Dear reader, in the first part, we have learned to differentiate and understand, the differences and benefits, in us human beings , of SOUND, NOISE AND SILENCE , the importance of the combination of SOUND AND SILENCE , the benefits of letting ourselves go through its melody, internalizing it in the journey of our body-mind , or at least a small base of work to begin to communicate with us without fear.

Also, I began the analysis, far above, because it is impossible in a text, to express so many things to describe, due to the need and lack of much more historical information, because I am not a historian, however, if I am looking to leave a bit of evidence, about The evolution , in my humble opinion, on the psychological-emotional impact , ingrained until today. I started talking about the influences on me , among them what my phobia has given me, and the importance of intense and conscious work on our five senses: TASTE, TOUCH, SMELL, HEARING AND SIGHT.

Finish the previous part, talking about the passage of time , that is, how it was lived before, customs, classes and forms, with the importance of transferring it to today, because our being is there. In this article, I focus on today, see the PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE, where it is taking us, and the importance, because capacities that we have to begin to change or rather evolve our entire existence, slowing the increase of this PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE , return to reconnect with our mother nature, listen to her, along with technological and scientific advances, give them an appropriate use, that serve as great support to evolve and not as plugs of problems or as substitutes for our being ,our unique, beautiful and rich existence.

Today’s Life.

Explanation to be separated into parts:

The family environment within, I am one of those who think that long before we are born from our mother’s womb, we already have a certain level of affectation in our development . Regarding the external factor, the step from living in a house with a direct access to the freedom of the countryside to living enclosed within four walls, is an important impact, of great repercussion, affectation, invitation to sendentarismo , starting with laziness, followed by important levels of lethargy and the realization of many previously unnecessary questions, to what is popularly known, such as increased brain food .

Continuing with the way of life in the flats of today to the detriment of rural life, the incorporation by that sedentary, lazy and lazy state, of an infinity of electrodometrics, most of them expendable, nor do you save time, electricity or water, They only generate NOISE , a lot of absurd PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE . If we go through different parts of the house / flat, and we focus only on the kitchen ,the hood, the ceramic hob, the microwave, the juicer, the blender, the dishwasher, the washing machine, the refrigerator, the television, the radio, ….. etc … all in the same room, except the refrigerator, the The rest for me are totally expendable and unnecessary, being flexible you can add the washing machine, but for me it is also expendable.

Another aspect to take into account is the transformation of the architecture of the floors, height, balconies (not very useful), thinner walls, much noisier layouts, almost no corridors, smaller, no communicative interior patio, if you are Spanish and You have seen the series Here there is no one Viva , you understand what I am talking about, I, for example, have grown up in a similar building, relationships with the doorman and neighbors, trust, tranquility in relationships, in those flats because of their Pleasant shapes and design with easy abstraction of any external noise, were a great engine of human development. This today completely lost, thanks to aggressive marketing, which all people have believed “Luxury apartments, with storage room, swimming pool, paddle tennis court, gym, … etc., Sometimes only with storage room and garden” … they sold you something wonderful, that on a human , cerebral , body and mind communication level , have been a major mistake, they are like prisons in freedom .

The PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE with which you get up, go to bed and even live together at times, higher and more intense, generates exhaustion, stress and even anxiety, later triggering other types of situations, even more so, if you live in shared houses with many people, something increasingly common for different circumstances. If we observe, only THE NOISE , which can come from the kitchen, mentioned a little above, together with that which can lead to a living room (if it exists, in many houses there is not), plus what exists in the rooms, EL NOISE generated by people (housemates, neighbors, …), NOISE from the street, with more and more cars and including all NOISE or BULLICIO of an interior garden with swimming pool, paddle tennis and others makes your spaces of SILENCE, SOUND, SOLITUDE , in short of COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR BEING , the essential balance between all those vital areas, something essential for the mental health of our brain, to be seen increasingly seriously depleted and difficult to meet, without knowing the limits of the damage that we may be able to cause ourselves in their absence.


Especially in developed countries, when changing life habits , from towns to cities , we have not gradually forgotten the main means of transport that every human being has within himself, the legs , through our own motor system, motor skills. , their coordination, their management and their own functional understanding of each one; All this in exchange for having bus stops every 200 meters, metro stops every 500 meters, and we want everything at the same door, otherwise the complaint will appear quickly.

If we talk about the use of the car, we need to use it even to go to the opposite corner, together with the urgent need to park it at the same door wherever we go, because the possibility of parking it up the street or down the street, we do not even consider it; yes, the tension, the complaint, … etc … goes up in decibels, until finally we park it, yes on the sidewalk, on the side of the road, or in the same door even if you obstruct the workers and have the possibility of empty parking floors, below or above according to the disposition of supermarkets or shopping centers, with the excuse that this way I do not waste time, it is nothing more than the search for the “easy” the “comfortable” , to through the amount of PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE you carry, and forgetting free connection with your own inner self .

In the beginning, transportation for everything is a long-term placebo sensation for our brain, body and mental activity , my sensation based on my own experience, through the expression with which I grew up in my childhood, ” get up and go “, the influence of moving places, at a balanced pace, generates a connected and liberal predisposition towards post-task tasks with great creative benefits.


“Observe the emotional state of children and adults (teachers, parents, grandparents, babysitters …) through the entrance or exit of schools, those who are walking and those who are literally pulled by the arm on the street or those who are thrown or are thrown from car seats (private transport), by parents, grandparents or babysitters.

Observe the emotional state of entering or leaving an office building or other workplace, those who are literally walking there, those who walk a piece from public or private transport and those who go by private car or public transport to the door. ”

The psychological information of both situations observed carefully, speaks for itself and its nuances.

Another topic to be discussed very extensively, would be the infinite technological gadgets that children, adolescents and adults use lately, even to go to school or workers during their work days, where the useful purpose in this regard is not being the most sensible and far from it, the most beneficial for our physiological structure always immovable as living beings that we are.

The sport

In the past, hunting, fishing or other traditional or festive activities, many of them even today, their celebration being preserved, were carried out out of a pure need for food and hydration, that is, survival of first necessity , something that in the XXI century, In a capitalized and industrialized world, with everything at hand, that they continue to be carried out lack all common sense , and even in many of them, the Sports label is too much and decontextualized.

The activity or movement in the past was a purely question of survival from dawn to dusk, which the hours of the day were enormous, well used, time to do everything, without added stress or anxiety, without any kind of psomatic symptoms. taken evolutionarily, without thinking about the consequences, through the new science that has suffered in time, called Psychology . (Article following this one, which I deal with at some length in three parts, which I also invite you to read).

Sport was your daily activity to survive , hunting, fishing, doing work in the fields, in the orchards, walking on foot or on the back of a donkey to neighboring towns or villages , ….. etc …, included in virgin cities that respected the margins of nature, everything in the street, even moments to disconnect, a way of life, perhaps, still present in many areas of Africa, South America and Asia.

The feeling of competition existing in ancient times, was not to crush or humiliate on the contrary, it was an instinct for survival and even for the union of peoples . However, today all defeat or failure is synonymous with feeling that someone has humiliated you, stepped over, … etc … creating a feeling of guilt, repression, contempt, ….. etc …, blaming the outside, and oblivious to being brave in seeking solutions within our inner zone, not only in the external ones.


“The different reality of knowing the sewers of our closest cities without going so far to places of passage with the same reality but in our noses, is a necessity for a learning in our own flesh of the levels of endurance of suffering, the obligation to cast the Ego as the rudder of a ship, walk in consciousness, far from our world of glass, from where it is too easy to give lessons about everything ”

The Street / Education

If we look back, both in the towns and in the old virgin cities of so much brick, as children we have gone from playing in the street, developing our ingenuity, intuitively creating different games, even when you went down to the street with or without a toy, you asked permission, and you joined to play with the little group that was in the street, everything from the confidence and certain security; For several decades now, to play at home with video games, Ipads, cell phones and others, in more closed, selfish attitudes, a huge increase in mistrust and therefore greater internal NOISE.

On a social level, large cities that are much more multicultural, imprisoned and structurally stifling, respecting little or nothing, the land where they were built, louder , not only because of the style of houses that are built, mentioned above, but also because of the forms of live today, the increases in cars, public works, technological equipment, sedentary demands and the emotional states of people on the street, where they are drifting through the NOISE PSYCHOLOGICAL so difficult to manage, to the without reason , or to the tax reason , through actions and gestures lacking in common sense and with little development of growth.

This PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE , dragged in small doses since childhood, with roots of certain cultural traits, the lifelong impact of the “professionals” of education (teaching, psychology, sport …), political-economic situations occurred by the world, increased by the increasing influence of the media , written and digital, their dissemination in one way or another through them, the power of conviction in the masses, the power of money at the cost of everything, passing through false modesty of people with influence , issues such as machismo or racism among others, integration More honestly, they are being really harmed to achieve the equality or value that a woman or the multiculturalism of a race deserve within a society because of the enriching variety that they can bring to different social groups.


“Careers such as teaching, psychology mainly without forgetting those related to sports and their federations, in any country due to the great educational and psychological influence they should not be studied as if we were studying tourism or cooking, with all due respect to said professionals, there should be some evaluative management, test, something, by the ministry in question first, followed by the official schools of said careers and then by the respective educational centers or universities, private and public, to know more certainly the emotional states of people who develop or develop a precious social impact to people through their professions ”


Who begins to pay for all this damage first , are the most defenseless, children / adolescents, companion animals (mainly dogs and cats), our nature (other animals and living beings) and people who are mentally punished (without defined ages) :

Children / adolescents: I recommend that you take a look at my article (The Ages and Their Mental Conditions) , children, adolescents, pre-adults, copy, duplicate, triple, generation, after generation, what an adult does, they just want to fit into the group, belong to it, without being a center of weakness, for them they are capable of doing anything. It is very frequent that “professionals” of teaching (school, physical activities, …) and psychology , throw the child against the parents, being unable to read beyond the notorious. Listening and emotional reading (years of work, which begins by digging within ourselves), are fundamental.

Companion animals: Especially dogs, it is a fairly clear example, in terms of psychological development , THE NOISE that can be made to them, also harm to ourselves. Most people wear them, with leashes, collars, nothing according to good training, dog education without identity breakdown, there is a certain leash that should be prohibited for sale, but coincidence or not, it is the one that is sold the most and more damage does, things of ignorance and pride of the human being not wanting to learn from whoever and whenever.


“A dog trained to the extreme is the same as a human person indoctrinated to the extreme spiritual or scientific, super obedient, a feeling of placebo and absolute confidence, but we will have eaten the identity of its essence, breaking it completely, something that I don’t share, you must evolve but let no one steal or take away your personal identity, being the true essence of each one “.

Our Nature: Rest of animals and our mountains, forests, natural paradises around the world, some we will visit, others perhaps not, the mystery and wealth, that nature gives us trees, plants with edible fruits, tasty and nutritious, animals that need other animals to eat, for survival not for fun, helping coexistence and the constant restructuring of our beautiful nature, fauna and ecosystem, so punished by greed, greed, pride, the null existence of common sense and the small brain within human beings with the capacity and status of power, to open doors to constructive little grains of sand.

People punished mentally (if defined ages): You can easily look for a multitude of reasons to feel this repression, reason will not be lacking, but nothing external should ever condition our internal health , we are the ones who want that being punished to remain within us, We build then step by step, walls of armor, full of defensive or attack weapons, together with feelings of hatred, resentment, anger, attachment to the dark, … etc … being dragged from childhood, increasing the moment we break personality and reaching our adult stage, with the weapon loaded with a high support in the PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE spread throughout our body and shooting at everything we catch, without respect or dialogue to the different. Rooted situation, generation after generation based on the towns and unforeseen demands of the monstrous cities .


“The difference is not made from the defense or the attack, but from the differentiating knowledge acquired from what is observed”

The backbone of education is at home, in the family environment, the communication, reasoning and learning capacities between one and the other, without hierarchies or ranks of power, person-to-person, man-to-man treatment, from man to woman and from woman to man, if it is even possible to pull the antenna cable, television is just a silly box, useless, unnecessary and harmful at all levels, due to its great influence on maintaining the PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE of being human.

I have absolute security, despite the fact that in the street (school, work, streets, media, …) you have had the worst experience in the world, it will become large or small, depending on the family environment generated in home, and the way you have learned to cope and manage it . The search for guilty is just a way of feeling reassured to avoid all kinds of responsibility and direct confrontation with the problem that arose, rather with the hurt feelings , in itself all the problems are insignificant, every situation of our feelings , only has a guilty, ourselves.

It is no less true, that in the old days to live in towns , the need of a child or adolescent , with a stable self-esteem , without being very low but not high, was more than enough, nor the need to ask questions, without However, in cities , outside of any comfort zone , self-esteem , the ability of young and old to live and adapt to the life and demand of cities, together with the influences, still individually rooted in many people, by the expecional states of existing dictatorships, at that time, It was a very radical change, where the internal structural base was far from designed to live in a city , it was a very blind blow, with many questions to solve, without all the development and effects that we know today.

That fear, that insecurity of the unknown , walking through streets and corners outside the comfort zone and the tranquility of the towns , the rural, of the emptiness of certain substances that are dispensable today, with all its great advantages for our brain. , its influence on our mental-body state , and what it meant for our grandparents, parents, and perhaps previous generations, influenced the innocent inertia by reflex action , creating its own trap, in the way of facing an unknown demand through of habits and start to control intensely through unbridled authority without listening , something that the people In a certain way, you drove on your own, but in the cities , you don’t have that drive and we will never have it, nor will it ever be, that obesity control, today we are paying for it.

Without forgetting the food-nutrition change , as I explained above, so healthy in the past so necessary for our body today, in a world so industrialized and polluted, where I firmly consider that nutrition alone will not have much value. If not, it is firstly linked to a deep internal knowledge of our body and to a mental state developed and worked in its entirety, thus, putting the whole set together, it would be a great ally, to lower the level of PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE quite a bit that due to the state of life created in monstrous cities is usually generated through our body-mind .


Phrase that all music artists often repeat a lot “MUSIC unites the masses” , they are not lacking in reason, perhaps SPORT also unites masses, however nowadays MUSIC has also become a double-edged sword, losing the magic achieved Through the different social movements that occurred in the 60s-70s-80s .

I consider music today to be a very dangerous double-edged sword for different reasons, which I will go on to detail:

he truths, always annoying and harsh, at the cost of closing myself in THE MUSIC . I do not think that we are very aware of the great danger that this entails in the long term.

4. The content of the lyrics, inciting abusive behavior or consumption outside of every human race or living being, whatever their nature.

5. I miss the freshness, authenticity, improvisation, sensitivity, naturalness of THE MUSIC of yesteryear, due to the insecurities and the need to control every second, every moment and the attitude of the music sharks for money, they are giving rise to commercial music lacking the pure values ​​of yesteryear, although there are always limited exceptions that manage to break that wall in a special way.

6. The very good abilities of many artists turned into broken, confused toys, influenced by that control , that lack of openness, fixed marks to continue limiting natural and spontaneous movements , in other words, allowing truths to be seen , although sometimes, There are also cases, due to the personal (human-emotional) state of the artist or artists in question, a consequence of skipping steps, having a job label, above personal development, advisable to have prior to the work explosion and its management difficulties .

7. The petty demand of the audience, in recent times has already happened several times, some artist makes a mistake in full concert with the lyrics, or with some chord, or some sound failure, … etc … and the artist in issue rained slaps on the right and left, it does not matter neither the integrity nor the dignity of the person behind that musical stage, justifying it with “we have paid a ticket”, sometimes if there are cancellations due to health, .. .egoism, zero empathy … although it is no less true that in many cases the artists themselves lose it along the way of their careers ( transposable to sport as well ), exclusively their own responsibility.

Reflection (question that I have asked myself many times):

“To what extent is it worth to them to play / sing or play a game, if their dignity as a person, for the spectators it is a shit from the moment you play a bad musical note or have a limping match, do you do it intentionally or no, to observe the response of the audience, where your personal-human-emotional area does not exist for them? ”

8. Closely related to all of the above is the use of playback as a result of zero risks.

…. ……. ….. etc..

In the sports area, if the use of MUSIC is at the group level, the animation, the environment that is generated can be very good for our entire human structure, on the individual level, it will require barometers that only one Even from within it will be able to measure, it takes time and space of its own. As I have said before, MUSIC as well as SPORT used badly, supposedly to escape from the atmospheric environment , promotes the escape of your inner self and the emotional situation in which you find yourself in those moments, usually, this only tends to fall In your own trap, you should never avoid or encourage your own self and its entire emotional state to be avoided.


“There are moments for everything, but everything has to have its balance, knowing when is the individual moment – silence / sound – space only knows yourself, once you reach a high degree of psychological-emotional development ”

I think that the objective is not so much to make good MUSIC , but not to limit or destroy the musical abilities of those who love MUSIC , good or bad etiquette, I leave it to the judgment of each one, without leaving or treating them as broken toys or as robots cut from the same line by a marked path, through the enormous lack of freedom to create and develop.


“MUSIC well done and well used will always be a weapon that a masses disconnect and refresh the minds of those who listen to it, but MUSIC should never be used as an escape from our self. (In SPORT the same thing happens)”

“Behind an artist or athlete, there is a human person, with his own history, damaged, seriously injured or even 100% healthy (less likely), the radical jump carried by an explosive or traveling label since childhood, implies having stopped On the personal side, without work or dedication of the hours necessary for its evolutionary construction, the increase over the years, in intensity, volume and social responsibility, of said labels, through flattery and idolization, pushes the hemorrhages of the personal zone, in its own way, takes away everything that catches its way of explosion, including life itself ”

The Conclusion and Psychological Affection.

NOISE, SOUND AND SILENCE sensations that will always be traveling companions, NOISE will last as long as we want it to last, the longer we let it pass, the more internal destruction it will make us and more vital space will slowly occupy until it ends with us. If, on the contrary, we seek harmony between SOUND AND SILENCE , letting the melody sound and communicate with our interior in the search for internal balance, increasingly solid, allowing our body-mind to always have the necessary fat so that do not rust and walk with a deep and clean awareness of all the beauty that surrounds us, then to the NOISE we will not be leaving any space to perch.

It is difficult to deny, with the main objective so that our melody, typical of each one, sounds melodic, clean and clear, without interference or scratches, the need as a gift of our own nature , through the capacity that has been given to us, the develop as deeply as possible each of our five senses: SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH, EAR AND SIGHT, with EAR being the key to that communicative chain for the transformation or human evolution of each habitable being on this planet called THE EARTH.


“The learning of listening through the development of the EAR with the support of THE SIGHT , regardless of your hierarchical rank or possession of the Magic Method, is the solid source of wealth of a human being”

My feeling is that at all educational levels , except in the corresponding subject of natural sciences studied at school, we have completely unconsciously forgotten that we have five senses , basic pillars for our physical and mental health , they are our base. Obviously they require courageous and important work without prejudice beforehand, a vital evolutionary development to make our personal zone grow and be more productive at the work level . However, since we totally lack this development, we limit ourselves internally to levels that are difficult to decipher, making the POWER OF REASON appear., struggle of impositions, authority , energy expenditure, waste of time, defensive, fearful attitudes, creating inflexible methods or closed educational work plans, starting from REASON and even worse if, we add the scientific base signature as an absolute justification of everything .

The transformation that this current society has undergone gives vertigo by the way and way in which it has developed, if we look back at how our ancestors lived, the most rural and country life , emotionally free , together with the reasons that led them to make certain decisions or celebrate certain traditions, more by instinct of survival , food and hydration needs, to suddenly, radically change the way of life, to go from free imprisonment to what it means to live or work within four walls, the increase in time-space to unleash our mind to play with us as it wants, due to the great lack of knowledge before reading and deep understanding about all the new demand that was presented to us, right off the bat, with an intense impact that has been passed from generation to generation, obviously multiplying in intensity and individual involvement first, passing later to group.

We have let the mind, through social and family evolutions , play with each one of us in a constant, egocentric way, dominating and conditioning us in each step of life, that is, to laugh at us, clinging to our comfortable area , in recent years also favored by the strict and absolute imposition of truths through a firm SCIENTIFIC BASE , rejecting fields of study such as philosophy, biology, geology, ethics and religions , the latter won hand in hand with all those of the law, by sectarian states of evangelization and interpretations of biblical books in revelational ways, quite dangerous at the cost of human weakness.

I have to recognize two things:

  1. I absolutely do not like TECHNOLOGY at all , and much less everything that has to do with video games, it is more as I mentioned a little above, practically almost all of it, it is expendable in a home , we do not need it, it causes numbness, stagnation and mental disconnection from the meaning of life, body atrophy, … etc … However, its work functionality is indisputable , for each of the sectors, especially for medicine , the help of these gadgets are really an evolution as positive as necessary at a constructive level, that in technology is only possible in the workplace ,To cross that line is to use it completely badly, putting it above our own BEING , not knowing how to extract or read all the potential that said technology can have for your profession if you use it in connection with your inner self .
  2. On the other hand, if I love SCIENCE and everything that research entails , it is always exciting to be able to discover new things, better understand the functionality of our brain-mind-body and the different actions that occur on our planet called EARTH . Now, let’s not forget that an investigation is an individual or group work carried out by a human being or by a group of human beings , in very different emotional states among other details, that is, carried out by living beings belonging to a LIFE that itself is a mystery, full of millions of questions, only one being has the ability to get to ask them and hardly find answers for a few, without 100% depth no matter how hard he tries, because complete accuracy is impossible, absolute control is not possible. we have, that spiritual being is the Human Being , for being the only being with the ability to REASON AND COMMUNICATE .


“Science well used is always an essential tool for advancement, the facts are evidence, but the depths of the evidence are no longer so easy to know, this is where spirituality should come into play along with human reasoning, to give it the evolutionary form necessary in order to avoid stranding ”

“Reasoning, communicating, that is what science does most through its exciting studies, statistical, physical, chemical, with different formulas, equations, matrices, and other problems to solve, but other studies based on observation and comparison, which invites to generate utmost importance to the psychological-emotional situation of the person involved in scientific research and the use of common sense through the inexplicable. “

At the end of all this evolution of life, there is a base with the greatest power that can give us the development and in-depth knowledge of our five senses , THE COMMON SENSE , faculty or skill that goes beyond logic or the apparently Right. THE COMMON SENSE never leaves us stranded , but obviously, its development implies a sacrifice, a work, an effort, … etc … among many other details behind the evolution of each of our five senses , to reach that point of COMMON SENSE , full of a lot of internal wealth, this in the use, work and communication of science across the different fields it is vitally important that he was always present.

To get to COMMON SENSE , you have to go through what I call “street university”, that is, you can have many degrees, masters, courses, … etc … that advantageously label or position you in a superficial way. the face of society, a base of life , transformed into our main load-bearing wall (support) to the detriment of our true and only great support of life, the personal area. Being number one in something, the best, having some knowledge, does not assure you a strong and rich root of life for its grip and growth.

Above all, knowledge without experiences, or experiences , that allow acquiring a very extensive panoramic level , between what is applied and what is observable , would be a useless waste of strength and energy, “the university of the street” , like it or not the people, the scientific and chaotic of the recent and great branch influence between science and spirituality, psychology , without the experience of the street furthest from your comfort , there will be in my judgment, neither evolutionary progress, nor maximization of resources with the that we have around us today, by the refusal to understand ourselves internally and by the compulsive obsession ofclaim to control 100% of our universe.

We grew up with the premise and only possible value, the social-labor etiquette , some due to their extra-school activity, took root very soon, others with time and age, while others put all their effort, mind and exhaustion In achieving that label, at no time were we educated or educated or educated , from the personal area , through the knowledge of our being , our person, the power and the limits or nonexistent within us.

At that point, where we forget our socio-labor label , letting ourselves be carried away by the wisdom of our nature, on the infinity of information to teach us, even several times showing it to us in different situations ( teaching ), until we manage to see it, that is where we will get reach an unknown level of performance in terms of capabilities, strength, intensity, … etc .. this internal investigation of who I am and to what extent I can offer, without limiting ourselves, fitting into a group at the expense of our principles and dignity, showing anyone how good we are, or about doing or studying what is well seen socially, or even looking for in a partner, everything that one should work on, popularly and eerily known as “your better half.” Needless to say, the very high level of PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE that all these situations have.


“In the eyes of the world we are only what defines us at work, even being internally broken, nobody appreciates it or is able to see it and if it is seen, we opt for the easy one, look the other way, until the damage is irreparable and hands to head full of laments, PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE “

It is vital, “the street university” , it is where your knowledge will be authentic, real, from where you will be able to make good music, good movies, write good stories, be a good athlete, … etc … even perform better work of “scientific basis” , however the whole basis of any good professional, ultimately all human beings , hiding behind that label social-labor absurd, is out there on the street, all progress, all theories, studies, They usually come out of mysteries of the life that it gives us, and then the human being , with his capacity for reasoning , communication, has all the necessary faculties to interpret, transcribe and bring them to a social benefit, on the other hand, the more we want to control, the more we stagnate, we block ourselves.


“Let’s just observe the lives of our ancestors, with little they got a lot, now with everything at our fingertips, with better tools, access and development, we are unable to squeeze the juice, getting PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE due to the greed of the power of authority”

Undoubtedly this shocking social change, when going from living in a town to a city , still rural, but with time more urban, which generated and has generated, especially in the children of before (our parents and even grandparents) a broader and more square coexistence, with many more questions than before you did not even ask yourself, a need to LISTEN , vital, and not at all cared for.

Generation after generation, this unfinished, incomplete work has been passed on to one after another, with the imitation of increasing intensity, quantity, and PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE, favored by stubbornness, arrogance, arrogance, and ignorance. towards what was happening ahead, nor the pause to want to listen, ” passing novelty ” , to look the other way, and as I have said a little above, that grip on REASON (POWER OF AUTHORITY).

The PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE , we are doing it chronic, being able, why not, to be considered, MENTAL INJURY , seed from where it branches to the rest of the constituent diseases. Based on my experiences, what is observable in the street, in different generations, PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE is of such caliber , where even sometimes, we even laugh, it seems funny to us, we applaud it, however, we forget the danger and vices , which entails in the long term, through the absence of something so important, such as THE POWER OF SILENCE, together with the first bars that SOUND touches us, to enter an internal world of PEACE and HARMONYWithout having to lose our identity, but on the contrary, continue looking for our maximum performance from which it should be our starting point to live, our ESSENCE, THE BEING , our UNIQUE and UNTRANSFERABLE SELF.


“THE WALL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE will only kill us slowly, without being detectable in the short term, but in the long term it leaves us as undead without SOUL, without HEART, without BODY of life”

RELIGIONS, and PSYCHOLOGY, cousins ​​and sisters, along with PHILOSOPHY, BIOLOGY, GEOLOGY, MEDICINE … they all have a lot to say about our existence, our development as human beings, the deeper understanding of our functioning, habitat, … etc … with one thing clear, the body-mind , if we change our thinking, has a great capacity to adapt to any change in a gradual way, but we must love and value the gift that we have in front of us, far from our “comfortable vision”.

At present, at the social level, RELIGIONS AND PSYCHOLOGY, lately more and more it has a very great social influence, really brutal, without forgetting the Media , which takes the cake as a social influence, however, according to we are mentally they will have either zero repercussion or a great repercussion within us; Also, be that as it may, the undoubted thing is that RELIGION is not doing well at all, it would be long and hard to explain myself, it would take me more than one article, much worse still . PSYCHOLOGY is a new science that is playing with the brain-mind of people, as if it were a chewing gum or a clay mass, which can be gagged at will and of course this is equal to UNCONTROLLED PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE, very dangerous due to its unpredictable final outcome in strength, shape and direction.

RELIGION must change the face, norms, manners, … etc … among other things …

PSYCHOLOGY still has a lot to say, but there are many lies and many truths, especially the human being is not a toy, that you can change his brain for a new one, or direct him with a remote control, it is an extendable field of action , …. I invite you to my next article closely related to the matter, also divided into THREE parts on PSYCHOLOGY .

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .