Dear reader, before entering fully into this day 6 for me, day 9 of the tournament, you will see in the titles of the titles that there is a jump of days, one per work schedule issue in the hotel I could no longer write, do it later I no longer proceeded, others because I did not go for work as well, and the other two just arrived at the last moment, and I saw some doubles. Let me record about the games I witnessed, although I will no longer comment on them.

Day 4 of the tournament, and day 3 for me, I saw:

Carla Suarez vs Pauline Parmentier. (Full)

Kiki Bertens vs Taylor Towsend (Partial)

Kaia Kanepi vs Belinda Bencic (Full)

Jamie Murray / Neal Skupski vs Ivan Dodig / Filip Polasek (Until the Sunlight Left)

Day 7 of the tournament, and day 4 for me, I saw:

Jamie Murray / Bethanie Mattek-Sands vs Mate Pavic / Gabriela Drabrowski (Until the Sunlight Left  ).

Twice I went to see him, twice the same situation happened to me with Jamie, I don’t believe in coincidences and there are always reasons and explanatory reasons to teach us some kind of learning. I feel that he must or has had or is still, at least at the sporting level, I do not know in other facets, under certain pressure in very high degrees, something is worth that he did not play as a couple with his brother, or crossed in the pictures as a rival , because the press in recent months, put a lot of weeds about it, now it is in a phase where it is making decisions, very brave in making them, which involve changes, risks, new adventures, sometimes those tensions are paid with anyone who is cross first or those with which they convey confidence.

Day 8 of the tournament, and day 5 for me, I saw:

Eliakim Coulibaly / Ryoma Matsushita vs Nicolas Alvarez Varona / Juan Bautista Torres

Cara Black / Martina Navratilova vs Arancha Sanchez Vicario / Anne Keothavong


Let’s go with today (Wednesday), day 9 of the tournament and day 6 for me, here if I am going to comment on details and deepen about what I saw, point out that the games on the center court and on court 1, I could not access, there were no tickets, as each day I only paid for access to the venue, comments from today’s matches:

Carlos Gimeno Valero vs Filip Cristian Janu  (First set and part of the second set)

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia vs William Grant  (Full match)

Carlota Martinez Cirez / Ane Mintegi del Olmo vs Michaela Kadleckova / Katrina Scott  (Last games)

Pia Lovric / Mai Napatt Nirundom vs Emma Navarro / Chloe Beck. (Full match)

John Peers / Shuai Zhang vs Robert Lindstedt / Jelena Ostapenko (Last games)


APPRECIATIONS: (Remember that we are in Lawn, although there are fixed details for all)

Carlos Gimeno Valero:I saw him excessively rigid, tense, restrained, as if he carried a stick embedded from head to toe, obviously that affected the movements, starting especially with the feet, slow and with little output from the body. The forehand gave me the feeling of being unnatural, not running as much as it should, with the racket head having such long arms, but it lets the ball in too much; In the reverse it gives the feeling of feeling much more comfortable, with a greater sweet spot, it is much more natural, it runs a lot compared to the right. The serve being so high, he takes very little advantage of his height to have a serve at its maximum potential, he even does a little layup, he does not make good coordination, and the ball throwing hand lowers it excessively fast, the trunk does not is as balanced as it should.

Jianu Filip:  Sensation of expressing a lot, great ease, play and touch, with variety in the movement of the ball, however little mentally active, reading and wrong decisions, without consistency. Back too straight and close to the body, forehand with bad support and distance to the ball, very little sweet spot, however it makes a good string-ball accompaniment. Get more balance from the start, but it’s your most solid shot.

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia:  The first thing that catches your attention is that physically he has a very powerful, fast and agile lower body, but with the attitude-rhythm “past screw”, that is to say with a very accelerated rhythm that ends up generating excessive and pronounced peaks. highs and lows in the same game, looking without knowing what to do. About the blows, I am seriously concerned about his serve, It is very sad to see him, his right leg from almost the beginning, carries a mini-flexion, all of it supporting a brutal weight from before opening the racket for the jump, then he pronounces more before doing the joint flexion for the jump, I’m sorry and I don’t think I’m wrong, or they change that, or that leg may end up breaking it in the long term, creating a very serious injury, I don’t know if he already has pain there, we should ask him about the sensations, apart from the shrinking of his arms, almost as if was going to shit (excuse me the comparison) in the end comes from the same; Backhand is a spectacle, especially the crossed one, it tends to rest well on top of the ball, quite the opposite on the right, sometimes it becomes somewhat rigid and the upper trunk is thrown back, losing coordination and greater speed to the ball, the distances to them are difficult. The volleys let the ball fall too much, you must go for them up with decision, accompanying the rope-ball more.

Willian Grant:  American school, very much like Sam Querrey, although I think he was a bit overweight, and lacking in physical background, handling all that raw energy in a balanced way, a more coordinated, powerful and fast footwork, in the strokes of Do not turn the hips early, keep the torso, especially on the backhand, accompany the ball much more, on the right feel it more; be more patient and smart on the track.

Carlota Martinez Cirez / Ane Mintegi del Olmo vs Michaela Kadleckova / Katrina Scott:  I hardly saw anything, paying much more attention to the Spanish women, in general I felt a weak match on both sides, lacking in intensity, dynamism, accompaniment, breath and head, I had to drive that power, more vision, and Carlota, improve situation and support for the exit of the head of the racket.

Pia Lovric / Mai Napatt Nirundom vs Emma Navarro / Chloe Beck: I had an intuition and I wanted to see it for Emma, ​​to know who that Hispanic name was and how he played, I was not wrong. Pia starting from the base of the movements of the legs, finding the place, it is all more complex, Mai, very unnatural blows, you suffer too much like that because the ball does not go to you. Emma has a lot of power, charisma, mental clarity, some super clean, natural blows, a lot of wrist, Chole sees her many bursts of great blows, but we have to believe it much more, and with the right to give her much more cleanliness.

John Peers / Shuai Zhang vs. Robert Lindstedt / Jelena Ostapenko: I saw the last games, Zhang asked the physiotherapist for assistance several times, he was quite out of the game, you end up dragging your partner, apart from being standing with your legs and not finding the point with your right especially, Peers if you continue doubles you also know they are from those who never regret seeing, with a lot of touch; Ostapenko and Lindstedt have a beautiful, funny and positive dynamic energy between them, Ostapenko has a solid background in the blows, also precious, since he won RG he did not mention it again, staying up there is not a small feat either, Lindstedt , take fewer steps and walk faster, take the coverage of spaces before they catch you and take ground. It was an attractive game to watch, very good on both sides, a pity not to have seen it in its entirety.

My analyzes are always from the respect, affection and heart for this sport, using all my personal, emotional and spiritual work, as well as tennis, especially the best possible scientific value that is all good common sense, not so different from what that biomechanical science can transmit, always avoiding falling into the psychomatizations so classic and common today.

Tomorrow (Thursday) let’s continue enjoying what remains of tennis in Wimbedon … and to continue …..


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .