Dear reader, we are already in the final stretch of the tournament, today the entrance to the venue was placid, light and without any waiting queue, much less people than the rest of the days, I include previous years in which I have been, day female, juniors and the first day of adapted tennis, I think the attraction is less, that it was a relaxed day to watch the boys train, in the background I know that Rafa Nadal was on one of the courts near the center, Roger I saw him from afar on one of the training tracks, away from all focus, and Nole and Roberto, with I managed to see them or on which tracks they were, I regret not having been able to see Roberto, it would be when I was watching the juniors.


Day 10 of the tournament, day 7 for me, the matches I saw are:

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia vs Martin Damm (Full)

Alexa Noel vs Priska Madelyn Nugroho (First set)

Dalibor Svrcina vs Carlos Gimeno Valero (Second and Third sets)

Hurricane Tyra Black / Shavit Kimchi vs Aubane Droguet / Selena Janicijevic (Full)

Funa Kozaki / Amarissa Kiara Toth vs Carlota Martinez Cirez / Ane Mintegi del Olmo (Last two games)

Holly Fisher / Matilda Mutavdzic vs Chloe Beck / Emma Navarro (Second and Third Set)

Mark Philippoussis / Tommy Haas vs Ross Hutchins / Colin Fleming (Full)


The truth, dear reader, as you can see, I did not stop, I took the opportunity to see everything I could, then I moved to see if I saw someone train, especially Roberto , I did not get it, but I did see Roger and Simona Halep , RafaI already had too many crowds, I think he still does not handle the people issue very well, I preferred to continue watching Juniors, although the track from his training was behind me; really my only break is to eat for half an hour and to continue. I love and enjoy this to the fullest, I write my notes, not being from any team is not always easy, people confuse you as part of a Team, they ask you, others look at you and others there is an accumulation of people, you are not part of anything, Which out of respect you should stay out of the way and write it later; In doubles four human beings at the same time, you must focus one by one individually, it is something very difficult but possible, because they go fast and on grass more, it is a wonderful challenge, I enjoy and I try to do my best from my knowledge and it remains to continue increasing it.


APPRECIATIONS, remembering that we are on grass:

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia,  I was sitting next to the American coaching staff, each other commented on a phrase that summarizes everything Carlos has been today, “he is too scared” When I heard her, my analysis was closed, it couldn’t be summed up better, she made up the second set due to disconnections from the other with her serve, excessive double faults. As for the technique in yesterday’s article, I already discussed everything, the Serve is very worrying because of the physical gravity that it can take in the long term, apart technically it is what it is, delivering sets and games with double faults, the crossed backhand in support. It is brutal, but backwards in the race, it is hard for him to get the point, that is almost always the backhand, what I have gives initiative and power at the point, to finish attacking “easy” with the right, for me the right must wrap it more it has much less consistency than with the backhand, it seldom gets initiative with it, you volleys more firmly with the grip, not letting the ball fall so much, but also today it got blocked,“It’s amazing”  this adding to what was mentioned by the Americans, settled today. I think that today he should have insisted on the opponent’s right, since there is where the rival found it more difficult to take space, where confidence went down and up, with the backhand the backhand felt more comfortable.

Martin Damm , spectacular that level, simply brutal to serve, backwards, and to the right when he took the felt, the speed and power are brutal, almost unappealable, if it were not for mental comings and goings, the serve improve the flexion, opens a little knees, coordination goes a bit, as two or three bad things come to him, momentarily disperses, more space between first and second, patience – communication and rhythm management to improve; the right was accelerated and was placed too much on top of the ball, not always solvable with its touch of the wrist and rise of the arm, high number to the net, with the unappealable backhand, it throws itself very well on top of the ball, attacking it very well.

* Anecdote from the American coaching staff apart from what was mentioned towards Carlos, there was a retinue of coaches, including one, who also stayed for the next game with the American player, he would go from track to track with each of the Americans, he had a folder I find it very interesting, and some sheets, with tennis courts drawn, and constantly taking notes, because that is one of my great strengths, surely there would be many very interesting points to learn from.


Alexa Noel, this American player puzzled me a little, through so much talk with herself, phrases that were even funny even for the American team itself, the humor that is not lacking, the truth is they had a great atmosphere, that is always pleasant and positive . The feeling that this girl could give a lot more than what she was offering, because she had blows, I sense that she followed some tactical guideline to cut both not only backwards but also with the right hand, spoons, hiding almost all the blows, almost not a Reves, rights, some loose, when he took it out he did a lot of damage, the serve loses initiative quickly, he must hold more with the upper trunk and not lower his throwing arm so fast, looking for more power, surely there are more details, but it is what I I perceive from my knowledge.

Priska Madelyn Nugroho , being already a not very tall girl, that in the serve in the preparation goes down so much, does not convince me, also in the serve the supports are almost non-existent, she loses aerodynamics. Right with the wrist cleans very well, but does not take enough space, on the back hold the ball much longer, throw more, do not fall into slices where it is not appropriate, on grass it is almost mandatory, do not fall into the opponent’s tactic, focus in her.

Dalibor Svrcina , the supports are not so good, always at the limit of the foot fault (A foot fault closed the game in favor of Carlos), balance, also too much pause between the pannata position and the racket backwards and then go to for the ball; He is a real long-distance player, it was nice to see him, but the right wing must push its arm much more, it must run more, and raise it if it enters to take more depth; the reverse somewhat stiff, forced, I seemed to see a continental + west, which is difficult to do well clean, with depth and that does more damage.

Carlos Gimeno Valero , today much looser than yesterday on his legs, more availability, but on the net he remains flattened, disconnected, he was hardly going for the ball, he ate it and did not accompany, too straight, from the front; in the right turn more in rotation, in serve and backhand the same thing that I mentioned in yesterday’s article, excessively straight backhand, you should get more topspin effect, much more consistency, but the truth is when you start to hit, you get some very good shots, to Sometimes it is too cold chest, it can really be positive on a mental level to relativize everything more, but it has to go balance-connection to get that spark, that intention, that real faith, that desire to be there, hooking himself first and then the public .

Hurricane Tyra Black,  her ankles drew a lot of attention, it was awful to see her on the serve, she bent them too much it seemed that she could break it, in the rest of the shots she had certain problems when it came to support, always the first point of many points that have a hit for me; the right pull much more of the arm, less dry, reverse less close to the body, take out shoulders and arms.

Shavit Kimchi, I had a certain sensation that happened in almost all the blows, volleys very forward, I did not rotate and accompany, in the serve, I coordinated flexion more, and I turned the trunk too much to stay very forward, not pulling so much of the arm, that’s why the double faults or little use of the first serve, right does not come out so much with the foot at once, elbow very close, in the end as I say it is something that happens in all the blows from the preparation and point one of each blow, repeat in the quality and leveling up, not to say physiologically in the body.

Aubane Droguet acted with great intelligence, appropriate decisions, a certain vision, as for the blows, in the serve he turned the upper trunk too much, keep shoulders; On the other hand, the ball is not in the meantime, to go for it, right an extremely fast turn, which you ate ball, you did not give it depth or power.


Selena Janicijevic , super agile, a lot of personality, character and determination, in terms of blows, reverse too marked, more natural and hidden; Right elbow less stuck and less flexed, in the end it comes from the supports I think, also take imbalance from the supports, throw the ball excessively forward, or you take a big jump and go for it in conditions, or change the throw apart from holding more hand, not to lower it so fast.

Funa Kozaki / Amarissa Kiara Toth vs Carlota Martinez Cirez / Ane Mintegi del Olmo , as I barely saw anything, two games, I will not mark many details, because it would be not very honest, in yesterday’s article, I mentioned something else about it, but if I had the feeling that it seemed that the others had the blows much more professionally made, cleaner, they suffered too much, in terms of attitude and desire you can not put any objection to the Spanish women, just for that self-love, they were already worth seeing, something rare today.

Holly Fishe,  in the serve very short supports, swing and left hand to hold her, very little use of her height to achieve a great serve, right and back come out much better with the feet of blow and pull more of the arm, take them out; volley firmer at the wrist.

Matilda Mutavdzic, for her small stature and body, is a true gamer, but she must be less shrunken in the blows, all the preparations happen the same, she is very closed in on herself externally, that makes it enormously difficult to get a lot more quality in the blows, ease and separation of arms and string-ball accompaniment.

Chloe Beck,  following the trend of what I was commenting on in yesterday’s article, the feeling that she has a higher level than she offers, like that she self-restrains, the lack of confidence, security, because class, intelligence, touch she has, has shown it in many blows.

Emma Navarro, is a proper name to take into account !!!, I already commented on it in yesterday’s article, it seems spectacular, it transmits a lot of security, poise, personality, leadership, power, strength, authentic whirlwind with well-balanced energy , knowing very much what he does, with a great technical quality and has something that makes it different from the rest, it is simply brutal, perhaps in the reverse, hold your shoulders a little longer and go even more for the ball, or on the right arm and elbow a bit more separated, looking for it to run even more, it’s not difficult, and I still have a lot to learn, but this girl is almost perfect, it’s a great pleasure to watch her play.

Mark Philippoussis / Tommy Haas vs Ross Hutchins / Colin Fleming,  being an “exhibition” tournament all of them already old dogs, it doesn’t need much to say, although I am not much of this type of matches, a pleasure to see them, several reasons, Philippoussis was It is special to see him, after Agassi and Moyá, because of the magnificence and beauty of his blows, Haas , a different type, his hair, his cap, personality, although he hated video games, once he played, he always chose him as a player, Ross because of my coincidence with him at the Queen’s Club, week after week I had him in the locker room, that emotional experience remains there, even if you don’t make friends and there is no more than that, supposedly empty and as for Fleming,I think I remember having him there during the Queen’s tournamente, there is not much more bond, but as a Briton and because of what this city of London has given me to my life, my bond with the British always makes it special.


I have a lot to continue learning, let’s continue enjoying tennis in the last few days that remain … all contributions are appreciated and welcome.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .