Dear reader, in this article I am going to focus on a very important section for me, I would say that it is key in the end of many of the problems of our society that later lead to other much more serious situations, I mean THE NOISE , which does not It walks in parallel (it does not mean that it is not there) to our labor labels with which we travel through life, sometimes from very early ages, others from our end of break with adolescence. Despite the labels acquired by each one, we must not forget that above all those happy labels we are human beings-living beings , which even allows us to live with many other species throughout our wonderful planet, called THE EARTH .

On this planet, called EARTH , currently lives with two types of RUIDOS , one that caused by the power of the Nature at its most extreme and not constant point, the rest being the sweet generates nature SOUNDS available for learning through of internal appreciation, and the other, that generated by Man , that is, the unconscious and ignorant human beings (US).

Allow me for the obvious, that before continuing with the article, let’s define what NOISE is , and of course its abysmal difference with SOUND , the importance of communication with SILENCE , and because NOISE is never SOUND even though it seems so, that’s why It is quite important to have both concepts very clear so that you can understand very well everything I want to explain with this article. Well, what is SILENCE? What is SOUND? And what is NOISE?


According to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy):

Sensation produced in the organ of the ear by the vibratory movement of the bodies, transmitted by an elastic medium, such as air.

My definitions:

  1. It is that sensation that you feel, when you close your eyes, you only hear the sea, the leaves moving in unison with the wind, the singing of the birds, and other communications of the power of our mother nature.
  2. It is all clean communication with yourself, with a transparent mind and empty of all MENTAL NOISE , in turn essential benefit for the reduction of any type of injury or intensity of pain.
  3. All that musical melody, soft or treated gently, that does not produce pain, or discomfort, or any type of stress, or self-deception, encourages your development, your creativity, and always keeps you united to your essence, to your being, to the species you belong to, regardless of where you are.
  4. THE SOUND is pleasant, melodic and pleasant, which flows through our body and other living beings present, where it is always heard in the PRESENT moment , WITHOUT NOISE from the PAST or the FUTURE , in tune with our life medicine, called THE SILENCE .


According to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy):

Inarticulate sound, usually unpleasant. Litigation, pendency, lawsuit, riot or discord. Big appearance in things that do not have great importance. Public repercussion of some fact. Interference affecting a communication process. Disturbing signal in a circuit produced by its components.

My definitions:

  1. It is all jareo, uproar, bustle of apparent happiness, really temporary happiness, because the focus of thought is wrong and far from the combination SOUND-SILENCE .
  2. All extraneous, non-existent mental garbage on the surface, added to an already implicit task and permanently in all activity, duty, work and social, family or work relationships, generating an “imaginary, not real” situation disconnected from THE SILENCE, in turn, tripling the level of tasks to be carried out and the way they are carried out in the different psychological-emotional fields of which the life of a human being is composed (Personal, Labor, Family and Social).
  3. All existing bustle with constant entry and exit of our mind, “our daily travel companion” with affectation to each of the psychological-emotional fields and completely oblivious to what life, nature shows in every corner or corner of our planet.
  4. It is a walk without a photographic objective, without coherence, in which you do not see anything in front of you, where there is no smooth and fluid concentration, that generates great insecurity and intense NOISE , causing a very tense, aggressive, rigid walk and defensive, all at different levels according to each person.
  5. It is the dominance of the EGO (fear-injury) in the general computation of all areas of our life, generating us a walk with a single visual point, the front or the most frontal part possible, making us forget the rest of the information existing in the sides or in corner points, something similar to the circumference-hands of a classic watch.
  6. It is the imperative need to attract attention at the public level (fame or focus among a social group) or in the chosen area (work profession or sector), due to a lack of security, confidence and belief in oneself, at the same time generating a lack of total belief in one’s own work, which in the face of this lack of acceptance and development, one tends to desperately seek that NOISE that puts them in the eye of the hurricane of everyone, tell them good that they are and make them rise up at any cost, feel “protected” regardless of the consequences that this may have for themselves, the public and of course for the profession itself.
  7. NOISE generates self-deception, bodily and mental discomfort, fictitious fatigue , agony, all the result of thoughts in the PAST or FUTURE causing us to walk altered and without a visual panorama of what is happening in that PRESENT moment generating a totally existential emptiness. Obviously SILENCE does not exist anywhere.

And you will ask yourself, dear reader, what is SILENCE?


According to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy):

Refraining from speaking. Lack of noise. Missing or omission of something in writing. Musical pause.

My definitions:

  1. It is the calm, the peace, the tranquility, capable of feeling internally your true being habitable with yourself, by leaving the EGO out of any command task.
  2. It is the absence of any interested weapon, defensive or attack armor, characters labeled for an unreal fit, that is, it is the only time of the day where your true self appears .
  3. It is our starting point towards a life journey full of honest truths and not lies until the last day of our existence, giving a real meaning to our life.
  4. It is the clean perspiration of our body, helping him in a natural and relaxed way, in the different tasks although he automatically has the task acquired.
  5. It is the total absence of any NOISE , generating a clean and clear communication with THE SOUND.
  6. SILENCE is pure and sincere, it will never deceive us about who we are.
  7. SILENCE is our main vitamin of life , without SILENCE it is impossible to have a healthy life .


“The ability to unite THE SOUND with THE SILENCE, speaks to us of security in ourselves, the capacity to accept how things arise, allowing a natural evolution of events, personal development, without interfering in it.”

“SOUND together with SILENCE, is our most precious GOLD, if we are able to keep them together, we not only avoid our cancer, NOISE, but we will achieve or be very close to the real value of our unique GOLD, the happiness of life, our well-being of life, a really clean and pure interior. ”

“The Balance between SILENCE and SOUND are the engine of our species.”

“Without THE SILENCE THE SOUND could never exist, the NOISE would exist .”

Well dear reader, once we have defined the main concepts and their interrelationships between them, with the hope that they have also become clear, we can now go deeper into the heart of the message that I want to convey with this article, I neither want nor should I extend myself , or make this look like a book, because few readers would put up with it or spend enough time on it. “The more emotional weight, the more heavy information to digest, the more time to use” , so in these things, a video, a documentary or a talk of at least 1h30 is usually more practical, generating a round table, dialogue and exchanges of wisdom. As I lack the rest of the options right now, I will fight as I have been doing until now, in showing my experience-thought with the most practical and simple words for the human being, without forgetting the right amount necessary. “Less is More” , a very difficult challenge always to be met.


The Influence On Me.
Due to my phobia that travels with me since I was a baby, its social consequences always for life, together with the deep sensitivity that naturally forced my phobia to develop towards any type of NOISE , it gave me the greatest impact that exists. within a human being, knowing and developing the functional balance between SOUND and SILENCE, through the need to feel and perceive in all their splendor our five fundamental senses, constantly forgotten and ignored, but vital to LIVE ALIVE in our wonderful PLANET called EARTH , those senses areTHE SMELL, THE TASTE, THE TOUCH, THE HEARING AND THE SIGHT.

I firmly believe in the greater capacity for diversity we achieve with each of our five senses, we will find very close to the longed for and sought “HAPPINESS” , because I do not believe at all, in the materialistic and current “normal” topics of society, looking for always the following labels for each area (Cultural (music, theater, museums, …), food, sports, relationships, ideas, etc.) : The best – the worst, the good – the bad, the hero – the villain, talented – has no talent, sweet – sour, the positive – negative, I like – I do not like, weak – strong …. etc .. so could go on naming more, going even by four areas that make up a person’s life (Personal, Labor, Family and Social).

The ability to adapt to both extremes, supposedly coming from the series, finding the balance point in which to hold yourself, allowing us to raise our heads, develop our five senses, raising our hands, closing our eyes, letting them soak us completely, is in that precise moment when we will realize what separated us from one end to another, was nothing more than a simple NOISY prejudice full of EGO (fear and power).

Having our five senses fully developed will mean developing THE MEMORY in a state of full performance and absolute consciousness within the circumference similar to the base of a clock, allowing clarity in each and every one of the points, not only in those that we It interests us or generates a “supposed security” without the requirement to get wet with the underlying objective in a possible evolution.

The five senses and their tasks:

THE SMELL: Adapt to any environment in a truly simple-simple way, anticipating situations a posteriori avoiding it from inflating little by little until the inevitable explosion, when the correction attempt becomes useless, difficult with the need for more time to repair the wound, if such repair is still possible. SMELL helps a lot to activate SIGHT by generating a clearer clarity of things that happen, in everything around the place where we are.

THE TASTE: It teaches us or rather RE-EDUCATES us physically and mentally , in the face of any flavor, because our body gets used to every change that you generate, its capacity to adapt is unlimited and enriching. The TASTE is unique and personal, non-transferable, however not very different from the rest, looking for it outside in other factors, be they human or material, will only generate long-term damage. The permanent RE-EDUCATION of TASTE is necessary, embracing all the natural flavors that will benefit us and rejecting all those artificial ones that harm us, it will give us a VITALITY without any price, together with a MENTAL consciousness wide and varied of all the flavors of the world, the main ingredient being THE TASTE towards our own nature, our essence, the being that we are, our own and transparent identity .

The TOUCH: It is the special subtlety, necessary, patient and slow to come to appreciate the depth of flavors through the TASTE . Without TACT, we will hardly be able to develop as living beings through the wealth that our planet offers us, it gives us, through thatspecial sensitivity , for use in accordance with our essence, always for the benefit of our growth, never against it, no matter how much the human Ego tries to contaminate us with the opposite.

THE EAR: Very special sense for me, due to my very personal, particular, unusual phobia , which without a doubt despite the social and work inconveniences has been a gift, in the form of permanent personal development. Let me explain the EAR is for me the most important sense , because it is the sense that marks us a direction, a path, a negative or positive stimulus towards our brain in union body-mind , a good EAR developed, well worked, sharp and clear It is the key to a constant concentration, pure to walk free and fun, full of awareness of where we are, where to go on the next step and sense of life of what surrounds us.

THE VIEW: It is the comfort support of the EAR , allowing us to stay closed in our comfort zone, an area always full of a lot of NOISE , distractions, since THE VIEW is, without a doubt, the sense that generatesmore PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE through of the visual capacity of things, mainly because of the way and interest in interpreting them, tied with a strap by the Ego. ( Ex: What generates more PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE radio or television?) . Without forgetting, of course, that THE VIEWWell used through a sharp, clean photographic development and with a great depth of field worked in its maximum expression, it is undoubtedly a sense that can offer us, if we let it, an infinity of beauties from all walks of life , around our planet called THE EARTH .

“Visually from the darkest situations, it hides wounded beauties, full of flavors in the form of learning and increasing knowledge with the aim of personal and social growth”

There is a very special Faculty or quality related to the five senses, what’s more, I would say that with a lot of weight in each of them, in the form of a vitamin of LIFE , it is the key to LOVE oneself first and the key to LOVE for every corner or situation that happens in one’s life, from the moment we get up until we go to bed, obviously I am talking about SENSITIVITY , without it we will not go anywhere, nor our body either, because it would lack the form or manner to speak to each other. , to predict that we anticipate some present or future situation.

“All communication-listening must come through Sensitivity”

Let Sensitivity communicate through the five senses, listen to its teachings, let us not block its path with the wall of our Ego , the fruit of fears, insecurities, but above all to the deep rooted to an advantageous short-term comfort, in the long term. destructive term.

“The risks in the natural limits are sources of water and food”

Over time

At this point, dear reader, I invite you to use your memory and look back, without being a historian, absent from many historical data, in a brief way, I will try in the most sensible way possible to make you a summary of evolutionary changes until the industrialized world that we know today, with its important and dramatic affections in its psychological-emotional part.

Observing through memory , the way of life beyond that of our great-grandparents, thousands of years and previous centuries, I do not know if it would be propitious, also to say in centuries before Christ and after Christ , there were discoveries, invasions, appropriations, territorial wars, struggles of cultural-educational ethnic groups, peaceful claims of different countercultural movements, movements in favor of women’s rights, …….. etc. Without forgetting the numerous dictators, not only those known since 1930, but surely those existing a long time before, constantly traveling with “their airs of greatness” always present and contaminating manipulation towards a great bone of people.


“We must not forget that today, without the need to go very far in centuries of the past, that especially in African, South American and Asian continents, there are still many dictators, as if they were small children with toys, however sadly they are with real people and weapons, full of consequences that skip over major human rights.

Nor should we forget, at present, both in Europe, as in the rest of the western countries, Oceania and even the USA, the existence through many companies, sports federations, academies and sports clubs, … etc .. of dictators in command , full of a gray and dark EGO, without communication or listening , or the ability to delegate responsibilities , or to be flexible in dialogues , or in delivery of wisdom , giving himself airs of greatness for defending in the dirtiest way and his Authority status is insecure ”

Obviously, until not excessively many years ago, the world was very virgin, in development and growth of each and every one of its areas, although it may be contradictory, at an environmental and inclusive psychological-emotional level in a certain high percentage of measurement , It was much healthier for us human beings, starting basically with a knowledge of a purely field terrain, survival capacity and permanent activation for the benefit of body position, from dawn to dusk, with a sundial, without any regrets, and above all without the knowledge along with its incalculable consequences, so widespread and known today, as sedentary lifestyle.

Our great-grandparents and grandparents, before coming to the cities , with quite adult ages, following in the footsteps of their adolescent children, all their life, they did it in the villages , with a very active life, surrounded by fields and animals , working everything by hand, without machinery, or outside help, more than his hands and feet. Manual washers, water from wells, food from constant manual work in the orchards, in the fields and from the animals they raised, including walks, walking or on a donkey to towns in the area in search of barter, in addition to food or nutrition nothing industrialized or fermented with chemicals, animals in a state of freedomand eating healthy , environments of fraternal coexistence in villages or towns , where everyone knows each other, they help each other without asking for anything in return, always with the doors open , in a state of absolute and sincere trust between all.

As it is all manual, artisan , without mechanical noise from any machinery both in the workplace (cars, motorcycles, tractors, … etc.) and in living together at home (dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, … etc. .), just a television with one or two channels for the whole town, obligatorily invited you to a very strong, brave and creative mental development , that is to say popularly of stick and force , within a comfortable and well-known terrain, without need to ask ourselves questions or surround ourselves with any kind of PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISES that disturb our concentration, development and creativity, something unthinkable in the way of life and demands (norms) created in life within a city, very contrary to our essence as living beings with two great capacities integrated within us, THE CAPACITY TO REASONING AND COMMUNICATION.


“Our current position is curving and varying in position and weight, not stretched, contracting and weakening all the muscles of the body, since now we do not look for food, but a livelihood by buying food, usually in a very sedentary way”

“Pretending to activate ourselves in an hour in a sudden and aggressive way, what we have not done throughout the day is not healthy” (popularly called adrenaline release or “I am very competitive”, (definition of which I will speak in other article)). ”

In short, it was a very simple life, without great needs, or materials, in fact nothing was missed, nor was it demanded, they adapted to what there was, they survived without complaints, and they gave the coconut to make up with what life and mother nature gave them around, which a mind only thinking about the present need (not past, not future), how to develop it, take advantage of it, for family, social benefit, to share among people, all in a field natural, breathable and healthy, without forgetting that it was healthier at the nutritional level, in general a clearly superior quality of life at a human level, without a doubt.

You know, refreshing memory, sometimes it seems that we forget, that before there were two social classes, or you were poor or you were rich, that is, hard-working or privileged, both could do very well, but they also had to really work without limit of hours until he got his job, then he wanted more and more, as he went up in level, the middle class appeared with its variants, then greed, greed, and envy, EGO AND POWER , became more present to all social levels, without being very aware of what it could imply, until it has escaped our hands, a habit as dangerous as it is cruel, where COMMON SENSEWe do not know where we have left it, in relation to our own health at all levels, physical, corporal, internal and mental, limiting vision and empathic-constructive decisions.

At the level of PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE its consequences are more than remarkable, in any large city in the world, in any sector and even in any social class, low, middle, and even not the rich, millionaires or billionaires, their own experience is saved from living in a state of mental pressure , unbearable and exhausting NOISE , without going into details of the reasons, inviting his body-mind to the most superficial abyss, aimlessly, contaminating each other, clinging to everything sectarian and kind of sectarian interpretations, Religious , psychological or scientific, to give us a fictitious feeling of having turned off the PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISEWe have only lowered the volume, we hurt ourselves and we do not advance in the most important aspect, because we still do not know everything, and above all we do not Listen, nor do we want to Listen.

……… ……….. ………. Continue reading IN PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE SECOND PART ……… …. …….. …………

I also invite after reading the second part of PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE, to continue taking a look at my blog, including my next article, divided into three parts, called THE PSYCHOLOGY.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .