Dear reader, especially if you are in relation to teaching , I invite you to relax and take a good position to read the following article with total cleanliness through harmony with your ego. Simply following the same path as my last post before a public and formal complaint against the latest decisions and positions related to the empty, unconscious and ignorant game about MENTAL HEALTH , of a denigrated RFET, as well as my last article in this, my website, on the dire consequences that general or global analyzes can drag, through the immense information trail that is left or would leave along the way, without forgetting of course the human origin and emotional of some deteriorated stations through the immense kilometers separated from each other.




The living being capable of picking up his harmonica, open body, without stopping playing at any moment, is and will also know that he is the most complete being that he can become, he will have honest wisdom with himself, so as not to deceive himself, no fixate on others or ally with others only for common tastes, or passive energies that do not interrupt or disturb our comfortable inaction, in which we do not feel so comfortable, anchored by a spiral of silent and self-murderous habits that little by little is killing our person, even limiting the movements of other living beings, increased if our work dynamics has a responsibility, is sought at all costs or comes from the linear structure of a life marked from childhood, without “need” or “demand” in seekingan inner work that not only strengthens us from the inside out, but also amplifies any quality in the performance of our work task, and in the final benefit that this task, if it were the case, could imply in other human beings. (Very clear cases, athletes, journalists, researchers, politicians, ….. etc ..) “and that I do not go into other matters conditioned by the different ways of life that occurred in past generations.”

Remember that in psychology there is a thing called the law of attraction , I am not going to go into details, I just leave you a phrase, neither good nor bad, neither better nor worse, but the comfortable and the uncomfortable (opening of wounds not closed, not worked), they always work the same in all fields, my phrase “Same energies come together” to self-convince, self-protect and self-relieve in the same way, without touching the root, achieving a placebo effect, which each time it will become thicker and thicker, the areas of influence always being the responsibility of other external factors but never of ourselves, which becomes a bomb inside a train, unpredictable as well as dangerous.



Look, dear reader, now you will understand why I started with that brief reflection, last Friday the 23rd of Ocbure, I was watching and listening on a delayed basis, the RFETV talk about the types of tracks, construction and maintenance, which is shared at the beginning of the article, gave us a gift at the end of the presentation, at the time of questions and answers, specifically in minute 1:34:42, the truth is that if it were something exceptional, I would not be investing time in this article (although it should be a video, I have external circumstances right now that make it unfeasible), however, it is the branch that has been distributed throughout the tennis industry, at least in Spain, without restraint, or detection, or proposal of solutions, due to an ineffective psychological and pedagogical analysis of each situation.


Phrase of the video: “Here it goes, here I am involved with this shit, I have been 1h35 …”  (remember that the information is not only verbal, and now with the digital, everything fades widely, 1h30 or 2 or 4 or 10h of video, it throws you a lot of HIDDEN information that expresses much more, to do that psychoanalysis, that magnifying glass that some does not like, it would need a lot of space and time to explain, but above all to have the approval of those involved, for moral decency and I respect.)


When such a spontaneous, natural and true situation happens, we have three options:


1. Use Humor , see it as a simple anecdote, laugh, relativizing its importance without further ado.

2. See it as a great opportunity , to wake up suddenly, allowing us to lead us to a hard and deep Self-criticism, which leads us to make a very open reflection of all the immense information that is hidden behind it (HDDEN-TENNIS).

3. The sum of both options. Needless to say, this is my option, the most complete to open ourselves to a map available to everyone, but few get to develop it.


However, who has the courage to propose a mental-brain map that leaves us in full vulnerability and uncertainty of management and development, but with an indescribable reward at the end of the road, for our own essence and for the social group that we surrounds?


In tennis, it is obvious that absolutely no one, right now, has thrown themselves fully into a path without tracks or with the dead path in the trajectory a few meters away, an unprecedented collective self-suicide, with respect to what my own person represents , so from what I show my cry in the sky, I can scream more but not be clearer, from my position, is that the MENTAL HEALTH OF PEOPLE BE PLAYED , in such a wild way than with the decisions that have been made , where they are heading, is an absolute shame, yes gentlemen, a fucking shame,inadmissible for a public entity, paid by all, with social responsibility, and harmful to a profession that unfortunately, through the current situation with which we are living, is acquiring by being exposed in the whole of society, in institutions governmental, and formative at all levels, the ocean of “psychological loopholes” to put it mildly.

A public institution, such as the RFET , or rather the human beings that make up an institution that is increasingly weakened, should not have the audacity to play with human minds, therefore the brains, of players, coaches, parents / mothers, definitely, boys, girls, adults … etc, in such a dirty, disgusting way, as abysmally unconscious, through “so-called professionals”, or they don’t even have a degree (unless they are well trained in content and in ethical-moral action), or if they have it, or they are YOGUIS or they are F1 without brake, without being aware of the very serious consequences of their actions, that said human-emotional states entail when psychoanalyzing situations or living beings, reading and interpreting all the hidden information (HIDDEN) , getting to anticipate it, and in this case that concerns us, sportingly, although without the need to “be linked” in psychoanalysis, the absolute ability to know and understand very well, and then correct, the technical or movement impacts that these actions can bring to our body in all its areas (physical, mental and cerebral), or as it is often said with the most complex part of cognitive psychology, the ability to detect those hardly detectable abnormalities“apparently”, I mention what is apparent, because for me it is not, as well as for professionals who work from respect to the essence, in my case the facts and actions who know me or follow me there have them in their hand, but give me space and voice, I do not disappoint.

“How well you have explained it with how difficult it is” , this phrase was launched during the quarantine by an emeritus of influence in teaching at the RFETtowards a human being, simply by external criteria, the focal use of gaze is different, without the ability to question anything, or psychologically read all non-verbal information, as well as the use of non-verbal and spatial language, along with the consequences of skipping all information that leaves anyone in imminent danger by opening wounds and leaving them open; the facts in the form of results, (something that I detest, because for me the results are not the focus, but the consequence, the person must be first and then the performance or development of capacities, which would give a solid healthy regularity) with players of different categories are there, but above all the irregular chaotic consequences created on a psychological level, and by the way let’s not forget, that behind thatreleased phrase , hides the emotional situation of the human being that releases it, because unfortunately currently the human being, usually reflects with his mouth, not the situation that they see or see, but what happens to ourselves inside and we do not have the eggs or ovaries to face as true men or women, acting in a cowardly and miserable way towards our own person, with the consequent journey silently damaging ourselves and the environment through which we move.

Why, dear reader, have I commented on the previous paragraph? ,well, very simple, now you will understand it a lot, although it may be complex in depth, look, that the open microphone, where a phrase was released, that could seem an anecdote without more, when we really know, if we do a fair job and Honestly, that is not the case, without forgetting that now with digital, one of the great differences from face-to-face is that the speed of events decreases, the information on the screen increases (for me it was indifferent, now I am more sure) each one of the shamelessness, outrages, anomalies, … etc, that if there is honestly something positive, it will be insignificant compared to the arena of shit paintings that one can expose, something like a clumsy and useless thief, who for very good work tools that you have,The footprints that it will leave will be as big as a soccer ball, especially for those of us who have great psychological power to read, speak, write, listen, and visualize, I assure you that it is infinite, although later,Who will dare to listen to their own truth? That will hurt much , but believe me it is the only way to really be iron to cualqueir life situation however ugly that is.

Continuing with the argument, that open microphone left bare, something very creepy for years, I would even say that decades, not now with the wonderful opportunity we have had, due to the current situation, to put a knife to shred all the Organization chart as if it were a log of wood for firewood, neither is transformation seen from the root, nor is it expected, basically because they have followed the norm of the phrase that I released at the beginning about the law of attraction , “Same energies they come together “, a fatal attraction condemned to absolute failure, a matter of time, and how far they are willing to endure said collective suicide, to where they want to take their lust for power and reputation on the part of some, and the unconsciousness along with the ego, on the part of others, without forgetting, that this tidal wave of disorder that these “great professionals who love their profession”have been leaving along the way, where even the global image that reaches them or came in the form of a disqualifying promotion to promotion, nor did it make or make them change a point on the comma, their form of action, with an irrelevant attitude, something irresponsible that does not surprising, since they are the sum of their own emotional states with the current ones that correspond to them, and for all that that type of attitudes hook behind since you pass through the door of those facilities.

The new team, to call it new, because again it has nothing, as I have commented a couple of sentences above, when talking about the specific part of tennis, it is prioritizing a work dynamism , professional knowledge, which of course absolutely nobody can discuss , as well as external impulses, instead of betting on a complete perception of psychological and pedagogical minimums, so demanding in great intensity in all four aspects due to the previous own demands as well as the current situation that happens to us, walk from the hand of internally entrenched human beings is an irresponsibility that will have a high toll, believe me that it will, time to time.




The open microphone does not show more than the enormous deficiencies, the enormous hole with which we currently find ourselves in the educational systems, I do not consider that only in the formation of the RFET, I could elaborate with examples of other professions, but the Spanish federation tennis , it is too colorful, it can be seen from miles away, and what is enormously very serious, of authentic unconscious hooligans, the irresponsible game with the mind-brainof all human beings, allowing access to individuals who should not be there, individuals from two books Inner Game of Tennis, or The Monk who Bought his Ferrari (nothing against the books, but they are dangerous and robotic, for interpretive use that is given to them), or it looks just like the same day that I published my complaint to the RFET about it, some of these characters, once again use the figure of Nadal, burning it as much as possible, to try to explain something that not even It has nothing to do with it, of which they are truly incompetent to do it with their own content.

Honestly, I really leave Nadal alone, to use his image in a way that I, who have been able to meet him in person, would not approve of it, and now, the RFET opens the door for them without measuring the danger of the fact, and with the complicity of professionals in the same sector, Yogis or F1 , creators of chaos, confusion, placebos effects in the short term, but absolutely sold / s in the long term, not only will there be no regularity, but some bleeding, which honestly as they remain as habits, have who is the true professional takes on the responsibilities of shutting down and helping heal the mess that an intruder or incompetent has left on the air, with the complicity of the public entity called RFET, having to know that this is not like a car made of sheet metal and paint, with a more or less effective arrangement, but is something much more serious, which at a certain level of evolution is not caught at the right time, neither before nor after just when It happens, it does not have an easy solution of well-being, ladies and gentlemen with MENTAL HEALTH, IT IS NOT PLAYED, ENOUGH, ENOUGH AND ENOUGH ALREADY OF IGNORANT DESPROPOSIT !!!!.

Honestly, this ignorance among many other reasons, comes when they have not been on the street, they have not lived the street as such, they have not worked privately, working with fire, being aware of what things cost, opening something really, leave your skin behind, feel a different pressure, or the ability to manage it, give educational weight to gentlemen who on a psychological and pedagogical levelThey are absolutely not prepared at all, that internally nor are they with all the health that such a great responsibility entails, without going into details, which could be introduced using all the videos to date, for the aforementioned digital issue, even my observation in person, To do a psychonalisis, in human beings who almost always blame the cobblestones, but have difficulties to look at themselves, or have even rolled almost a year, by different clubs or academies, without regularity or construction of projects, with motivations according to interests ,with the need to listen to external voices to find some kind of motivation or the same use of those honest voices delivered in such an altruistic way without thinking about those who deliver them in the forms of use that who receives them will give such generous information.

Final sentence, an example for me at the sporting level, your deeds and actions speak for themselves, Pep Guardiola ,


“Look to build a real project, it takes time, patience, and you have to give yourself a minimum of two years for the whole to take shape, somehow leave a legacy, that someone can follow behind.”



My blunt questions, bearing in mind the psychological and pedagogical aspects:


1 . What the hell do you want for tennis?


2. Is this shit what you really want?


3. How long are you going to continue playing ruthlessly with the mind-brain of human beings? With the mental health of human beings?


4. How long are you going to continue playing with the children with that tennis in stages? An indecent idea, which does not correspond to reality, and only discriminates, boasts the disastrous training of coaches in its entirety. confinement phrase that sums it up,

“A child can never be at the height of an adult” nothing to add ladies and gentlemen that each interpret it according to their psychological level.


(Let’s not forget to add the ITF in this and other topics, RFET have personality !!!!)


5.  Are you really so ignorant and unconscious to get your chest out because we are the second country in Europe or in the world that more “professionals” have agreed to do free ITF courses that are nothing more than mere formalities? (I learned that every time I hear the word free, it is squeaky and nothing good can come out of it) Learning can be slow but not hard if you know what to do, what is said, how it is said and we recognize what What we see.  Being in that position of that ranking supposes me the opposite, a lot of concern, many of them already explained throughout the text, including that the face-to-face should not occupy less than the online one, over there we are already going wrong, in an area that earthly contact is the basic one.


6. Do you really become teachers, so that people fear you, through imposition or intimidation? coming from fears, complexes and other aspects of one’s own insecurities, with the enormous deficiencies that this leads to on a psychological and pedagogical level, that I will not fly out of education and respect. Do you consciously know what this generates or can it psychologically generate not only your students, but also your players in a silent and circular way? (I’ve seen it in person).


7. Knowing that image of fear, really even though you are touched internally by past or current wounds or the sum of pain, there is nothing internal that gives you enough courage to demand a personal work from yourself to get out of the rusty anchor in which you are? , and lead you to a transformation that benefits first yourselves, then your abilities and finally, who do you cross paths with?


8. Do you really want human beings that from entering the door, hang their heads or mount a hypocritical character, to go through the Aro without further ado, without critical thinking, or exchange of thoughts, supported by fear so as not to create animal conversations to get a piece of paper that defines them? Do you think that with the psychological weight that this carries on the back, they will really generate a beneficial attitude (that concept should be defined) to train?


9. Do you not realize that the open microphone represents the disgust of the great bulk of the sector towards the same direction, the demotivation of training in an institution that does not form even remotely, and that denigrates according to anchored profiles, a consequence of the states teachers, without looking at the training capacity to guide for a future trainer who will be in charge of a group of people or person with physical influence and integral well-being?


10. How do you intend to motivate and excite people to train, with the general image that you transmit both verbally and non-verbally, using “experience” to justify, only applauded by the five who pat you on the back, surely sucking of the same boat and what do you do yourself a disservice in this regard, navigating a sea of ​​subjectivity that does not lead you anywhere constructive?


11 . Do you really think that you are going to come to fruition due to the great wonder of tennis knowledge possessed by teachers, ignoring the base of every trainer, nowadays even more demanded in double demand, both individual and social due to said plan-demic situation? Is it the absolute cleanliness in psychological and pedagogical aspects to know how to face, attend, observe and interpret situations that are above the tennis part without releasing irresponsible nonsense?


12.  How long are you going to continue using parents, children, adolescents, players, coaches, as a search for excuses to justify any situation of evasion of responsibility and your self-criticism for the ineffectiveness and indecency of everything you do? to stick of blind? (In confinement this was vomitable, what a waste of time.)


13. Research where? When will you have completely complete teachers who understand to raise awareness and train, without clinging to anything external (biomechanics included), to justify stupid things or invite incompetent or poorly trained people to do or say barbarities, absent from the importance of knowing what it physically and mentally implies , in each area of ​​the body, each technical gesture or movement saving and helping physiotherapists and physical trainers enormously in this work? (This is something that several physiotherapists have reminded me, thanking me, for the lack of wisdom they find in this regard, not only in tennis but in other sports, you know for this you have to have a great psychological level, much to your regret.)


14. When will there be a much simpler and pragmatic organization chart, with serious and complete people, with a true leader in charge, full of internal security that allows them to act in full awareness of development in coherence with all the hidden information that encompasses a position like that, along with all the management that goes into it?


15. Don’t you realize that less is more, that is, filling by filling, is going to an Ocasso that only leads to falling and falling, or simply to stagnate without progress?


16. When will you realize that anchoring teachers will be so mentally limited that they think that nothing is changeable or that it is impossible to make such corrections or the search for other natural contributions, justifying themselves over and over again, from their limitation and insecurity mind walking unconsciously against the integral benefit, tennis, physical and mental ?.


17. When will you realize that the Mind is not a word-of-mouth game , to be used and thrown around, that it takes a process of time, patience and a lot of self-dedication with its own exhibitions, with or without a guide?


18. When will some of them wake up from the manipulation to which they are being subjected, without their being aware, not because they are interested in their person, but their list of contacts to achieve their objectives at any cost, at their expense? Is your Ego so hard to renew that you are victims of a deception-fraud at impressive levels, of what you yourself denounced, that you think that by recognizing it you will lose authority or manhood? (nothing is further from the truth quite the opposite)


19. Who is willing to take the real command, and do absolute cleanliness, with ethics and morality to build a solid base, where it takes a good root that will ferment a true project?



“Everyone will have their audience, who wants to continue living from deception, playing with people’s minds, with mental health, at the cost of reputation and pleasure, their fucking Ego, who does it privately in their entity, or cabinet, Fool anyone who wants to be manipulated, but in a public entity, please, they should not have any voice, you cannot allow that embarrassing as irresponsible indence. Enough playing with people’s Mental Health. “


“If you hear a human being talk about a matter of which you do not have an idea, see for example economics or law, through a whole umbrella full of technicalities and words surely very complex even for themselves, or surely not, If they are economists or lawyers, or have sought a strong and solid research and exponentiation content, do we believe them with no other merit than listening through the manipulation of the language that they release through their mouths because for us it does not sound like ignorant novelty and also without bearing in mind the consequences of these ways of acting? ”  (THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE RFET IN RELATION TO MENTAL POPULISM, TAKING AWAY THE BRAIN PSYCHOLOGY OF WHO IS TRAPPED IN A CIRCULAR NORIA WITHOUT EXIT.)



Although in future articles, I will see if in writing or through videos (where I am now, the family I live with has an internet that takes me almost two days for the video to upload to the platforms, without forgetting that I am starting to run out portable as well), I will do the article on THE PYRAMIDS OF THE TRAINERS, where for me there are 5 plants, the peak being the entreandores that have reached the competition elite, but without any problem touching the floor 3 for advice, and being the plant 2 those who unfortunately tend to be in training too anchored, being the most incompetent, not because they want to, but because of personal factors surrounded by insecurities, wounds added one after another and also objectives or expectations not consummated and not accepted as such … ..etc…

I will explain it in the next chapter as I say … I simply wanted to mention it because it comes to the point, the danger of anchoring yourself with those on floor 2, capable of destroying careers, as well as destabilizing careers through the Ego of self-belief and the use of external factors to try to justify themselves, experienced in person in Spain and England. In fact, I have been seen as top people, fortunately they also use trainers from floor 3, because there are usually the most comprehensive, whether they have touched floor one or not, without going through floor 2 or even touching floor 2.

The game that I am going to leave you is very easy, I have many ideas in my head, of everything that could be done in tennis, how one could get juice from other sports, the importance in this regard, among many other ideas … .I am going to leave you below three photos, of three different sports, what would you think would be the contribution that they could generate to tennis and how? … I am very clear about my answers … although there are donkey coaches in anchoring who think that they have nothing to do, that they do not contribute anything.


“the only way to move forward is to open up, give and receive, generate constructive collaborations from ethics and human morality, thus we add as an individual and as a collective, for a collective freedom from the inside out”

“The affection or attachment towards a living being or a material object, will become a counterproductive situation when we unconsciously invite ourselves to get away from the reality of what is happening, opening ourselves silently without asking, to the retentions, blockages, and chronic braking , without seeing their comings or their departures, which generates totally surreal, limiting and circular justifications and decisions without awareness of the incursion submitted and entrenched in said Ferris wheel. “


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .