Sincerely, dear reader, I need to write the next words that are you going to read down, because have to express out my whole inner without hiding absolutely anything, simply to share my perceptions, don’t need that can be reading or doesn’t, even if the reader could be or doesn’t the own woman, a human being who have inspired me to write that, basically is really important to express out my respectful feelings that have to the world of women.

Although already had written a couple articles (RAFA VS ROGER AND THE ATTITUDE TOWARDS WOMEN’S TENNIS on june 2019 & THE FEMALE TENNIS & THE WOMEN on May 2016). where expressed out some details on relation to the women but with some influence from tennis, that you can check on, but right now I am going a step the deepest possible at all, and even to show it out with rutendity thereby leave the feeling of anger or helpleness undertneath of a feeling super grateful to them or in this case to someone in particular, that let myself to bring that values to a wide context.

The women, at least from the inner of my person catch my consciouness up while is permanently traveling for the way of the unconsciouness to give me a high level of presence while keep myself in supporting of a very deep value in empathy (remind you that in my experimentation consider that there are three kind of empathies) about that are teaching me through of their variety of contexts; are a human being that when decide to blossom over there are not a shining light on the skyline more beautiful and full of sense of life that a man can receive it back in.

Well, I mean that the innate characteristics that a woman have in her mainly area, that one that is defining her identity, essence, although is being constantly cover through of a layer behind of other, and with a focus or better said in valoration, point out to whatever kind of relationships (Love, Colleagues, Friends, unknown in the street, or even family..) is as narrow as enough super strong to decline the level of a balance that bring to the humans beings who are able to value it to other level of inner and the external dimension.  Please have to feel so greateful with that!!!! what a gift!!

In the travel about the last weeks have been sincerely if I talk loud sabout emotional terms really tough, even probably cross on the boundaries with the cruelty, it is just here where must get in a behaviour that is deepest that the own human maturity, here would see as a man coward and lack of responsability would say or even put over the shoulders of the woman all a weight on that sincerely although apparently could look like that it made sense on.

However if we do a enough level self-criticism, loading in with a great value of honestity, the way that pushed a situation to move from affection and maybe something (type of feelings) more in the process to the affronts without pauses in to the hated, the scape or the avoiding, then is (me like a man) will able to recognise that the responsibility that belongs to oneself, just that deep man’s maturity  who must be able to mark the the rythms or understand in other level of perception in, every correct instant don’t justly thounsandth after of the situation is over, means to grab it in the just moment that the rythms of space and times let to the woman absorb, integrate and execute in every stimulus that is received in or even observed around of her.

” The same fact or information that are happening on and that inmediately after will come in to us, every human being can catch it up in a lot of different ways, where externals and inner factors will come in “

Honestly, our vulnerability is a necessary key to open our field of development, said that, because the real situation that I am trying to trasmit you and that wish that are able to understand it in the whole field, so is just happening in my actual job which I am working from January, a five stars hotel, probably one the most recognised in the whole city, London, Uk, but sadly think that is something that happen in all kind the contexts, as is constantly appear out of groups of jerk men say out that the women also have that behaviour or even create the same thoughts to the men as well. Ok, I guess that on that point you are lost about that I am trying to say out, let to put on context:

Well, a woman, is a human being, a living being, but exactly the being that give the life to our specie, is something that can’t admit any argument on, it means contundently that is not a fucking piece of meat, nor an object sexual, nor an inert being neither between other things in, on fact is a human being very special that traveling around of the world with a characteristics that are a powerful level of complementation to the man who are ready to take it in the sense of honor  and transparency value that it deserve in, means to grab in a level of LOYALTY about a being that have ready left for us a brutal level of wisdom.

Apologise me, dear reader because get distracted to inner feelings and didn’t speak yet about the real situation that pushed my person to write on, well, in that case, the hotel many times looks like if were traveling on the underground, too busy that get access to the private space or to place on where develop free movements without getting contaminate from the other energies is practically an imposible task, with moments too narrows and most dangerous as is traveling through of the lifts (Although I always tried if are not loading weights go by stairs up/down).

Here in that narrows ways, have to make our stop, specially if you are a woman, because sincerely doesn’t matter if it is going through of the limits or very close to be cross the personal boundaries, as the language is more far away from the own words (Body language, tones, the peaks, the affirmations, or the own context and its movements) the energetic contaminanting very often catch up high levels of nasty, disrespectful and so disgusting issues that mustn’t belong to century that we are know.

However the noises, the closeness (impatient) and also the mental health issues are exploded in their different ways, where the women are easy victims of that fucking shit, situations that as have been able to contemplate on many occasions finish to work as the trigger of a several channels that were death but never closed in, a punishment really tough in asimiliation and management specially much more for the own victim that even to human being that could serve as a drains that canalize all blood fluid that need to be express out.

It is a tough and specific detail that must be absorbed for the human being from respect, the capacity of creating space, the pattience, and a smooth support that you will always be there to embrace the imperfections in the whole way while the woman goes to seek the point where can feel that is ready to get out with an energy that is not representing out the truth essence, means to see out that real identity, emotional energy (Sensibility or even double development of sensibilities as could be in that case, character, abilities…..etc.) that the woman have in, but that all women have all their own unique music to development in a free environment and straight away that is being to grab with the special touched (attentiveness) that energy deserve in.

The women are as a tree of life, they by themselves knows as get that the water go in, then make that their trunk get by the time place in a position of great strength, really solid, and after go opening their branchs in different positions through of space, creating a drawn on the sky that simply, keep quite, stop to movement around and start to contemplate as it flourish up by the time, so in any time of the moment the external fruits start to coming out, but please mustn’t forget that before already in their inner is brings wonderfuls gifts of growing up to all of us, and simply when it needs then can water it in, to built up a complementation that keep or better said bring that growing up to other level of dimension, but mustn’t interfere in that process neither.

So, Dear reader, that words that have alread been able to read about which are my thoughts about the women, even you could grab a little bit where is my inner development placed on, is barely a 25% of the whole book that hasn’t been opening in an 100% yet. I need to recognise as well all my sins, means my mistakes, as are the level of intensity, my emotional devotion about as I live the human being issues, an absolute trust on my high level of intuition (Sixth sense) could be named like that and the knowledge as well, through of a level of transperency and integrity that is not very common, even a charisma that is not fixing in according some contexts on, so very often brings up a elevalte level of helping on the neirbourgh that rarely is understood, because is something unexpected as very weird that someone can be like that, so guess that must start to apply a new rule ” Give advices in just when the other human being is ready to ask you ” , but also I will always wait that the human being, on that case the woman or the women can recongise the differences as get in use a value as beautiful as is the PARDON.

My identity is my identity won’t left the woman out from the treatment simple and easy that every relationship deserve in.

” Our dimensional cube show us that the several answers is on balance to the elevate level of focus want to get in “

as Albert Einstein said,

” The worst mistake is walking to the social currents or groups is to keep in that we wish to hear but will never grab the space that a private area, so all wisdom in must be respected, has to offer to themselves (the women) in a process space-time that is a thrilling music to dance in “.






FDO. Carlos Azuara Aguado.



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