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Let me explain a bit, what I experienced on the third day of Wimbledon, (yesterday, Wednesday), my second day for the tournament. The Queue was quite fluid, at 12:00 I was already inside, then inside there was a certain level of crowd, but I believe among players’ guests, people with tickets and club members, in general my feeling that tennis silently, was of the two or three, it does not engage, it loses its bellows of attraction, but without falling into dramas or populist categories, a work is necessary between many involved parties.

Chair judges, linesmen and children picking up balls, a refreshment is necessary, some kind of clarity and demand, with respect to children, some coordination, because one thing is to be fast and immediate and another is to be accelerated, with the lungs almost coming out of the chest and some with agonizing forced breaths, in all this, the players should be more aware and considerate of the ball boys, who after all are children, I consider that the players themselves, stop or advise someone who has come back, if they need to take their task to that level, the players are the ones who have a voice and vote, the ones who will be most listened to, in coordination with those in charge of the shift.

The matches I saw:

Cuevas vs Vesely (Almost complete)

Darcis vs Bautista Agut  (Full)

Granollers vs Humbert (the last two sets)

Wickmayer vs Zhang  (last set)

Keys vs Hercog  (Full)

Paes / Paire vs Bublik / Kukushkin  (last set)


APPRECIATIONS: (knowing that we are on grass although there are valid technical details in anyone, without notes and through what is stored in my memory)

Cuevas: Although it has been the player, the one who has taken points, some valid to take to the “hot shots” of the day, however, in my opinion, close a little, not scoring head, to gain consistency without losing so much in the background, pause to make the right decisions, more leg mobility, which would allow the opponent to get him out of his zone. The curious thing also about the serve, in the lever flexion, opens the knees a little, a detail that makes you lose aerodynamics.

Vesely: His serve is a great ally, and that opens his knees a lot on the lever, almost like a penguin movement; His right must leverage forward, he tends to leave the upper trunk back, and to catch the ball a little late, causing him to run less, feeling less sweet spot, cane, and less natural hitting, on the reverse if he leans better .

Darcis: He  had a tremendous cough clinging to his chest, it seemed that in two games he was withdrawing, he continued more than normal, when breathing does not help, but he is a fine guy, that if he focuses, he can be rubbery on any surface, perhaps from what I remember lengthening and feeling a little more, softness.

Bautista Agut: So far the one who has played the most with the breadth of the court, very solid on serve, well defined and grip up, great backhand support, directing, classic forehand, clean, with a lot of direction, perhaps more feeling, go volleys more for them above, do not wait for them to fall so much. Emotional management, there was a moment in the third set with 1-0, I think I remember, suddenly the work office, apart from the outside. I worked, I created a body stress, tension, I closed the fluidity of the blows a bit, it almost complicated the dynamics of the game.

Granollers:  I lacked focus, that is, playing smarter, with unexpected decisions, surprising the youth in front of me, a variation and greater width of the court. Attitude and aptitude, zero reproaches.

Humbert:  Serve very solid and certainly clean, letting go of the arm more, that is not hitting more ostía, but accompanying it more, closing a little earlier without opening, preventing them from going so long and gaining consistency, more confidence with the backhand, pause and vision.

Wickmayer: It was nothing like the one I saw in the Wimbledon  Qualification in Roehampton, legs totally stopped, very heavy, very late impact, open, long or cane, loose game, nerves and out of place.

Zhang: Solid, especially backwards where supported well on the shoulders, stretching the arms well generated damage, with mobility from side to side and widening the court, right maybe going a little more for it.

Keys:  From the warm-up I already knew that it was not going well, spark, lack of determination, anchors, … etc … He closed the blows late, the impacts were somewhat open, not raising his arm … his backhand was a good ally today, but not enough, mentally I was very out.

Hercorg:  From the warm-up, she was very determined, convincing, clear, about what to do, and how to carry it out, she spent a lot of impetus, lengthening her arm a lot, not closing, with a lot of power, more lack of positioning, direction, his backhand covered it almost always, little confidence, some a little late catching the ball.

Paes / Paire : Not much intensity, lacking in coordination and better understanding, as non-verbal communication, Paes a little less revolutionized and Paire with more intention, they were a bit carried away by inertia.

Bublik / Kukushkin: Better understanding, but a lack of mutual trust, patience, better decision of shots or plays without compromising.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .