Dear reader, when in June of 2016 launched my website out with the name of hiddentennis, so have already explained in some videos, but even through of the different articles have repeated it, however right now apart from getting to contextualize many things through of the degree as about all as the human beings grab value judgements in a limitless way, think is good to develop the reasons with clearity:

  1. The cover photo. Justly the own definition by itself through of a solid/iron process that was developed phase to phase, so I am not ask to understand it but if let that the job can be shown out, and honestly when was observing all of that on live about different categories/level without keeping just stuck over one, then the reality that I could be a very good support, made me to launch it.
  2. The Mental health and the inner job. When have all the issue so clear through of the complex framework that it could catch over the living being (let me to include the animals, as the dogs for example, worked about it a lot as well)…. sincerely I am a human being that when cross with someone in a bad mood or frustating emotional state or broken on crying, I can’t look to other side and need to run there and help, but Careful if don’t have the right tools, because then will contaminate as the environment as the own person who try to help on!!!!
  3. The tennis. The tennis have been in me from that I was a baby, but more seriously when was 6 years old, becouse in Navalagamella, next to the El Escorial (Madrid) the community had two tennis courts, one of them with a wall on its left hand, spended many hours alone and playing on barefoot, but about all for my hypersensitivity that have to live with it ever, the tennis was an alley that want to bring back everything have given me, and show to the world that there are not level to don´t make it healthy on.
  4. The tennis and other analysis. Keeping the point three but without forgetting the others two, felt that when was watching tennis’ matches or the own trainings can bring out a trail of information as technique, psychologic, as even tactical that could be useful, just that, everything from a humble way that did all the sides to grow up. That is all!.  (KEEP IT THOUGHT! even now more strong, my evolution is being huge on)

My phrase where today the society would call that, “Mantra”, anyway call it like you want to do it, but will keep being the same thing, ” LOVE YOUR HIDDEN EMOTIONS “, is on relation with all of that three points, because when you find it, is not only that you are absolutlely free is that on every instant take every situation / action in a real happinness way, although sometimes have to manage situations / energies that don’t belong you, then will have so much peace as resources to go over it.


That was taken from my degree that began recently, but as said I habe been talking about it from 2014 but in 2016 through of my website, although lately don’t give it the movement that should, but never lost the hope, on my vacubulary don’t exist to give myself up, it is just a small piece of that diagram, sincerely I don´t want to be that longer to don´t get you bored as details so intense in.

First to be aware about:

SELF – ESTEEM.  I will repeat it all the times that it is necessary, my insistence won´t have limits on, the self – esteem have two simple faces up, or you have it worked in or don’t,  means or you have it in or you don’t, although in the degree divide that in 4 sides, High, low, solid and weak, from my powerful develop think that it just to invite us to confuse our process and or if you are “professional” to make a lot of mistakes about the reading in the context.

We must forget also the differences with the SELF-CONCEPT, influences, attributions and a long etc…of external factors that come direct to our brain in….

I have commented that super briefly because have a narrow relation with our own curve of VULNERABILITY, have repetead many times that it super needs to love our own vulnerability but is more basic to be aware about it, so looks like easy however require courage to know where is the difference about that is coming from the EGO and where is begining the vulnerability in, without that you will be permanently on risk.

While are joining on the last part of the article, here must difference several items, because the populism in union with the same rope that the awful fanaticism (external reference to our own fears on), have created too much damage while playing to a mario kart of super vibes without measuring the consequences on.

Well, once here, think that must do two clear tables on to share that understand for:


Table 1.




Table 2.





Obviously, Although I would be happy to go deeper with everything even with examples, as yesterday in the restaurant or even today on the court,…etc. I couldn’t because would too longer, but here come the point that could be taken between funny as serious on knowledge, application and the personal and professional performance, Would you be able to insert both tables on?…. here will be the difference. 

Sincerely, the winners doesn´t have values, if after we are watching curves up and down that don´t follow any constructive line in. Como diriamos en España, ” Pan para hoy, hambre para mañana “.

Thank you very much to read me,

Hope you get the chance that deserve on.





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