Dear reader, after the previous article about the first side of that first week, now is the turn is the moment to write about that have been able to see during the rest of the days from that week is already closed on. Obviously there are a lot of things missing out, because I can’t stay on everywehere, some days worked, others I didn’t, or others was on live but just went there after of my shift’s job, as also was focus on british players, some spanish as well as to whatever other surprise that the destiny is able to place on if let that it works by itself, without forgetting that don’t have tickets or accreditation, is just about that got as a ground pass. lol.. anyway feel so much grateful as well at the end.

So, right, let’s go with the subjects on… come on!..  Well, I will do it so easy for you, through of dates, as sadly I can just focus 100% in a player, sincerely I do that to help and try to share what my perception is as think that could be useful on, also because tennis in my blood means a lot. That’s all.  Here we go!.



On thursday I was working afternoon – evening, so means that I wasn`t there and barely watched anything on, however if took the chance to get behind of my job during some breaks to watch a junior tournament that was celebration there, doubles and singles, everything was in a flash, so didn’t have time, as obviously although was a break the energy is more on the job, so didn’t stop too much, but is enough to comtemplate details on.

Sincerely, will say the next about general terms, I couldn’t say that the level observed travel through of a good consistency, as the coaching is most more usual than in the professional, but that was left me most worry about on, was the psychology way that are working on about them, with two clear things to separte, the labour of the coach as that can be doing the psychologists ( hate it of sports psychology, damm! ), so don’t mind the scores at the end, win or lost, because my way to do the things as also as is my thinking in is that must always to prevail that was able about long-terms effects, there is where will find the hardness in, but won’t while are using those that is known as reverse psychology in a very abusive way, so in the future will have a brutal high price to pay in and on.

” Ego and ignorance are bad friends of traveling about keeping using the reverse psychology ”   (It was so clear to observe it on different matches on).

That same day, on my break time, was given a gift through of a scene that made me to travel on the past to remind some scenes during The Queen´s Club as during the ordinary time with the members as in the own tournament while looked after for the players, but with the difference that right now was with other colleagues / Managers from the  job but about all as have a brutal level of clarity as from that left The Queen´s Club, as developd a process since a stage that was already working in from a long time ago and that made me feel so ready to manage whatever thing is happening on, so means that I am complete ready but just miss the confidence from are making that as usual on, that’s all, anyway that situation happened when was that in that short minutes from my break were watching on the tv the match, on my case the first set, faster realised that it wouldn’t go well even got the set on, like that left that stage with a great knowledge for me as well, but as in The Queen’s Club and other plenty occasions have to bite off my tongue, as I am sure that was to be understood as obviously can failure in short time but don´t on long-terms. 

Also during that aternoon and evening was happening other issues, that is in according about biting off my tongue.., so will talk about at the end of the article, as an extra that the rest of days was appearing similar situations on. I am always learning on.


1TH JULY FRIDAY. (After of my shift’s job, about 14:30 pm).

On friday after to finish my joureny on my job, was straight away to Wimbledon, on that occasion a well known guy that made years that didn´t see him, got to give other extra ticket. I want to said that, because the tennis is as a office for me, however in my actual situation about way that travel suround of there to that it changes a little bit in regarding about individual journeys on, so have to manage much more things on, but that is so right as well and like that I was able to watch the next:

Cameron Norrie’s Training.

I didn’t expect to find him in a court between matches, so I was going to watch some british players as well. Although arrived in the last 20mins on, it was a great gift to contemplate few details, about all can be reduce in determination and about in consciousness, after would have to keep an extra time that give on the set a powerful balance in.

Dobles’ Matches.

Nadiia Kichenok / Raluca Olaru  vs  Alicia Barnett / Olivia Nicholls. (Last moments). Next to the Cameron Norrie’s court, well it was the last few points, my feeling was that weren’t so coordinated and lack of opening to stop the force as were executing the other partners.

Joran Vliegen / Jackson Withrow  vs  Alastair Gray / Ryan Peniston (Last set). Felt that was missing coordination as well but about a point of leadership, that gave them motion and space on.

Belinda Bencic / Storm Sanders   vs  Dalma Galfi / Dayana Damtreska.  Court next to the Alastair and Ryan’s match, so watched just some moments every few times, sincerely the intelligence won to the force, but if think in a long way need more details to be place on.

Mate Pavic / Sania Mirza  vs  David Vega Hernández / Natela Dzalamidze. Basically watched few moment from the last set, because the David’s coach and me have in common a nice friend, to be honest that observed as said in the other previous articule, sincerely was that the coach made everything in, so it is an total interference in the own inner development.

Harriet Dart / Heather Watson   vs   Emina Betkas / Kristina Kucova. I got to be there like a few previous minutes to begin ot the match on, just after their families were behind of me, it wasn’t on proporse, anyway the enthusiasm, a great clarity of ideas was enough to beat some players that didn’t have intesity, nor coordination nor comunication

Jamie Murray / Venus Williams  vs  Michael Venus / Alicja Rosolska. Here, I coud snake to get in the Court 1, It was funny and enterteinment with two different stages without roof and with the roof on, so the light rebounded on the wall and sent to our eyes, even the humidity started to feel so faster. On the net were so good, but in the base line wasn’t so effective, anyway about veteran couples in relation to the technique sincerely I won´t say out anything on.



Wimbledon Junior.

William Jansen   vs  Juan Carlos Prado Angelo.

In that case, I had two reasons, one was british and the other one was because when I worked in The Queen’s Club, had to Jansen and his father with me many times, so reminded them perfectly, but obviously he grew up. About his technique, his forehand didn’t like at all as had a super extrem grip on, practically mistake behind mistake, null consistence, because obviously there was many points united on, but the type of grip was a hot point. although gain something you lost everything on, however the most dangerous thing was in his service, an absolute copy from the old one service of Andy Murray, so if have already about the table, the dramatic influence in an type of injury that has a high price, is unbelievable that is not going to be changed on and about the mindset, an excess of overbooking, noise.

Ella Mcdonald  vs  Julie Struplova. It was on the court next to the William Jansen, so as have been watching her on the Wimbledon Qualification (Pro), looked just there from a moment to other without paying too much attention as had already so clear how Ella is working on, so remind that name ELLA, because sincerly is amazing in the whole set that she is, so means that is something different.

Talia Nelson Gatemby  vs  Nina Vargova.   As Talia as Ella, are two names to be considered with. Talia is a pure dynamite that keep the emotions inside of her, stuck it there, so can play in her favour but in the same time can be sefl – defeating. If talk about technique that remind, need to catch up the ball a little bit early that let me to bring a point of impact much more consistent and full of confidence in.

Isabelle Lacy  vs  Joelle Steur. It was a very tense match, where the interpretations or better said the perceptions were playing a main paper on, so even at the end of the match not even had the shake of hands on the net, sincerely could empathize with the German lady because there was unconscious details that are avoidable although also was taken too personal. About the technique, well I saw a preparation of the shots too short that after didn’t have time to take a great point of impact, that make lost consistency but about all create a huge body load through of a excess of motions where some areas pay that price when it could be on balance. 

About the german lady, think that is interesting to save that name, her character and game, looked like so interesting and some different on, as saw on the professional draw, the german academy never stop to put players on, have a solid work on. 

Rajeev Ram / Joe Salisbury  vs  Fabrice Martin / Hugo Nys.   Well, here had the enough time to see the last set, sincerely there are two words that could define the game development on, it was the solidity and about all the stiffness, here about that last word, is where must care as are placed it to that don’t get to be a interference in the flow of our shots and about the fresh of our game on. In relation to the technique in a match between nice veretans sportsmen won’t go in although never is late to keep improving on through of the small details.

Peter Benjamin Privara  vs  Benjamin Gusic Wan.  About Benajamin that have already seen him on the national tournament before to begin to work there, That boy impressed me as has a low body heigh but trasmit a super strong corporal language that in the same time is a big problem when was able to analysed the context if it is o balance with his inner, because it is come from out to in, on my point is always to the inverse as it must be on.

From the warm up there was a detail, that could be stupid, but the during of that was to two games in a row, and is that he had a issue with the strap’s cap wasn’t able to keep stuck on, so saw that was place some out of the game, a distracted signal. About his techniques are so clean, it means that his consistency is super high and natural, there are some details in transition of the body..etc but on the mindset think and much more about that saw after of the match, that there are not space, an extra pressure about the expectatives from others than himself, that blocked him and make him to lost the low consciousness that our system of education usually delivery us. A clear moment was had 3 – 4 to favour on the first set, but from that moment till the end of he match, he didn’t exist anymore, with very clear language. 

On whatever way is a name to remind as he goes on development as is some completely different to the rest without getting in to make comparations, in fact two the most weigh guys on the LTA were watching him on as well.

Kirsten Flipkens / Sara Sorribes Tormo  vs  Belinda Bencic / Storm Sanders.   I was watching the last moments out of the corner of one’s eye as my attention was more in Benjamin. Bencic / Sanders have already seen there, so patterns from one day to day is not easy to change if there are not an ability to detect it to produce after on a effect that push us to development with a quality outcome on, so in that case to two players, that usually place an intense determination without break in, need much more that to be clever on, so the difference at the end was there and in other details as techniques (don’t get in to explain because would too long, use it without correcting with the body on) as in a rush state on.

Jamie Murray and Kyle Edmond matches, couldn’t watched them as were on courts that needed other different tickets although tried to snake on again but on that time it was impossible to get access in as I just had ground pass like every day that can usually do on.  Sincerelly I wanted to watch on each one for different reasons, that obviously saved for respect inside of me, but in the case of  Kyle after 18 months to be out, and have a clear perspective as usually grow or is developed a player as inside as out of the court, even the own society by itself as is walking right now, there are cases that to seek an emotional key very specific will play a very important role about as a way to come back on can develop on absolutely in free way of interferences on, and if not just we need to look at the case of Dominic Thiem, other clear example on but if look low in the rankings or own amateur issues have circunstances that are there warning every day about placing a key that who must help are not ready at all as focusing in the rulling dynamism instead of the own real circunstances that would make the job easiest.

* About Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas, tried to snake in but I couldn’ t get access in, so I didn’t watch it, as if I am in the facilities is to watch matches on live, but anyway, would be to write a chapter for both of them, that sincere would defend many issues from them, in fact I was with both on person as when worked in the Queen’s Club, those who made limited criticism are who are watching it from an point of impact absolutely subjective on base to their patterns of conduct instead of point full of assertiveness that would benefit to all sides involved to the tennis too “……

3TH JULY SUNDAY. (Worked all the day).

I was working the whole day, so don’t make sense to develop on anything, ok right I could try to seek any highlights from any matches on, however Wimbledon don’t share small highlights as usually happen during other tournaments, also as don’t want to that much more longer, without forgetting to feel it on live, face to face on my point to do the things is so essential, the human interact, probably one of the values that much more must improve as societey as own individuo, on my case I am one of them who must do much more strong and compelling in.

* I had liked to watch on live the Jamie Murray / Venus Willimams and  Alicia Barnett / Jonny O’mara ‘s match as played a good interactions on.



Sincerely through of the week, about different stages were happening wonderful issues, some was more direct but others were totally indirect, as always that I can do it, love be able to contemplate with a five senses in total predispositon everything detail that are happening on, doesn´t matter if it is on the canteen, on the lounge, the dressing rooms or about the own tennis courts although I am placed so far away or even hiden behind of the courtains or from the pilars, observing is a way to place our mind if have been so good worked in a mode where the capacity of the memory will be tested on to refresh and even improve that information that have saved in other times, a execution that will let to bring our level up, and help ourselfs and to the neigbour with a quality to a long – term period.

So on that tessitura, there were many moments that had to bite off my tounge through of situations were coming up, some as said in the beggining of the article made me traveling to situations lived in The Queen’s club, but also could name other examples lived in other stages on, as also reminded me some wonderful situations developed on my childhood and even previous adult period that happened as in Madrid as in the countryside, so both it was lived in the Madrid’s countryside or about my own village in Segovia’s countryside. Means that on situations where I was a wistness direct, because I was in the middle or in other cases I was alone spending a lot of the time just with myself, for example while pracice on court or against a wall, in other case remind a old friend on my village that always were repairing any items on, was always tried to be close to watch that he was doing, he is four years young than me, but never stop to get his hands dirty with everything, on my village it was something common to see that in other as well, so my gazing was usually fixed on.

Said that because the last weeks, even just yersterday was gift with double knowledge, as that observed so far away that show out the VIRTUES that has a wheelchair tennis player with a several job of maintenance to make about his wheelchair, so demand a long hours of job with high level of sensitivity (” delicadeza “), other situation is the LONELINESS of a player on and off the court, as even sometimes with the coach on the court as well, their emotions are not detected nor of course doesn’t have in conideration as on as off the court, so specially during the training as tried to correct something or even try to attempt for it, that are getting on is that develop feelings of frustations that must have any space on, or in other times practice, practice but keep in the circle without correcting the hidden details as techniques as mindset that in a click would give a change on.

Really it was so special, full of emotion to be able to watching that situations, since the wheelchair player with all their material as if was on the garage of a mechanic, as pro and juniors players in their own emotions with or without the coach or coaches on, or even in their own times spending the space in totally loneliness practicing and placing on the court a lot of sensibility and love for that sport although sometimes are in a spiral the quality of that time is opposite to the level of improvement as innerly as on outdoor; so on many moments have a felling that are living in a type of movie where your paper is a mere walk-on role that is getting through of the scenes totally unseen on, while is observing with the mouth close that is happening on different scenes about different stages on, that in some way oneself feel that could transmit any idea or detail that would change the way for sure, but in the same time couldn’t make it as don’t want to interfere in a land that is not belong him as also wasn’t request for that, but about all because is so important to be considered with others as be able to gain a confidence that break down a brick that always is signing out for imaginary ranges of power, forgetting the main aim is that are human being, and the own story said that big advances happened on have come from placing the human side out there without interferences in. 

” The wealth is to be able to take a great value for every detail that is happening on so will offer us a real grow in “.






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