Well, dear reader,

In this case with the privilege to work there, I was able to see plenty of details before, during and after of the final, where let me to show you step to step a knowledge on deep of all happened around and on the match, always down my point of view, looking for an analysis that would help in the improvement of the things in where tip the scales were to a side instead of to the other.

Principally, dear reader, let me to start for the dressing room, how the players was feeling before the match, repeat always down my evaluation; Murray was more nervous, tense, in fact went to the toilet in few minutes like two or three times, in the other side Raonic seemed more calm, relaxed, at least didn’t show it externally, however a point in the middle between the few minutes before to go on court and the short wait to receive the authorization to go on, that everyone did of a way completely different, while Murray was in the locker room waiting for that, Raonic was already on the corridor waiting to go on and while he was signing autographs with a combination between calm and acceleration.

I had very clear that after have been and lived on evey situation on person my favourite for the final was Milos Raonic, also being aware about the tension seen in some practices with some other details so prefer to leave out, on the match it would have to appear later or sooner; the matter was How would Milios Raonic do to manage it?. Well dear reader, was being aproximantly consistent, however with the details of the practices  together with the wisdom of the life, it had to explode and it happened in middle of second set when Raonic had service for the 4-1, in that moment practically forgot all the balance was doiing properly, the frequence of the breathes stopped, although in some sporadic moment did that, but didn´t come back to reality and determination necessary.

So, Andy Murray took aventage of all it situation of confusion, emotional disorder, a bigger body and inner tension, so all that gave room to make bad decisions for the Raonic’s side. Evidently have in front of you to Murray, it wasn’t the best day to have that imbalance. Although Murray, for me, had it lack of a better vision where think comes from a stress and tension unnecessary, however gets a balance when he leave out all his side of warrior, fighter, competitiveness, hungry for the triumph but about all a faith and a self-love in himself far away of his own thoughts, ah! course all line of job brings outside of the court to get every one of goals that he has reached now.

Yesterday, when he was already very close to loss the match, with his faith, his fight, and his capacity to give never up, did that in the other side came out all doubts and the rest of things that I have told above, the difference emotional was decisive like human being that we are, it does that your “confidence” is a point or in other. That small details do that in many moments with someone like Djokovic is now, isn’t enough to decline the balance in his favour on except for some occasions, Andy should look for inside of him no expend time looking outside.

After the match, the medias created a bigger legend, questions emotionally limited and increasing more the phenomenon fan, when after like me that feel very lucky to see them like they are, simples human being, like me, like you, dear reader, there are no better Idol that youself, however is so beautiful to see that are people with a high level of development, but where for someones are emotionally over their head (“para algunos se les queda grande emocionalmente” in spanish).


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.