Dear reader, another day of this last week, for me it focuses especially on juniors , from where I can always learn many things, and there are always details and even stories that surprise you, some for me and others for the worse. Everything is a set of observing all the information that is put before us, enjoying them and learning from what they teach and teaching others what one has been taught. Tennis knows a lot about that, in juniors for not having the ego even excessively contaminated by social position, fame or money, there are closer situations, with players, coaches and some other component of their bench.

That said, dear reader, today the first thing I did as soon as I arrived was to go see the doubles match of Usue Maitane Arconada / Claire Liu against Sofia Kenin / Monika Kilnarova , I really wanted to see this match, to be able to witness Arconada live , I was struck by that very Spanish surname, and seeing that I could observe emotionally in that player, even if it was in doubles, I know that many things can be observed and learned from them, in my always development.

About Arconada,  a player with a lot of personality, leadership, character, strong identity, great fighting drive, … etc, however that lack of restraint and anguish, they are not good travel companions, neither for the player nor the person there. behind that social position, but in general terms I liked him a lot. His partner Liu  I lacked that “soul” and more temperance, although it is true that he helped Arconada a lot , in not having to pull much of her, generating an optimal balance.

Introducing me to the other couple,  Sofia Kenin , has to bring out her personality more, that character that shows to combine it with that “soul” and heart that we all carry inside, put the “punch”, that necessary courage, apart from all that, to Despite not very tall height, surprised more than expected. About her partner Kilnarova , she is defined by a phrase “she hides much more than she gives”, she has a good height, a large plant, for me she just shows 20% of what I consider that this girl hides inside, that feeling I have and it takes me inside, of someone who did not expect to have knowledge, because it was focused on another. We will see in the future.

Then, dear reader, I went to another track to follow the match between Dayana Yastremska against Olysia Pervushina , well if I tell you about Dayana’s first  so far she is the player that has surprised me the most of all the ones I have seen so far, absolutely for everything, handling of emotions, of situations, deep breathing that she does on multiple occasions, I don’t know if consciously or unconsciously, but when she does it how much it helps her, her ability to suffer, fight, train without any kind of complaint or lament, but the pulling, pulling and pulling forward, but above all linked to that nerve of overcoming, that pure nerve of self-love and teeth. Impressive.

Now if I talk about Olysia , character and attitude very similar to the rest of the Russians who come after stomping very hard, self-confidence, character, zero fears, courage, but with excessive frustration at the slightest error, which means one stone, behind another, that if you add them, in the end they weigh too much, and unleash in anger, complaints, threats of throwing rackets and others … but I keep everything positive that it has and its order and cleanliness, inside and outside, yes, it needs work a lot on that negative part, otherwise you will have too many dislikes.

Dear reader, once this game is over, I went for a walk around the facilities, I finally ended up in the training area, first on the platform prepared for it, doing a bit of meditation with myself, and hearing that someone I was playing on the back tracks, after a while, when I finished with me, I got off the platform, and I went to the back tracks, where I saw who was playing there, you know what, dear reader? . They were two 8-year-old children, with a very high level of tennis, brothers of two boys’ singles who compete in the Junior Wimbledon, everything that happened around, with the parents-coaches, I generated a story, which I will tell in another article very soon, because the thing has a lot of crumb.

Once “history” was over , I went to see another junior doubles match between Olysia Pershuvina / Anastasia Potapova  against Eleni Christofi / Lucie Kankova , as you well know dear reader, if you follow my articles, I have already spoken about three of them. I think and think, precisely in this article I talk about one of them, and obviously in a day or two they will not change their thoughts and emotional handling, so more or less everything is very similar, and unless one of those days comes out, “rare”, the shots can be intuited, not guess.

About Kankova , she is the only one who had not yet seen, more than anything or it is the first time that I have seen the Czech, for me she has to loosen up more, because she can give much more, show her personality, her character, her nerve. , that paused nerve that differentiates the greats, that nerve that takes you up through the journey of humility, soul and heart. In her combination with Christofi , she is the one that showed the most leadership, she lacked connecting more with her partner, more union between the two, infecting her, that is done from a broader thought and a clear vision. About the Russians, what do you not already know, dear reader? Pershuvina and Potapovaor vice versa, no matter the order, these roses and others that come, come with force, with the permission of several Ukrainians, some Americans and some Czechs.

Also today dear reader, enjoy two Doubles invitation matches, one of ladies between Martina Navratilova / Selima Sfar against Arantxa Sanchez Vicario / Iva Majoli  and another between Fernando Gonzalez / Carlos Moyá against Jamie Delgado / Richard Krajicek , I really wanted to be there mainly. to see Arantxa and Carlos live , especially thinking that there would be a bit of competition, however for my taste you are in an exaggerated circus, which would be fine, if they made the spectators more participatory. I did not like “the null vision” on the part of the four boys in the doubles match, when Kracijek or Delgado, from a toilet, obviously unintentionally, they hit a child, in this case Spanish, on the whole side, the boy crying.

You know, dear reader, neither one of the four, nor the referee either, are capable of stopping the “show” , to go and worry about him, and at the very least, take him out on the court to play with them, as if they did with others, For me that was outrageous, and obviously not surprising, because I am aware of the real “vision” that there is now in tennis, where they know everything, but at the same time they do not know anything, so goes the circus, the harmed, worth the redundancy, the kids. Ah, as curious notes, one of me quickly offered to change the kid’s seat, in view of the fact that there could be more balls, as it was, and two more “serious” mainly for the four who were on the track at that time, when the kid, before and after the coup, he says to his father, dad, can I go out to play too? … his gaze throughout the show said it all. In short, society has to wake up a lot to realize that in front of it, they have many of the answers they are looking for, starting with “the happiness of the heart”, the most valuable thing we have.

A greeting.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .