Well, dear reader, although I would like to analist much more tennis than I do usually, lately I have seen some girls with authentic force of fighting, thoroughbred, warriors with someting that do of them something special and different, it necessary to reach regular goals.

Principally, dear reader, I hope spanish people can apologize me, although has merit to be a top ten, I am no sure about Carla and Garbiñe, they are top ten, however are they wining or even obtaining with regularity any results on big tournaments?. The answer is no, they don’t, there are peaks, up and down, a treatment robotic and inconsistency, honeslty like all female tennis since some years ago and where shortly the male tennis will be as well.

Always appear new players, they seem can be great players who leave a sign constantly in the WTA Tour in that case, maybe Carla and Garbiñe can give a step more far away, the time will talk, although feel say that to me personally is difficult to believe that, for the hierarchy, the chaos emotional that there is in the life, and in the tennis it has been increased for ten, twenty or even more, in all levels of tennis world.

About that new players, dear reader, I wanted to name two specially, Yulia Putintseva and Danka Kovinic, I love their characters, their strong personalities, that attitude with courage, force, energetic, a self-love, all them with a power, spirit worthy doesn’t let it pass. Maybe here in that situtation could name to Monica Puig, with some doubts. ¿which is the obstacle?.

Well, dear reader, could seem it difficult but really is simple, all of it big values as positives as necessaries that I have commented about them, without a emotional manage with a good introspection and channeling, will create frustation, mess in their brain, ranger, anxiety and a lot stress, in other words all a good potential hidden inside without take out to a personal satisfaction and an unique necesity to be in peace with oneself and share their own music with the rest.

So, dear reader, Putintseva and Kovinic, have it what takes to be great tennis players, the same than other much players, but if you already have that special character, you have a way already won, should take advantage about that, because they have capacity for that and can do it, perfectly don’t be the same than Serena Williams but if to be in front of her, and don’t care that she is in front, because only breath for theirselves. Their essences mustn’t be pull out, with it your emotional manage will be closest.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.


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