Practically all my content that are able to find on my website is something very personal, but here on that article will go a step on much more depth about it, because need to do it with the goal to catch it up on the most high position to whom are willing to read that article, but with a honest devotion to a special human being (woman) that is whom wish the most that was the reader of that in an absolute feeling of freedom.


” Not one nor not anything belong to oneself, because over there in our consciousness about our freedom as own living beings that we are, is and must be our first stone to whatever kind of construction as inside (our inner) as outside about that is sourrounding of us, because the opposite way would be to keep stuck on some longs and infinites states of Oppresion, and not one deserve to live with it “.  ( Of course, least of all that could be happening in a special woman that have justly shown with a little bit of her essence much more information that in many occasiones believe that we aren’t transmiting on.) “.


Our dears Santa Claus and the Three Wise Kings, of course everyone of them making it on their own way to do things while deliver behaviours out that are coming up full of authentics values such as (on the next order):

  1. An Authentic Sensibility, means that without getting any faith at all will not be able to grab in that level of sensibility.
  2. The forgiveness about theirselves first and about others later on.
  3. Unlimited level of generosity, Thanksgiving’s attitude, so means there are not any two arms that could hold on with a simply embrace.
  4. A transparent mirrow, a blue ocean free of spaces that leaver our figure so naked (out the fears) to face up with all kind of situations on.
  5. The Devotion. A value that is every time less frequently to see around, practically on extinction, that however if for any reason are able to meet it in some human being that is walking with that powerful value in, sadly is ” too curious “  as are not able to realise when have that value shining in front of us, basically because is the most silence value, but at the same time is the most responsible of all in according about the maximum care to other living beings and even on materials details that after could represent an influence in others human being, so means that value signs out to us a big difference on whatever process that get in.


” Take the way to the stairs and go up to the maximum high point of the place (building or nature), while that in the same time, place our body on an upright position, relax our mind, leave that it in very few seconds go on white, then get our arms on the curb, while keep your backstone right, and simply let everything go, then point our senses to an unique point, over there will see the value of the devotion reflect in small body full of purity, maybe in some circunstances must take out some parts first to go in to the DEVOTION of that human being, but in that moment that we have touched the bottom of the standby, the DEVOTION will get in us as a bloody arrow full of body and soul without getting interreputions on that let us to receive intensely it in, so to keep the LOYALTY on silence in all their extension (Phsycal if there is any chance at all, emotional and spiritual) is and will be the unique possible respond at all. “


The Own inner, is like the padlock that lift us up on that wild way of consciousness to go down in our knees before the situation comes up to help each other, while the DEVOTION is the inner oil that make us to surf in the caring to others, so make their day most easier than previous days/emotional states… etcetera… (on the street,in the job, on the relationships…), the rest of “populism values” (Sacrifice, job, effort,…etc..) are mere justifications of our unconscious without consciousness (the populism call that the subconscious, don’t they?, from my wisdom it shouldn’t be in the teaching), external dry values, means aussence of grease, inseparable mates of the “mental-brain chaos”, so place us so far away about everything that would have to be represented out through of the SANTA CLAUS AND THE THREE WISE KINGS, that shouldn’t justly be exclusives from that few days if not that in fact have to be present in us on every second of every day of our own existence on that wonderful planet, as well as must be working in a parallel line that grab our body and brain/mind to a pure and truth state of FREEDOM, because if our Inner is the padlock, then obviously the own spaces between the FREEDOM and even the previous spaces to cach her up are the keys to unlock that amazing padlock.

In that padlock are saved in a security way all an infinite arsenal of inner tools, our unique gift of real value that is always waiting for as, it means that never should be stolen or even taken like our own because are something very personal and fragile where our confidence and about our loyalty to the neigbour addressed in a permanet way must always be our unique respond to them, now that in all the human cases, there will be not much better feeling that get to be close over our peak of happiness that take a break while see full enthusiam and peace through of all an large amount of gestures that go more far away than the first and strong impact that will always be to show out a recognizable honest and lighted smile; means that as Santa Claus as the Three Wise Kings, didn’t expect anything just want to delivery their soul and heart to others while leave to others a trail of our authentic way of vital life.

Now it is time, after of that short explanation about how I see the relationships between living beings on equal without paying attention on which area is happening on (job, personal, love,…etc… ) , dears Santa Claus and the Three Wise Kings to show you honestly on that digital humble letter about everything that I am as human being, so with the objective that can read it in a easy and clear way of understanding, will divide it in few parts that are the next ones:

  1. My own self-criticism from all that year almost get over, even about the last two years, and also leave so clear as my present priorities.
  2. My own wishes that come in from the bottom of my soul and transparent heart through of an immense field of perspectives that are united on my own and personal identity, detail that is basic through of all my own personal principles.
  3. My own personal Identity, in other words, my priority or set of priorities that won’t let on them any arge at all, through of natural development on our rythms which in turn creates an integrative wisdom with owns and healthy mechanisms.


Below, one by one:

My own self-Criticism.

Dear Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings, on that untypical letter want to show you as well that after one year although could already say almost two years really ” tough ” (No one is so strong on BRAIN / MIND than me) if I talk you on financiers terms, where I have gone covering month by month as he been able to do, a kind of suvirving that have always kept me on the line to see me sleeping on the street, practically have had a lot moments that thought and still happen that is not far away that could be a reality which anyone can be the next one. Also all you know that it woudn’t be the first time neither, as could remind you that have slept on hostels while shared rooms with plenty people on characters totally on the emotional end points, family’s houses where is a strange with the dollar’s draw painted on your body, also  in a father’s house (catholic) and even of course on the street (end of the summer), because know that have never let to any external and material thing was a distraction from my own free inner, it means never go to ask someone for anything even “my own family ” even get to be so far away the longest possible from whatever kind of privilege, status, label or as you want to prefer call it, my inner is and will always be my priority.

Well, dears Santa Claus and the Three Wise Kings as you know perfectly that although I am not perfect and have got few things to keep improving about it while learnt a lot from every situation that have happened me along of that year almost to get over, but that I am a very good living being furthermore be a good worker, where sadly that last details in nowdays, you know that are never seen too good in practically whatever area that oneself is working, because we have three details that are over the rest of the things that would be those that should really take care about them:

  1. The gain money in a easy way without doing anything with a minimum interest and sacrifice. I have a lot of examples, but recently a head chef said: (come, make your job, doesn’t matter in which way, take your money and go back home…. so the consequences of that acts doesn’t matter…)… that have seen on all the labour areas that have worked, so are a lot of varieties such as the banks, IT, warehouse, Hospitality (restaurants, hotels, spas..), medias..
  2. The absolute unconscious about the brutal impact of a large number of situations or actions that have or will have in our body, and that a permanent repetition create in ipso facto or will create in a short time a serious damage. ( After have a super fear over a supposing virus that we got around of us, a fear to the death, when are losing our choise to live on freedom, means our inner freedom…).  where is the common sense in the milllons of important details that will be tracing a level of performance or attention to the life from the first instant that we open the eyes till the moment to be grateful at night on moments before to go on bed?
  3.  The laziness = every day and even year to get over it, the work like a truth spirit of team is more and more far away at all. It means that you are going to make your job in a firm way that bring on stuck a kind of spirit where place out a great level of effort and attention to every detail that mark out a difference in actions and reactions (clients), for example on situations that demand pay more attention, cleanliness, listening, movement, perseverence…etc...even dedication of time to finish everything properly while never stop to think about whom is coming after you (clients, colleagues..) to make them everything more easy….. well all that is never going to see as something on value, sadly will be the opposite, so will try to destroy you, in all kind of levels, specially in the back, because will never let that the rythms as dynamics as psychologics taken other kind of level, because there are not any interest on transform that for obvious reasons are on the table and all come or will come out from levels of injuries caught up from the past and destroyed on the present.

In some way or other, all that points wrote above plus of other details also commented over here, as also the infinite number of prejudices or maybe much better said in other way, those that we know as the justifications that use to keep us stuck in situations that are not bringing us out from our close structural brain’s area, so allows us that follow in our own corner, it means as if had a kind of leashing that unconsciously step by step go to strangle our own air, but that additionally all that pretends to make us in some way while evaluate to the neighbour is that always are doing lists that classifly all our observation in according to our own inner contamination (a strict level of subjective that avoid us to take the most fragil but in the same time the most valuable information), for example classifications (opinions) through of the kind of ages in, the assumed years of experience (What is it up with the kind of exposuring that you get on?, it is that really must be relevant at all), or other external situations from a exact moment…, so for all that situation, Dear Santa Claus and the Three Wise Kings that I am feeling myself absolutely outside of the labour market, a very tough feeling where have to spend a lot energy trying to explain who you are without getting any option to show out who you are at all, doesn’t matter where is happening, because the matter is on the center point and even on how we are going to do that.


Work hard doesn’t please, work in order doesn’t please, work in health way doesn’t please, work in generosity doesn’t please, work in full of devotion doesn’t please…etc…everything that bring some kind of emotional attachment is and will be always rejected, a ferris wheel where want to get external material things while walk over our essence without caring about the consequences, our focus is so extended in an tremendous artifical surface that don’t let us to see below of that, it has a clear definition to be called on, the ignorance, so create us a feeling that make us to think that like that we never have to go ahead to face up with our fears (insecurities), it is to be unresponsible “


So to conclude that theme, althouhg below will comment something more, I want to request all of you from the bottom of my heart about that through of the hope, dears Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings that soon can find my place where be able to built a labour way that bring me to place it on the same level of balance that my Psychology (INNER) way is right now, a kind of immense inner force without fearless, a king of charisma so brave like the movements of approaching that have inside an animal like can be THE PANTHER.  I know that all of you never abandon me to bring me gitf behind other, lessons of knowledge as long as the Ego is out.


” A society that evaluate through of external things, is those that is calling to be a failed on development, because all our focus is stuck on that is calling us the attention, but never on the inner of the boxes, means that if external thing don’t fit in our fears (insecurities) to the rest of the content (the inner) will never give a value on existence, because is most easy to follow the current that to take a charge to where go on. “


My Own Wishes.

Dears Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings, as all of you know about my person, have never stopped to be a human being super optimistic, so have never leave aside my personal goals although had all the currents against me, where have had that listen and watch situations really tough so probably nobody deserve have to cross for that kind of streets, even in my back, because the men everytime are much less men but grab with force a transparent illusion of ego to believe in theirselves that they are something else; anyway words as ” You are wasting your time..” “You are never going to do that…” “You are not only an idiot, but you are a pest, I feel bad for you (Me das pena…)… or even in the back, on tennis think that have said it a lot… “Don’t go on this way…. the intention to that not one come next to me such to talk with my person..)…etc…  Independently and much more, have kept my person so fixing on my way, because such my person is the only one who know perfecty who I am and the rest one is not going to be on my hands to do anything.

I am steadfast on my wishes, that if all you excuse me, dears Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings, then below to start to name them:

  1. Work on the Tennis Industry, help on and off the court through of wide range of connotations that considere must be applied in (Coaches, players, physios, trainers….etc…)
  2. Get soon to start studying the degree on Psychology (probably online) although have already a thick base about it, but that actual situation have shown out plainly that “professionals” from the cities outside of the game, for example that if you bring them from their comfort, means the unique root that they know to the any area of the field/desert are hopelessly lost. 
  3. Make plenty kind of courses of tennis and Psychology.
  4. Write a book. Where at least think already have the title for it.
  5. Give most professionality to my communicatiion, without caring about Youtube, Twitch, or whatever other platform where make my videos, podcast… because don’t care at all anything that could be around of it, now that is just that my content break bars that matter me at all.
  6. Create/give conferences where the cleanliness is the first goal, means that is happening in an clean environment where have never had a psychologic game of manipulation around, so will do that the mean actors are the spectator whom need to find answers instead of that the mean actor take a prominence full of ego that didn’t correspond with that should be the final result wished. 
  7. Groups of investigation. As on sports as on Psychology. Think that there is many things very interesting to get in, because will always be useless to make investigations if the main actor or the own group are in difficult emotional situations so the jobs are mere justifications of satisfaction but without any way to get an evolution on yourself first and in the society later on. 
  8. Travelling. That is an authentic engine when you get to exchange to travel by to live in the place chosen, because the travel is something that go so fast, while get to live in the place is a pushing out to mix oneself with milloins of information far away from the first cultural impact.
  9. Languages. Get to learn properly the french language and of course to bring my english level to other level. As in other way help with the spanish to whom need it.
  10. ………….


A small personal story:   ” On my childhood and teenager period, between the 6 years old to 19 years old, when went to the countryside of Madrid, exactly at El Romeral (Navalagamella), during the weekends, holidays time and even to keep all the summer there, remind perfectly, that on the left of the residential area there were a family that have an amzing mix cultural environment, American, British and Spanish, a detail that on parallel on my situation called me a lot the situation, specially as had their mental focus and the cultural mix, specially remind when an american cousin of them came the summers periods to spend the time there and was with us on the swimming pool/ tennis courts or on the rest of things that made around of the residential area, was a great knowledge for me, the cousin was undomesticated like me, lolol… even thanks to them could study a whole summer on the British Institute of Madrid, all of that means, is that when arrived those periods of the year, on my mind that was always closed in an dark cavern, made it a click of comparative with the rest of situations that was living on, all that was being other great impulse to see myself where I am right now…”


* Dear Santa Claus and the Three Wise Kings if you have read to that point, please go to check my actual priorities because there are some really important differences at all. Thank you very much.


My No-Negotiable Priorities (IDENTITY). 

So, dears Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings, that although I have a wild dream about my huge passion on tennis from that was 6 years old as in the same way my admiration for a field that like you know so well touched and still touching in me a lot on my inner as is the world of the psychology through of all an infinite variety of fields that go attachemnt to it, in joining together with the movements, actions, reactions, management, integrations, transmissions, speeds, rythms,…etc and an infinite multiple factors that signe out the way as in the detection of the failed point as the kind of inclination to surf on the inner development, and that in spite of all of that that of course vigorously want to help on that fields in a very humble way, but my priorites of life have envolved in a different way with the arrow signing in other points:  My straight away wishes.

  1. MY PERSONAL PEACE.  It means to keep far away of whatever kind of emotional blackmail (familiar, social, labour..etc..) as in the same way to sit outside far away from any feeling of guilt.
  2. MY SPIRITUALITY. Inside or outside of the catholicism, because i am catholic, at least it was the education that have received in, but for the way have built a strong development placed a long distance from any kind of extrem, sects or whatever other kind of situation where the reasoning from a integral job is the root of our backstone, and a truth faith is the basic base to put the machine on.
  3. MY PERSONAL GROWTH. Here told on psychologic terms, because you never stop to grow up, there are always minimum details that are amanzing and push us to a big difference. I will always defence the clinic psychologic till whatever stupid branch that proceed from the ego or own faster satisfactions.
  4. THE NATURE. From that I was a small kid, have never wished to live in a city, because have always seen the buildings (offices, flats..) like pure jails that broken whatever circulation of air, also in the same way through of my own personal phobia always avoided the crowded areas,..etc.. so all the set without forgetting that was lucky to spend periods in the countryside of Madrid, at Navalagamella, Valdemorillo… as about all because drive to the end point were the periods in the amazing place of peace that was and still is my small village at the coutryside of Segovia.  Anyway that if I am living between southfields and Wimbledon Park, just in front of the AELTC, is not just about tennis is also because that area is one of the most quite, nature and peaceful from all London, have a kind of air so good. Remind you that when one year ago took the choice to move from London to Geneve (Switzerland) although was living in the borderline with France (Annemasse), was for the same reason to be the most close possible with the NATURE. So Next trip to CANADA?… You never know, but one thing I know perfectly, I don’t mind at all to take 1h/2h (or maybe more time) by car/flight/train to go to the city when I want/need and then after come back to my home in the countryside to make an wonderful explosion when arrive there, that honestly are forced to live in a city. I Love so much to live on the nature, much more if can come along with a couples of dogs.
  5. THE SIMPLICITY. It means that around of me, don´t need to have any material things, just the few things that need at all without accumulating anything extra, said in other words to live in a super minimalist system where the cleanliness, the space and the own nature of the environment is being the owners of the place. An example from all of that, is that have already taken almost two years sleeping on the floor, exactly over my own Yoga Mat, to be honest was a great choice, so feel myself much better than ever.
  6. THE FAMILY THAT YOU CREATE IN. (THE AUTHENTIC LOVE OF THE LIFE). Maybe I am an untypical guy that there are not exist anymore around of a society where give priority to other things, but I still belive on the true love, a love full of purity, a level of transparence that bring each other to make us super strong in any situation without limits at all, so means that act each other in a way to give a great support between us through of the small details that will never belong further the own identity of anyone, because are micro-informations very personal of oneself but that in some way could learn or work about theirs, either through of the communication or the la cohabitation or even for both sides together in; however the most common way that see in front of us is that keeping stuck with someone that can care about our injuries which we must work by ourselves or maybe seeking some kind of helping in.  About that point think that 2021 year have given me to access to that human being in, so that will go to explain a little bit just below.


The truth, dear Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings, to go finishing with that digital letter to all you, its to show you a special grateful for all the situations that I have lived along of that year, as on my period enjoyed between Geneve (Switzerland) and Annemasse (France), as of course everything that have lived here at London (UK), between houses, jobs and other issues situations that have been surrealistics, but specially want to put my absolute focus of being grateful on the situation most important have gone to happen on my person in the last four months of the year, it have been an situation absolutely unexpected as a full force that is not possible to describe on words, one must live and feel it with absolute devotion, obviously dears Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings, by whom I mean is to an amazing human being, an authentic and pure woman from CANADA, that her kind of spirit makes you believe on the existence of living beings through of their devotion from a heart as good as clean on delivery.

About the woman (for respect her in the maximum level I won’t say the name), regardless of as the situation is right now or even could go or maybe doesn’t go in the future, anyway won’t be able to separate ever the human value that she has inside of her for sure, all that situation is like a authentic American Romantic Comedy but in the real life, so is something so intense but full of pure truth, that I made one week ago in her job (Cover Photo) was a situation that will remind during my whole life, because as the days pass by, are doing on me to see so clear every detail that was to happen there, that was like an authentic movie´s scene but on the real life, full of transparence and a lot bravery on the action, because on my actual point of life through of my high personal development, sincerely I don´t care at all that is happening around of me, just focus on that is so different and powerful where I am able to see although was a little bit blur that behind of it there are hidden a human levels so opposite that could find in nowadays, where the most difficult but is not imposible, is as get to separate it from many of the pressures that the own life place on around of us.

Well, on that point is a right time for that all together travel back to the beginning of that article about that kind of proverb that have written up in according to the value that the women should have in the society, from here show out my recognition about theirs (the woman), the human beings should be a free soul, the woman included as well, of course, not one should belong to anyone or show out some kind of behaviour in a way of possession or belonging to theirs (the woman), because the women are human beings, so they are not objects that have to be struggle either on emotional extorsions or even on feelings of guilt, or whatever other kind of psychologic situations, because in one or other way, no one is indispensable to other human being, really every one of us are not necessary at all. so that:


” we believe that need from others to live and even make of that a psychologic game of manipulation is the worst thing that a human being could do others, where on many occasions there are a lot of human beings that are not ready to see others on a happiness garden of flowers because it would a clash against their empty inner with unconscious area absolutely dominated for the EGO. ”


I have always thought, and of course still thinking on the same way, because love to the communication face to face without interruptions, even to be honest every time love it more and more full of force, so it is some detail curious on my person for obvious reasons on my story of life if you knew me before the year 2012, so I know that all of you dears Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings know really well;  that mean with all of that is that to get a honest spirit of commitment between each other, on my personal opinion is the pillar that hold everything up, means to create a genuine empowerment as individual for each side as in the center common point of a relationship, as have said before and insist again, dears Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings, that if really love someone, no one should feel essential to anyone while in the same time have to repect as the spaces as the personal moments from each other, but about all in those most shaken moments can or maybe can’t be there or even you are not allow to be there in a physical presence to give a honest support, but at least in an emotional and spiritual way still we can delivery it about whatever kind of stages that are on, because on that shaken moments is when must bloom from my opinion the most value that the human being can got to have in, so I am meaning to the value of the LOYALTY, here is where we can show ourselves our real love to ourselves and of course to the own person that on that moment is when most need us ever.

I mean dears Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings, that wonderful Canadian Woman want or don’t want on presence, at least from my emotional and spiritual side will have always my LOYALTY in, because on that moments the easy way is runnng away, use awful words against her (it wouldn’t be fair at all) and then look away while leave her absolutely in a feeling of neglect (when I would fee it as well because I got to empathy a lot in other levels), when as have said before, is when more need that our honest LOYALTY is on presence from a space that don’t interrupt either spaces nor times that are own of her, but about all in someone like her, deserve to receive in the same, authenticity, cleanliness, and a integrative level in the most high possible position without saving anything inside at all, so all that must be stuck to high levels of consciousness through of great level of loyalty and listen in.

Look, Santa Claus and the Three Wise Kings, that will be my last words from that long ditital letter, all of you know mysefl perfect, mean that all of you know that I am not have any problem to apply out all kind of neccessaries actions to get active on the attachments in whatever level of deepth, even place over there the different intensity of limits that was demand on, however if make it righ now, would be losing my fidelity with my own moral principles like as develop my behaviours with a minimum of ethic on, but about all would feel inside of me an inaceptable level of selfishness because a pure integrity that is coming from the Canadian Woman doesn’t deserve to receive it behaviour of me back, when that at least must offer from my side is Loyalty and Comprehension, that is the minimum that a woman like her deserve to get in a situation like that.


” To practice the attachaments and the limits are always an essential manner to keep going on our personal growth, in that should never feel any kind fear to met with both of them, however the man who is able to manage the pace of times about that, said in other way who know about level of intensity that should place on the rope even the length as well, will be who will have an attitude as an authentic Warrior, an gentleman who won’t let that his woman get dry as a tree with its branchs when they ask to water them in”


I know myself so well, where are my limits but about all how and when want on absolute feeling of freedom to place on the attechments over there, so know that must do or even mustn’t do, but one thing have so clear, a person is never get in progress of loving about her virtues is just to put on about her defects, is on that moments when will need more from oneself, it can be on physica presence or even from standing back on space and time, but on both cases must never be contemplated options like the emotional blackmai or creating of feeling of guilt or even the worst to give up and abandon her without getting to seek oneself a way to help her, too comfort, is as place our dirty mirrow over her becasue in some way not make any effort at all, so will mean that you love wasn’t real, it was a simple and dangerous gesture of idealization, at least I have very clear that are watching and why feeling that I feel in a very coherence way that in fact she have changed my person at all, giving me a geat punch up!. ”  


Dears Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings, as I have showed on that digital letter that send all of you, my feelings are really honest, clear and pure to my dreams about tennis, psychologies, even my devotion love about the Canadian Woman, a woman that with her charisma, character and pure nature has a value that is over absolutely all, without forgetting at all that my priorities are the arrows that mark my direction to make the things, are essentials without admitting any argue at all. Hope all of you can apologise all my mistakes that practically have always been through of offering my person to help others or just while tried to guide others to gain conscious to make the things with an impact most healthy, but recognize that there are a few details that must improve, even have already improving it, anyway also want to say, thank you very much for everything that you have brought me, that hope that the Canadian Woman and me could know each other as really deserver at all, that my dreaming on tennis come truth very soon because also have a lot things to offer out while get through of egos (unsecurities) of the people to bring a way different, while hold up my priorities and manner to do the things will never going to change, my essence will never be touched, all evolution must come from that authentic point.


The Loyalty is the love to a personal commiment without any kind of interest behind of it while come in from a free inner state that don’t have any rope holding the living beings up, that is loose and let us a authentic devotion to others, being the unique value that will open the doors to an absolute and transparent state of mutual confidence, abadone the game before to get up the level of loyalty, at least on my own case (that have tools) that would be so coward and unfair for the other person (The Canadian Woman) “.


” Not one must ask us to help someone to drop our knees down to help someone, is something that come in from your inner, although sometimes phsycally is not an option on that moment, spiritual and emotionally will always be other options to comtemplate it to bring love to other human beings “.


” Who I am?, who are you?, just our instinct should be enough brave to give time to know who are each other ” (Doesn’t matter in that field on). “


Thank you very much Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings to read my digital letter till the end, hope that everything of my wishes, dreams and on special my priorities through of my feelings and emotions are really so clear to understand who have been that year and about who I am on that present moment, but the most important right now is that take care about that Canadian Woman, because between personal circunstances through of full of fears (unsecurities) around, in addition also the fear the governs try to pursuit in all society where sadly are getting their goal on many of that, through of a psychologic game sincerely awful, that can’t destroy the amazing inner that the Canadian Woman has in, at least, the few that i have been able to see between the bar gave me enough information.


Keep going with the life, you never know where is taking you but from here always will wish the best to everyone, but on special that human being (The Canadian Woman) that has a heart that make to others most strongest in their way of life and that in some way give more sense to the rest of dreams, hopes and priorities that have around of oneself.


” Give sense to something must never be going to cover that oneself must work for itself ”


That the magic and the spirit of Christmas keeps in us on everyday of the year…


All my love to Santa Claus and The Three Wise Kings,





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