The contrasts can seem lack of importance in a first moment, however they are part of that field of hidden emotions, full of wisdom, information, and value that will sign to us the path that it will take, really if you are able to see their beauty is something there are no one count of money that can pay all influence that it can have in every human being. Belive me dear reader.

Introducing on my opinion about the two females matches happened today, the contrasts are really very interesting, where hide a capacity of knowledge for a future improvement of perfomance, about all something that I always repeat one after other, for a life more clean outside of court, in others words for the person that there is behind of the player.

Serena Williams against Yulia Puntintseva, definitely I love to Yulia Putintseva, and no because she is so beautiful or has a beautiful body as well, that of course she is and has it, if no principally is her personality, her attitude, her courage, her force, her missing shy, her intention, her strong character, her self-love to doesn’t give up for lost any ball or point,..etc.. she is an authentic warrior and she was as well today.

In fact Serena Williams at the end of the match said: I thought in the end of second set she was going to win there, because she is an amazing player and she played unbelievable but finally fighted, things of tennis, and here I am. Serena was aware about who had today in front, a girl with a great abilities that will be doing us enjoyable tennis days.

¿Why did she lost today? ¿which was the mistakes?. For me, since my point of view, with a good deep, there were two mistakes there today.

1. She was unpattient, a specie of tornado without manage the field the emotions that is created once you go to the court. About all on the space between first service and second service, she made it too quickly, having two consequences: The first one, when she had to hit back the return of Serena, always was disconnected and when arrived to hit, her position wasn’t clean and firm, although in occasions she got to resolve well; and the second one, with some double fault, that in fact, the second set was closed for Serena 30-40 and double fault of Putintseva, was too fast between a service and other, in the tennis, and that Serena and Novak made very well to take their time, btween points with breathing, although still could do it much better with better results.

2. Every time when Putintseva had to go to the net to hit different drop-shot from Serena Williams, she went like in a rush, without stop a step before, with the consequences that always or hit the ball to the net, or even give the ball at her hands (Serena) to kill the point, less a point, all like that.

That two mistakes kill the match of her in favour of Serena Williams, little contrast of emotions that can change your day, your match, your moment, leaving for inside with doubts, dark and without capacity of reaction, really the mind & Body are one and it is much more that good intentions.

However about Putintseva, dear reader, she has given all that she had in that moment, her 100% or more, where she enjoyed and the spectator as well, so she must go very happy of her perfomance and of how has worked during are two weeks, it is that I like to see on a tennis court; however also and it would be useful for whatever player as well, that wil have that open it 100% and fill of all that hidden emotions neccesaries to get a inner introspection about herself which bring to her a stage of peace and manage of situations in all levels as in the life as on the court.

The another match Kiki Bertens agaisnt Timea Bacsinszky, if in the another match was all fight, force,…etc with a character some less female, here was completely the opposite, there was much more feminity and sweetness on the game, really a contrast different, but no for that, less beauty, the opposite, also was very beautiful to watch it kind of emotions, really fantastic as well. Two matches two contrasts, boths super interesting and full of knoweldge.

In this match, so honestly I could watch less, however the three or four things that I have been able to watch, tell me taht Kiki put on the court much more sweetness, connectivity with the game (with herself), and it point of calm to really don’t forgot who she is, in the other side, Timea put a lot of love, fight, was a warriior as well where she can go with head up, however for my point of view, was just in this connectivity with herself, where the complaints, anxiety and the too match intention to win before the time, lack of calm and breathing could with her.

The emotions a big field but in the same time most simple of that it could seem. Two good matches, two goods wealthes of emotions, and as the human being hide much more that simply science. Today the same that other much more where the tennis try to teach your many lessons applicable for the life.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.