Day two at Wimbledon, the first day of this 2019 there, the first thing that can be recovered is that Tennis loses people, at least that is my feeling … there is a certain faithful part but I do not feel the bulk of that perceptible crowd between 2006 and 2008 , then 2014, 15 and 16, now 19, it has been in descent, I do not consider only here in Wimbledon, there are still faithful people and fanatic people with the journalistic discourse of who is the best in history, something that makes me vomit, never I enter into those immature debates and absorbed by the Ego, your more, I more.

Focusing on the matches I watched and pulling from memory without taking the notes that I would otherwise conscientiously do: 

Ward vs Basilashvili (last two sets)

Garin vs Rublev (almost complete minus third set)

Badosa vs Flink (Sideways while watching Garin) 

Andújar vs Kukushkin (Full) 

Fognini vs Tiafoe (start and last two sets) 


My perception: 

Ward: He  has very loose blows, very natural, simplicity, from the right to take position and throw more, especially that round of the bathroom, the load so high of tension, body signals that did not augur the desired ending, as well as the split theme make you lose vital seconds, use about it is important.

Basilashvili:  I missed him more mobility, more aggressive and intelligent, stretching more, getting on top, keeping the other away from the baseline. 

Garin:  Physically it looks like an earthquake, lacking in order, pause and naturalness, precipitation and searching with his right for a sweeter point of impact, taking out a repertoire that he still keeps inside. 

Rublev:  The forehand was more natural, sometimes it seems jerky, especially the right hand in the race can improve it even more, in support, it is one of his best blows, in reverse, throw much more, mentally balance, it goes by swell, it must integrate more , a state of clarity and calm that allows you to get your repertoire, better decisions, in the end your right is a consequence of this.

Badosa : What I have already mentioned in Qualy, with that setback from the bottom there will be nothing to do Play with whoever you play, but not a single but in attitude. 

Flink:  Do not pay much attention to the other game, seeing his solidity of blows, he was smart, he carried her over and over backwards … with little he did he was going to dominate.

Andujar:  In an exemplary, even comical attitude, he gave everything, but I saw him physically anguished from the beginning, he had to slow down and look for much more mobility, get out of the place, vary. Easy to say.

Kukushkin : Sensation of suffocation, but at the same time cold, nailed in his area, with permanent low ball resource, grass demands that, but you have to have more conviction, try other things, in raising confidence, lead. 

Fognini : From the first game to what I saw at the end, he was obviously not going to change, he was seen to be very calm, making it easy, sure of what he was doing, some emotions of not twisting further and getting to the point, I consider that with a more point of intensity, the game would have taken it before. 

Tiafoe : His serve does not convince me, and I believe that while helping him hurts him, a similar percentage, his cleaner forehand and perhaps his reverse is what convinces me the most, he has an external presence, but he lacks the internal one, see the variety of Choices, more aware, will later lead to greater patience and more showing your potential. 


Let’s keep learning …. Be Helpful. 


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .