of that.

¿When do we stop to get grazy to the athletes? ¿When do we start to work about her essence?. Questions that I leave to you, dear reader to answer, can comment below and like that exchange points of view.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.