Words are exacty that, words, that don’t have force nor even must have it, the facts are more powerful as are able to grab the details are less lighten out, then everyone wil grow up without nothing to stop us on, of course that each individual will get their own rythm, so keep to move on spiral, is a frustation as probably apart to shower that understand about the success, there are another concepts that could hold on and twist it about the way that we want to do it, that it, doesn’t matter what will be the impression on, the meaning will be on you, that is the real value.

Once said that words, being so honest with you dear reader, about that second week barely could watch anything as many of the days worked, others matches were on the main courts and other times I am studying for my exams of Psychology there where I can get to focus on, so is not easy at all, but works step by step, anyway mean that could analysed all the matches that had loved to do it.   (At the end of the article will do an ending reflection about it).


4TH JULY MONDAY. (At Wimbledon on live).


Jamie Murray / Bruno Soares  vs  John Peers /  Filip Polasek. 

That was a match developed so closed in every small detaill on, where Jamie and John from my absolute respect, had the keys of every door to open it to a side or go to the other, as Soares went and came, and Polasek kept in the same route without movements that let to carry it on.  

On that stages, with four veterans nice players, even humans, probably are not make sense to talk about the technique, although I am a peson that there is not age to keep improving on, for example Andy Murray would be a clear example to adapt every detail to every circunstancies on, although here would be opening other ritch debate in according to other multiple aspects to put oneself up still much more on, anyway that lost the line of the context, uhm, about that match details about the position and the placing on the racket in the momen to got a crunch there, think in loosing that was essential to grab a leadership from the first shot, as seek a surprise formula on, so about it belive the communication as individual as the team wasn’t clear at all, however the level of game that made was so good, that in some way is not to make a self-pusnishment, that push to a frustation that is not fair nor real on extension, because will scratch whatever kind of deep perspective that is where can find the holes to work in. 



I want to remind that they are minor, so won’t go so deepth about some aspects, just will mention some details that by the looks of it, sincerely, they are own patterns that are repeated in every one of the tennis school, means that every player kept the same type of technique even style of game in relation to their own school that they belong on, so it is as about the Canadian as in the british one.

Victoria Mboko  vs  Ella McDonald.

Talia Neilson Gatemby  vs  Annabelle Xu. 

I was watching that two matches, on both there were the same fighting but with type of genetic completely diferent obviously.

On both matches, it was a fight between the British school against the Canada school where the patterns were very sharpen from both sides on.

Canadian: A game much more physical with a super agressive movement of the body instead of tighting up more from the core that place on a balance between both aspects, detail that would be a great help about the obvious injuries that come on, also the mind speed that don’t let to play with inteligence and temps of accompaning on. It is clear that Canadian is working so well with a technique go ahead on, but that super physical excess is a dangerous risk that already have some prices on, as the mind is not going on the same position, lost a lot of space, just take a look inthe real professional that already have up. That’s all.

British: Honestly, after have watched that I watched on, except in one or two cases, on the rest will be a frustration behind other, as already comented in the previous article, but on that case is that they hit the ball super late, practically there are no time to make damage on, other point are the grib as in the transitions between the different shots are not integrated in so lost essential seconds between doubts and doubts, as also the legs and the exit with the dominant legs are not being enough,…. anyway on the set to make that never create a damage to the opponent, is more will be more against oneself for sure.

* Remind you that have told about ella in previous article when watched her during the Wimbledon Qualification (Pro)..nothing more that add on.



I was working both days, so couldn´t see anything, on special missed haven´t watched on live the Cameron’s match against Goffin, although in the job watched some few moments from my job, enough to contemplate few details that after when told more below about the semifinal against Novak, then will explain it on, well about Rafa barely watched some moments from his match against Taylor Fritz, will talk at the end of article, although deserved an longest extension if you know about psychology.


7TH JULY THURSDAY (At Wimbledon on live after to make the famous Queue).

I feel sad to miss the FEMALE semi – final, as was on the main court, so couldn’t watch it, but psychologically was details expected on, some could be dangerous to where coud be going on.


Basically wanted to watch the both spanish one, although just watch one and a few moments from the second one, as keep observing to the british ones, remind you again they are minors. 


Learner Tien vs  Martin Landaluce (70% of the match).

Landaluce: It is a cannon in many aspects, however if got to give sense in accompaning would be much more complete, about the service, the toss is abrupt so lost sweet point and consistency, even anchor a little down that when have to go up, lost much more time of effectiveness, the forehand is brutally clean, but sometimes keep two stright so lost consistency on the third one, the backhand, here has a weak point really serious, a bad exit with the dominant leg, after take a down form of frog that the moment to make the transference (core) and go with the racket ahead on, make it much less nature that dangerous way that have with his forehand, so make it inestable.

The mindset, need to find his own individual space, because is going too faster, that creat anxiety, other curious thing, that would be great on him, it makes a work from postural correct, as the neck go ahead with the back on circle, that think that osteopathy, yoga,…and some more detail, will help for sure, anyway some detail prefer leave to someone with a long road on the day, but just express that can influence in grabbing a constant level up.

TIen: The american liked his ability to keep on about everywhere, with nice rhythmic termp much more on the court that Landaluce, however his shots was shorts don’t have a good extension on, as close too fast, so didn’t create great good points of impact, based in a level of resistance that finished to make damage on ever.


Kalin Ivanovski  vs  Pedro Rodenas. (last game).

Sincerely, it woudn´t be ethic if talked in excess as had time to check few details, if Pedro was able to hold on to a guy like that, where think that Kalin must go up, as has the set on, even a great versatility, is then when observes slowly that his resolutive level (Pedro) is extremely highest than he could think in the beginning, technically miss throw out more the shots, anyway about barely have time to pay a right attention on (below write a small sentence about that I do).

Jasmine Conway vs Linda Klimovicova

Sincerely, the czech school, as after have seen someone more like few instants as don’t write everything here, even still youngest as can read a little bit after on, have details more classics and that the sound begin to be so good, other fact is that have tough character, maybe miss opening on, of course there was technicals details on Linda’s shots, transference, recover and drive to the ball for example.  Mindset, emotional, strong but with the character that grab too inside, that created peaks so high in and on. 

Jasmine:   Exactly kept the same pattern that have written a little bit above about that lived the monday 4th of july, so don’t need to repeat and make that longest, but some specific detail, on the service the ball fall down too much before to hit it, corporal position too down before to engine on,…. etc… 


Boys & Girls 14 & Under.

Remind you again, they are minor, and on that case much more on. So will make something general and that is all, as on that age must be done, but even don’t have forced on, as happened in a match next to that, a girl finished with some kind of sprain, between other details seen on, sincerely don´t understand that exhibition matches, where in barely hours were playing two matches through of kind exhibition and energy that must do it, at least the emotional training doesn´t look like that was there. I am so sorry but that side didn´t like on.

Isabelle Britton vs Veronika Sekekova (the whole match)

Giselle Isabella Guillen  vs  Arabella Loftus (Gbr) (games)

Liam Channon  vs  Mauricio Schtulmann (games)

Arabella Loftus  vs  Marianne Angel (games)

About the czech woman, as said about other countryside colleague of her, come up with that spread shot out, quite tecnique…etc… but the british players, also the same that have said above but with personal issues that can be really dangerous for the future, for example Isabelle, a weird gesture with the arm-elbow as with the forehand as with the backhand, basically because there are not exist a exit with the dominant leg, on the service wrist bloked, leg arm kept behind (lost balance), and the mind was in a high speed, is minor repeat there are details that can’t take out the context on. 

In relation to arabella, or Liam, girl and boy, well about her the position on the rest had an opening too extreme, lost all kind of time to arm a good shot on as the time of reaction is slow down, about the baseline, forehand and backhand position I liked it but goes late as well, about the service, the arm is blocked…and some detail more, in relation to Liam, surprinsingly was who had on each one of his shots a technique quite clean, the sound was clear as well, the mobility and sense of the space was really bad, it made to hit the ball so late or in excess over it, plus the movements after of shots to recover positio wasn´t clear….

* About that matches with minors under 14 honestly there were too much game, maybe the grass wasn’t useful neither, but sincerely think if must be still playing on or probably for many of them mustn’t be yet on, simply a small reflection.



I have to recognise that is a discipline that need to understand more some areas of the game, because miss out a lot of more intensity movement with the chair to catch up the ball faster, as many times turn around and then lost the point without getting intention to go for it. Also must understand the difference between the wheelchairs, for example in quad don’t stop to move the trunk as wante to get loose the area, guess that the ribbon that hold them on mustn’t be so confortable neither. 

Lucy Shucker  vs  Momoko Ohtani.

Lucy wasn´t with a great gesture during the match, her body language didn´t help to place the ball on game or go for her with the racket with a point of impact longest. ..

Andy Lapthorne  vs  Heath Davidson

Here, it was funny, as the friend or relative of andy lived it, next to the Heath’s relatives as well, the way that they lived it, the fact was so brutal that the tv had to come to record it, lolol… about the game, was stranged, as the thought in the differences abilities that every player had on, as Health looked like much more strong, pshycally the trunk was different, and Andy had troubles to grab well the ball, his language was so down as well..

* As have said, have to learn about that discipline of tennis in small details, but in others there are aspects to place on as well, that watched on.

* Think that must recover the roots and don’t make them to look like robotics through of gestures or actions that will never be great friends of travelling on.



Just I watched from my laptop different moments about the match Novak Djokovic vs Cameron Norrie, it was the only thing that watched today, as curious story, was watching it while was writing that article on, well let me to three end brief sections as, it would be need an artilce for each one, but decided to connect everything on.



The limit from human EGO to be honest, I don’t know that level is able to grab out, doesn’t matter that is converted in ambition or whatever other kind of dirty clue in, sincerely it is useless, and makes a lot of damage to every one of parts involve on that, first on himself, after their own colleagues of profession, because whoever professional who works in an office, then pretend to built up a way, while go to destroy to the rest in its wake, is not a real clean journey to get the things on being a social climber ” TREPA “, or a minor case, just simply create an energy that is surroanding the point of meeting with someone (for example on the tennis court, dressing room, the driver of the taxi….etc.. whatever…)  about all those who are more emotional, authentic if don´t have resources to manage that will have to diving on that, because is not really conscious about that are transmiting and about all that I am creating in other human being far way from the own game on court.

Insist, I am a human who tried to explain few essential details between the psychologic, the physiological and the relationed with the tennis technique (execution and body impact) as the set can affect in our journey of process, so for all that be able to develop a point criticism as identidy and principles in constant development is a key that must have argumenet at all.

Rafa is an very good guy as can observe during my two years working at the Queen’s Club, my vibes is not lying me, but also can observe other details on, because is not so good as the journalist try to sell with its good marketing nor is a bad boy neither, but one must enough conscious about as have been designed your modulation of conduct, the mind-brain abilities placed on, because in terms mental health and powerful psychologic development, if his uncle have had a minimum inner resources when Rafa was a kid, or simply he had been enough brave to find answers outside of patterns (after listen and watched a lot interviews, read the famous book…), if have done a great and real job from psychotherapeutic, that chronologic injury that has on his foot between other things would be much less intense even would get an extreme reduction of incidence about it where the body wouldn’t be forced to find the balance from other sides, because it come from a great loading of inner psychomatization.

” The psychomatization is a permanent inner explosion that can be stuck in for long period or even forever, as is last step that is comming from a long joureny of the past, through the comfort, equal patterns, design without seeking of emotions, development of beliefs, thoughts that push us to a type  of self-concept that accept as real….etc……, so one is prisioner from own choices in “..

Conclusion, I am not opposite to Rafa or anyone, the human as have listened lately on my previous job even on that in the LTA as well, even during the own career that I am studying while contextualize many of information that could offer on, that are personalities differents, as also have different perspectivies, so depends of everyone that work is willing to development in, and so are our ethics, limits and opening in the moment exact in for where are walking on. 

About the debate that was opening, where if knew that have an serious injury that have retired during the match against Taylor or even with Botic, probably had already some thing in, sincerely, my thought is responding through of the whole previous texts, to finish with initial part of the text, the last perjudice from all that is the own tennis, as other  professional players (spaniards much more directly), other sports athletics, coaches and about all at the end the children, or that ugly way to call the next gen, simply as stop to watch a tennis match from other opponents, as they are spanish much wrost, or go to whatever tennis club or social area where practices that sport or other, even used for RRHH in different business as a reference about concepts as that are twisted that make in term psychologics a lot damage in.  A clear example,

” A Spoiler from a event or movie, if we have done a powerful psychologic job that let to develop an unlimit inner resources that in a nature way to place us to contemplate every situation, detail with a absolute level of objectivity, then will be prisoner of that spoiler, a inner contamination that the only way that has for us is the subjectivity, so will limit whatever tried to develop inner wealth without forgetting the damage that could cause about the neighbour in “

* It is sad that there are no psychologists are willing to talk about details as dangerous that elevate up issues that in nowadays are out of the control and going up without breaking on, while those that define sport psychologist (don´t all, but most of them) ” forget ” the focus about the human that there is in.



Before to talk about the matches of Cameron Norrie, I can avoid to claim out as from the beginning of the grass’ season, every forum, newspaper, social networks, practically were mocking about Cameron, reducing his person against the floor as also haven’t stopped day by day to understimated his tennis, his journey, and a long etc…. the treat that have received outside from his close circle (guess) about that have been able to see have been unfair and cruel, even with hypocrisy behaviousr too, but although have dedicated any parcel of them, about female tennis, British (wow) and don´t british have happened similar things, well, the last paragraphs wrote about Rafa has an area of answer on that…

To anticipate us about that have happened today (Friday) to Cameron Norrie, in his match against Novak Djokovic, would be good to go to previous matches, as worked coudn´t watch most of them, but if some moments, for example against Goffin, so analysed that have happened before, think that Cameron had a maganament of the temps so good, where was able to execute a line of resitence quite interesting in, but think that play with load in, so it create an extra weigh and limit in an extension most depth in terms as psychologits, in about taking wide choices and in terms of techniques executions on. Sincerely today (Friday), used a tactic too much so far away from that he made other days, but about all located in a position far away from an essentia more nature, think that in coaching keep confusing to be intense and fluent with to be so agressive where lost all the control of space but even the waste of energy is too high as can be fully concious about our actions or better said the free movement of our body, so interfere, block and lost of the focus in whatever question, mind flexibility is basic in that case.

” Gain is more about being astute with outselves that pushing in speed “,  ” When gain conscious about outselves, the nervous will disapear ever, feeling a peace in our inner where will have the dominancy of the land where arer walking on that moment, just keep in the small nervous that create load of activation “.

Cameron Norrie deserves a consideration as nice huma being, and as have gone working about his journey on. Believe honestly in that he can gain whatever goal he placed on. 


THE EXTRA:  How do I analyze the matches on?.

When observe a player, even in doubles matches, need to gaze on every detail is happening on, everything matter as each gesture have a lot of emotional information. Means from every gesture in his way of walking on, as grabs the racket even that position is signing on, the way that is bounce the ball or grab the balls, ….etc… his faces, hands, arms, elbow…whatever gesture is clear sign.

Well, about tennis technique aspects, love to start from the feets, ankles, legs,…etc… like that till that catch the high of the head up, as is going to place everything on, then after as is being transfered out, the twisting around, his extension after on, the resistance in precision,… the rest of the movements that can make the shot an authentic cannon,  so means that love and need to analys every minimum detail on as from my point of view a shot have millions of points on to be aware about of.

” In coaching we have a serious issue, as in social tennis as in professional areas, who think that to play tennis is just to place the racket behind and that is all, please must to stop to give lessons on, because makes as we are watching a lot of bad habits, that don’t have idea as erase it, but not because don´t want to do it, is becaue are not able to see it on, don’t realise about it, because their focus is the gregariousness about those issues that impact them a lot, then the frustations are a dish on the table “.

” The focus is always located in the wrong direction, to the parents or the own player or student, however the coaches are absolutely lost, so just know a way to repeat and repeat aggain, the concepts are not clear as there are not consciousness, and in some way is added to a level of ego, where understimated to the rest, and believe that know everything, nor are able to listen that is saying or much better that  is expressing out their player or student “.

” Mas jugar que otra cosa “,  An Argentina coach to his player while was analysing a wheelchair lessons… but that is completely transferible to other categories of the tennis. Sadly I can’t help yet, just to keep hidden and gazing out from the distance without interrupting not make conscious them that I am looking their training on (social and professionalism as well), so have to bite my tongue off .


THE REPORT to the security of Wimbledon.

I got a feeling, even some spectator watched it as well, during some junior’s matches, more focus on girls, that some man is going there to do something that is absolutely disgusting, even can record videos to use in not a good way, obviously, think that must have reported to the security and that have analysed the situation on, but if you are not aware and the psychology is only your way of impact can understand that is tough to be able to take action on. I don’t know but in the same way that with the bets, as during the qualy as in the own Wimbledon could seek some type of actions on before to get in and even during the game on.


* Please hope can apologise for all the mistakes that could be on or miss a lot details on or I am not called on some of the players on and even for don’t go on depth about many details describe on.




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